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Die For Our Ship: Live-Action TV
Many television programs have romance subplots, Ship Tease, and UST. It isn't surprising that some of their fans want some characters to get out of the way of their Fan-Preferred Couple.
  • Anastasia Dualla from the rebooted Battlestar Galactica took serious heat from the fans after she was suddenly married to one half of the fandom's Fan-Preferred Couple. The sloppy handling of the storyline didn't help. Strangely, Sam Anders, who was married to the other half of the Fan-Preferred Couple, hasn't garnered much reaction at all. This may be because he's white, male and pretty; or it might be because the fanbase figures that being married to Starbuck is punishment enough. Or that Kara/Anders was handled much better and has a strong fanbase of its own. Lee/Dee fans are a minority.
    • Just as suddenly as Lee/Dee came, it went. By the power of one scene, they broke up for good.
    • Anders has been turned into an adulterer in Fanfic before. The fact that he's the faithful one while Starbuck is the cheater in canon makes it hilarious that people don't notice the Double Standard.
    • Sam has also been made to tamper with birth control, rape Kara, and physically abuse Kara in fanfiction. The last is particularly ironic because Lee Adama beats her to a bloody pulp in canon (granted, it was a boxing match); Starpollo fans maintain that when Lee does it, it's an expression of the pair's equality. In canon, Sam has never laid a hand on Kara (though the reverse isn't true).
    • There's been a bit of backlash from Kara/Lee fans because Kara and Sam Anders ended the series Together in Death (at least that's what Katee Sackhoff believes) and, in Ron Moore's own words, Kara and Lee never got past that moment where they nearly cheated on Zak (her fiance, his brother). Some of them even take umbrage at the suggestion that Sam, who is a Cylon, has a soul. To quote, "Real boys go to Heaven, Toasters need not apply." To which the standard rebuttal is, "It's canon, bitches!"
      • This is hilarious because it shows some people entirely missed the point of the narrative regarding the Cylons and their sentience/humanity
  • Revenge: Daniel and Emily shippers are quite vocal about their hate for Jack, Emily's childhood flame, to the point where they frequently beg for him to be killed off and complain about the show about when he isn't. A notable example was during Season 2 when there was hinted to be a death involving a main character on a sinking boat. Daniel/Emily shippers latched onto this as a possibility and were outraged when the body was revealed to be Amanda instead.
    • This may be the reason why the ship was sunk in the series in such a particularly brutal fashion, with Daniel shooting Emily and destroying her womb, then bragging that this was "my gift to the universe."
  • Hina of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, even though she let Mamoru go willingly.
  • Doctor Who can only be explained by pointing out one key fact of the franchise - for much of the first 30 years of its existence, the Doctor was never depicted with an on-screen love interest. Romances as a whole were generally ignored. Some of this was done out of sensitivities of the times - as the show was geared toward a child audience, it was seen as creepy for a much older man to be flying around in space with young women on his arms. Over time, this led to a large portion of the fandom and even people involved with the franchise declaring the character was essentially celibate, to the point where they even attempted to Retcon why he had a granddaughter in his first incarnation. So for all time, there is always a large portion of the Doctor Who fandom that ships "Doctor/NOBODY!" and violently despises the franchise post 1996 when the series finally started going against the trend and showing him engaging in intimate relationships (and acknowledging that said granddaughter was definitely by blood and not adopted).
    • So woman #1 in the line of fire was Grace Holloway, who appeared only in the TV Movie, kissed the Doctor twice, and earned eternal hatred. Though some of this was also due to other issues with the film's treatment of the franchise. She hasn't gotten too much extreme hate due to her lack of subsequent appearances.
    • Woman #2 is Rose Tyler, who appeared in the new series for two series and received a few more guest appearances since then. She has the distinction of being the first woman explicitly shown to be in a relationship with the Doctor. And talking to those that hate her, she's also Russell T Davies' personal Mary Sue that he created so he could live out his fantasies of being in love with the Doctor. This was not helped by how the Doctor's relationship with his next companion often led to on-screen comparisons with Rose in which Martha found herself lacking, but we'll get back to that...
    • Martha Jones, the companion of Series 3 and a guest character afterwards, had a one-sided relationship with the Doctor in which she eventually left due to her tiring of the situation (though a later episode suggested the senseless deaths that happened in all their stories didn't help matters). She would be the source of hate from Doctor/Rose shippers and of course Doctor/NOBODY! shippers.
    • Donna Noble, the companion of Series 4, took innumerable amounts of shipping flack despite not even being presented as a love interest (and in fact stating quite emphatically that she wasn't interested in the Doctor that way). Some of these was related to feelings towards the actress, Catherine Tate.
    • Series 5 and 6 brought another complication with Amy Pond, who spent Series 5 trying to work out her feelings for both the Doctor and for her fiance Rory, which ended when she married Rory and they remained a close couple in Series 6. This annoyed some fans who either A) Hated Amy for interfering with the Doctor/NOBODY! ship B) Hated Rory for interfering with the Amy/Eleven ship or C) Hated Amy for interfering with the Rory/Eleven ship. People in the A group got particularly upset and lodged complaints with the BBC over Amy trying to get the Doctor to sleep with her at the conclusion of Flesh and Stone. The B group are somewhat justified, since Rory's Amy-sexuality means they can't pair him with anyone else.
    • Then there is River Song, the current Shipping Wars Omega of the fandom. River Song appeared once in Series 4, where her introduction was that of a future lover of the Doctor. She came back in series 5 and 6 and this connection was, to put it simply, made far more explicit. This naturally draws her hate from some of the people that ever shipped the Doctor with anyone or no one. Because she's also got a complicated history similar to the Doctor's, this has also led to people in those groups frequently accusing her of being Steven Moffat's personal Mary Sue that lets him live out his fantasies with the Doctor. Wait...deja vu...
    • Finally, there's Reinette, Madame de Pompadour, who showed up for the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace" and explored a deep and intimate relationship with the Doctor (even though he only knew her for about five minutes). An episode that won multiple awards for its writing quality. You'd never know that from the number of people who wanted her to die in that very fireplace. They've even gone as far as to suggest that the episode was only written so David Tennant could have an on-screen fling with his girlfriend Sophia Myles, ignoring that the episode was written before Tennant's casting and Myles and Tennant only met on the set of the episode in the first place.
    • And while the classic series kept it subtextual, Romana II and the Fourth Doctor carried on like lovers in many of their stories anyway, as both Lalla Ward and Tom Baker were lovers in real life at the time (though they both claim that their characters were in love before they were). Thus Romana drew heat for interfering with the Doctor/NOBODY! pairing well before the internet proper was running.
    • Also mostly subtextual, but the nice chemistry and occassional hints of romance in the Doctor's and Clara's friendship has led some fans to ship the two characters. While the nature of their relationship usually draws in the more reasonable fans, some bad apples do occur. As most of the shipping is directed at her and the Eleventh Doctor, it didn't take long for a few mean-spirited fanfics to emerge, in which Clara murders the Twelfth Doctor for being old and less approachable. Not to mention the (rare, but existing) anti-River and anti-Danny crowd that supports the Clara/Doctor pairing.
    • During the tenure of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, Mickey Smith came in for hate from fans for being "in the way" of Doctor/Rose, even though Rose had quite happily left him behind to travel with the Doctor. During his final appearance in the Tenth Doctor's last episode, it is revealed that he eventually married Martha, leading to even more ship-based hate on account that he had broken up the fairly well-liked canon pairing of Tom Milligan/Martha and had been used to create a Token Minority Couple.
    • Due to the amount of Foe Yay in the series, there is a good portion of the fandom that would love to see The Doctor end up with The Master. Nevermind the fact that The Master really enjoys making The Doctor suffer as much as possible and them being arch enemies.
  • Gwen from Torchwood is hated by fans for what they see as getting in the way of Ianto and Jack, despite the fact that Gwen wound up marrying someone else and Jack wound up with Ianto. Some fans insist that it has something to do with the fact that the UST between Jack and Gwen got more screen time than Jack's actual relationship with Ianto ever did.
  • Due to the fact that Wizards of Waverly Place's most popular couple is Justin/Alex, every possible Love Interest for any of the two gets immediately bashed and hated within the fandom. Harper, Alex's best friend, was a case of this at the beginning of the series, since she was the Stalker with a Crush on Justin, but she became much more liked when she stopped being that, and fell in love with Justin's best friend, Zeke. The same could be applied for Mason, Alex's most recent boyfriend, whom many view as a jerkass lunatic, especially since he is... a werewolf.
    • Mason is also despised by Alex/Stevie shippers (even though the two never existed at the same time and Alex/Juliet shippers...well fans of Juliet in general.
    • Strangely Juliet is rarely bashed by Jalex shippers, probably due to the fact that she was Put on a Bus until the series finale.
  • On the Daytime Soap Opera General Hospital, Liz Webber and Sam McCall have been reviled by each other's fans ever since they became involved in a Love Triangle over Jason Morgan. Fans of the Sam/Jason pairing hate Liz for having given birth to Jason's firstborn child and will often bring up that Liz is a married woman who is lying to her husband Lucky about the paternity of the child. Fans of the Liz/Jason pairing counter by bringing up Sam's con-woman past and that Sam slept with her stepfather (a one-night stand which Jason found out about, which led to Jason sleeping with Liz and getting her pregnant). Then again, the couple of Liz and Lucky has a strong fanbase too, leading to much rabid Jason hate. Since Sam and Lucky (inevitably) hooked up, this led to many Sam/Jason fans becoming Ship Mates with Liz/Lucky fans and Liz/Jason fans becoming Ship Mates with Sam/Lucky fans. This had the effect of calming the respective hatreds towards the characters involved for a while.
    • Spinelli was already a divisive character with a vocal segment of the fandom hating on him for his relationship with Maxie, so it probably wasn't a smart move for the show producers to create a female version of him in the form of Winnifred who's even more loathed for breaking up Spinelli and Maxie.
    • Many years ago, Lily Rivera was so universally reviled for coming between Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett that the writers responded by blowing Lily (and her unborn child) up in a car bomb planted by her own father. But, before Sonny and Brenda fans could rejoice, Brenda married Jasper "Jax" Jacks, who quickly became as popular as Sonny and Brenda. Cue one of the earliest shipping wars over the Internet.
    • Many "fans" celebrated the death of minor character Leyla Mir. Her crime? Getting in the way of Scrubs (Patrick/Robin). The kicker? That storyline happened in a spinoff.
  • One might wonder if the Ryan/Annie/Greenlee triangle on All My Children was a parody of or Take That at shipping, given how much Kendall acted like a fanfic shipper pushing Greenlee toward Ryan and how Annie quickly turned into a murderous psychopath.
  • Greys Anatomy: Upon the break-up of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, the character of Rose appeared to meddle. Fans' reactions were particularly vicious; Rose soon became known as 'The Plant' on the fan boards, and several fan fictions set out to murder her or turn her into a stalker.
    • Rose's canon reaction to Derek breaking up with her seemed to cater to these fans. She transformed into a petty bitch who stabs Derek with a scalpel, albeit accidentally. They even hung a lampshade on this by saying that she was known as the Fatal Attraction girl in the hospital, which is justification for her being Put on a Bus. The Rose haters must have loved this.
    • Any Woman paired with Alex, since most fans still want former Official Couple Alex and Izzie to be together despite the fact that her actress left the show and wasn't allowed to come back.
  • Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine took a lot of heat from Janeway/Chakotay shippers when, out of nowhere, she was set up with Chakotay in the last season. Chakotay took similar degrees of heat from the Seven/Kim and Seven/Doctor shippers over this, while the Seven/Torres diehards, well... The Seven/Janeway fans were left going, "Well. That's rather arbitrary and lame."
    • J/C shippers went the furthest, with one webring running a "Die Seven Die" contest in which the ex-Borg (and sometimes Chakotay too) were killed off in various graphic, disgusting, and humiliating ways.
    • Thanks to the Timey-Wimey Ball, Kes' canon relationship with Tom Paris was killed off before it truly began. Lampshaded by reviewer SF Debris who laments "You can't fight the [Paris/Torres] shippers, Kes. You just can't."
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Curiously, the Suspiciously Similar Substitute Dani Beck came under the most merciless fire and outrage from Elliot/Olivia shippers during her short stint while Mariska Hargitay was pregnant. Elliot's wife, Kathy, does not get that so much outside of Television Without Pity (but they hate everything) or — though is a large enough base for unfair attacks.
    • And then there were the Alex/Olivia shippers. A common plot involves killing off Elliot for the sake of the ensuing hurt/comfort (which smacks of careless research, considering how edgy Olivia is about her feelings), effectively removing the only other large ship. Another popular scenario kills off Casey Novak in a spectacular fashion for having the effrontery to do Alex's job once she's dead. Dead-ish. They're just as loopy as the Elliot/Olivia shippers.
      • It makes you wonder if Judith Mccreary was one of said shippers, since she did the next best thing in writing the episode "Cold" - she killed Novak's career. Sort of.
  • Some fans of the original Law & Order exemplify a less common variation of this trope that does not involve killing off an alternate love interest. Many, many fanfictions kill Connie Rubirosa's mother, so she will no longer have a reason to stay in Los Angeles and can move back to New York to live happily ever after with Mike Cutter.
  • Jericho has Jake/Heather fans harming Emily Sullivan left and right because she got the guy in Canon. Emily also tends to get Flanderized into a complete bitch while Purity Sue Heather become a 26 year old virgin and a paragon of midwestern values.
  • On Ugly Betty, Henry's girlfriend Charlie came under fire for getting in the way of Henry/Betty. The show decided to follow through, gradually changing Charlie's personality from "basically nice person" to "evil, deceitful bitch".
  • Riley in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was notoriously treated this way by fans. It was made worse by him not being a bad boy. Though really, every single character in the series has received flak from part of the fandom for getting in the way of their preferred ship. Yes, even Oz, who was hated by many Xander/Willow shippers.
    • A mix of this and Replacement Scrappy can be traced as the source for a good deal of hate for Kennedy, Willow's last-season love interest following the death of Tara. Granted, the character seemed to be a less successful attempt to recreate a morally neutral "Faith" type (who was also a lesbian), but mostly there were cries of Too Soon.
      • Kennedy's level of Satellite Love Interest was almost lampshaded by Willow asking why Kennedy liked her - Kennedy isn't able to come up with any real reasons besides Willow's cuteness and gender preferences. Yet, by the next episode, they're in a committed relationship.
      • It could've been a failed case of 'Do I Need a Reason to Love You?'
      • It could have been not buying a chemistry thing. A lot of fans point out that Fred/Willow had more chemistry together in one episode than Kennedy/Willow in the whole of season seven.
    • Oddly enough, it seems that Fuffy shippers seem to not really hate on any of Buffy's canon love interests (except for the occasional Riley hate and even that's rare). Then again, a fairly large number seem to take place in Seasons 3, 4 or 6.
  • On Angel, Kate got a lot of hate, just for being a possible romantic interest for Angel. It never became actual.
    • Also, there was hate on all sides of the Fred/Gunn vs Fred/Wes pairings, hate for Cordelia from the Angel/Buffy shippers, and hate for Buffy from the Angel/Cordelia shippers.
  • Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies is an odd, inverted meta-instance of the trope. She considers Ned and herself the One True Pairing and plots and connives against Chuck, whose arrival (and whose place in Ned's heart) intrudes on her romantic fantasy of ending up happy with Ned. However, early on, she comes to realise that her conniving would cause pain to others and drops her plans. She then becomes a good friend to Chuck while still having feelings for Ned; everyone knows about this, and the three of them act in a mature and rational way throughout the series, which is an uncommon occurrence... not that it stops the Nolive shippers who seem to be somewhat upset that Lee Pace isn't having hot, steamy sex with Galinda.
  • The Heroes fandom tends to have a negative reaction towards canonical love interests, particularly when it comes to Peter Petrelli. His season-one love interest, Simone, was widely seen as being a high-and-mighty bitch; when she died - partly because of Peter - you could practically hear the cheering. Caitlin, his second-season girlfriend, is less hated and does carry a small but loyal contingent of shippers; but most people didn't complain much when she was conveniently pushed out of the way.
    • Nathan's wife Heidi isn't really hated, but fanfic writers tend to marginalize her since her existence interferes with the One True Bro Yay.
    • Oddly enough, Noah's wife Sandra is generally well-liked even though she logically gets in the way of any pairings featuring her husband. Matt's wife Janice, however, is hated by everyone, even though she didn't interfere with any major ships while she was around. Then again, she canonically messed him up romantically, so there's some justification.
    • Well Janice is hated because Matt's new girlfriend, Daphne was an Ensemble Dark Horse and people did not respond well to Matt taking Janice back, especially so soon after Daphne died.
    • Claire's second-season boyfriend West is just as loathed, but this may be because he was horribly written, especially compared to Zach, her friend in the previous season (who was originally written as gay, but since his actor thought he was in love with her...). Too bad Zach's actor went to another series.
    • Hiro's second-season love interest, Yaeko, is also disliked partly because Hiro's supposed to be walking The Hero's Path and above things like lusting after your best friend's girl and partly because of how poignant and sweet the Hiro/Charlie romance was. It seemed that he forgot her too quickly: she was his first love in more ways than one, canonically, and yet Hiro seemed to have no memory of her during the feudal Japan arc. Yaeko has been also bashed by Hiro/Ando and Hiro/Kensei shippers, and some fans believe she's a historically inaccurate Mary Sue.
  • People appear to hate Stacy Warner purely because she "came between" House and Cameron. Never mind that that particular Ship had been sunk in the episode before Stacy showed up.
    • Other people have a hate-on for Cameron because she gets in the way of House/Cuddy.
    • There's all the hate leveled at anyone who dares ship House/Wilson. Never mind that it's Ho Yay — he's coming between House/Cameron or House/Cuddy. Stacy (his canon love interest) and Wilson (and Cameron, but that was only a trick) are the only people Greg House has said "I love you" to, all intonation/intent discussions aside.
    • And to round out the set, there are the folks who make Stacy and Cuddy shrilling harridans and Cameron a weepy infant so House and Wilson can get it on - they are the most popular pairing by a slim but definite margin. Particularly egregious examples have been known to kill off the women - and this in a Medical Drama, with normally no violence.
    • Sometimes, Wilson gets this treatment because he's being shipped with House. It's a kink. Wilson also gets darkened for some Wilson/Chase ships.
    • Anyone who wants to ship either Chase or Cameron with someone else between season 3's "Friends with Benefits" arc and early season 6 has to get around Chase's trying to ship Chase/Cameron. Methods of derailing Cameron have been noted above; to facilitate pairing Chase with someone else, she may also be turned into a single-target harridan. Methods of derailing Chase to get Cameron together with House or Thirteen include making him more clueless than in canon, turning his Yandere streak up to eleven — there are several House/Cameron fics where Chase attempts to Murder the Hypotenuse after Cameron's broken up with him, and Cameron isn't always safe either — going alcoholic a few seasons early, denigrating his manhood (yes, even in Cameron/Thirteen fics), or showing him to have nothing in common with Cameron (when they had been friends in the first half of season 1).
    • House had sex with a woman named Lydia, played by Franka Potente. The House/Cuddy fans RAGE.
    • Some fans started to hate Lucas only after his relationship with Cuddy interfered with House/Cuddy. And that started before Lucas vandalized Wilson's apartment.
  • After the actress who played Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, left the show, she was replaced by the recently Heel Face Turned Katherine, alias "Kat", who later was shown to have married series lead Tommy in the future. The fans bashed her like rabid wolves. Never mind that, in canon, Kimberly and Kat became friends, and Kimberly picked Kat to be her successor.
    • It's not just that fans hate Kat: the hatred warps all other characters around it. There are fics in which Tommy beats Kat to death with a baseball bat, and theories about how Kat faked 'the letter' and everyone around them just went along with it.
      • One might think that this is the reason why there hasn't been canon pairings in the Power Ranger universe since the Zordon Era. Fan Dumb to the max.
    • As Linkara points out, it doesn't help that a well-written couple broke up off-screen due to an Ass Pull of a letter. If only it had been handled a little better...
    • Similarly, fans of Power Rangers S.P.D. and its Super Sentai counterpart Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger will shoot down Kat/Swan (and, for SPD, wife Aisynia) for disrupting the delicate balance that is Doggie Kruger's Ho Yay sex life.
    • And in Power Rangers Dino Thunder... Trent. Oh, the horrors done to Trent. You like Cute Bruiser Kira with someone else? Fine, no problem. But derailing Trent, whom she had a crush on (and later was Brainwashed and Crazy, before he joined the Power Rangers for real), just to make your pairing of choice work? Um, no.
      • Speaking of Dino Thunder, Conner gets flanderized into a jerk (more than he usually is) quite frequently by Kira/Trent shippers as well.
  • In the first season of Roswell, fans hated Kyle for going out with Liz (and keeping her from Max) even though she was the one who treated him badly and even though she could have broken up with him as soon as she realized she had feelings for someone else. Tess was even more hated in Season Two because she came between Max and Liz as well.
    • And then they basically did it in canon to Tess, when she wound up killing another series regular, having been working with the enemy all along, possibly (mind?)raping the hero, and then running off with his baby and their only spaceship.
  • Dr. Jennifer Keller in Stargate Atlantis. Replacing the highly popular Dr. Carson Beckett, she's become a rather controversial character in the fandom, inspiring love and hate in about a 45/55 portion if the Gateworld threads are anything to go by (although that sounds most like the gender ratio of that particular forum). The hate is particularly passionate considering that the mods have had to limit the anti-thread to misgivings and complaints only. The McKeller ship (Rodney and her), now canon, seems to have plenty of supporters though, but a few opponents as well, mostly Ronon/Keller shippers.
    • Now the part of the fandom hates Rodney for choosing Keller and not John Sheppard, his traditional fanon love interest. Amount of fic where McKay is portrayed as an evil bastard who left Sheppard for a girl/having sex with him while dating Keller at the same time and being total jerk about it is getting bigger and bigger.
    • Interestingly, Elizabeth Weir, who had quite a bit of (deliberately played by the actors) UST with the other half of the main slash pairing, John Sheppard, doesn't seem to get this nearly as much — probably because she as a character is so well-liked. Instead she is usually paired off with another male cast member — Radek Zelenka and Steven Caldwell are popular, particularly as there's at least slight evidence for both in canon — and is frequently portrayed as a Shipper on Deck for John/Rodney, or at the very least quietly, unobtrusively supportive of them.
  • Stargate Universe had the opposite effect. People wanted Chloe not to die for a ship.. but instead just to die. Instead of fighting between themselves, the shippers of the two major pairings involving Chloe, Chloe/Eli and Chloe/Scott pairings fought together against the group that wanted Chloe dead.
  • In Firefly, it's Kaylee's canon beau Simon who gets the guns because he gets in the way of Kaylee/Jayne, or occasionally Kaylee/Mal.
    • Inara gets the Die for Our Ship treatment quite handily from Mal/River fans...and sometimes from Mal/Jayne or Mal/Simon.
    Mal: What? No, I ain't sly.
    • Those who prefer Simon/River have been known to axe Kaylee, as have the truly preposterous Simon/Jayne contingent.
    • For some reason, one favorite plot point of River/Jayne fans is to have Simon just "give up" on caring for River and just resort to keeping her drugged so he won't be bothered anymore, later making Jayne chew him out for it. Yup, the guy who gives up his rich and comfy life to save River, has risked everything for her, and is willing to die for her just gives up and has to be lectured by the self-serving merc.
  • In the BBC Robin Hood series, there appeared to be plenty of subtext for Robin/Much - until Much had a female love interest (Eve) in a series one episode. Cue the bashing. Djaq and Allan are also prone to this treatment, depending on which one you ship with Will Scarlett. Marian is generally liked, but sometimes takes a hammering from slash fans who paint her as a Canon Sue and a traitor for her relationship with Guy of Gisborne.
    • There are also a large contingent of fans who hate Robin for "interfering with" Guy/Marian, despite the fact that Guy is basically a Stalker with a Crush and ended up killing Marian for rejecting him at the end of Season Two. Instead of killing the ship, fans just started railing against Marian for "breaking Guy's heart".
    • There is a large group of fans (okay, okay, there's five of us) who would have been quite happy for Will to head back to Scarborough so that Allan and Djaq could work out the raging UST between them.
    • Series three introduced new female character Kate. Before a single episode featuring her had even aired, she was facing cries of Mary Sue from the fandom (which actually turned out to be correct for once) because publicity material showed her standing with Robin in photos and kissing him in the series trailer. When she did arrive, it became clear that both Much and Allan had crushes on her, leading to bashing from fans of other ships.
      • As far as shipping Kate went, the most popular choice (that is to say, less hated than other ships) was Allan/Kate, though they only really had one major scene together, and it soon became clear that Allan looked on her as a little sister. Ironically, Kate ended up with Robin, the one pairing that absolutely NOBODY wanted and when Allan died, Kate seemed the least affected by it, reacting with nothing more than a blank stare and then being the first to walk away from his funeral pyre.
    • Gisborne's sister, Isabella, also got this treatment before she had appeared on screen, as an episode trailer had romantic music playing after Robin rescued her from bandits. When the episode actually aired, Robin/Isabella went on to become tolerated, if not entirely accepted by the majority of the fandom, thanks to the actors' undeniable chemistry. And then the relationship only lasted three episodes anyway.
  • Bones has fans yelling "Kill Cam". (Though to be fair, Booth/Brennan seems to be where the writers are going anyway.)
    • Also Sully, an early love interest of Brennan's. He's been totally out of the picture for a couple seasons now and people are STILL writing "kill Sully" fic. Possibly because he was written as some kind of superman, good at absolutely every skill you'd care to name, but even so, enough is enough.
    • And now Hannah, Booth's new girlfriend, has reviewers claiming that the only good Bones episodes is one with no Hannah and people praying that Hannah dies a sudden and violent death, like 2 episodes ago. Really?
  • The American version of The Office had this with Karen in the third season, which led to incidents like this.
    • This happened again when a Season 7 deleted scene indicated that new executive assistant and regular cast member Jordan was a little flirtatious with Jim. The fandom came down very hard on her. Before she even had 10 spoken lines.
  • The Supernatural fandom is notorious for its negative reaction to recurring young female characters for interfering with the Bro Yay. In Season 2, the introduction of Jo caused an uproar among the fans. The fans got their way and her character went through an humiliating experience before getting dropped in Born Under A Bad Sign. But this was not the end of the slashers' woes. Before Season 3 even began, fandom was already wanking about the introduction of two new female characters: Bela and Ruby. Bela actually was killed off near the end of the third season, and Ruby died in the Season 4 finale.
    • The virulent hatred of Ruby in fandom, especially among Wincesters, is somewhat rightfully earned: her agenda from the start was to get Sam into a headspace where he would kill Lilith in revenge for Dean's death, thereby releasing Lucifer from his Cage and finishing the chain of events that set the Christian Apocalypse in motion.
    • Although Sam/Jess (his now-flamed ex-girlfriend), Sam/Sarah (the Girl of the Week in Provenance) and Dean/Ellen (Jo's mother) are pretty popular, even among the slash fans, but this appears to be only because they have zero chance of hooking up with the boys in canon. If any of them were actually possible ship material, fans would turn on them like rabid dogs, which the flaming of Jess after she made another appearance proved all too well. Although that was a bit premature. Lucifer wanted to convince Sam to be his Vessel in a prophesied show-down with the Archangel Michael; to that end, he used Jess' visage to appear to Sam in a dream. The melt-take between Adrienne Palicki and Mark Pellegrino's faces in the scene that reveals that little ruse is kinda disturbing, actually.
      • As did Abandon All Hope. If you read the reaction thread on the Livejournal community, you can see the fangirls instantly start liking Jo all of a sudden after she says she's not interested in Dean. The Character Development she had gone through since her last appearance didn't do anything for them. Then she does die, and there's weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    • Houston, we have Anna hate in this fandom. Yet Dean/Castiel seems a kind of popular idea, except among some Samfen who think Castiel is going to push out the brothers' relationship. Of course, the latter group was later complemented by the group of Dean/Castiel shippers who wished that Sam had stayed dead. Honestly, Broken Base Up to Eleven.
      • The closer Dean and Cas get, the more Cas gets it from the more rabid Wincester contingent. Fanfic writers who usually write Wincest have actually apologized to their reader base for writing Dean/Castiel fics, and vice-versa. The battle lines are clearly drawn... unless you start counting the OT 3 and OT 4 shippers who simply solve the problem by adding whichever angel(s) they prefer into the Winchester brothers' relationship and sexxing vigorously.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, we have another entry in for this fandom: in the space of just one episode, Meg (the only female to have evaded the usual female fate in this show through all six seasons) is getting some massive backlash from both Dean/Castiel and Sam/Castiel fans when she takes Castiel's first kiss. It didn't help that Castiel kissed back.
      • Will more than likely (re)gain some supporters overtime since she's dead.
    • Dean's one-time love interest Lisa is yet another one in the line of fire, especially when the actor himself stated that Dean was more invested in the idea of having a stable family life than in Lisa as a person.
    • Season 9 introduces the angel Hannah as a potential love interrest for Castiel. Obviously, once again Destiel shippers...
  • Pete from Stargate SG-1 was universally reviled by Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill shippers everywhere for having a relationship with and getting engaged to Sam. Once she broke it off, Fanon Discontinuity set in.
    • Sam is hated by the more rabid Jack/Daniel fans as a possible threat to their love. And Daniel is hated by the crazier Jack/Sam fans, for the same. Curiously, Jack seldom ends up with the sticky side of the love triangle.
  • Commander Brumby on JAG. He's universally hated by Mac/Harm shippers and any Mac shipper in general. Hell, he's hated by most of the fandom in general. The subsequent revelations about the actor who played him being English and not Australian and his death of an overdose of drugs that was possibly suicide as he was going through a divorce have softened reactions in the years since the show ended.
  • On a weird note, Farscape suffered from this trope in regards of Gilina Renaez (PK Tech Girl) breaking between John and Aeryn, any peacekeeper hitting on Aeryn, and even Crichton himself when he was split and and Aeryn had a relationship with the one on Talyn.
  • Riley of The Sarah Connor Chronicles catches an inordinate amount of hate from the fandom, and she's only been around for a few episodes. Her crime? Being a possible future love interest for John who may get in the way of the popular Cameron/John ship.
    • Though, to be fair, Riley is actually an agent of a faction of the human resistance that believes Cameron is corrupting John, and is on a mission to break the two up. And then she really does Die For The Ship. Not to mention that her having been manipulated in the first place seems to have made her into a more sympathetic character in some people's opinions....
  • Kevin Kinkirk from 7th Heaven is bashed in a similar vein to Anthony from For Better or for Worse. Fanfiction portrayed him as an abusive manipulative bastard who raped and beat Lucy on a daily basis for daring to get in the way of Lucy/anyone else. Or Lucy/happy single woman realizing she didn't need true love. Or they didn't care about Lucy and simply wanted Kevin to die.
  • iCarly: All 3 members of the Power Trio have been subject to this as well as a handful of other characters:
    • Carly is by far the biggest 'target', as she stands in the way of the non-canon Sam/Freddie ship.
    • Spencer is generally immune as his major ship in the fandom is with Sam. With Freddie liking Carly, there's no need to have Freddie even care that much, and with Carly, it's simple to just have her be straight and not romantically interested in Sam.
    • Freddie can be written like this in Carly/Sam stories. But it's rare because it's simple to write him as accepting the girls as lesbians. However, when he does get the treatment, it's usually a very dramatic change in his character brought on by Carly rejecting him, and Sam 'stealing' Carly away from him.
    • Sam gets cast in a Die for Our Ship role in a few Carly/Freddie stories which are Hurt/Comfort Fic, which use Sam as an abusive girlfriend.
    • Sam's mom Pam gets put into this role quite often, as a deadbeat parent, she's often shown throwing Sam out of her house (or Sam moving out). Reasons vary, but can include because Sam comes out of the closet as Lesbian or Bisexual and in love with Carly, because she got pregnant to Freddie, or Sam's mom dies and Spencer/Carly/Freddie take her in to live with them.
    • Parodied in the episode "iStart A Fan War" — When Carly points out the guy she currently has a crush on, the in-universe Carly/Freddie shippers scream that he's the one who "stole Carly from Freddie!" and attack him.
  • NCIS: Apparently, 90% of all Gibbs/Tony shippers want Jenny Shepard dead, evil, or both. Though that could actually be more accurately phrased as "90% of all people who watch the show". And they did get one of these done to her in-series.
    • Tony/Ziva shippers were just waiting each episode for something to happen to Jeanne.
      • There's an ongoing war between Tony/Ziva shippers and Tony/Gibbs shippers, and another one between particularly rabid Tony/Ziva shippers and everybody else.
      • Oddly (or perhaps not, given the characters in question), the McGee/Abby shippers don't get a great deal of serious argument from other factions. Presumably this is because the characters were a canonical couple at one time and it's periodically implied that they will be again.
  • Noah's Arc: Dre at the end of season 2, freeing up Wade to be with Noah again.
  • The Kate hate. Omigawd, the Kate Hate. Usually from Jack/Sawyer shippers but more recently from the Sawyer/Juliet shippers. And let's not forget the Jack hate coming from the Sawyer/Kate fans, either.
  • Christine Chapel from Star Trek: The Original Series got some of this for her infatuation with Spock. Though more often, she just got written into fanfics where she helped facilitate Kirk/Spock after realizing her love was doomed.
    • In the very earliest fanfics, fans were more often than not sympathetic to Christine and many stories brought her and Spock together or at least showed them as friends. There still is a fan page that archives Spock/Christine tales. Other early stories dismissed her as awkward and lacking depth, as in "The Vigil" by Dorothy Jones Heydt; or simply as not having the right temperament and her gifts leading elsewhere, as in Sharon Emily's Kraith soap opera "Christine's Decision", which sets the stage for Chris getting her M.D.
  • The X-Files: Where to even start?
    • There was hate for anyone who even might have gotten in the way of Mulder/Scully (notably Diana Fowley and Agent Doggett).
    • There was a huge amount of hating on the Mulder/Scully pairing itself. Usually Scully was the target of most of the anger because she interfered with Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Skinner or just about any other pairing imaginable.
    • Mulder/Krycek shippers that didn't want to hate on Scully often paired her with Skinner, which got her out of the way in a nicer way. Scully/Skinner and Scully/Krycek shippers, though, could turn Mulder into Ron the Death Eater in order to justify estrangement from Scully. Diana Fowley was a common scapegoat for that.
    • Agent Reyes was pretty much loathed by everyone for interfering with Mulder/Scully or Doggett/Scully. (Though to be fair, she was just loathed in general).
    • Marita Covarrubias got some of this too, though to a lesser extent. Some of the scenes suggested romance with Mulder, tough not very convincingly.
  • NUMB3RS Amita comes in for a huge amount of hate from practically all variety of slashers in the fandom, being characterized as a homophobic, jealous, possessive, shrewish slut.
  • True Blood: Most Eric/Sookie fans hate Bill Compton, accusing him of being a violent, lying, manipulative rapist... even though Eric is guilty of all these things.
    • Some of this is a result of the crossover between book fans and show fans. In the books, Bill turns out to fit at least two of these as he started the relationship on orders from higher up and lied about his motivations. Whether or not this will hold true for the show remains to be seen (so far it looks like it probably won't), but a lot of fans of both the book and the show have trouble making distinctions between them.
  • Smallville has the infamous "Chlois" theory. It's based around the desire of ardent supporters of Chloe (Lois Lane's cousin, Clark's high school best friend, and an original character) to somehow become the Lois Lane from the comics, usually by having Lois die and having Chloe assume her cousin's identity and then hooking up with Clark. How Lois ends up dying varies from person to person, but the Chlois fic writers generally villified her to an absurd degree. Also, the obvious squickishness and creepiness of somebody taking the name of their deceased cousin and living her life is something that the Chlois Theorists never bothered or cared to address.
    • There are also the Lana/Clark shippers (yes, they do exist) who portray Lois and Chloe as Smug Snakes trying to move in on Lana's man and portray Clark as hopelessly in love with Lana and completely apathetic to them.
    • Then there's the faction eagerly waiting for Lana to disappear in order to clear the way for Clark's destined relationship with Lois. Having him cling to Lana past high school or waste time being Ship Teased with Chloe felt like an unacceptable violation of canon. They finally got their Season 8, though many thought it should have happened way earlier.
    • The "Chlollie" ship (Chloe/Oliver) does have it's Die for Our Ship-ers, though they're not nearly as numerous as the other ones mentioned above. There are Chlark fans who want both Ollie and Lois to die for the Chlark ship, but also Chimmy (Chloe/Jimmy) fans. They are especially bitter about a letter Chloe left Oliver when she was Put on a Bus for much of Season 10, telling him she had never loved anyone as much as him. To hear the Chimmy shippers tell it, you'd think Chloe and Oliver spend their dates tap-dancing on Jimmy's grave.
    • Alicia Baker, who in-universe tried to get Lana to die for the Clark/Alicia ship, but ended up dying herself instead. And she wasn't the only one. Almost every LanaStalker, most notably Tina, tried to kill Clark.
  • Degrassi, dear God, Degrassi. Just about every single Craig/Manny fanfic sets out to portray Ashley as a selfish bitch who hates Manny for no reason other than sheer jealousy that Manny's the one Craig really loves...even though it was really Manny who was behaving badly in the storyline; at one point she declared "If Craig really cared about Ashley, why would he keep coming back to me?"
    • This was a problem going back to old school Degrassi. Fans hated anything that got in the way of Degrassi's first Super Couple Joey Jeremiah and Caitlyn. When Caitlyn broke up with Joey and started dating a creepy guy named Claude, fans wanted him to go away and die. And he actually did.
  • Fans of the Mac/Stella pairing on CSI: New York dislike Peyton for getting in the way of their ship during the third season. She is almost always portrayed as either a cold, heartless bitch or whiny and self-centered.
    • They also have a dislike for Brandon Walsh, the fireman who appeared to be dating Stella for a couple episodes in season 5.
    • Lindsay and Angell get (got, in Angell's case) plenty of heat from the Danny/Flack shippers, most likely because Danny/Lindsay and Flack/Angell are canon. Haters of the characters call them one-dimensional Mary Sues (or something along those lines) who get between the twu wuv of Danny and Flack.
    • Jo Danville, Stella's replacement, is seen being very friendly and practically an equal with Mac and is very often paired up with him in fandom. She is utterly hated. When an interview with the showrunners revealed that one idea they'd considered was for the season finale to end with Mac marrying Jo, the anti-fans descended on Jo en masse.
    • Christine is getting it to a point, but not nearly as much as Peyton.
  • On CSI, Sara got some of this. Two big examples were the Grillows (Catherine/Grissom) and Snickers (Sara/Nick)crowds, but others got into it too, complaining GSR was taking up too much screentime,that the age difference was too big, etc.
  • Dollhouse: Topher/Whiskey shippers were very unhappy when Bennett showed up. Then in one of a few literal examples, Joss had Whiskey put a bullet in Bennett's brainpan. The fandom was estatic (except for the legions of Topher/Bennett fans, of course). These same Topher/Whiskey shippers also weren't that fond of Adelle, either.
  • The Ray Wars in Due South fandom count as this to an extent. The arguments between Fraser/Ray V shippers and Fraser/Ray K shippers were brutal. And God forbid somebody said they liked them both...
    • The Ray Wars are still not over, as long as poor Ray V is still being written in F/K fanfics as homophobic, hateful to Fraser and wanting to break up Fraser and Kowalski, and as long as fanfics with homophobic!Ray V are still being recommended by F/K shippers. Fraser and Kowalski never receive the hate that poor Ray V does.
    • One way to restart the Ray Wars is to claim that Fraser/Ray K shippers "won" the war, based on the ending of the show, which is open for different interpretations than "Fraser chose Ray K over Ray V." Far better to say that no one "won" the Ray Wars, and that they had a "truce."
  • A pretty extreme case is the character Elle on Gossip Girl. She only appeared in two episodes, yet she's passionately hated by the Chuck/Blair fans (which is roughly 95% of the viewers) for being a love interest for Chuck.
    • Eva gets nearly as much hate, since she's viewed as a Relationship Sue who hit all the tropes from Hooker with a Heart of Gold to Florence Nightingale Effect and still failed to be half as awesome as Blair.
    • There are many Dan/Blair shippers who openly claim to ship Chuck/death (some of whom refer to Chuck's two near-death experiences as "Ship Teasing"). It's also common among the Dair fandom to claim that Chuck abuses Blair and tried to rape her. The abuse claim comes from one episode where he was drunk and depressed and ran his fist into a glass wall. Blair was about three feet away (as evident by the shot where she gets up to leave) and gets a tiny cut on her cheek. As for the attempted rape claim, Chuck kissed Blair forcefully, she told him to stop, he did. There are also Dair fans who claim Chuck raped Blair in the limo (she came on to him, he asked if she was sure) but that seems to be a desperate few rather than a larger part of the shipper group.
  • Merlin fandom contains the extremely popular Merlin/Arthur pairing, which leads to bashing of any character linked romantically with either man: leading ladies Morgana and Gwen are the most common targets but there's also Freya, Sophia, Lady Vivian and others.
    • Gwen's an interesting case of a character who is generally liked for herself, just not as a Love Interest - there probably isn't a fan alive who doesn't think that her best friend relationship with Merlin isn't the most adorable thing ever. As she's Arthur's future (now current) wife there's very little the shippers can do to get rid of her. Yet even though there are some who don't like her specific role, the character is so genuinely sweet that very few writers can bring themselves to derail her or otherwise do anything horrid to her. As such, she's usually just ignored in fics that pair Arthur with Merlin, or paired with Morgana or Lancelot instead.
      • The slashers are also genuinely stumped by the fact that Merlin adores Guinevere, and is a Shipper on Deck when it comes to Arthur/Guinevere, encouraging them to get together at every available opportunity. Any fic that has him resentful, depressed or jealous at the pairing instantly makes him Out of Character.
      • But Gwen also gets it in the neck from Morgana/Arthur shippers, often with a side of Real Women Never Wear Dresses since Morgana tends to fill the Action Girl role more often. This has died down somewhat with third season revelations that Arthur and Morgana are half-siblings and that Morgana has gone evil.
    • An interesting case is that of Princess Mithian, brought in as a last hurdle to the Official Couple of Arthur/Guinevere, and who exemplifies the tangled (and practically nonsensical) rationale of fandom shipping. Because her role as a temporary Romantic False Lead was obvious, Arwen shippers were fairly nonplussed, but Merthur shippers ended up embracing Mithian, firstly because they knew she posed no permanent threat to their Fan-Preferred Couple, secondly because singing her praises was an easy way of scoring points against Guinevere, and thirdly because of a scene in which she approaches Merlin and tells him that Arthur values his opinion above all others. Having dubbed her an honorary Merthur shipper, they went on to claim that they a) wished that she'd been cast as Guinevere, b) would have happily shipped het if Arthur/Mithian had been the main pairing, and c) that she was the only good part of the episode (which not only involved Merlin as a very passionate Shipper on Deck for Arthur/Guinevere, but also had him display In-Universe Die for Our Ship toward Mithian). note  Of course, one can't help but suspect that this adoration of Mithian would have instantly dissolved into seething hatred had she actually stuck around and become Arthur's wife.
      • In the lead-up to Mithian's return in series 5, this picture was released of her and Merlin in each other's arms, followed by some mild Ship Tease between the two of them throughout the episode. And whatdayaknow! For some mysterious reason, the Merthur fans suddenly found that Mithian wasn’t quite so appealing anymore. She left again by the end of the episode, but let’s just say that the slashers aren’t as vocally enthusiastic about the possibility of her return as they were the first time around.
  • Chuck: Bryce, Cole, Jill, and Lou have millions of Chuck/Sarah shippers hating their guts.
    • There are small but extremely devoted groups who ship Chuck with Casey, Morgan, Bryce and Ellie despite Sarah. The first two are plausible, if extremely far-fetched. The latter two...
  • In the Life With Derek fandom, there's a handful of Dasey shippers who demonize Emily, turning her into a jealous Stalker with a Crush who would do anything to get Casey out of the way. And let's not even get started on Sally...
  • Castle introduced a rival for Castle in the form of Robbery Detective Demmings. As of "Overkill," Demming has now been told this by the fans (99.99% of them shipping Castle/Beckett) because he kisses Kate at the end of the episode.
    • Invoked when the first suspect in the murder of a network director sent said director a crate of axes because "she was being swayed by the Can-Fonsos".
  • Alias. Sweet mercy, Alias. One faction of obsessive shippers wanted the protagonist, Sydney Bristow, to pair up with villain Julian Sark. Fic after fic was written either trying to show Sark as being not so bad as that, even though he clearly was in canon, and occasionally letting Sydney be a villain with him. They equally set out to turn Michael Vaughn into a murderous loon or worse, again in defiance of logic and common sense. The villainous Irina Derevko was supposed to be Jack Bristow's true love, even though she had basically wrecked his life earlier on, and she was morphed in fanfic into a loving, protective character totally out of synch with canon reality. To match Jack Bristow (the protagonist's father) back up with her again, fanfic writers tried all sorts of bizarre expedients, including recasting Jack as a villain. It got further and further out into the ozone as time went on.
    • Sarkney (Sark/Sydney) as well as Sydney/Michael shippers all started killing Lauren off once she was introduced. Her name in fandom was the COW (contrived odious wife) and there were deadification contests held in her honor.
  • The cross-canon Die for Our Ship is ridiculous in the Life On Mars and Ashes to Ashes fandom. Either you ship Gene Hunt with Sam Tyler, hold LOM as the superior series, and bash Alex for being a "whiny, bitchy slut who can't keep her knickers on"; or you ship Gene Hunt and Alex Drake, most likely haven't even seen LOM and are sick of Sam being mentioned in A2A so much. Meanwhile, the Chris/Shaz, Alex/anyone else, and Sam/Annie fans are trying to stay clear of the fray and the multishippers are all going "well, that's silly, why choose?"
  • Though Xena: Warrior Princess existed during the early days of the Internet, that didn't stop one of the first and bloodiest full-scale ship wars between Xena/Gabrielle shippers (aka 'Subbers') and Xena/Ares shippers (simply known as Shippers throughout the fandom — those were much simpler days).
    • Actually, the most striking example of "Die for Our Ship" in the Xena fandom was the attitude toward Perdicus, Gabrielle's principal male love interest in Season 1 and 2. In the first episode, Perdicus was the dull villager to whom Gabrielle was unwillingly betrothed and from whom she ran away from to travel with Xena. He returned near the end of Season 1 (played by a different actor); he was now a soldier, and his prior relationship with Gabrielle was retconned as one of childhood sweethearts. Then, in Season 2, he came back again to propose to Gabrielle — and, to the disgust and dismay of Xena/Gabrielle fans, she accepted. Perdicus actually did die the morning after his and Gabrielle's wedding night (he was killed by Xena's nemesis Callisto), an event that caused immense heartbreak to Gabrielle but immense rejoicing in the fandom. Some "subbers" went so far as to claim that Xena (who arrived on the scene to stop Callisto from killing both Gabrielle and her husband) deliberately held back and allowed Callisto to kill Perdicus; some even read the twitch of Xena's lips as she watches Callisto run away while Gabrielle wails over her dying husband as a silently mouthed "Thank you." There was a heap of Perdicus-bashing fanfics in which Perdicus survived and became a drunk and/or a batterer (despite the fact that he was depicted as a sweet and gentle man on the show) and Xena had to save Gabrielle from his abuse. Some fics also made Perdicus impotent on his wedding night so that Gabrielle's first sexual experience could be saved for Xena. The Perdicus hatred has not abated more than a decade after the show went off the air: the 2012 Xena convention featured a fan-made movie Wicked: A Xena Musical (a comical retelling of the Xena and Gabrielle story featuring songs from Wicked) in which Xena was blithely singing while Callisto was murdering Perdicus.
    • Joxer got a lot of hate for "getting between Xena and Gabrielle," especially after he officially became a would-be love interest for Gabrielle at the end of Season 2 when it was revealed that he was pining for her. Joxer-bashing (and Joxer/Gabrielle bashing) was extremely pervasive in the fandom.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Many Sheldon/Penny fans are notorious for their hatred of Leonard. Although they have backed off Leonard now that he and Penny have broken up. Amy, Sheldon's canon love interest, hasn't gotten it as hard.
    • Well... Penny and Leonard have gotten back together again, the hate is back on the poor guy. And now that Sheldon and Amy have become official, it's gotten kinda worse for her for some of these people. Poor girl.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Barney/Robin shippers automatically hated Don when he became Robin's new love interest after she and Barney broke up (though admittedly, it wasn't just them who wanted Don to die). Then in the season finale, Robin broke up with Don, leading to much cheering from the fandom.
    • As of seasons 6 and 7, Barney has a new girlfriend, Nora. While there are some fans out there that like her and want her to be Barney's future bride, lots of Barney/Robin shippers hate her, especially now that Robin is in love with Barney again.
    • Opinions towards Kevin, Robin's new love interest, are split down the middle: half the people hate him, half the people love him. However, no one, not even people who don't ship Barney/Robin, want him and Robin to be together, because their relationship is intentionally flimsy and lacking in chemistry, considering Robin's still in love with Barney, but simply can't bring herself to take the risk. People still like Kevin because he's actually funny and cute, unlike Don (he is played by Kal Penn, after all).
    • The outrage caused by the ending of How I Met Your Mother is pretty much the defining example of this trope. The Barney/Robin shippers nearly died, at the finale. Apparently, the two breaking up after a continuous season of being fiancées was too much to handle.
    • The finale also contains an In Universe example, as it's revealed that The Mother is dead by the time Ted is telling the story, freeing him up to go after Robin again.
  • There is a large amount of fandom hatred for Hayley Hotchner of Criminal Minds, with fanfic often portraying her as a whiny, demanding bitch. A rather ambiguous moment in season 3 didn't help matters by suggesting that she was cheating on Hotch prior to their divorce, although stories in which she gets her 'just desserts' have waned slightly since season 5, when the show's writers took the first part of this trope somewhat literally.
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman has Takeru/Iyal as the Official Couple from the outset, but many fans wanted to see Takeru get together with Momoko (even though they hardly interact or get any screen time together) and dislike Iyal intensely. The Star-Crossed Lovers ending of the show is taken as the definite sign that Takeru will eventually hook up with Momoko, even though there is still no evidence of him having feelings for any woman other than Iyal. This is also applicable to Haruka (who at least has more interaction with Takeru).
    • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger has plenty of Ship-to-Ship Combat between the opposing Ship Mates of Takeru/Mako and Chiaki/Kotoha vs Takeru/Kotoha and Ryuunosuke/Mako, leading to aggressive character-bashing all around.
    • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is beginning to repeat the pattern with Marvelous/Ahim and Joe/Luka vs Marvelous/Luka and Joe/Ahim (and let's not even get started on Don.)
      • There is a story that ships every single Gokaiger pair possible (aside from the ones involving Gai), and it even manages to keep them all in character. without bashing a single person.
  • Kylen Celina sometimes gets this from the Space: Above and Beyond fandom. Granted, there is a legitimate reason why her relationship with Nathan West may not be tenable following her rescue in the series finale (namely, the fact that the Marine pilot is no longer the naive would-be colonist he started the series as). However, fanfiction frequently has her act on this in the pettiest fashion possible. Predictably, this leaves the door open for a heartbroken West to be comforted by his One True Love (usually Vansen, Hawkes, or Col. McQueen).
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Double's Official Couple is Terui / Akiko, the problem being that Terui is one of the most popular secondary Riders in recent years while Akiko is widely disliked. As a result, there's a number of fans who'd like to see Terui with any woman but Akiko, and frequently wish violent death on her for daring to fall in love with him. Made worse by the fact that two guest characters who showed interest in Terui were played by actresses already popular with fanboys after previous roles in Super Sentai.
    • In Kamen Rider Fourze, Gentaro's movie-only love interest Nadeshiko Misaki or rather the clone of her from a meteorite is extremely popular with the fandom, so when he acquired Stalker with a Crush Yukina for two episodes, she was instantly hated. There was never any suggestion that she would get together with him, and there are other reasons she is disliked (including bullying Yuki), but her popularity was not at all helped by her having a crush on Gentaro while not being Nadeshiko.
      • Made even worse in the second episode of her arc: She knew all about Gentaro's secret life as Fourze and her reason on being a bitch? "I just want you to be a normal High School Student!" Wanna know how she plans to do that? Snatch the Fourze Driver and run off with it then refuse to give it back when Libra Zodiarts starts to approach her". Thankfully (for most fans), she decides to let her feelings for Gentaro go and only asks for a picture with the two.
      • The Aries arc introduced Ryusei's classmate Mei Shirakawa, who had a crush on him and seemed to believe he would eventually fall in love with her. This divided fans between those who wanted to see him end up with her and those who preferred his most constant love interest, Tomoko; leading to bashing of both girls. Later, the Everyone, Space Is Here! movie introduced Inga Blink, a sexy female agent with possible romantic interest in Ryusei and added another party to the conflict.
    • Shippers of Ren/Yui in Kamen Rider Ryuki tend to dislike Ren's canon girlfriend Eri and dismiss her as boring and useless despite the fact that she spends the entire series in a coma, we see her awake in only one brief scene that doesn't indicate anything about what she is like as a person, and the entire reason Ren joined the Rider War was to save her.
  • The Glee fandom is rife with this.
    • Anyone who is or feasibly could be shipped with Kurt. His canon boyfriend Blaine gets Flanderized into an emotionally and physically abusive jerk. His Stalker with a Crush Karofsky gets turned from an aggressive, sexually confused bully into a psychopathic rapist. Hell, his once-intended boyfriend, Sam gets this as well. Each faction engages all others in all out Ship-to-Ship Combat for the right of Kurt's affections. The Klaine shippers are the most plentiful, though the Kurtofsky and Kum shippers make up for their lack of numbers with sheer volume. All three have their fair share of batshittery, but Klaine fans are decidedly the more prone to psychotic insanity, including creating tumblrs just to insult kurtofsky shippers and telling them they should die and fabricating false news about Max Adler, the actor who plays Karofsky, just to spite his fans. Max seems to also be one of their primary targets, since in an interview for Billboard about his character's attempted suicide in On My Way, he commented about having received tweets from people saying they hoped Karofsky could end up succeeding in his attempt and dying so Kurt and Blaine should be together.
    • New character Sebastian is getting this big time from Klaine shippers due to his pursuit of Blaine, going from an aggressive flirter to an outright stalker and rapist who needs to be shot. This despite the fact that his behavior has been relatively mild and not even close to the actual canon stalking of Karofsky last season. His actor, Grant Gustin, has stated in interviews that he has received actual death threats from rabid shippers.
    • Hardcore Brittana shippers launched a full scale war against Bartie and the ravenous Bartie fandom that doesn't exist. The actor who played Artie once commented on the angry tweets he received from hardcore Brittana shippers.
    • Finn gets this treatment from rabid St. Berry fans who distort him into an Evil Abusive Boyfriend holding Rachel back from achieving her dreams and being with the much more sensitive and talented Jesse.
      • Well, Finn being a dick has been canon for a while now...And it's worth noting that Jesse (quite rightly) got this as well from Finchel shippers.
    • In contrast to the above, Mike has also been portrayed in equally abusive ways in the tartie fandom.
    • Like with any major ship, Finchel has its vocal minority that can be extremely rude to Fuinn shippers, especially. They tend to exaggerate the terrible things Quinn does while completely excusing Rachel from her similar actions.
    • The hate against Mercedes coming from rabid Sam shippers who don't like the Sam/Mercedes ship is so strong that kicked the proverbial pup via leaving nasty messages on her actress (Amber Patricia Riley)'s twitter account.
    'Tumblr reblogger: "She’s right. Does it really bother you that much that Sam might be with Mercedes instead of Quinn or Kurt? If it does bother you to the point that you have to send someone horrible tweets - then you need help. Amber doesn’t write the storylines. She can’t really say “No, the assholes on tumblr/twitter want Sam to be with someone else, I refuse to do this storyline!”. Even if she could - you expect her to turn down screentime just to make a bunch of shippers happy?"
  • Sometimes this thing happens very nebulously when there are no true factions, especially in non-hardcore fandoms like those of sitcoms. Example: on Frasier, most Frasier/Lilith and Frasier/Roz shippers think Frasier/Charlotte was a terrible pairing. On the other hand, they don't hate each other much at all. And then there's a group of fans, who have a small overlap with both the Frasier/Lilith crowd and the Frasier/Roz crowd, who commit themselves to despising every single Girl of the Week Frasier has. Then there's those who think both the Frasier/Lilithers and the Frasier/Rozers are deluding themselves and take the potential of Frasier's obviously doomed girls of the week too seriously, (especially Claire). It's nigh impossible to get any sort of lock on what the majority of the viewers is gunning for. Then again, Frasier was never part of the show's Official Couple anyway...
  • Skins, the UK version, has this with Michelle, for getting in the way of everyone's OTP, Sid/Cassie. Even when it was clear from the start that Michelle was Sid's Romantic False Lead. It got particularly bad in Season 2 when Sid and Michelle actually were together for a short while, though with it still clear that their true loves were Cassie and Tony, respectively. People started accusing Michelle of being a "slut," even when Cassie was actually engaging in some extremely promiscuous behavior. In Season 3, JJ also got some hate from the Naomily shippers when he slept with Emily, though it was minimal - probably helped by the fact that Skins writers had learned their lesson and made it even more abundantly clear that Emily/JJ wasn't going anywhere. (Emily comes out to him as gay at the beginning of the episode, and right before they sleep together, she tells him it's a "one-time-only charity event.")
    • Played with in some of the other cases, where the person getting Die for Our Ship was still someone that the rest of the fandom hated or at least felt "Meh" about for other reasons. This was most obvious in the case of Matty in the third generation; yeah, he was the obstacle to Mini/Franky and Liv/Nick, but he was also cliche and underdeveloped in general, and the relationship he did have with Franky came across as Ships That Pass in the Night. To a lesser extent, this was also true with Freddie in the second generation. He got a ridiculous amount of hate from Cook/Effy fans, but even non-shippers found him kinda boring.
  • Generally, the Sherlock fandom is pretty good about letting people ship what they ship and getting along. But that doesn't mean bashing doesn't exist, especially when it comes to the Sherlock/John Ho Yay...
    • Irene Adler getting this was a bit of a forgone conclusion, as she was the closest thing to an actual love interest for Sherlock in the novels note . Though really, any hate Irene gets from Sherlock/John shippers is utterly absurd, since in this series she herself ships them together (albeit, somewhat jokingly).
    • Averted for the most part with Molly Hooper. Her unrequited crush on Sherlock (as well as her moments as the series' Butt Monkey) made her more sympathetic than disliked for the slashers.
    • Mary Morstan got this preemptively from the grouchier corners of the slash fandom, even before she was confirmed to be in the series! Even worse, her actress, Amanda Abbington (who is also Martin Freeman's real life partner) had actually gotten death threats for daring to come between John and Sherlock and (gasp!) being the impetus for John to move out of 221B, despite this happening in the original novels. Which were written over a century ago. Why, fandom? Why?
      • On the other hand, Mary does have her fans due to being kind, quite a badass, and getting along very well with Sherlock, to the point that some people have started to come liking the One True Threesome of Sherlock/John/Mary.
  • Once Upon a Time was mostly able to avoid this because most fairytale pairings have a "True Love" status that is still well supported by the fandom. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long. When season 2 added more characters more ships were formed, and shippers of the older ships didn't approve.
    • The earliest case was the revelation of Belle as Rumpelstiltskin's love interest provoking some hate from more zealous Golden Swan (Rumple/Emma) shippers.
    • Plenty of Rumple/Belle were very upset when "The Crocodile" revealed that Rumple was married to Milah. Not that there was anything to be upset about, Rumple killed Milah 300 years ago.
    • Milah/Hook shippers were distraught to learn that Hook moved on from Milah, and moved onto Emma. Never mind the fact that its been 300 years.
    • Fans can get pretty nasty towards each other when the topic of who they believe Emma Swan should end up with. The rather vocal Swan Queen (Emma/Regina) fandom avoided this for the first season. Probably because Regina killed Emma's actual love interst, not that this seems to bother most of the shippers. In fact some of them hate Graham for sleeping with Regina, despite the fact that Regina forced him into being her Sex Slave.
      • Most just hate Hook and Robin for being the actual love interests for Emma and Regina respectively. Some take this a step further by accusing Hook of being a male Regina and at the same time accuse him of being a creepy stalker. Robin gets the same treatment except they think he's a male Emma.
      • Interestingly enough, most Swan Queen shippers absolutely hate Emma. Which is really odd considering she makes up half the couple.
    • The Season 2 revelation of Neal/Baelfire as Henry's father has led to a particularly nasty Ship-to-Ship Combat involving, you guessed it, Emma. Those who believe Emma should end up with Neal tend to write Hook as a psychopathic villain who only wants her for her looks, while the Captain Swan contingent love to paint Neal as a creepy statutory-rapist that never listens to Emma. Ironically both sides love turning the other into someone who can't take 'no' for an answer despite the fact they have both pulled an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy in relation to Emma. The Season 3 revelation of Hook declaring his love for Emma, and Emma kissing Hook has led to even nastier combat for all ships concerned: Captain Swan, Swanfire, and Swan Queen.
    • Poor Marian gets this treatment from Outlaw Queen (Robin/Regina) shippers. Most reduce her a Clingy Jealous Girl or worse.
    • Sleeping Warrior (Aurora/Mulan) averts this. Almost all of the shippers are entirely indifferent towards Aurora's husband, Philip.
  • As the World Turns has Luke/Noah shippers vs. Luke Reid shippers. Mention the Nuke's borderline Destructive Romance or Reid's Dr. Jerk/Defrosting Ice King persona and you'll be brutally attacked. It doesn't end well for Reid.
  • Let's just say that certain fans didn't exactly mind much when Kate's plane exploded in the White Collar season one finale.
  • Fan reaction towards Lavinia Swire and Sir Richard Carlisle was mixed in the second series of Downton Abbey. Despite Carlisle being the one of more questionable morals, Lavinia is the one that received the most dislike and in the end had to die from Spanish Flu for the good of the Mary/Matthew ship. What made it most unbearable for non-shippers who liked Lavinia was the Christmas special when she sends a message from beyond the grave through a Ouija board that she wants them to be happy.
    • The 2012 Christmas special introduced Edna Braithwaite, a new maid with designs on Branson. Fans instantly, violently hated her: not just for her genuinely manipulative actions (and possibly getting Branson drunk in order to sexually assault him) but because she wasn't Branson's late wife Lady Sybil and they were adamant that NO other woman would ever be good enough for him. When he subsequently gained a new love interest named Sarah Bunting, a number of fans instantly disliked her - at least partly because the relationship appears to be set up as a parallel to the early days of his romance with Sybil.
    • Edith has had two main love interests, Sir Anthony Strallan and Michael Gregson. Strallan is many years Edith's senior, physically disabled, and jilted her at the altar in series three. Gregson is already married to a woman he can't legally divorce and decides to become a German citizen and move to Germany (considered scandalous after the First World War) where he'll be free to marry Edith. He then vanishes completely, leaving Edith pregnant. Both characters get plenty of hate for these reasons, both from fans of the rival ship, and supporters of Evelyn Napier/Edith (which, so far, has no canon basis.)
    • After Matthew's death in the 2012 Christmas special, series four introduced Lord Anthony Gillingham as a new love interest for Mary. Because of this trope, Mary/Matthew shippers instantly hated him, made worse when his valet violently beats and rapes Mary's lady's maid Anna, although Gillingham knows nothing of this.
  • The official couple of Garo is Kouga/Kaoru, which leads to dislike of both for different reasons. On one side, Kouga gets some hate from those who would rather pair Kaoru with Leo or Rei, on account of his initially using her as bait for Horrors, not telling her that she was going to die, and then in the second series not telling her that he was going to die. On the other, Kaoru gets bashing for being weak/inadequate/supposedly not good enough to be the hero's love interest, especially since Jabi had feelings for him as well.
  • The Golden Eyed Pixie Series has a non-shipping example. Elle breaks up with Alice because Jasper attacked her. She refuses to get back with her as long as Jasper is alive. So naturally, he later gets killed.
  • Most of the Silent Witness fandom wanted Nikki and Harry to end up together. Some of their short-lived love interests received a bit of hate, but on the whole were tolerated because of the expectation that Harry/Nikki would be endgame. However, Harry's actor quit and the character was replaced by Jack Hodgson; who, like Harry, is a charmer and loves to flirt with Nikki. A lot of fans were not impressed and made their loathing for Jack very clear.
  • House of Anubis: Joy got hit with his hard during the second season, being the opposition to the Fan-Preferred Couple of Fabian and Nina. It didn't help that she had plenty of Jerk Ass tendencies during this time as well, but thankfully by the third season she got over Fabian and dropped many of her meaner qualities, redeeming her in the eyes of many fans. Oddly enough most other rivals of Fabina and Nina's pairing did not suffer this, probably because the fans were too busy shipping them in their own pairings to care, and the other rival pairing were not large enough- or Canon enough- to matter.
    • Mara had also gotten this for being on the wrong end of two pairings- Joy and Jerome, and Nina and Fabian. In the first case, she let her desire for revenge turn her into a Jerk Ass who was seen as bullying both Joy and Jerome- Jerome by continuously trying to humiliate him in progressively worse ways, Joy by forcing her to pretend to like Jerome, only to break his heart later, and turning against her for developing actual feelings for Jerome. On the Fabian and Nina side, it's simply because, despite Nina's absence during the third season, Fabian and Nina were still one of the most popular pairings, and the way Mara and Fabian got together was seen by a classic example of Strangled by the Red String.
  • Friends: Many love interests of Ross and Rachel suffer this, most obviously Paolo and Emily. Interestingly Julie, Ross's first Romantic False Lead, avoids the hate simply because she was so adorably sweet. The writers admit they couldn't even write a break up scene between her and Ross, and she gets her own happy ending with Ross's Suspiciously Similar Substitute.
    • Richard, despite being a Nice Guy in canon, gets this from some Monica/Chandler fans (though only the extremists, most Monica/Chandler fans - who are pretty much the entire fanbase - are reasonable and don't stoop to this level). To be fair Richard declaring his love for Monica when Chandler was trying to propose and Chandler's in-universe jealousy of him doesn't help. Many fans admit that they liked Richard and his early relationship with Monica but disliked him after the hugely popular Chandler/Monica ship set sail.
  • The girls who have been teased romantically with either Stiles or Derek of Teen Wolf have received resentment from the more vocal Sterek (Stiles/Derek) shippers. These include Lydia (Stiles' intense crush), Jennifer (who slept with Derek), and Heather and Caitlin (who kissed Stiles). The latest in this list are Malia, who was very unpopular with both Sterek and Stydia (Stiles/Lydia) shippers after she made out/possibly slept with (it's ambiguous) Stiles and became his girlfriend, and Braeden, who entered into a relationship with Derek.
  • Arrow: The Oliver/Felicity fans have became infamous for this, as well as other bad habits (such as harassing Stephen Amell and other members of the cast and crew on their Facebook pages to demand Oliver hooks up with Felicity), primarily against Laurel and Sara. Laurel is a pretty big Base Breaker who borders on being The Scrappy, so a lot of the bashing is, to some extent justified, but a lot of the demand for Sara's head or the declaration that Sara is a either a Creator's Pet or a Spotlight-Stealing Squad tends to come from resentment from fans of Felicity (and to a lesser extent, from Laurel defenders). While it should be noted that not all Felicity/Oliver fans act this way, there's a comparatively large number of bad ones thanks to how popular the ship is.
    • Oliver himself tends to get a lot of hate, from people who ship him with Felicity or Laurel, due to the fact he hasn't kissed Felicity yet or because he sunk the chance of him and Laurel hooking up while she was at rock bottom (or because of his cheating on her before the series began). Primarily though, because he's taken so long to hook up with them, he's treated as a misogynist who leads the girls on to get what he wants, even though Oliver, in canon, treats Felicity with nothing but professional respect and caring friendship. Nyssa/Sara shippers also tend to bash him, but in a more playful way rather than out of malice, primarily due to him making it clear that he has nothing against Sara's bisexuality or her past relationship with Nyssa, and so the usual excuses to make a character not approve of a same-sex hook-up don't work on him.
  • The prime reason why Liam Booker is the most hated character on Faking It is because he stops the LGBT Fanbase-preferred pairing of Karma and Amy. (And with this show, that fanbase is not a Periphery Demographic.)
  • Korean Dramas in general. Usually when the second female lead (the guy's other Love Interest/Romantic False Lead) is introduced, viewers will start complaining about her (calling her ugly/bitch/whore) before she even gets an opportunity to do or say anything. This usually doesn't happen when there's a male Love Interest; usually he's well-liked unless he's a major jerk.

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