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Title of a (possible series of) novel(s) by Master Of The Phoenix (does Archive Binge here, but doesn't consider himself a regular troper, leaving the entry to be made by moi and his faithful comrade Ellie), currently under construction, if he could just find the time out of his busy college schedule.

Based on a series of Play-by-Post Games, each set in an Alternate Continuity of varying difference from the others. The Verse itself is somewhat vaguely defined, though it generally seems to be an Alternate History of earth set in 1773, in the new world, with naval superpowers vying for control, with pirates thrown in the middle. It's supposed to be about Pirates, anyway.

These nations include:

Recurring characters who survived more than one Continuity Reboot.

Recurring characters who survived at least one Continuity Reboot.

  • Captain Edwin Van Cleef (LTK)- Brutal Pirate Without A Cause. Quoting his profile, "No one knows what he really wants. Not even him." Van Cleef typically goes around taking what he wants, killing people he doesn't like, and... well, inspiring fear in whoever hears about him. Makes his point with a BFG in one hand, BFS in the other.

Open Blue contains examples of: