Characters / Open Blue

A list of characters appearing in v5 (present version) of Open Blue. Due to the policies of the site, they use face claims.


Annika Sirenia

"Always bring a gun to a knife fight. Add a fist for good measure, and a chair, if you really want to be sure."

Second Princess of Sirene and youngest of Kaiser Alfons' three children. A Captain in the Imperial Navy, she gets stranded on a Desert Island for a few months after being forced to Abandon Ship in the Disaster of Nations. After escaping, she eventually finds a Sirenian Colony with a somewhat sympathetic governor, where she acquires command of another ship. She has once again been sent to Port Allison, this time to broker a deal with its corrupt government that would further Sirenian Interests. Notably an expy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Annika embodies the following tropes:

Elsa van Dorst

"If the only possession the world truly gives you is your name, then the only thing you can truly give, as something that you truly own, is your name."

A product of Remillia's top secret Engelmacht Project, Elsa was sent to Port Allison as part of a large task force to disrupt the Avelian operation there. Unfortunately for her, the operation went awry when both Avelia and Sirene also had their own armies of spies and assassins present. Left alone with a single junior comrade, Monique, Elsa hatches a plan to escape the island and return to Remillia. Although after four months (and Monique's lonely death), it has yet to come to fruition.

Elsa embodies the following tropes: