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Creator: Robert Bloch
"I have the heart of a young child. I keep it in a jar on my desk."
Robert Bloch

Robert Bloch (1917-1994) was a prolific writer of horror/crime fiction (with some forays into science fiction), writing hundreds of short stories and over 20 novels. He also adapted several of his works into teleplays for Star Trek: The Original Series (most famously the Jack the Ripper episode "Wolf In the Fold"), Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Boris Karloff's Thriller (he also wrote for I Spy), as well as screenplays, many for Amicus Productions. His most well-known work is Psycho (which he did not personally adapt for the screen).

Bloch was one of the youngest members of the so-called "Lovecraft Circle", and H.P. Lovecraft himself encouraged him to take up writing.

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