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Nitroplus Co., Ltd. (nitro+) is a Japanese game company specializing in Eroge and Visual Novels. Its works are almost invariably dark in tone, with an abundance of Eldritch Abominations, horror, rape, gore and violence.

Their first release was 2000's Phantom of Inferno, also was main writer Gen Urobuchi's first work with the company. Subsequent games such as 2003's Saya no Uta and 2008's Chaos;Head garnered enough acclaim for the studio's popularity to reach levels comparable to that of Key Visual Arts, TYPE MOON and 07th Expansion.

One of Nitro's most prolific creators is Gen Urobuchi, who has gone on to write Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Psycho-Pass independent of the company. Vocalist Kanako Itou is another frequent collaborator, having performed the musical themes for many of their VNs and anime adaptations. On a sad (and perhaps ironic) note, their music producer Shingo Minamino was murdered tragically and brutally in the middle of a busy street.

For some bizarre reason, the company responsible for so many dark and disturbing stories has a mascot in the pink-haired, baby-faced, be-headphoned Moe character Super Sonico.

Releases of Nitro+ (in chronological order):

  • Phantom of Inferno (2000)
  • Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia (2001)
  • Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer (2002)
  • "Hello, World." (2002)
  • Demonbane (2003)
  • Saya no Uta (2003) - one of Urobuchi's most famous - or infamous - works
  • Angelos Armas (2005)
  • Jingai Makyou (2005)
  • Hanachirasu (2005)
  • Sabat Nabe (2005)
  • Dra Koi (2006)
  • Gekkou No Carnevale (2007)
  • Zoku Satsuriku no Django (2007) - also known as Tre Donne Crudeli
  • Nitro+ Royale - a fighting game
  • Sumaga (2008)
  • Full Metal Daemon Muramasa (2009)
  • Axanael (2010)
  • SoniComi (2011)
  • Guilty Crown Lost Christmas (2012) - prequel to Guilty Crown
  • Phenomeno (2012) - adaptation of the novel of the same name
  • Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. (2013) - Nitroplus first pure Romance Game

Nitroplus also has a branch focused on producing Boys Love Visual Novels: Nitro+ CHIRAL. Its works are listed below:

In addition, people from the company have worked on, or are credited in, other works:

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