Comic Book / Bomb Queen

"Well shit is different here Barbie. I run the show in New Port City. I run it my way. The villain, got it!? Murderers, rapists, pedophiles and drug dealers don't wait for some asshole superhero or dial up Invincible when shit gets fucked up. Heroes aren't welcome in this town. People here want some one who represents them. That's me... The Queen!"
Bomb Queen

Bomb Queen is an American comic book character, created by Jimmie Robinson. She first appeared in Image Comics' Bomb Queen Vol. 1, #1, and has subsequently appeared in six limited series, two single-issue specials, and crossover that include Savage Dragon and Hack/Slash.

A supervillain, Bomb Queen has eliminated and banned all superheroes from New Port City, which she rules as a hedonistic and "benevolent" dictator, keeping her subjects happy with "bread and circuses" in the form of zones where people can do whatever they want, provided they can survive there. The rest of the United States initially tolerated Bomb Queen because New Port City's reputation drew all manner of unsavory types out of the rest of the country, and to it; but as the years passed, the American government, and other parties, began drawing up plans to oust or kill Bomb Queen...