There Are No Police

In a modern city, full of schools, post offices and subway lines, there is one thing noticeably absent: the police. Whether you're on a murder spree, blowing up buildings, or just walking around stealing things, there's no need to fear the police. This is because they don't exist. No one even mentions the police or tries to avoid detection. Compare Police Are Useless, where they exist but aren't going to help. See also Anarchy Is Chaos.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Bleach:
    • Multiple times in Karakura Town there have been explosions, buildings being damaged or destroyed, and large numbers of humans being killed. The series has never shown any police investigation (or any government response of any kind, for that matter) to these events.
    • There was a scene in the first movie where someone had to have called the paramedics to retrieve Ichigo's body, due to him being in Shinigami mode, and therefore out of his body. Then again, this isn't canon.
    • The first instance in canon was during the recent Xcution arc, where the Big Bad starts fights Ichigo and a few new protagonists, however because none of them are in "spirit bodies" like the other fights, people do take notice. In fact, the fight is broken up because the police are coming.
    • The first episode perhaps? You see a group of police who have blocked off an area where a "Gas explosion" had caused damage, we however know it was caused by a hollow.
  • School Days: After Sekai stabs Makoto, and Katsura carries his severed head around no one even mentions the police or tries to avoid detection.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, pre-Duel Monsters, killer theme parks, and people being set on fire occur without the specter of police attention.
  • In Noir the Anti-Hero protagonists never show slightest concern towards the police in wealthy industrialized nations when applying their trade of killing people for money. And indeed, the only time that the police interfere is when they are corrupt cops hired by an equally corrupt judge to protect himself from them. You would think that he could have gotten perfectly legal police protection, under the circumstances.

  • In The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, and her Lover, the Thief in question publicly beats his wife, attacks his own customers at his restaurant and commits his crimes in full view and yet, no cops show up.
  • Pulp Fiction has a noticeable lack of police or any sort of legitimate authority figure. Either the characters are very lucky, or there are no cops in Los Angeles. Even after Butch deliberately runs down Marcellus, gets into a car wreck, is chased down the street and shot at and a bullet hits a bystander, nobody thinks to call the cops. Although Maynard does call one cop...
  • The above applies to Kill Bill as well, a murder spree happens across both Texas and Japan and you only see the police in one scene.
  • Live Free or Die Hard: Automatic weapons fire all around Farrell's New Jersey apartment, and then a large explosion in it. Naturally, you would expect sirens and police and fire trucks to show up. Nope.
    • Washington D.C. after 9/11: Massive disaster strikes, somehow police and military forces non-existent, no police or military helicopters. The bad guys fly around in a helicopter over Washington D.C shooting at people with automatic weapons and no official helicopters ever arrive to stop them. After 9/11, the airspace over Washington D.C. after another terrorist act would be filled with military fighters and helicopters and any helicopter without authorization would be told to land or be shot down.
  • American Psycho: As part of the ambiguity of the plot (is Bateman a brilliant sociopath or a deluded wannabe?), the police are portrayed inconsistently, and there is zero police presence when Patrick Bateman goes on his more murderous rampages.

  • In Robert A. Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, there are no police on the Moon. There are only the Warden's guards, who don't care about convict on convict crime. The convicts (and their many descendants) handle "justice" their own way. In fact, one of the reasons that people there start to support revolution happens when the guards start to take an interest in enforcing the (mostly newly created) rules.
  • Justified in the Nightside series, as the Nightside was created by Lilith to be a place without rules or authority.

    Live Action Television 
  • In the old The Adventures Of Captain Marvel serial, not a single one of the scientists even considers the possibility of calling the police, even as their number is being quickly reduced by thugs, kidnappers, murderers, and the black-masked guy who hired the thugs, kidnappers, and murderers in the first place.
  • In Glee, when Hunter steals the Nationals trophy no one even mentions calling the cops despite the overwhelming amount of evidence. The trophy is on display in the Dalton Academy choir room, a man in a Dalton Academy uniform is holding the trophy and gloating in the video, the perps left a laptop.)
  • When Gibby goes to rescue the iCarly gang from Nora, the best idea he has when he's sure that she kidnapped them is break into her house and fight her, instead of just calling 911. Only after everything is resolved (after Gibby broke into Nora's house, mind you - never mind her being the bad guy, breaking and entering is still an offense) they call the cops, as mentioned by Carly at the end of the episode.
    • Of course , that's less "There Are No Police", and more of Gibby just being an idiot by deciding to take the problem into his own hands instead of getting help.
  • Several episodes of Three's Company feature conflicts that could easily be solved by the roommates calling the police. When police do show up on the show, it's almost never because anyone called them.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • This is the back story behind Annie Social's gimmick. She was a criminally insane sadist who hated everyone, till Shane Hardcore showed her how to assault people and not go to or endure more therapy. Become a pro wrestler. Thus, Shane became Annie's first friend.

    Video Games 
  • Rather literal in All Points Bulletin as the police are replaced in their entirety with groups of vigilantes.

  • Many Gag-per-Day Webcomics fit this trope, inasmuch as they feature Comedic Sociopathy as a major source of their humour, necessitating that the Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist (e.g. Ethan of Ctrl+Alt+Del), Manchild (Rayne Summers of Least I Could Do), or violent Jerk Ass (Mike Warner of the Walkyverse) rarely, if ever, faces arrest or even a warning from the police.
    • Mike at least has some justification, as for a large part of his life he's part of a very powerful government agency.
  • Invoked until just recently on El Goonish Shive, and even then you are more likely to see journalists than cops.
  • Completely subverted/averted in Megatokyo. Almost every major occurrence of weirdness has police intervention, in the form of Inspector Sonada and the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division. Figuring out who's responsible and actually catching them however, is a completely different matter, especially when there can be more pressing things to deal with, like Zombie Godzilla attacks.

    Western Animation 
  • An episode of "Family Guy" subverts this trope when Peter detonates explosives outside a childrens hospital, entirely destroying the building. No repercussions of the incident seem to occur, as is common in the show, until the very end where Peter is informed that the crime has been investigated and is taken to court.
    • The Futurama episode "Three Hundred Big Boys" ends similarly, with Bender being beaten by the police for stealing a $10,000 cigar much earlier in the episode.