Characters / Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

The most awesome characters in the world.

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    Main characters 

Sweet Bro

Sweet Bro is the first character introduced. He is known to like Video Games and is always ready to test new ideas.

Hella Jeff

Hella Jeff is the Straight Man of the two. He will usually question Sweet Bro's ideas if he finds them a little weird. He likes sports, especially basketball, and has demonstrated an intelligence capable of fooling Sweet Bro.


The new friend, introduced in comic #7.

    Secondary characters 

The Big Man

A popular Basketball player.

Barack Obana

The president. But the econony is still falling.

Sweet Bro's Mom

Sweet Bro's kind and loving mother.


Thed Date

A beautiful wonan whom both Bro and Jeff dated. At the same time. It didn't exactly go well.

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