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[[folder:Main characters]]

!!Sweet Bro

Sweet Bro is the first character introduced. He is known to like VideoGames and is always ready to test new ideas.
* ButtMonkey
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* CordonBleughChef: Who else would put jelly on a hot [[RougeAnglesOfSatin god]]?
* TheFundamentalist: He doesn't accept Jeff's alternate way of praying.
-->No you dumb homo tool, your '''''PRAYING WRONG.'''''
* PermaStubble
* ShonenHair
* TheKlutz: Besides falling down stairs, Sweet Bro has been seen failing various tasks like holding a ruler the right way, putting a spoon in the drawer, pouring milk, and putting on boots.
* TheStoner
* TookALevelInBadass: [[ Big time.]]
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist

!!Hella Jeff

Hella Jeff is the StraightMan of the two. He will usually [[ question]] Sweet Bro's ideas if he finds them a little weird. He likes sports, especially basketball, and has [[ demonstrated]] an intelligence capable of fooling Sweet Bro.
* AntiHero
* [[DistractedByTheShiny Distacted By The Rank Ass Vent Wind]]
* PantsFree
* StealthExpert He seems to like spying on Sweet Bro, and appears in nooks and crannies effortlessly.
* TheStoner: Not as much as Sweet Bro, but he still tokes up on a joint to make him stoned. Or something.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist


The new friend, introduced in comic #7.
* BlackBestFriend
* Creator/DonaldGlover: Popularly played by him until [[Characters/HomestuckTheFeltTwo The Batterwtich]] had him assassinated.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Judging by the assorted polls on the wiki, he is ridiculously more popular than the rest of the cast.
* LivingProp: He never even ''moves''.
* TokenMinority (despite being the ''third'' black character to be introduced, after Barack Obana and The Big Man)


[[folder:Secondary characters]]

!!The Big Man

A popular Basketball player.
* HiddenDepths: He has the time to warn the readers about AIDS.
* LadyMondegreen: His name was believed to be "Hass the Rock".

!!Barack Obana

The president. But the econony is still falling.
* [[UsefulNotes/BarackObama Barack Obana]]: Duh.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: In a comic filled with poorly-drawn characters, Obana is a poor-quality photo.
* OffTheChart

!!Sweet Bro's Mom

Sweet Bro's [[ParentalIncest kind and loving]] mother.
* BrotherChuck: Disappeared after the second comic, and didn't turn up again until number ''18''.
* MrsRobinson
* MsFanservice
* ReallyGetsAround: She has sex with two guys with quite a very short time inbetween, so this can be assumed.
** And one of them ''[[ParentalIncest was her son]]''!
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She and The Date are the only female characters seen so far.


* BigFriendlyDog: "hopy SHIT, that dog is ''huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!''"
* CanineCompanion
* TeamPet

!!Thed Date
A beautiful wonan whom both Bro and Jeff dated. [[{{OT3}} At the same time]]. It didn't exactly go well.
* TheFaceless: According to the book's cover, she's a headless woman with floating arms.
* HugeGirlTinyGuy
* InformedAttribute: Being that she's TheFaceless, we've no idea if Jeff's right about her being a "beautiful wonan".
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Presumably.
--> "Stop smelling those sandwinches you HIDEOUS COCK, she's ESCAPING TO THE SIDE."
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: She and Sweet Bro's Mom are the only female character seen so far.

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