Characters / Starship

A list of characters and their respective tropes in Team StarKid's sci-fi theatrical musical comedy Starship.


(Played by Joey Richter.)

"I wanna be a Starship Ranger..."

A, well, bug from Bug-World who wants nothing more than to be a Starship Ranger, like the ones he watches in films from a crashed starship outside his hive. When actual Starship Rangers arrive on Bug-World, Bug has to choose which side he really belongs on. When Pincer gives him a chance to become human a la Avatar he takes it, only to later sacrifice his human body to save the Rangers.

  • Aliens Speaking English: One has to wonder how hyper-intelligent Bug has to be to be able to (mostly) be able to fluently speak English by watching just one video over and over again with no context.


(Played by Brant Cox.)

"Bug! What is your problem? Why don't you ever go for Bugette? She totally wants to tear your head off, and let larvae devour your body! THAT'S EVERY BUG'S DREAM!"

Bug's best friend since they were hatchlings, Roach is perfectly content living the bug lifestyle and doesn't understand why Bug would want more.

  • Sex Equals Love: Falls in love with the Over Queen after being assigned to mate with her.
  • True Companions: Accepts that Bug has to follow his dreams, even if it means losing him, and even tries to help him win February over on Bug World because he knows Bug loves her.


(Played by Denise Donovan.)

"Bug, I know I seem like this complicated girl. It's like, I'm a Starship Ranger, but I'm also really pretty. And I like shciency stuff."

The scouting expedition's chief "schience officer", February seems rather... unqualified for being sent to another planet. Or for being a science officer. It turns out that she was selected for the mission due to a lack of gag reflex, to better transport bugs off-world. While on Bug-World, she falls for Bug while blinded by mucus, and shows absolutely no liking toward bugs until she learns Bug's true nature towards the end.

  • Loves My Alter Ego: February hates bugs, but loves Bug's human form. By the end, she learns to truly love his true form.

Commander Up

(Played by Joe Walker.)

"I just had to learn to kill with my heart!"

Commander Up was a hero of the Galactic League during the Robot War until he received his "famous injury". Since then, Up has had major self-confidence issues and has, in his own words, "lost his balls", becoming a sentimental, worrying, somewhat senile old man.

  • Dual Wielding: Uses two pistols in combat.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Only Joe Walker could make a literally ballsless old man the sexiest thing ever.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Up's a badass, so he gets away with smoking cigarettes.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Up learns over the course of the story why this is true in both a literal and figurative sense— his heart compels him to fight harder for his team, but also lets him make human-sized mosquitoes violently explode.
  • Large Ham: In the great Joe Walker tradition.
  • Mama Bear: If you mess with anyone on the team, especially Taz, Up will mess you up.
  • Memetic Badass: In-universe, before his injury, although Taz initially still views him as one.
  • Team Dad: Up is this to the Starship Rangers, but his sensitive nature also makes him a...


(Played by Lauren Lopez.)

"You'd better unfudge yourself, or Up will unscrew your head and drop the wishing pennies down your throat. Now take a walk off my knife."

Up's partner back in the war, Taz wants to believe that Up is still the same Super Soldier from before his injury, but gradually begins to lose her faith in her old friend until he saves her from the Mosquito Brothers.

  • Team Dad: Taz fills this role somewhat better than Up.


(Played by Meredith Stepien.)

"It looks like you and I will be fast friends. Try to get my good side when I rescue the science officer. That was a joke, because my design is mathematically perfect and symmetrical."

An android who, like all robots, really, really wants to kill humans, but cannot due to an inhibitor chip. However, as she gets to know humans like Tootsie Noodles, it seems like something is starting to make a breakthrough...

  • Action Girl: Well, robot, but you get the idea.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Like all robots, she just wants to kill humans. Eventually, though, it's subverted.

Tootsie Noodles/Mega-Girl

(Played by Dylan Saunders.)

"Well, you see, where I come from, Farm-Planet, your first name is what you do, and your last name is what you like. So I'm called Tootsie, on account of my occasional toot, and Noodles, 'cause I like 'em."

A simple minded Farm Boy from... well, Farm-World, Tootsie is not the brightest bulb in the box. After he falls in love with Mega-Girl, he slowly begins to to make her realize that humanity, though completely illogical, is not all bad.


(Voiced by Dylan Saunders, though his puppet requires three other people to operate.)

"Now listen to me, my confused little friend— we are friends after all— I used to have my share of doubts and fears, and well, they quite literally almost ate me alive. But no! I took charge! I pushed it to the limit! So you've gotta be strong! Be tough! To coin a phrase... be a man."

A giant scorpion who lives outside the hive, Pincer simply loves humans as meals. When Bug leaves the hive, Pincer lets him take over the brain dead body of a human so he can fulfill his dream and bring him dinner.


(Played by Brian Holden.)

"I'm Junior. Maybe you've heard of me?"

The son of the leader of the Galactic League who also happens to be Dr. Space-Claw, Junior is the League's ambassador to the scouting ship. He tries to get the bug eggs to make a private army.


(Played by Lauren Lopez.)

A centipede who wants nothing more than to get alone with Bug... then rip off his head, and place her larvae in his body.


(Played by Joe Moses.)

A headstrong, rather dim Starship Ranger. Basically just Hudson with a different name.

  • Butt-Monkey: No one likes Krayonder.
  • Expy: To Hudson.
  • Unexplained Recovery: After apparently being squashed and/or bifurcated by Pincer, he shows up at the end with a few bandages and no explanation as to how he survived.
Krayonder: You stabbed me!


(Played by Julia Albain.)

The Starship Rangers' resident genius.

The Mosquito Brothers

[-(Played by Jim Povolo, Brian Holden, and Jaime Lynn Beatty.)-}

A trio of mosquitoes who work for Pincer. They are killed when Up overloads them with blood.

Dr. Space Claw

The most evil villain in the galaxy , head of the Galactic League, and Junior's father.