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Characters: Star Trek: First Contact

For characters who debuted in Star Trek: The Next Generation, see Characters.Star Trek The Next Generation

The Borg Queen (Alice Krige)

  • Bald of Evil
  • Bald Woman
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: All her organic components were burned off, with her screaming the whole time.
  • Cute Monster Girl
  • Galactic Conqueror
  • Hive Queen: Though she never claims to be the Queen.
  • I Am the Noun: "I am the Borg", and later, "I am the Collective."
  • Prim and Proper Bun: It's not actual hair, but the mass of wires on the back of her head are arranged in a circular pattern and she certainly has the personality to match.
  • Remember the New Guy: Captain Picard remembers her when she's first introduced. Could be justified by the fact he was a borg for a while, but that doesn't explain why he doesn't mention this vital piece of information about a dangerous enemy onscreen, and Data seemingly knows nothing about her despite the fact that he presumably would have read any report Picard made after the incident. They attempt to Handwave this by implying that Picard had forgotten about her until they're reintroduced in the film.
  • We Can Rule Together
  • The Woman Behind The Monsters

Dr. Zefram Cochrane (James Cromwell)

Lily Sloane (Alfre Woodard)

Lieutenant Hawk (Neal McDonough)

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