Characters / Kagetora

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Main Characters

Kagetora Kazuma

The Hero of the story. A male Ninja with a huge crush on his master's daughter, Yuki. His companion Kosuke is always at his side. The two communicate through the signs Kosuke holds up. It's revealed that the two both lost their mothers and feel a bond between each other because of it.After the Time Skip Yuki and Kagetora are married.

Yuki Toudou

The daughter of Kagetora's master. Initially, she sees Kagetora as an older brother. Despite coming froma wealhy family, she does not have many Ojou traits. Yuki is always distracting Kagetora despite being unaware of the fact.


A ninja monkey that always follows Kagetora around. Although he is somewhat snakry he cares deeply for Kagetora.

Akino Kiritani

A delinquent classmate, with a strong bond with Yuki. She does not like Kagetora at first but eventually warms up to him.