Awesome / The Irate Gamer

  • Say anything you want about the show itself, but you can't deny that The Opening Song to The Irate Gamer is just awesome!
  • In his Top 5 N.E.S Picks video, when he says that he uses a Game Genie for Kid Icarus, he says, "I'm sure there's gonna be some "elite" gamers out there complaining about how I'm using a Game Genie for this game. Well, you know what? Fuck 'em! Because even with a Game Genie, this game still proves to be very challenging."
  • Him beating Silver Surfer when AVGN couldn't even beat one whole stage. Granted, he needed to use the unlimited lives cheat, but he deserves praise for beating something not even James Rolfe could beat, and without an invincibility cheat to boot.