Fridge / The Irate Gamer

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why would the Gamer waste a wish cheating in his Aladdin game? He was a Game Genie.
    • Chris also remembers Genie come the Silver Surfer review. It's possible he found the Genie again after he wiped his memory and granted his final wish.
    • Adding a little fridge logic in that last one, the Genie actually granted IG his last wish: when playing Aladdin on SNES, he was disappointed that the final boss, Jafar in his snake form, was too easy, and said he wished the final battle was more of a challenge, but Genie overheard that and (Just to show us that suddenly we became a jerkass), granted the wish, and so the snake came out of the TV. So, no, after wiping out IG's memories, he shouldn't remember the Genie in the Silve Surfer review.

Fridge Logic
  • Why does the Irate Gamer need an evil twin? Doesn't Irate Gamer imply that he's bad already?
    • In fact, why is the evil gamer evil when he should be the opposite, thus, an extremely positive reviewer?
      • It's also strange how he's considered the "Good" version when he constantly kills others (The Kool-Aid Man, an alien mothership taking back E.T.)
      • Irate just means angry, not bad. So the Evil Gamer should be calm, cool, collected, and generally upbeat. Then he could shill for shitty games, praising them, hoping to make money from their makers for the plugs...oh wait.
    • Irate Gamer is good only by virtue of telling us. Therefore his evil twin is evil because we're told his evil. That, or the Evil Gamer is evil compared to Irate Gamer."
  • In his Yo! Noid review, he "sold out" to Domino's Pizza. Yet somehow selling out to Domino's warrants advertising completely unrelated products like Dr. Pepper. He even went as far as to plug Dancing with the Stars. *boom*
    • It was more a caricature of a generalized "corporate whore"; he didn't "sell out" to Domino's exclusively.
  • In his Zombies Ate My Neighbors review he takes a phone call from Ronnie, prompting IG to tell someone off-screen to cut the line when Ronnie won't stop talking. He answered the phone so why doesn't he just hang up?
    • He may have been telling the person off-screen to cut the line so that on Ronnie's end, it would appear that it was an accidental disconnection. If IG actually hung up, Ronnie would have heard the phone click and known that IG hung up on him.
  • During the alternate timeline plot with Mario's Time Machine and Mario is Missing, why is Ronnie allowed to stay and watch the review in the Mario is Missing timeline but not the other one? He does nothing different in either timeline, he's just arbitrarily allowed to stay for one review and told to go away in the other.
    • He DOES point out the gas leak and fix it. But... that's it.
    • It was dependent on Chris's choices. With the Mario is Missing timeline, he was calm enough to welcome Ronnie and thus let him stay, thus saving him from the gas leak. However, the Time Machine IG was too pissed off to think clearly, so he snapped at Ronnie and kicked him out.