Funny: The Irate Gamer

  • Bogus butt balls from his order up video
  • Lego Irate gamer from one of his E3 videos
  • Him dancing with those radio things in his last E3 2011 video
  • The "Party Button" in his R.O.B. the Robot review.
  • His rather scathing parody of The Angry Video Game Nerd "Cheetahmen Kickstarter" video.
    For $500, you get... nothing, ya cheap jackass!
  • The ending of his Star Trek review, with the Enterprise at 'Planet Main/Chippendales'
    Where the hell are we? Mr Sulu?
  • The Evil Gamer trying to escape from hell using Lemmings in the Yo! Noid review.
    • Also from the same review is the running gag of the Irate Gamer falsely giving the game a positive review and buying various brand name products because he got a 1 million dollar endorsement check from Dominoes. It ends as soon as he sees the game's lackluster ending.
  • The parody of National Lampoon's Vacation at the end of the Mario Is Missing/Mario's Time Machine review.
  • Although it is a stupid line, it's hard not to chuckle at it. From his "Power Rangers" review:
    ''Did you see that? I almost got my ass blasted off! And I need that thing for pooping."
  • Both of his Press Your Luck gags.
  • In his Star Trek review when he attempts to make it across the trap tiles without using a pen and paper(to write down the symbols in the order they appeared in the previous room so he could cross the tiles without getting killed)
    ''I don't need no stinkin pen and paper! My mind's as a sharp as a tack!(gets killed)
    ''Well it's at least as smart as a whip (gets killed again)