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Trivia: The Irate Gamer
  • Acting For Several:
    • Chris plays every character on the show except for the Wise Sage and the Genie (the latter has had only one appearance).
    • When the Genie finally returns in the Silver Surfer video, Brad Harp, the genie's original actor no longer plays the genie, as Brad was no longer available, so Bores had to play him himself. This continued in the X-Men review.
  • Ascended Fanon: Some spell his name as iRate Gamer under the belief that Bores intended a pun. His iRate The 80s videos show that he's now going along with this.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: He has created a lot of non-Irate Gamer videos.
  • Bloopers:
    • During his reviews, there are times where he'll forget to turn on the console.
      • In his Mario's Time Machine review, the NES he used to play the games isn't even plugged in.
      • Same with Monster Party.
      • In the second ET video, his Gamecube wasn't plugged in. Even after playing the first game.
    • At the end of the (TMNT II: The Arcade Game segment of his TMNT review, he proceeded to open his NES. He then, literally just pulls it out without pushing down on the cartridge to release it. This suggested that he had the game sitting in there unconnected with the power on.
    • Sometimes the controller itself isn't on.
      • When he played Resident Evil 5 you can see that his Xbox 360 controller was clearly off.
      • In his Super Smash Bros. Brawl review, his Wii Remote wasn't on. This one is harder to notice since he tried to cover the light indicator with his hand.
      • An even harder example to notice is in his Ghostbusters review. When you see him holding his PS3 controller, the red lights weren't on.
    • In his Super Mario Bros. 2 review, he played the SNES version of The Lost Levels and when we cut back to him he was holding an NES controller.
    • His Cool Spot review had two examples. The first was when he played the Game Boy version, along with taking the Super Game Boy footage and superimposing it onto the handheld, the red light next to the screen is off. The other is during the ending montage, amongst the unrealistic Button Mashing he's holding both a Nintendo Power issue (to be more exact, the December 1994 issue, which didn't even feature coverage of Cool Spot) while he mashed on his controller.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer:
    • In the Guitar Hero: Van Halen review, he complained about how there were other artists beside Van Halen, such as Weezer, Foreigner, Third Eye Blind and Billy Joel. The game doesn't have Billy Joel, it has Billy IDOL.
    • In his 2008 Top 10 Summer Movies video, he called the Hulk's alter-ego Rex Banner instead of Bruce Banner (or even David Banner, which was his name in the TV show). Rex Banner was a one-time character on The Simpsons.
  • Fan Nickname: "Boring Man" by DLAbaoaqu‬‎, who ripped apart IG and other Internet reviewers' videos.
    • Also "The Bores" by various others.
  • Schedule Slip: For quite some time now, actual IG reviews have gotten rarer and rarer as he fills his channel with more non-IG videos. In 2009, he only released two retro reviews, three videos on "video game history", and five "Neo" reviews which required little effort because he doesn't care. In 2010, he's released even fewer.
    • Which is funny because he stated in his Q*bert review that YouTube would fire him if he doesn't post a video every month.
    • IG started the History of Video Games series in May 2009. As of November 2014, he's only released six parts, covering up to the Atari 2600 launch.
    • As of now, he's uploaded more videos showing off Skylanders, more than iRate the 80's, regular and Neo reviews in the past few years. Word of God states this is because "my Skylanders video out perform my regular IG videos."
  • What Could Have Been: Bores originally planned a novel, but it seems to have been canceled.
    • Not a real example of his series itself, but Chris Bores claims that he saw James Rolfe at a convention several feet away, but he refused to go up and meet him "out of nervousness".
    • People have actually tried to help Bores before, such as giving him title cards and footage, only for him to accept and never use the stuff given to him. Guru Larry mentioned on Twitter that he offered to proofread Bores' scripts, only for Bores to decline.

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