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Drinking Game: The Irate Gamer
  • Take a shot when Bores takes on the prestigious mantle of Captain Obvious.
  • Take a shot when he stares into the camera.
  • Take a shot when a random guest character appears.
  • Take a shot when the Rule of Three is used.
    • Finish your drink if the Rule of Three is abused and the gag shows up a fourth time.
  • Take a shot when Bores mispronounces something.
    • Take another shot when the mispronunciation is consistent (i.e. "portal" - "porthole")
    • Take three shots if Bores says "fustrating."
  • Take a shot when he references food. (Good luck getting through Order Up!)
  • Take a shot when Bores swears.
  • Take a shot when the special effects become horrible.
  • Take a shot if Bores uses a joke from another game reviewer.

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