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Awesome: Not Always Right

For moments from Not Always Working, see here.

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     Not Always Right 

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  • Mean Girls: The Next Generation is one for both the mom and the daughter.
  • What to do when your older sister tries to impose on you? Why, one-shot her!
  • A grouchy rich German wants to own the submitter's father's five acre plot of land. When he is caught moving the property line stakes farther into their land, the man swears to them in German that the land should be his, not theirs. Unfortunately, the submitter reveals she can speak German and tells the grouch in German to leave their land or she'll call the police, and if he ever trespasses into their land again, she will shoot his ass with a paintball gun. The grouch quickly leaves!
  • This story shows what happens when you mess with the son of a Badass Grandpa. Especially if he also has an older brother.
  • A rude, sexist kid learns the hard way what being a true gentleman means.
  • Ninja brother.

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