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Fridge Horror

  • Clearly, a fair number of the horrible customers are senile, and some seem like they might have some kind of aphasia or something. Some of those are still funny, but others just leave you wondering if the customers were getting the help they needed... of a non-customer-service kind.
  • ... Or the help we need them to get, as the case may be. Some of these people come off as just plain dangerous. One gets the impression that, years from now, some of these workers will be watching the news one day and thinking, "Hey, wait, isn't he that guy who... oh my god..." Or looking at the next car and...
  • Some of the stories appear to give a little view into quite messed up home lives... which distracts from the potential funny of an anecdote.
  • Almost any story regarding the stupidity or selfishness of a parent can become Fridge Horror when you think about it because it makes you wonder just how they are raising those kids... or if they're raising them at all.
  • While it feels like poetic justice how an abusive misogynist gets his comeuppance here, it's less fun when you note that his behaviour shows many telltale marks of a child abuse victim. Namely, that the only way he can approach a social problem is with threats of violence, but as soon as even a hint of such threat is directed towards his own person, he completely loses his mind and falls into panic.
    • Due to the sheer volume and vitriol behind his woman-hating rants, it seems like he spent a large part of his childhood not only suffering abuse to himself, but also watching his father abuse his mother. Most people don't scream things like "You’ll crack and resign from your job and find yourself a man that will teach you what is it to be a good woman! You’ll find a guy who will beat you into a submissive b***, like any good woman should be!” Doesn't excuse his behavior by a long shot (and certainly doesn't make it right), but it goes a long way to explain it.
  • From the Nightmare Fuel page:
    • The female writer is alone on the bus when approached by three men. She is out numbered 3:1, they are larger than her, they won't take no for an answer, and are trying to get her to go off with them (without anyone else knowing her whereabouts). Thankfully, this story has a happy ending thanks to a passing good Samaritan.
  • This guy seems to have come to the conclusion that America's goal in The Vietnam War was, rather than keep the communist-friendly North from conquering the America-friendly South, to eliminate the Vietnamese people entirely. On top of that, he seems to think Americans in general are still looking for "survivors" and killing them on sight, even when they're in another country (this story takes place in London). What makes it fridge horror is that he is completely fine with the idea of one of the most powerful militaries in the world deciding other races no longer deserve to exist. He even threatens an actual Vietnamese person with "calling the Americans" to come shoot him when said Vietnamese person dares to suggest that maybe he has no clue what he's talking about.
  • While the ending of this story puts the complainer in something of an Ironic Hell (in a very long wait line for cancelling their service), you have to wonder what this company's doing wrong in order to get such a long line. The people trying to get the service cancelled can't all be making mistakes like the customer in the story.
    • As someone who's worked in the call center, it may be that they just have so FEW people in the cancellation department that the wait time is so long. And depending on how large the company is (Say, like Comcast, or Sprint) a waiting time of 187 may not be seen as bad. Espeically since not everyone transferred to the cancellation department actualy cancels. From what I've experienced, the cancellation department sometimes have authorizations a normal call center person doesn't have.
    • In that particular story, the submitter specifies that the company's HQ screwed up an advertised offer and the cancellation department has to make the adjustments for the many, many affected clients. The submitter originally thought the call in question was just more of the same... nope.
  • A horrific Female Misogynist here. This female customer automatically demands that A MAN work on her vehicle when pulling into an oil-change establishment. Since no man was available, the customer reluctantly lets the female employee work on her SUV, where it's immediately obvious that the customer is clearly less than trustworthy (forging the mileage since the last oil change), and proceeds to ignore everything that the mechanic is telling her, while planning to go on a 10-hour road trip, in 36 degree Celcius heat, and among the issues? Oil that has been neglected for so long that it's turned to sludge and no coolant fluid. Despite the mechanic offering to clean the sludge out FOR FREE, and fill the coolant at discount, the customer abjectly refuses both services, repeatedly telling the mechanic to rush. Despite the fact that the mechanic listed all the issues and specifically informed the customer, repeatedly, and in writing "Warranty Void," the customer took off down the highway... Two hours later, the engine explodes from overheating, sending the oil and sludge all over the highway. It's a miracle nobody died! Then she goes and forges her invoice to try to make the mechanic look at fault so she can sue the company for her own idiocy!
  • From Not Always Learning, how many papers do you think this teacher has already graded incorrectly?
  • This story is particularly cringe-worthy. An Older Than They Look teenager is in line at a restaurant, and the woman behind this 14-year-old immediately starts acting like she's the child's legal guardian, contradicting everything the child says, ordering a meal the child clearly can not afford, waiting until the cashier's away to even attempt to consider the child's age and well being, then accusing the child of expecting her to pay, and only when the woman walks away "to get more money" does the submitter actually get to place the original order, pay what (s)he wanted, and hopefully leave. One has to wonder what happened afterwards.
  • In this story it seems like one of the nurses took advantage of a woman who had just suffered a stroke to steal money from her purse, banking on the short-term memory loss that usually occurs so they could get away with it. Its never discovered who stole the money and it's possible that the person has done it before and continues to do so.
  • Best case scenario, this woman has paranoia.