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  • The way some customers act like makes you hope you never meet them. They are that frightening.
    • The very worst ones are the customers that put themselves and other people around them in harm's way. Or the ones that threaten to or actually do inflict violence on the workers for not immediately satisfying their demands.
    • Or people who are just crazy.
  • What do you think eventually happened to this guy?
  • Parents like these two examples make you fear for the kids' sake, as they quickly turn into Fridge Horror. The first one wants to buy alcohol for her 16 year old daughter, with the implication that she does so all the time and that the daughter may have a drinking problem. The second one has parents who not only don't care that their son eats junk food, but actually want him to do so and refuse to let him have fruit.
  • What's also scary, though maybe on a lesser scale, is how stupid some customers are. Not the ones who just make a minor obvious mistake. The ones who do and say things so dumb, you can't imagine how in the world they've survived for so long. Such as this customer, for example. What makes it especially frightening is the fact that she has three children.
  • This guy here, who claims he is late for performing an important surgery. Pray he was just saying that to get them to hurry up. If not... pray he was fired!
  • This woman gives off some... uncomfortable implications considering that she not only believes that there are helicopters in her veins that make electric things she touches stop working but the fact that those things actually stop working when she uses them.
  • After failing to have her mother's (healthy, living) dogs cremated, who says this customer didn't just kill the dogs herself afterwards?
  • Did this girl, who was using two cell phones while driving a car, survive after the car is hit?
  • This woman is an abysmal parent who doesn't care that her child is drowning. Imagine what could have happened if she paid that little attention to her children somewhere there isn't non-parental supervision.
  • There's something horrifying about this woman's reaction after her order contains food that her children are allergic to. Apparently, she can never remember what each child is allergic to. The worst part is that the grandmother seems so resigned to it.
  • Just knowing that there are people like this guy, who injures someone with his golf ball and believes that it is his right to do so, can really make you not want to go to a golf course, of all places.
    • This guy shoots an helicopter that was meant to carry a golfer suffering from a stroke and heart attack to the hospital with his golf ball.
    • Golf seems to bring out the very worst in people, as this guy can attest.
  • This one is particularly cringeworthy. He waits in line for two hours with his son for the bumper cars, ignoring the signs telling that his child is too small for the ride. After being told the child is too short, he proceeds to grab his son by the throat and lift him up, claiming since he is being held above the minimum height, he should be allowed to ride.
  • This woman is monstrous. Her own husband's life doesn't seem to be worth very much. And, of course, she then has the gall to tell the store that they are "going to sit there and murder my husband!" Which, for all we're shown, could mean she bought the stuff that could kill him anyway.
  • This woman who managed to be completely unmoved by her daughter being separated from her. After she finds her child, she gets mad at her for slowing her down. Even worse, the story points out that it's the longest they've had to wait for a parent to come around, and yet she actually tells them, "Next time, just say it’s my daughter so I know not to rush!"
    • These parents are even worse. They don't take nearly as long to find their daughter, but as soon as they do they yell at and insult her for "daring" to "run away" (she actually got stuck behind people, they didn't notice). And, of course, their biggest priority is whether they'll have to pay for the sweets the employee gave the girl to help calm her down.
    • Another horrifying parent. Who cares if your three-year-old daughter is scared half to death when going to find her would mean someone else may dare to get help from the employee who's helping you?
    • It unfortunately won't stop. A little girl is having a severe enough nosebleed that there's a noticeable puddle of her blood on the ground, but her mother ignores the store asking her to head to the service desk for half an hour, then actually calls her a "little brat" and claims it's just for attention. Thankfully, the man that first brought this to the store's attention is heard shouting about protective services and writing down the woman's license plate.
      • Even worse, the story implies that the kid has had similar nosebleeds before and they have been similarly ignored. Frequent severe nosebleeds can be a sign of a serious condition.
  • And here, we have a woman who refuses to call 999 when her husband has a heart attack, instead tries to have him removed from their bank account, decides to drive her husband to the bank instead of the hospital, and tries to blame the submitter for her decision, after openly admitting to wanting her husband to die. Fortunately, not only does he survive, he divorces her and has her taken off the bank account.
  • This guy here, who goes so far as to continue harassing the waiter even while he is being taken by paramedics (he'd had a seizure)! Even worse because the poor man doesn't seem to fully understand what's happening except that he's being yelled at.
  • This man here is horrible. The clerk continually tells him to take his wife, who's in labor, to the hospital and even says the store will reserve the bag for him. Then, when his wife can't wait any longer, he has to the nerve to blame them for making her wait!
  • This lady here. Her son supposedly has lung cancer, yet she'd rather try to get her room discounted or free than just repack and move to another room (which the hotel worker offered). And the next day, the worker sees her smoking and her son is sitting next to her, meaning she may have lied about her son having cancer... and that's the best case scenario.
  • This woman who signs her daughter out of daycare but doesn't actually pick her up, and then goes to run errands for forty-five minutes, thinking that she'll avoid the late fees that way. When confronted by both the clerk and another child's mother, she tells her daughter that the late fees are her fault for being bad, when her daughter's a model kid. The poor girl ends up crying.
  • This one when you put it in hindsight. Teaching your kid it's okay to steal. Nice job, parents.
  • This asshole punches a worker in the face for no reason. The poor girl never returns to work because of that, but thankfully, the asshole customer was arrested right on the spot, thanks to two regulars who are police officers.
  • This monster not only hits another innocent customer with a heavy book, but also proceeds to kick the innocent customer while she's down, and attacks an actual employee who intervenes. Luckily, the employee was able to subdue the assaulter and her ass was thrown in jail. There is no way trying to return a Harry Potter book was worth all that trouble.
  • This man seems to have the worldview that women are only to be used by men, and that women who won't do so should be beaten until they comply. He also seems to believe that it's actually the right of men to beat women. Naturally, he has a long history of domestic violence, and it catches up with him here after a particularly strong-willed woman stands up to him with a draw bar. Thankfully, it freaks the customer out enough that she doesn't actually have to use it. Unlike in her previous job, where she had beaten up a co-worker who tried to assault her.
    “Women shouldn’t beat men! It’s the other way around! You should break her and make her obedient and submissive, like any good woman!”
    • As I've mentioned in YMMV, it's twice as disturbing when you analyze the man's behaviour for a bit: he uses violence and threats as everyday problem-solvers apparently without any understanding of the social or moral issues, but as soon as even a hint of a threat of violence is directed against his own person, he instantly falls apart and utterly panics. A sane person, even a misogynistic one, doesn't react in that way. It has all the telltale marks of a child-abuse victim who is imitating his abuser.
  • This woman. First she mounts the curb with her SUV, knocks over the display in front of a store, and leaves it there because she can't find a place to park. Naturally, this results in her car being towed; when she finds this out, she accuses the manager at that store of stealing the car, goes into the back room, and vandalizes the store as "revenge". To top it off, after her inevitable arrest, she complains to corporate, complaining about the customer service and demanding a free gift card! This after causing a great deal of property damage and being caught with shoplifted items in her bags!
  • Here, a guy walks into a salon with a claw hammer, looking for a woman that's never been there. When the workers tell him that, he threatens the receptionist and puts his hammer in the desk, shouting about how the woman he's looking for stole his kids and him showing up to try and attack her will show her and her boss. Thankfully the police showed up quickly, but it's still fairly disturbing. Apart from the fact that he came close to really hurting someone, it makes you wonder just what the hell happened to this guy that drove him to doing something this extreme...
  • This woman stole and hid her diabetic husband's medication for a week. And wonders why he collapsed.
  • Then there's this lady, who for some reason thinks it's okay to start destroying merchandise because she apparently can't have sugar for some reason. She seems to be somewhat insane, and even after she wrecks a bunch of soda cans tries to go and do the same thing to the liquor aisle. Thankfully she's removed by security before she can cause any more damage but what if she had gotten out of control and hurt someone?
  • Yes, some people will go as far as to attack children when they don't get their way. One can only be thankful that someone was able to intervene—otherwise, the situation could have been far more tragic.
  • What happened to this guy? Is he still out wandering Chicago?
  • This bitch is a complete and utter monster. She accuses a nine-year-old girl of denting her already heavily beat-up car. The woman then proceeds to mercilessly yell at the girl about how it's her fault, that she's a cow, that her father will get a heart attack from the bill for her car and that she hopes he dies from it, while she attacks the girl. The little girl breaks down crying, and we later learn she was crying because her dad had already suffered a heart attack previously. Thankfully the woman was taken away by the security but then we get this piece of information: the little girl has a mental disability and is scared of the outside world. The whole reason they came out in the first place was to build up her confidence. That's got to be just about the worst thing that could happen to you when you're specifically trying to be able to get over a fear of going out in public — the kind of ridiculous worst-case scenario someone with social anxiety might imagine happening, even though they know it won't. Except sometimes, if you have a very special kind of horrible luck, it does. Thankfully the little girl was able to cope, but Jesus Christ that woman was a walking terror.
  • Good God, this man in this story. This man won't donate for a charity for children with a particular disease as he believes natural selection means people with weak genetics have to die, even if it's himself or his children! The cashier and the other customers are shocked by his views.
  • The man in this storyDear Lord the man in this story. It starts with the 12-year-old submitter earning money for his low-income family by playing his violin in front of a store. One day a very rude customer accuses him of not needing the money, so the costumer then proceeds to takes his violin and smash it on the ground until it breaks in front of him. Luckily a employee comes out to stop him... and then the customer throws him to the ground and kicks him in the ribs. Repeatedly. Also this is a case where Bystander Syndrome is justified because of just how strong the asshole is. Another man in the crowd tries to help and he loses too. Thankfully the kid gets an awesome moment and there's a happy ending.
  • Okay, there is a difference between being mad at someone for believing that they're faking a disability and attacking someone and their service dog for little reason.
  • This woman is flat-out frightening. The moment one thing goes wrong, she flips her shit, destroys merchandise and attacks an employee! The worst part is that she had her kid with her, who quietly tried to stop her, and even when the authorities got involved, he remained completely calm. He'd been through situations like this before.
  • This woman shows off her disturbing Values Dissonance about who it's okay to steal from. How many times has she done this?
  • This parent's child steals a customer's wedding ring and claims it is her own, with her mother trying to defend the child when its rightful owner tries to get it back.
  • If we could just say "The entire 'Wild & Unruly' section" this page would be a lot shorter. But we can't, so instead have a story about someone being completely blind to someone's medical condition and attacking them, all the while thinking that it's their right to do so.
  • In a few stories where police are involved, someone almost gets arrested based entirely on the word of one person, without so much as an explanation as to what's happening, let alone asking to see if has any basis in actual truth (it never does).
  • The absolute insane level of entitlement some of these people exhibit is terrifying. It makes you wonder just how they got to this point. Some of them can probably be explained that they have a mental disorder or similar behavioral issues, but jesus christ, is there a chemical leak somewhere that produces monsters like these? Are they the result of being taught that they should always get everything they want, when they demand it? Are they just assholes who take any chance they can to vent their frustrations on service workers? It boggles the mind!
  • This guy is making a homemade flamethrower to kill a wasp infestation.
  • This mother takes her son to a geology museum, but then accidentally leaves her son there because he fell asleep. Two things that make it worse? They live five hours away from that museum, and she did not notice that she left him behind until the museum calls her - and when they do call her, her first priority is the $500 coat she also left behind, which really makes one wonder how many times this sort of thing has happened before.
  • The doctor here may be more notable for his terrible attempt at lying, but given that he had it ready for when the legal office called, who's to say he wasn't okay with the dogs possibly killing the field agent?
  • It's really scary to think that this mother was close to cremating her son's lizard who was not quite dead. Though the blow is softened when you realize that even if she did get that far the one in charge would probably have noticed that it was still alive.
  • This woman. She actually resorts to abusing her dog, all because it got scared and tried to nip someone while being groomed.
  • This one is more conventionally creepy than downright horrifying, but you really have to wonder whether this little girl is a) messing with the employee, or b) not quite right in the head. Made all the creepier by the fact that she's so polite and well-spoken.
  • This woman dropped her dogs off at an animal shelter, thinking it was a boarding kennel... and by dropped, she means dumping them over the fence resulting in one of them breaking its leg. And then when she comes back five weeks later to get them back and they aren't there, she yells obscenities at the worker for 10 minutes and tries to have her arrested. Even when the woman gets sent to court, she's not done: she yells and spits on the judge for agreeing with the shelter.
    • At least this story reminds us there's some justice in the world: The woman's stupidity meant the dogs got to have (hopefully better) homes, and she was apparently convicted.
  • This guy literally sees a woman die right in front of him while giving him a drink and all he cares about is his drink, going so far as to tell them to throw the dead woman's body out back.
  • Perhaps less so than most examples on this page, but this story where a manager seems to have no problem with a customer assaulting an employee.
  • This customer complains that the car she illegally parked at the submitter's lot for two hours got towed, complaining that her iPad will have probably been stolen from it... and then she casually mentions that her kids were probably still in the car when it was towed, too. She left her kids for two hours, late at night in February where they very well could have frozen to death, and her immediate (if not only) concern is that iPad. Fortunately, the kids were found by the towing company and taken to their office to warm up, and the customer was arrested for endangering them with her negligence.

From Not Always Romantic

  • This boyfriend. He isolated his girlfriend from her friends and family, and when one of the friends she still has takes her bowling, he immediately confronts her online with "proof" that she's cheating and threats of breaking up to get her to sever her ties. And to top it off, she mentions at the end that she got him arrested for assault once she broke up with him, and then again for stalking after that. What's worse is that the poster makes it perfectly that if that one friend hadn't stuck by her no matter what the boyfriend tried to drive her away, she wouldn't have had the courage to leave him. It's a perfect case of Domestic Abuse.
  • Another perfect case with this guy. Starts off by deciding his girlfriend wants a kid's meal because "fat chicks are useless" (the girl is maybe a size 9), ends with the reveal that he forced her to date him, killed their dog over her spilling something, and was also trying to force her to get a hysterectomy, even though she made it clear that she wanted to have kids someday. Fortunately, this one ends with the boyfriend being arrested and probably put away for a long time, and it turns out the woman found someone much kinder and had a daughter with him.

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From Not Always Learning

  • This substitute teacher comes to class while high and attacks an Asian student after the student tells him not to call him a "ching-chong". Security has to drag the substitute teacher out of the classroom, and the end implies that this happens often.
  • This mother. Most people would listen to people's warnings when they tell them to not do something, but not this mother. Due to her smugness and thinking her 8-year old son knows about chemicals due to her chemist husband, she ignores the tour guide's warning to her son to not play with the chemistry's lab potassium metal. If it wasn't for a professor who managed to tackle her son away from the potassium before it exploded, her son and possibly the tour group might have been killed!
  • This instructor, who didn't notice that two of her students had gone missing - or worse, decided that it wasn't worth it to double back and find them.
  • Here's a story about the worst school nurse ever. She's very willing to let a kid suffocate and pass out rather than treat them. It's one thing to be negligent towards an adult, but being negligent towards an impressionable kid, who might grow up to be distrustful of the people who are supposed to save lives, because of one asshole who decided that possibly letting someone die is a better option than doing what she is being paid to do? That's some really great teaching there.
  • This teacher tries to physically assault a six-year-old girl just because said girl took more than two seconds to get up and leave the classroom. Not even causing any trouble or being loud or anything, the teacher just completely flips her shit because human beings can't teleport on command. The girl is only saved by the sheer coincidence that her mother happened to walk into the room before anything could happen - and the last line implies that the teacher may have already gotten away with it on other kids, though thankfully whatever she's done is enough to get her fired right then and there.
  • Some teachers value an exam over their students' lives. One of them had to be knocked out for their own safety after claiming that an actual fire was "special effects" and refusing to leave.
    • Not only that one, all the other teachers in the school were apparently completely oblivious to the fire until the heroic teacher broke a window fighting with the "special effects" teacher.
  • This must have been absolutely terrifying for everyone involved.
  • An autistic student is locked in a closet by the teachers so they don't have to deal with her. The girl's own mother, as well as an outside witness, can do nothing to stop this, since even the administrative staff think it's easier to do this than to get her the help she clearly needs.
  • A rather horrifying case of Crime of Self-Defense, where the submitter's fifteen-year-old daughter is in trouble for punching another, much larger classmate in the face... because he kept pulling on her bra string until it came undone, and the teacher and head staff refused to do anything about it or even admit he was doing anything wrong. Fortunately, although it's not mentioned if any jobs were lost after the submitter reported the incident to the Board of Governors and OFSTED, her daughter was at least put in a different class for that subject, where she wouldn't have to deal with the aggressive classmate or the useless teacher anymore.

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