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Heartwarming: Not Always Right

For moments from Not Always Working, see here.

     Not Always Right 

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From Not Always Friendly

  • “Kiddo, we love you. You’re practically family. You’re always safe here.”
  • These two guys clearly care about their friend.
  • This woman really likes hugs!
  • Three commuters on the London Underground (who are total strangers to the submitter) help out when he/she starts to feel dizzy while on a busy train during rush hour. One gives up their seat while another offers orange juice and they all look after the submitter and make sure he/she gets off safely at the right stop.
  • This friend shows what it means to be a true friend when he tells off a petty girlfriend and breaks up with her due to the girlfriend insulting and brushing off another friend's troubles.
  • The submitter's daughter recently lost all her hair due to cancer treatment, and is admiring the long hair of a family friend. Said friend decides to cut off her own hair and give the daughter a wig made from it. She is overjoyed, and even more so when she is later confirmed to have made a full recovery!
  • This complete stranger defends a girl from a gang of overbearing men.
  • This little girl who unknowingly made a complete stranger's bad day better.
  • An anonymous trucker and a nearby tire store rescue a stranded young woman after she radios for help.
  • This hard-luck fellow attempts to give a veteran a penny, acknowledging they're one of those jerks who doesn’t carry a lot of cash. The veteran gives a dollar in return, saying that it's his job to protect this country and help poor people.
  • One anime cosplayer is initially fearful when a biker approaches her at a restaurant and asks for a picture, but he winds up almost moving her to tears when she learns why he did.

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