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     Not Always Right 

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     Not Always Romantic 

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     Not Always Related 

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  • These two boys really want to be uncles. Awwwww!!
  • This one, in a strange way.
  • Don't let that idiot scare you. This family looks out for each other.
  • "I guess he was right after all."
  • A kid comes out their parents as asexual, and the parents' reaction has them fearing the worst. When the Pride Parade rolls around, though, not only does the entire family show support for the kid and asexuality, they also had LGBT support materials at the ready as well!
  • A four-year-old with social anxiety meets her half-brother's intimidating grandfather. Her family expects her to get scared. Instead, this happens.
  • "All pretty girls need a flower!".
  • This post in its entirety. After hearing that his grandchild was called a swine in school the grandfather says this:
    “Yeah, sounds about right. [...] Strong, courageous, and intelligent animal, who routinely stands up to hungry wolf-pack, and who, when grows up, becomes the most caring mom in the whole forest? Yeah, I´d say it sounds about right.”
  • Never Too Old To Fight For What’s Right features a girl who recently came out as gay and her cousin's grandfather. Said grandfather was complaining about all the arguments about gay rights, leading to an amusing case of Hypocritical Heartwarming:
    Papaw: “Because you’re my granddaughter and I’ll always fight for or beside you no matter what we’re fighting for.”
  • This story about an excellent test to see if the kid's really ready for a dog[1] Good parenting at its finest.

     Not Always Learning 

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     Not Always Friendly 

From Not Always Friendly

  • “Kiddo, we love you. You’re practically family. You’re always safe here.”
  • These two guys clearly care about their friend.
  • This woman really likes hugs!
  • Three commuters on the London Underground (who are total strangers to the submitter) help out when he/she starts to feel dizzy while on a busy train during rush hour. One gives up their seat while another offers orange juice and they all look after the submitter and make sure he/she gets off safely at the right stop.
  • This friend shows what it means to be a true friend when he tells off a petty girlfriend and breaks up with her due to the girlfriend insulting and brushing off another friend's troubles.
  • The submitter's daughter recently lost all her hair due to cancer treatment, and is admiring the long hair of a family friend. Said friend decides to cut off her own hair and give the daughter a wig made from it. She is overjoyed, and even more so when she is later confirmed to have made a full recovery!
  • This complete stranger defends a girl from a gang of overbearing men.
  • This little girl who unknowingly made a complete stranger's bad day better.
  • An anonymous trucker and a nearby tire store rescue a stranded young woman after she radios for help. Bonus points for putting a much less selfless trucker in his place.
  • This hard-luck fellow attempts to give a veteran a penny, acknowledging they're one of those jerks who doesn't carry a lot of cash. The veteran gives a dollar in return, saying that it's his job to protect this country and help poor people.
  • One anime cosplayer is initially fearful when a biker approaches her at a restaurant and asks for a picture, but he winds up almost moving her to tears when she learns why he did (his son has cancer and the cosplayer happened to be dressed up as a character from his favorite anime).
  • This nerdy student had become so wary of Alpha Bitches that she herself ended up judging a book by its cover, and being cold to a girl who'd done nothing wrong just because her appearance was suggestive of the Alpha Bitch stereotype. Turned out she was just as big a nerd, and now they are best friends.
  • When OP's twin brother was harassed at the beach because he's transgender (or mahu by Native Hawaiians), she immediately protects him, stepping in and delivering a punch to the bigot. She actually answers a lot of questions in the comment section and reveals she's been doing that since they were thirteen, and he came out. Always protecting him from bullies, and she even goes so far as to state that they are best friends. Bonus points because she's the older twin.
     Not Always Hopeless 
  • The whole website, really.
  • This story deserves a special mention. To summarize: A children's photographer who is usually booked months in advance meets a mother with a very Ill Girl. Realizing the girl might not survive until the next appointment, the photographer, when questioned about his booking, simply says to her “Aww, that’s just for regular customers! I’ve been waiting all day to take a photo of someone as beautiful as you!” and proceeds to stay late for three hours taking photos of her, then proceeds to refuse the mother's payment. Several months later, the two return and the girl is shown to have made a full recovery. The mother tries to pay the photographer again, and when he refuses, he agrees to let the mother take him out to dinner. Seven years later, they've married, and a picture of the then-sick girl atop a unicorn hangs on the wall of their lounge, to the embarrassment of his now-stepdaughter. This story was so heartwarming, when the site did a 10th Anniversary Poll for the best story, this story not only won, it got more than double the votes of the next runner up.
  • This story, as well. A teenage girl (the submitter) who was arrested for what may have been arson has been on probation for two years - far longer than her original crime warranted - and has essentially been bounced between probation officers and alternating between institutions and house arrest, all while being friendless and out of school. Thankfully, her latest probation officer realises how utterly wrong this is. Once he's done giving her an earful for not standing up for herself, he completely dismisses all charges on the condition that her mother "[gets] the poor girl back in school", allowing her to turn her life around.
  • This young woman being reunited with her cat after moving out of her parents's home, her father had dropped the animal off at a shelter as punishment for the cat and the woman not getting along with the rest of her family.