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09/17/2019 18:19:31 •••

Should be called: Coyote and Izuku are Better Than Everyone

I saw this page and, as a huge fan of My Hero Academia and the Original Character's namesake, decided to check out the fic. It's awful. Izuku and Coyote are pretentious jerkasses who believe they're better than everyone else. All they do is lecture people on how they quote unquote "should" be acting. In fact, they lecture everyone from pro heroes to their fellow students because they are so knowledgeable on everything to do with Quirks and everything they think is correct. If you think they're wrong? You deserve to be fired, you evil prick. Every character is demeaned except Izuku and Coyote, just so our morally superior duo can tell them they're stupid. They even lecture All Might. All Might isn't good enough for these brats. He saved their lives yet all they do is lecture lecture lecture. It's disgusting. I hope Izuku and Coyote get taste of their own medicine and get raked over the coals for their self-absorbed attitudes because they are the worst, but I'm not reading on to find out. I wanted to slap them both for being so disrespectful to every other character. And don't get me started on poor Aizawa. If you ever want to see textbook examples of Designated Hero, Protagonist-Centered Morality, character assassination, and, dare I say it, Izuku the Pure and Innocent and Intelligent and Flawless and Can-Do-No-Wrong Mary Sue (Oh yeah, I'm going there), read this— HA HA HAŚ No. I can't even joke about reading it. Do not read this. This is the kind of fanfiction that gives fanfiction a bad rep. It spends all its time showing how Coyote and Izuku make things "better" than canon but does the exact opposite. The supposed "fixes" turn the characters into jerkasses. I haven't seen protagonists this unlikable and self-absorbed in a long time. Could someone put them in their place and expel them, please?

07/13/2019 00:00:00

I agree that the fic\'s bashing of Aizawa is heavy-handed, to say the least, especially the claim that he sets his standards so high because he\'s too lazy to make the effort to teach anyone anything, but it does have some valid points about his teaching style. Not many people would be happy about him expelling the entire class on the first day, especially after they\'d already passed the entrance exam and showed they have potential- at least in Naruto, the Academy only promotes a third of all students to genin, so Kakashi\'s failing all his teams before Naruto\'s group isn\'t too unreasonable by comparison. Even the commenters who are defending Aizawa admit that he wasn\'t meant to come off as a good teacher in canon, especially since he only became one because Midnight recommended him.

07/13/2019 00:00:00

^ I disagree. The story takes it too far with Aizawa and removes all nuance in the situation in order to make Aizawa a bad guy and Izuku and Coyote "in the right". The class 1-A kids are meant to become heroes who civilians must rely on to save them, and as far as Aizawa knows, Izuku has had his Quirk for years yet still breaks his bones every time he uses it. Of course he's going to be hard on him and the class: If they expect smooth sailing and don't give it their all, they may get people killed in the future. As Aizawa says, if Izuku breaks his arms during a bank robbery and has to stop another robbery, he's in trouble. Not to mention it misses another point of Aizawa's test: to make Izuku push himself into using his Quirk better and more strategically.

I enjoy the fic as a whole, but I have to admit the Quirk Assessment Test was its weakest and most frustrating part. It feels like the author missed the point of the test and sees Aizawa as an irredeemable jerkass. Either that or they thought the only way to get Class 1-A and 1-B into a class together was to suspend Aizawa. It's almost like Die For Our Ship without the ship (or dying). I definitely agree the bashing of Aizawa was heavy-handed.

07/14/2019 00:00:00


I was referring more to Aizawa having expelled entire classes in the past rather than his \"rational deception\" to motivate Izuku and the others(which, while harsh, did have a valid purpose). I find it a bit hard to believe that last year\'s class managed to get through the entrance exam, but was apparently so hopeless that Aizawa couldn\'t possibly teach them anything.

07/14/2019 00:00:00

^ Ah, I misunderstood. My bad.

09/17/2019 00:00:00

\"Could someone put them in their place and expel them, please?\"

From your review, I fail to see what they\'ve done to justify expelling them. Or, if they are such a titanic duo, just how that would \"put them in their place.\"

Because from the sounds of it, they don\'t need the school.

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