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About Reviews

Reviews are limited to 400 words. That means there is very little space for anything but review text. No room for a recap or transcript. It comes down to whether or not you would recommend the work and why you would or wouldn't. The why is the interesting part.

Note: Spoiler font is turned off in Reviews. So don't write spoilers.

Unlike most text around the wiki, a review is only editable by the reviewer. It has a byline. Using first-person address would be a valid choice. This is your chance to say "I liked it!"

We have moderators that have the power to delete stuff that needs deleting. If they come across a review that is spelled badly and has crappy grammar, they'll delete the review. Your spelling and your grammar are your responsibility in your review.

Have fun with it. Both geeked-out nerdy fangasms and curmudgeonly mutterings are expected. As long as it isn't boring.