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02/15/2015 05:15:16 •••

"Something so ridiculous have no business being so good"

The title of this review was a comment left by another reader of the story on, and it captures my feeling on this story perfectly. When I first read the plot summery of this story on the Fan Fic Recommendations page, my thought was something along the lines of 'What have the author been smoking when he came up with an idea like this?" However, after reading for a few chapters, I found myself completely hooked and added this story to my list of best fanfics of all time list.

The simplest way to describe this story is that it is basically GalaxyQuest IN WESTEROS!. Just the the film, while this fanfic is an Affectionate Parody of the GOT/ASOIAF series, with it endlessly making fun of all the tropes that appear in them, the story also takes itself completely seriously and examines what will realistically happen if an actor in the show finds himself getting put into the Dark Fantasy universe dreamed up by GeorgeRRMartin, and tries to survive it by taking advantage of him literally having knowledge of how everything that is going to happen from the Word of God.

Just like the actual series, this story runs the entire spectrum of emotions, with you laughing with Sean Bean as he lampshade just how messed up the world that he finds himself in is like, then holding you breath in genuine suspense in a few of the more intense and dramatic scenes.

The only complain that I have is that the story is no told chronologically, with frequent flashbacks and flash-forwards, with can make things confusing at times for first time readers.

Overall, I highly recommend this story to any fans of the GOT/ASOIAF series, as long as you get get over the story's admittedly ridiculous premise (But hey, if you are ok with a story with dragons and ice zombies, a little bit of trans-dimensional body swap really shouldn't be that much of a problem for you).

02/12/2015 00:00:00

Oh by George (snrk) I can't agree with you more! I stumbled upon this fanfic entirely by accident, and was stupified that there wasn't a TV Tropes page for it yet. I was compelled to start one!

I actually haven't read the book series yet, and I've just seen part of the HBO series so far. So, a few things like people and places were hard to follow, and I had to look them up on the A So Ia F wiki while desperately trying no to spoil myself. Even still, "Sean Bean Saves Westeros" is brilliantly funny and, well, just plain brilliant.

About the only thing I didn't like was how Tyrion got the bridge dropped on him so abruptly. While I suppose Sean couldn't ultimately control how the Battle of Green Fork played out, I wish Tyrion had been captured instead of killed. He would have been a great asset to Sean, I think, even if he's not quite as noble as he is in the book series as he is in the TV show.

Also, I'm a bit disturbed that Sean seems OK with letting Tommen & Myrcella be killed just because they're children of incest and that's a "Bad Thing" in Westeros. I seriously hope Sean tries to protect them.

02/15/2015 00:00:00

From the Word of God, Tyrion was deliberately killed off by the author to keep himself from being tempted from overusing his favorite character (Tyrion).

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