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Feb 2nd 2015 at 2:43:45 PM •••

I can't edit this page (because I just created a new account I think) but somebody should remove the Caramelldansen Vid trope from the examples list. The linked video is not that trope at all according to (specifically the animation style, the linked video is a slideshow of screenshots from the series, which is almost the exact opposite of the trope).

Also some of these examples are very minor (e.g. Alternate Universe) and questionable (e.g. those examples aren't really Arc Words here, they're just run-of-the-mill fictional words to describe actual specific concepts in the series), but it's missing some obvious ones such as Rei Ayanami Expy (both Eureka and Anemone to a large extent). Maybe the example list could use some big time clean-up. Maybe I'll do it when I can figure out how to edit things.

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Dec 17th 2014 at 12:02:50 PM •••

Joy Division's name - is the origin a song by the band Holocaust or an irony to do with the actual Holocaust?

Nov 5th 2012 at 2:44:40 PM •••

I don't mean to start an edit war with Westrim, but I'm not comfortable with just leaving open MASSIVE spoilers and implications on the trope page like that.

My edit:

  • Anemone is already broken by the time Dominic gets to her, but he's able to bring her back.

Westrim removed the spoiler tags for not being descriptive enough to warrant it. Fair enough. I can add some more detail to warrant the spoiler tag. I also spoiler tagged "Master Norb" because at that point in the series, this enigmatic old monk still hadn't revealed just what a significant part he would play in the future. I figured that just revealing his presence was a spoiler enough. Whatever.

  • Deface of the Moon: A normal couple would carve their names surrounded by a heart into a tree. Renton and Eureka decide to be a little more obvious about it and carve theirs onto the surface of the moon.

Spoiler tag removed on the grounds that it doesn't affect the story. IT'S THE VERY LAST THING YOU SEE IN THE WHOLE SERIES! That is a pretty significant thing to keep hidden, no matter what it's significance or lack-there-of to the story is, especially considering how the story had built up and resolved right before it.

  • Dropped a Bridget on Him: Apparently, the Nirvash is female. Absolutely no clues or hints anywhere in the series (aside from a one-off comment) is given until the reveal itself.

Spoiler tag removed because the reveal plays no impact on the story. Again, this reveal has absolutely no buildup and happens in the final episode. How do you think the initial reactions were when the series aired in Japan? Everyone is watching the final episode, knowing full well that Nirvash has literally evolved from just a mech that everyone uses like a tool to a key character who's involvement is an absolute necessity in Renton and Eureka's relationship. Suddenly they hear it speak for the first time. Don't you think the majority of the reactions might have been "Holy crap, I wasn't expecting that to happen!"? Now apply that to anyone who watches the series now.

Hilda: "When I think of the Nirvash as a female friend, everything falls into place."
  • Also, in Episode 40, Renton, Eureka, the children, and Norb go to visit Sakuya. In her antechamber, there is a huge globe of the earth, surrounded by the dome of the room. By the end of the series, you'll realize why.
  • Freak Out: Renton has a major one in Episode 20.

Spoiler tag on the quote was removed for being nonspecific. My line of thinking is that it is warranted considering it's even listed in the Foreshadowing trope in the first place, combined with Dropped a Bridget on Him above. We could just remove the quote altogether since it's just a off-handed comment in the first place, and only really counts as foreshadowing in hindsight. Spoiler tag was removed on the next line, even though the globe in Sakuya's room really does play a significance, specifically when Renton, Eureka, and the kids find themselves traveling down through the ground and coming out the other side on Earth. A fact that wasn't revealed until it happened.

Spoiler removed on Freak Out for not being descriptive enough. I thought that the fact that Renton even has one would be a spoiler itself, but I can see how it wouldn't be needed either. Fair enough.

Spoiler tag and the middle couple are removed despite that the middle couple are actually pretty significant, what with being the FIRST Human and Coralian to develop a relationship with each other (It's even the whole focus of a major episode late into the series. That's more than enough to warrant mentioning, and the spoiler tag), and the latter of the three not becoming official until after Dominic saves her life in episode 48.

However, the way it was changed:

Is technically incorrect, and leaving the word "Three" wide open would be a spoiler in itself too. Too easy for first-time watchers to figure out that there is someone else besides the obvious two.

Tag removed for being nonspecific. Fair enough, I can expand upon it.

  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Anemone comes to this conclusion about herself after Dewey tells her his ultimate plans. She still willingly participates in Dewey's final operation, but at that point she has the mindset that she doesn't care if she doesn't come back alive.

Tag shortened to just her name on the grounds that full-entry spoiler tags are bad, despite that the entire entry itself is a SIGNIFICANT change in her character's development at that point in the story. It's established very early on that she's completely head over heels in love with Dewey and wants to be useful to him. It's also revealed early on that Dewey doesn't have any major female characters who frequently comes in contact with him besides her, so just saying "She" and "Dewey" in the same sentence is a dead give-away of who "she" is.

I suppose I could just delete this perfectly applicable trope from the page, expand upon the Despair Event Horizon and pothole the trope in behind the spoiler tag, but the fact remains that the whole thing needs to be hidden behind the tag.

Tag changed over to Eureka, leaving the rest exposed. It's established from the episode the kids are introduced that they refer to Eureka as "Mama", and this trope isn't revealed until quite a few episodes later. Since the kids are the only ones in the whole show who play any significant importance, just mentioning them makes it pretty obvious who the trope is applying to. It's better to leave Eureka's name untagged and keep the rest hidden.

Like I said, I'm not trying to start an edit war here, Westrim, but there are some things that just need to be spoiler tagged. I don't want to think of what you've done or plan on doing to the Magica Madoka page, where nearly every trope listed on that page has a spoiler tag associated with it, simply because those hidden details REALLY ARE SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS! Every last one of them! It's just that kind of series.'

Sorry to have to call you out on it, but I figured this discussion would be the best way to come to a compromise.

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Nov 6th 2012 at 10:59:16 PM •••

Just checked and saw that this was here (didn't pop up on watchlist), but I'm about to go to sleep and tomorrow is busy so I won't be able to read or reply until Thursday. Thought I should let you know that at least.

Oct 26th 2012 at 5:31:06 PM •••

Removed this Zero Context Example because the page should be written so people who haven't seen the anime can still comprehend and enjoy the page. Please don't write like this.

  • Freakiness Shame: Anyone who's watched this series from start to finish knows the iconic moment that embodies this trope.

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