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I'm mostly an editor and tend to focus on cleaning up entries and pages, although I have created several pages (listed below) and added tropes and examples. I've been probably been editing since about September of 2008. I fit pretty well into the bell curve of Troper Demographics. I'm from Southern California. I'm pretty good at remaining objective, but I'm pretty bad at sounding objective, since I generally don't speak unless I care.

I like to accumulate knowledge, and know quite a bit about a wide variety of fields. Unfortunately, it's also led to an acute sense of how much I don't know.

A few of my philosophical views as a troper:

  • Spoiler tags should be used as little as possible. Minor plot points, oneshot characters, and characteristics should all be left un spoiler tagged. I keep them on so that I can be aware of them, though I always look underneath.
  • I believe in politeness, yet I have a tendency to be sarcastic. Sorry about that, it's a personal demon I try to counter. I can also be politely rude sometimes, usually to self kicking when I look at it later.
  • There are several common practices on the wiki that I consider rude, like bolding trope names in a response.
  • I try to avoid the forums for multiple reasons, a lot of them having to do with my faith in humanity. Unfortunately, much of the community of the site that is active there is polarized and cliqueish. For instance, in my experience Trope Repair Shop regulars pounce on anyone from outside interested in making the case for a trope to be kept, responding with rudeness and sarcasm, then censuring anyone who responds in kind because they aren't part of the group. In general on the forums, if you aren't a name they recognize prepare to encounter a 'not made here' attitude that is really negatively affecting the site. So I stick to editing formatting and the occasional new trope or work page and leave larger issues alone.
  • Censorship and gratuitous vulgarity are both uncalled for. In general I let work derived vulgarity stand but ease user created vulgarity. I consider the gutting of works and tropes considered to be too sexual to be a travesty against wisdom and maturity; we're all adults or will be in a few years, and pretending things don't exist by erasing them or disallowing them for inherently amorphous values that shift over time is a tragedy of censorship.
  • Edit reasons are generally unnecessary since edits seem to follow a modified form of Sturgeon's Law; 90% of changes are simply not going to be noticed or disputed in any way. In addition, not putting an edit reason gives less cause for dispute; the old 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' comes to mind. I still do it sometimes on the first edit, but don't get angry if that isn't the case.

It feels like bragging, but I've noticed it's a common thing for people to note on these pages what pages they've created/edit/whatever, so here's mine.

Articles I have started (not really indicative of my interests, just what I came across that lacked a page yet). Somewhat oddly, most were created well after their subject had been released:

Tropes I have created the YKTTW for:

There are also quite a few others that I make a solid effort to keep an eye on. Maybe I'll make a list at some point.