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22nd May, 2020 12:35:28 AM

This Is A Wiki there is nothing stopping you form doing it yourself as long as you stay within the editing guidelines.

22nd May, 2020 12:39:51 AM

Well, I'm not excellent at editing trope pages for different types of media. Some expert help on updating the page would be benevolent.

22nd May, 2020 07:42:51 AM

This may be tangential, but I'm just noting that this page was previously cut for being filled with ZCE, and was recreated in April 2020 by Tyler 555, who has no other edits besides making that page. The new page is not much better — I just commented out a bunch where the only context was 'is this' — but it at least meets the three-trope minimum this time. It is also not indexed so I'm going to put it in Western Animation of the 2010s.

OP, I encourage you to add to this page, but if you do please read Zero-Context Example since it seems to be a persistent issue with this show.

22nd May, 2020 08:09:53 AM

You should know that none of us are "experts" here. We're all average persons with a little time on our hands adding things that we find interesting, fixing little mistakes if we spot them, giving a bit if help if we know how, and such. There's no "staff" or anyone like that in charge of the info on pages or making new ones or whatever.

22nd May, 2020 10:21:22 AM

I see. Then will the page be updated for more tropes, content, characters, and stuff?

22nd May, 2020 10:33:14 AM

Did you read This Is A Wiki, linked above? The best person to improve a page is someone who is familiar with the work — in this case, that would be you. Yes, there's a learning curve in troping, but overall no harm done if you listen to advice and read up on how to do it properly. How to Collect Tropes and How to Write an Example should help you out.

22nd May, 2020 11:35:46 AM

Right; we can help you if you're struggling with the technical side of editing, but we can't help you actually add content for a work if it's unfamiliar to us.

My one and only interaction with this page is in trying to get the original creator to fix it and then having to report them for constant ban evasion multiple times, which is what got the page cut in addition to being filled with ZCEs. I can't help expand it but I'd love to see it expanded.

22nd May, 2020 07:39:03 PM

Thank you. Anything new to the Talking Tom page is welcome.

22nd May, 2020 07:40:16 PM

Not entirely sure you really understood what I said...

23rd May, 2020 01:18:01 PM

Will you update the Talking Tom and Friends page with more trope content, please?

23rd May, 2020 01:20:21 PM

but we can't help you actually add content for a work if it's unfamiliar to us.

I can't help expand it

23rd May, 2020 01:49:37 PM

We can only update it if we know more about it. Since we don't, and you seem to know about it, that responsibility lies with you. Do not expect others in the wiki to do the job for you. If you are not confident with your skills, I recommend practicing in a sandbox and looking at the Administrivia pages.

23rd May, 2020 06:22:19 PM

Well okay. I know a lot of the show. But it would be helpful for expert trope builders to make a whole page for Talking Tom and Friends by watching all seasons and minisodes.

Iíll keep in touch with it once itís being updated and made.

23rd May, 2020 06:32:16 PM

Hahaha No

At the risk of sounding rude, OP, I can't tell if you're purposefully being obtuse or misunderstanding the point of this wiki. People here edit and curate pages they are interested in. You cannot tell someone to "please make or expand a page". As has been stated, we can help with the technical side of troping, but not the content side. It is incredibly audacious to ask people to consume content just so they can improve a page you want to see improved when that is something you can do. You keep asking for 'expert trope builders' — why not begin editing so you can become one too?

23rd May, 2020 06:37:01 PM

Is there anything in particular you don't understand about how to edit pages? We'd be happy to give you advice.

It'd be much faster, easier, and more productive for you to learn how to edit TV Tropes pages, than it'd be for us to watch the whole show.

23rd May, 2020 06:38:18 PM

The page was made only a month ago (ironically enough by a troper who seems to have only made that page and then left).

A lot of people are confused here, OP. Pages take time to make, and sometimes they go a while without having much substance added to them. Why are you in such a hurry to get this page expanded?

And to echo everyone else, literally nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself.

24th May, 2020 01:30:07 AM

Admittedly, I think he is kind of right. The page should be far bigger at this point, because there are five seasons, with millions of views on each episode, each one being free on Youtube. I can see why he is in a hurry to get it expanded - it could easily make us more popular. I don't know if I should expand it myself, though - I typically like assisting others, but not completely taking their work.

24th May, 2020 01:57:54 AM

If people want to see the page expanded, they should expand it themselves. Demanding that other tropers expand it for them is ridiculous.

24th May, 2020 07:24:04 AM


Should there be more content there? Maybe.

Should we all be forced to watch a show we may not give a shit about to expand it for someone who won't do it themselves? No.

Nobody is obligated to expand the page for a work they don't care for. Regardless of how it "should" look, it looks like it does because nobody with interest in the work will bother doing the work- and we can't be blamed for their laziness.

24th May, 2020 08:17:35 AM

^^^Popularity does not always correlate to the size of the troper base or the length of the work's page for various reasons. In this case it's a kids' show, so its target audience below troping age. While there are kids' shows who have good pages, there are also many more that don't. Overall, I don't think you should be encouraging this sort of viewpoint.

And OP, really, sometimes all it takes is one guy. There are quite a few pages where I was the primary contributor, adding many tropes to form a decently-sized page. But all of those were works I was familiar with.

24th May, 2020 12:14:31 PM

I canít edit a page because itís complicated and like rocket science. Can anyone who knows the show better please expand it? Thank you.

24th May, 2020 12:35:32 PM

It should not be that complicated. What are you so confused by?

24th May, 2020 01:01:49 PM

Are you having difficulties with editing a page? If so, please check out pages like Text Formatting Rules, How to Write an Example, and other such pages. You can also practice on a sandbox like Camperor. Just click edit and type in some stuff to create the page. Otherwise, please elaborate on what's confusing you on editing pages.

Edited by Excessive-Menace
24th May, 2020 01:05:10 PM

Camperor, you should really stop requesting the same thing over and over like a Broken Record. It's against the rules. It says right so in the FAQ of How to Create a Works Page.

  • Would somebody please make an article for [Work]?
Nope. We aren't here to do your job for you. If a work is popular enough, someone else may be along to create an article for it, but we can't force that process. You're the fan, the person who's familiar with the story and its tropes, so why aren't you writing the article? Don't be shy; we're patient with people as long as they ask for help.

Troping is not that complicated. If you don't want to start editing the page directly for fear of messing something up, start a Sandbox or TLP draft (Trope Launch Pad is primarily for suggesting new tropes, but making and improving work pages is allowed, too) and request peer review and perhaps some help from us. That's fine.

Mods should lock this up, IMO.

Edited by XFllo

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