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Administrivia / How to Collect Tropes

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To aid new editors in creating new works pages, here is a helpful checklist to quickly put together a respectable, solid, non-YMMV trope list for a new article:

Before you begin:

  • Click on the "Related" button on top of the intended new page to see if some trope pages already contain examples from that work that link to it. If it turns up nothing, try replacing the namespace with "Main/".
  • Do a site search for the work's title to see if there are examples that were already identified by others but not yet linked to the new page. Copy them to your page and add wicks to the trope pages.
  • Find existing pages for similar and/or related works (e.g. parts of the same series or written by the same author) and see if there are trope usage overlaps between them and the work you're troping.


  • What are the main characters' names? Having them listed beforehand helps a lot.
  • Which Characterization Tropes sum up their personalities best?
  • Do they work as a team? If so, which tropes from The Index Team apply?
  • If it's an action-heavy story, which Weapons and Wielding Tropes can you recognize?
  • What are the bad guys' names? Which Villains tropes apply to them? Do they act as a team?
  • What is, briefly, the Plot and the Central Theme of the story? Does it fall under any of the common Plots?
  • Which Shades of Conflict are present in the main plot? Are there Anti Heroes among the cast?
  • What is the city/country/world the story takes place in called? Which Settings tropes apply?
  • What Genre and subgenre does the story fall into? If it's a video game, what Video Game Genre is it? Which genre-specific tropes listed on the genre page can be found in this work? Note that most genres are indexes, so they shouldn't be listed as tropes by themselves.
  • What unusual aspects of the work do you usually try to interest others with? Is there a trope for that? If you can't find it, try asking at the Trope Finder.

And one more thing:

  • Don't try to do everything yourself. Once you have a handful of tropes listed, cross-wick them to let people know about the new page and let the Wiki Magic do its thing!