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18th May, 2020 01:58:33 AM

It is perfectly possible for a trope (with examples) to do double duty as an index.

18th May, 2020 01:59:33 AM

^ But that's usually a super-trope situation...

18th May, 2020 06:29:26 AM

And if it's an index, examples shouldn't be commented out for lacking context.

22nd May, 2020 06:45:30 PM

Subgenre pages often blur the line between trope and index. (e.g. those listed on Fantasy and Science Fiction.) Some are page type index, some are page type trope. Some of the trope page types are set to do indexing, some are not. Some include context with their examples, some don't, some include it inconsistently.

Considering Queer Romance as a subgenre of romance, and that pages like Romance Novel and Romantic Comedy are mostly straight indexes, would anyone object to treating it like these pages and restoring commented out examples?


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