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13th Feb, 2020 10:02:46 AM

Frankly more than just a "negative opinion", it looks to me downright bashing. "I'm not very surprised that this show was acclaimed by Christian reviewers, but I am very surprised that this show went #1 on the WB" and "...7th Heaven is a bore that begs to be mercy killed by God himself. This show should only be watched if you have low standards in TV quality or if you are into Bile Fascination." sounds to me more like Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.

I'm pretty sure those kinds of reviews aren't allowed, regardless of the author. Am I wrong?

Willbyr MOD
13th Feb, 2020 10:31:01 AM

No, you're not wrong. I deleted that review.

13th Feb, 2020 10:48:50 AM

On the subject of bashing reviews not being allowed, I found a review that's similar in tones on Ducktales 2017 here. Does that also violate the rule on "No bashing reviews?"

Edited by dragonfire5000
13th Feb, 2020 11:28:02 AM

Um, since when do we have a rule on "no bashing" in reviews? The whole reason they exist is to absorb all the complaining.

13th Feb, 2020 11:32:25 AM

I mean, there's a difference between someone having a negative, angry review and someone posting a review to do nothing but mindlessly bash it and everyone who likes it. Though honestly, a lot of the bash-y reviews I've seen are barely even reviews, as they just claim the work sucks with little-to-no rationale, and can very easily be seen as or mistaken for troll reviews.

IDK, I feel like there's a certain line where something is just mindless bashing with no actual reviewing going on.

14th Feb, 2020 08:12:06 AM

^^ But are the parts of his review I mentioned legit? Especially "This show should only be watched if you have low standards in TV quality or if you are into Bile Fascination", they sound to me directed against those who like the show, rather than against only the show on itself. Is that allowed?

14th Feb, 2020 09:17:28 AM

I think his response was directed more at me. I brought up a review that was very bashy and wondered if that kind of review was allowed. I forgot that the review brought up by the OP had the "only watch if you have low standards," which can be considered a personal attack on those who like the show.

The review I brought up only has wonking, but no personal attacks towards others as far as I can tell. Chalk it up to a brain fart on my part and not fully understanding what Willbyr meant by "You're not wrong."

Edited by dragonfire5000

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