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04/12/2019 19:32:00 •••

Opinions are opinions, you know.

And it is my opinion is that the revival is an absolute disgrace to the original. The animation is dumbed down to Adobe Flash, the ducklings no longer speak like the other ducks and instead speak like everyday humans do which is just so lifeless and unimaginative when compared to how they sounded in the 1987 classic.

I may have been born in 2002, but I used to watch the original all the time as a young boy, and I will forever reject this disgusting impostor as a part of the "Duck Tales" franchise.

It is an awful waste of what could have been a brilliant continuation to one of the most iconic programs in all of animation. And I hate it with a passion.

04/10/2019 00:00:00

What would you have thought of the show if there was no predecessor?

04/12/2019 00:00:00

Perhaps not as bad, but still nowhere near good. I think the reboot just defecates all over the original.

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