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The TVTropes Trope Finder is where you can come to ask questions like "Do we have this one?" and "What's the trope about...?" Trying to rediscover a long lost show or other medium but need a little help? Head to You Know That Show and try your luck there. Want to propose a new trope? You should be over at You Know, That Thing Where.

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7th Nov, 2019 11:36:00 AM

^ Except you can't avert Video-Game Movies Suck. It's an audience reaction, so either it exists or it doesn't. It doesn't get "averted".

7th Nov, 2019 11:47:45 AM

In that case I'd call it a People Sit on Chairs. "Movie does well" isn't particularly notable on its own, after all.

Edited by phalanx
7th Nov, 2019 02:53:06 PM

5. I suppose it's still Easily Forgiven, but downplayed

6. I don't know about the exact trope, but it may lead into Amnesiac Dissonance

7. If we have a trope for "unknowingly saving yourself", then we can use that.

7th Nov, 2019 03:40:51 PM

6 can be Blank Slate if they're basically a new person

8th Nov, 2019 02:04:11 PM

In the future can you make these separate queries rather than cramming them into one?


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