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14th Apr, 2019 02:40:33 AM

Nuke 'em, and cite Examples Are Not General in your edit reasons. Commenting is for non-general ZCEs (when a specific work is mentioned on a trope page, or when a specific trope is mentioned on a work page, but when context is lacking either way).

At best, broad statements about work types (advertising, in this case) are Analysis page material.

Edited by GastonRabbit
14th Apr, 2019 04:10:49 AM

Personally, I try to incorporate general examples into the description if it's relevant. If a trope is often used in a certain way, it can be worth mentioning it somewhere on the page.

14th Apr, 2019 04:13:40 AM

I agree about incorporating them into the description. It's pretty much what they are.

14th Apr, 2019 04:43:00 AM

I feel like Real Life sections are full of general examples. That's not to say pages like ValuesDissonance.Anime And Manga suffer from this, too.

I'm interested in expanding Examples Are Not General to its own page, personally.

14th Apr, 2019 04:44:08 AM

Incorporating them into the description could work, too. Mainly, the example section is where they don't belong.

As for expanding Examples Are Not General into its own page, that's pretty much what happened with the Don't Speculate, Don't Prognosticate section of How to Write an Example, except that the separate page is called Speculative Troping instead.

That said, mod approval would be needed for a new Administrivia page, and Septimus said in a recent ATT thread that he thinks there are already too many Administrivia/policy pages.

Edited by GastonRabbit
14th Apr, 2019 11:13:51 AM

I'll go chainsaw them then, thanks ya'll.

As for adding them into the description, might as well add a few relevant lines.

Edit: Actually, it's already mentioned in the description, so I did my part.

Edited by WarJay77

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