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9th Feb, 2019 04:26:22 PM

You are overestimating the importance of "republics". There's currently very little difference between those and ordinary federal subjects ("oblast") in terms of autonomy in Russia, if any. They are definitely not "countries."

Edited by Asherinka
9th Feb, 2019 04:31:56 PM

I know they're not countries and that any "autonomy" is de facto limited. But in finding a way to highlight the cultures and languages endemic to the region, I believe they can be useful divisions.

Edited by mahidevrans
10th Feb, 2019 12:31:10 PM

^^ I would support including the various republics on these grounds. But perhaps the heading should be changed to "regions" to accommodate the fact that many are not independent.

I think most of the Russia-related tropes are fine, as the whole Caucasus was part of the USSR and was important in The Great Politics Mess-Up and the Stalin era, and Russia is still culturally and politically influential in the region today.

However, I would remove Red Scare and Soviet Superscience as they are primarily about the cold war in the West. Socialist Realism also seems tangential as well.

11th Feb, 2019 04:57:41 PM

Thanks for your response naturalironist! I concur with the removal of the tropes you mentioned in your last paragraph. There are a few others I think should be removed after consideration:

Russians with Rifles is missing information about the Russian Empire in the Caucasus, but that can be fixed easily enough with Wiki Magic.

Would love to hear additional opinions (especially from mods) before any changes are made.

Edited by mahidevrans
12th Feb, 2019 11:21:21 AM

^^ I'd keep Orthodox Christianity (because it is so integral to Georgia and Armenia) and add Islam. I agree with the rest.

Edited by Asherinka
12th Feb, 2019 05:33:36 PM

Thanks for the feedback! If there are no additional objections or suggestions, I'll implement the changes for a more focused list within the next day.


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