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25th Jan, 2019 03:54:28 PM

I otherwise have no comment, but I noticed over the last month Overwhelming Exception feels heavily misused.

25th Jan, 2019 04:11:06 PM

You could try sending Everblaster a PM if it's necessary.

25th Jan, 2019 05:30:14 PM

Maybe. I'll reserve that for the next time I see some significant misuse of a trope.

3rd Mar, 2019 08:48:46 AM

Just giving a bump to inform those here that I've sent the PM I said I would after cleaning up misuse of But Not Too Foreign on the Komi character page, now located at Characters.Komi Cant Communicate.

I stated bluntly, hopefully not too bluntly, that they misuse tropes frequently and gave all the examples listed here, as well as one of My Greatest Failure that can be found in the Character sheet discussion page. I also suggested the "is this an example" thread as a way to double-check entries as, while not strictly the intended use of the thread, I find it helps blunt my own edge of overzealous troping. I ended on requesting they please be mindful of entries going forward, as all the misuse just creates other work for tropers to clean up.

Edited by sgamer82

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