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2nd Dec, 2018 10:40:14 AM

It's a common problem on the wiki. There are many pages that haven't been moved to English names and even pages that even with English names, have Japanese character names listed. It's going to take a massive crackdown and planning to get this all changed.

A lot of the problem boils down to apathy. Too many just don't see the point in moving/changing the names. Though sometimes there are those that fall into the hates dubbing/localization camp and refuse to change things on principal or will immediately revert "dub" changes on principal. I've seen the attempt at moving "Kiki Kai Kai" to "Pocky & Rocky" be reverted like that.

A Wiki Talk thread on the forums might be needed to organize everything that will be needed for a project and then a Long Term Projects thread should be made to actually start enforcing changes (if one doesn't exist right now).

2nd Dec, 2018 11:14:25 AM

Danganronpa doesn't really have many fans who dislike the localization (the main debate is about whether the students are Super High School Level or Ultimate, and even then it's not Broken Base levels of opposition). So I guess it's mostly apathy.

2nd Dec, 2018 10:49:39 PM

^ It's almost certainly apathy, or in my case, spoiler risk. I would have moved the pages long ago if I didn't wish to remain unspoiled.

3rd Dec, 2018 06:48:09 AM

I could move the pages the old-fashioned way (copying the contents into a page with the correct title, the turning the old one into a redirect), but I don't want to lose the pages' edit history so I was wondering if the mods couldn't use their mod powers to change the page's title while preserving the history.

3rd Dec, 2018 09:04:52 AM

History would be kept whether if you cut old pages or turn them into redirects. It's only staff that would have the access to histories in case of cut pages. Histories will also be kept in case of redirects, it would just take a little more work for the general user to access them under the redirects.

For the latter, you can access the redirect page's history by going to the history page of the current page, erase the current namespace and title from the URL bar, and put in the namespace and title of the redirected page. History pages will not redirect you automatically.

3rd Dec, 2018 12:22:16 PM

The moderators have the ability to move history (and discussion pages) with the pages. If you identify the original page and the target location, I think the Locked Pages thread might move them for you.

3rd Dec, 2018 08:18:18 PM

Thank you, I asked over there.

3rd Dec, 2018 08:39:17 PM

This has bugged me a long time. TV Tropes is one of the few websites that still spells "Danganronpa" as two words; can I Wiki Word the titles to display as one word? Absolute Despair Girls should definitely be moved to Ultra Despair Girls, as "Absolute Despair Girls" is a literal translation of Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo that I've never seen outside this site. However, I think they should stay concise and omit the subtitles.

Edited by rjd1922
4th Dec, 2018 09:21:46 AM

^ The mods frown on using custom titles to rename works. Custom titles should only be used to add missing punctuation and any accents to titles (like é in Pokémon).

4th Dec, 2018 10:27:13 AM

Even if we use a custom wikiword, wouldn't the URL still read DanganRonpa? That's why I'd rather have it officially moved.

I also think we should use the subtitles. It would avoid subpage collision with the first game and the franchise as a whole, and the English localized subtitles aren't excessively long. The subtitle-less names would be made into redirects in case someone feels too lazy to type it all out.

4th Dec, 2018 11:04:48 AM

Don't forget that Dan Gan Ron Pa is the same URL, as is D Ang Anr Onp A.

Edited by crazysamaritan
4th Dec, 2018 11:58:15 AM

But the default title (used, for example, in the subpage buttons near the top) will still use the wrong capitalization.

4th Dec, 2018 06:05:32 PM

Not really a big deal, but there is a project called Pages in Accidentally Miscapitalised Namespaces where tropers are trying to fix pages like that.

4th Dec, 2018 06:33:36 PM

"The End of Hope's Peak High School" is pretty long (not to mention inconsistent with NIS America's game localizations), so I don't think that page should be moved.

EDIT: And it got moved in the time since I wrote this anyway. Should "Side:Future", "Side:Despair", and "Side:Hope" be changed to "Future Arc", "Despair Arc" and "Hope Arc" to use Funimation's terminology?

Edited by rjd1922
5th Dec, 2018 06:32:29 AM

^ The rule is most recent English translation/dub/localization. So move/change what's necessary accordingly.

5th Dec, 2018 01:03:57 PM

"The End of Hope's Peak High School" is pretty long, but not page-breakingly so, and Danganronpa 3 is a redirect in case you don't feel like typing out the whole thing. Since the other games do have the subtitles, we may as well be consistent and keep it for the anime as well.