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Sandbox / Pages in Accidentally Miscapitalised Namespaces

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This is the page to use if someone accidentally miscapitalised a namespace or title; for instance, Ymmv instead of YMMV. Please put the content in one of the two sub-sandboxes and put a request for it to be fixed here (Addpost button).

To check capitalization, look at the tab of the namespace, located in the list of namespaces under the page title.

If the title is miscapitalized, the tabs for other namespaces will have the same problem. The URLs are formed from the current page's official title. You have to go to the page to check that the title is truly right or wrong.


Or, go to Page Type per Namespace, in the namespace under investigation, view the source of the page in your browser, and check capitalization that way. Possibly more tedious that way, however.

Or, check the related page of an Overdosed Trope, like Abusive Parents, which has about a hundred wicks under FanFic.

Remember the indexes the page had before cutting, too. In order to get the page indexed again, go to the page that's supposed to be the index, click the edit button next to Page Type in the Page Info tab, then click save change without doing any changes. That way, you won't have to do blank edits.

NOTE: The moderators are looking for another way to fix namespace and title capitalization, so as to avoid losing edit history. Please only add pages that have fewer than 300 inbounds or were created in 2017 or later. If you see a page on the list that does not meet at least one of these criteria, kindly remove it.


Proper capitalisations:

  • ARG
  • AudioPlay
  • AwesomeMusic
  • ComicBook
  • ComicStrip
  • DarthWiki
  • DethroningMoment
  • Discontinuity
  • DrinkingGame
  • Es
  • Fanfic
  • FanficRecs
  • FanWorks
  • Headscratchers
  • Heartwarming
  • HoYay
  • Hu
  • ImageLinks
  • JustForFun
  • LARP
  • LightNovel
  • NightmareFuel
  • Pinball
  • Pl
  • Podcast
  • Radar
  • Recap
  • Roleplay
  • Sandbox
  • SelfDemonstrating
  • ShoutOut
  • SugarWiki
  • TabletopGame
  • TearJerker
  • Timeline
  • UsefulNotes
  • VideoGame
  • VisualNovel
  • WebAnimation
  • Webcomic
  • WebOriginal
  • Website
  • WebVideo
  • WesternAnimation
  • WhatAnIdiot
  • Wiki
  • WMG
  • YMMV


Proper cut reason:

Miscapitalised namespace (should be InsertCorrectNamespaceHere). Content saved in Sandbox.PagesInAccidentallyMiscapitalisedNamespaces (First or Second Half).
Due to insane length and lots of work, a split was made to make this more manageable. The first half should be prioritized, and once it gets too long, use the second half.

To-do list:

Don't forget to remove an entry on this list as soon as the corresponding page is being processed on one of the two sub-sandboxes.


As only moderators can create pages in Main/, changes to trope titles and trope redirects with wrong capitalization must be submitted directly to the Lock, UnLock and Edit requests thread. (Before posting in the thread, follow the normal procedure of adding the page's contents to one of the sandboxes and then adding the page to the cutlist.)




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