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Desertopa Not Actually Indie
Not Actually Indie
Dec 10th 2008 at 7:11:44 AM

Have any weird or interesting dreams? Share them here.

Just this night, I dreamed that my sister, a childhood friend and I, had all returned to our hometown for a gettogether. We spent some time on our own wandering around the town, and each had some sort of confrontation along the way. The only one I remember clearly is that I met up with the younger sister of another friend of mine, and we were walking along and chatting, when a huge bodybuilder-type guy walks up to us, and starts butting in on the conversation (he told us that he had never learned to ride a bicycle.) I could tell right away that he was bad news, but I tried to hold a conversation with him and see if I could just get him to leave peacefully. In a matter of seconds though, he moved in and put a hand on the shoulder of my friend's sister, and I realized suddenly that he was her real father, and was trying to abduct her. I shoved him out into the street, where he was almost immediately run over by a car. I tell my friend's sister not to worry about it, and drop her off at home to meet up with my friend and sister.

When we meet, there's a kind of subdued atmosphere, and I know (because it's a dream, and I've seen them) that they've all just had similar experiences. My sister and friend both say they've come to doubt their aspirations in life, and have decided to look into a career change. I realize that we have all independently decided to become contract killers. I hug them, and tell them we're all in this together.

And we all live happily ever after.

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...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
LullTheConqueror Love Freak from eternal loli Hell
Dec 10th 2008 at 7:56:34 AM

A few nights ago I dreamed that an old friend of mine and I were Marines, and for some reason we stole a truck from our base. It was hauling multiple containers, like a train without tracks. We weren't really taking it anywhere, just driving it around the base and laughing (I was probably dreaming we were drunk, but how can you tell when you're intoxicated in a dream?). Then a woman who was apparently our superior stopped us and started lecturing us, and I was looking for an opportunity to get the truck running again and drive away... then R. Lee Ermey grabbed my shoulder, and I was just about to flip out when I woke up in Real Life.

It turned out my mother was doing that to wake me up, which makes it the only time I can remember that something happening in Real Life actually carried over into a dream.

the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
Pacific Oh Yeah? from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
Dec 10th 2008 at 8:29:58 AM

"It turned out my mother was doing that to wake me up, which makes it the only time I can remember that something happening in Real Life actually carried over into a dream. "

how would you remember them if you were dreaming?

I'm pretty sure that happens to me a lot. I've been woken up by things outside my dream that were something similar in my dream. mostly it's caused by sound- like alarm clocks going off or people talking. it gets really weird if you attempt to reply to someone while still dreaming.

LullTheConqueror Love Freak from eternal loli Hell
Dec 10th 2008 at 8:40:36 AM

Pacific: That's why I said "the only time I can remember." In addition to stuff that wakes me up, it's always possible someone could tell me about something later and I could say "you know, I had this dream where..."

the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
Pacific Oh Yeah? from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
Dec 10th 2008 at 8:47:45 AM

well, what I meant was "how do you know it was the only time something crossed into your dreams that you remember when it could've happened many times before that you just don't remember?"

but on closer inspection, that wasn't what you were saying at all.

ho hum...

SilentHunter The Russophile from London, UK
The Russophile
Dec 10th 2008 at 9:48:23 AM

I had a weird dream involving Kaylee from Firefly in a computer-hacking contest and her being chased through London by a villainous woman. I woke up before I found out if she died or not.

Tangent128 from Virginia Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Dec 10th 2008 at 11:05:15 AM

Just this morning I dreamed that I was reading a forum thread about Rice Boy being taken offline due to the DMCA or something.

Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
Dec 10th 2008 at 11:21:13 AM

I had this dream two nights ago:

I was part of a tour group being guided through the Aperture Science center. We were promised a live demonstration of the portal gun. As we walked through the hallways, GlaDOS was speaking through the intercom system and describing all the things we were seeing. "And over here we have scientists working on our latest development..." that sort of thing.

Then, the rest of the tour group started getting rambunctious and saying stuff like:

"Hey GlaDOS, there's going to be a cake after all this, right? Or is the cake a lie?"

"The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie!"

"Hey, aren't you going to sing for us?"

"Just shut up and give us both halves of the portal gun already."

"This is a triumph. I'm making note of its huge success."

"When's the next bring your daughter to work day? I'd love to have her tested."


Then GlaDOS suddenly shouted in her same nice-sounding computerized voice "Goddammit. 'The cake is a lie' this! 'The cake is a lie' that! That's you! That's how dumb you sound! If I f—ing hear "the cake is a lie" one more time, I swear, there will be pain and suffering and I will have your body parts shipped back to your respective families in storage cubes, do I make myself clear?"

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Karalora Manliest Person on Skype from San Fernando Valley, CA Relationship Status: In another castle
Manliest Person on Skype
Dec 10th 2008 at 11:57:06 AM

I have a recurring dream that I somehow managed to get on the wrong bus on the way to work and wound up way the hell out in the sticks. This often segues into another recurring dream I have, of discovering a place at the top of a steep hill where all the old Disneyland rides that aren't there anymore have been moved to, fully operational. (Nice bit of wish-fulfillment there.) I always have to take either a cablecar or a really long escalator up the side of the hill to get there.

Stuff what I do.
Dec 10th 2008 at 12:03:33 PM

1) This one was a long time ago, so I don't remember much. All I know is it was midnight, somewhat London style.. I was supposed to pick up a girl for some reason.. Guess what? I rode a freaking "Chiquita Frog".. Don't ask what it is, I don't know. It's a giant lime-green frog. He was my vehicle.. WHAT THE??

2) I lay in some bed, suddenly some girl I know appeared beside me and put her hand in my pants. Then I had to take out dental braces (I don't even wear those, wtf).. Okay, then I was suddenly like on a farm or something.. And one side of my body hurt.. And then I was driving through many stars.. The 5-pointed yellow ones.. They were like the background and I was flying through them.. Yeah and the side of my body hurt. Then I woke up..

Conclusion? I hate dreams.

Nomic Exitus Acta Probat from beyond the Void
Exitus Acta Probat
Dec 10th 2008 at 3:30:54 PM

I don't usually remember my dreams, and when I do they tend th eb quite straightforward. However, last week I dreamed of vampires, for some reason. The dream was about some guy who got bitten by a vampire and they performed some ritual to turn him into one of them. Don't remember exactly how it went, but ti did involve tying him to a stone altar and branding a dragon symbol on his chest. If I remember correctly Dracula is romanian for "son of dragon" or something like that, so that probably explains the dragon. No idea why I dreamed of vampires in the first place, tho. Nothing I had seen or done in the entire week had anything to do with any vampires.

Matrix quidf scire vis? from The Matrix, Canada Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
quidf scire vis?
Dec 10th 2008 at 3:42:25 PM

I remember a dream I had a long time ago, when I was like 10 or something, and I was handing out Kirby abilities to my class. Yes. Kirby abilities. The ones from Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star.

Another dream involved me being chased by a dog.

Oh and another one was where I was helping get people out of this school-like building... I forget what the danger was, but there was this girl with black hair and she was saving people too, I think. At the end she kissed me O_o

Edgestuck Tumblr
Joysweeper I don't know, Cap. from Michigan
I don't know, Cap.
Dec 10th 2008 at 6:04:04 PM

I had a dream once where I had a tiny little apartment and lived alone. And then the streets flooded, and I was trying to move all my stuff into my car when an Elite came and helped me. He was nice. He also fished a kitten out of the gutter for me.

...I don't understand myself.

Zyxzy Embrace the mindscrew from Salem, OR
Embrace the mindscrew
Dec 10th 2008 at 6:06:52 PM

I remember my only nightmare, when I was a child. It was in three parts. It was about a a green-skinned pointy nosed mummy(think Gannanondorf). The first part was the mummy slowly getting out of his sarcophagus on the slope of a rocky hill, scaring away a little girl but the nearby guy didn't notice until it was too late. And then he was eaten. And in the next scene, same guy, sitting in front of a fire. Mummy comes in, guy stands up, and gets bitten...and bleeds black blood. next part, guy defeats Mummy. And the production values were horrible. And it woke me up.

The rest of my dreams are just boring, dream-logic situations from real life. I blame the Asperger's. Or the minor Alexithymia.

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Brickman Gentleman Adventurer! from wherever adventure takes me Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Gentleman Adventurer!
Dec 10th 2008 at 6:51:25 PM

Someone wanna dig up the old dream thread? I had some good ones in there. Anyways, since (checks) July 31 of this year I've been writing down any interesting dreams I can remember in the morning, and some of them are pretty, well, interesting. Here's one from November 8, just copy-pasted from the dreamlog:

"On a lighter note, I also had dreams last night involving a theme park whose rides were ridiculously unsafe for pedestrians but not those on the rides, in which first people successfully kidnapped me and almost got smashed driving off, then people tried to and I got away, and somehow I got asked to help with a murder investigation by sneaking into someone’s restaurant through a hole in the roof (the roof, somehow, being in the theme park). I did, the owner found me, he chased me out and tried to beat the crap out of me but outside was a long boulevard which I can only assume represented the internet, which was a very public place. The entire thing was one really, really long street, lined with all sorts of attractions, restaurants, businesses and other cool things and which strangely had a ceiling, making it actually an enclosed tunnel. It had no sidestreets. Anyways, I knew the place in a rough sense but foolishly ran in the direction opposite my way out. At the end of the street was a smaller tunnel whose entrance looked like a mouth, and while I didn’t remember where it lead I knew it let out somewhere in here. I didn’t follow it, though, just walked down the street the other way. Side note, there were cars for some reason, and blocks, though no cars within about a block of the end, which is really strange in retrospect. Anyways, as I pass his place that restaurant owner spots me again even though I’m on the opposite side of the street and chases me to the bus stop, where a lot of people are waiting. The bus stop has a ton of ads all over while you’re waiting, mostly on screens on the floor but also one at a time is projected into the air with sound and animation, like an obnoxious banner ad. They’re mostly for movies. Anyways, the restaurant guy tries to convince the people here to let him beat me up but they take my side. I don’t remember anything after."

And one of two from Oct 25:

"It started out in a videogame where each level was about “dodging everything as you move past it” from a different perspective; one level you’d be running from a sidescroller view, the next riding something’s back from a behind-you view, etc. The dream started with me reaching a level where I had to grab a dinosaur’s tail and hold on, dodging crap, as a T-Rex chased us. He quickly headed for water and I had to dodge waves and stuff, which was easy, but then the level transformed. Upon leaving the water the dino became a van with a rope attached to it (me on the rope), the obstacles were trees and the level became massively unfair (T-Rex stayed though). The guy in the van assured me that I should not try to do anything fancy because his goal was also to get me there in one piece and he had more control. He tried his best, but the level was designed so nastily I still hit a bunch of trees. Anyways, fast forward to the finish line. We’re indoors, in a basement or something, and both on foot, though I’m still tied to him. We’re told to come up some stairs and into the next room to claim our prize. There’s some boards blocking the bottom of the stairs; he somehow gets past them easily, and clearly the intention is that I slide under them, but that being too hard I just smash them and let myself maybe lose points. I then climb up and notice the wooden floor up there seems weak and ready to give out at any moment. I carefully walk down the hall to the door and find inside a room where other contestants (yeah, this morphed into a contest by this point by the way) have been trapped. There’s several holes in the floor where people fell through, including my partner (who’s still standing in it—did I mention these holes are only about 6 feet deep yet treated as inescapable?), and half of the room has a floor at my level while half doesn’t so you can clearly see the floor underneath it, where a LOT of people are trapped. As I said, six feet deep but treated as inescapable. The villain is sitting behind a desk, positioned so I could theoretically walk to it but he has another exit nearby which doesn’t risk falling, and congratulates or taunts me or something. I forget. Anyways, I run away. He yells after me that it won’t hurt, to which I retort that starving to death will. So he yells that he’s sending “speedy” after me (who is apparently another contestant). I see him start heading for me, and split. I run up two flights of stairs and into an auditorium where an audience was apparently watching (this was the finish line), except half have left and the rest are bored, sleeping, doing other things or both. I declare that someone’s coming and he’s going to kill me, to get their attention, and race to the far end, but by the time I get there speedy has caught up. I should note that when I first saw him he was a small white boy but somehow he’d now turned into a big black guy. Anyways, we trade punches for all of fifteen seconds before I “convince” him to flee with me, although a narrator in my minds eye says he just plans to return with more health to fight me later. Anyways, I wake up about this point, with an exit to the building in sight. After that, I tried to go back to sleep, but not until after making sure to remember the details of that. My brain punishes me with a lot of nonsensical dreams which sort of half-form plots and are all interrelated in the sense of being completely incompatible but easily confusable."

And one more, Oct 5, simply because this one was so odd:

"This was strange. I had a lot of dreaming last night. The first half was normal, although interesting in and of itself. What I remember is a part where I was acting out a mishmash of a videogame and a book I’ve been reading recently, and the part I remember was that a whole bunch of us (all the protagonists, at least 4-5 people) had to cram into a little small tube thing which would act as transport to help us escape. It was cramped and you couldn’t move even in the best of circumstances, but for some reason one of the characters (the videogame half seemed to be selectable characters) decided to let a little kid trapped in the place also escape with us, which I insisted made the pod so full that we couldn’t make it. We barely fit. He insisted though, and we made it. . . but when we got to our destination there was a place where signs corresponding to us were somehow supposed to lead us further and a sign with a number one higher than the number of people we were supposed to bring (aka for the kid) started flying at him, picked him up and tried to carry him all the way back, since he shouldn’t be here. Now, viewpoint shifted temporarily to the kid, and I knew I’d seen this part before—the sign would eventually crashland near a restaurant or something but on its way down was traveling so fast it caused several things (normal signs and stuff) to spin wildly. A mad-scientist type who was wandering around the building aimlessly was then supposed to ramble about how that was just the solution he was looking for, “travel=spinning”, but when I mentioned myself he assured me that wasn’t enough to stop him from killing me and does so. Instead, I ran into a Burger King on the other side before he could see me. I knew his next action after killing me was supposed to be burning this place down, so I fled out the back and kept running until I got to what was effectively a graveyard which looked like my backyard. I made the mistake of quicksaving (yes, you read it right) when I got there. After getting to the back, I knew something was behind me and tried to climb the fence, but I got grabbed and presumably killed. I immediately tried to load a game and realized I’d saved over my quicksave, and the last time I’d made a hard save was a long time ago, and I got pissed and, somehow or other, quit. In retrospect I realized that since the kid was supposed to die before returning focus to the party the save was probably still usable even though I was playing at him. It went on longer than that, but that’s what I remember."

I've got more too, if anyone wants.

Your funny quote here! (Maybe)
Dec 11th 2008 at 12:48:49 PM

My dreams are usually fantastical and surreal. But my favorite retelling is a mundane dream where I'm having a normal conversation with my boyfriend for ten minutes. I woke up mid-sentence and found out I was still spouting out the sentence from my dream. My boyfriend, still asleep, responded. Turns out we both talk in our sleep and my 'dream conversation' had actually been happening to both of us simultaneously. Freaky.

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[AOD] TV Tropes #1 Anime Fan
TV Tropes #1 Anime Fan
Dec 11th 2008 at 2:26:12 PM

When I remember my dreams, they tend to be rather lonely and there's always a very strong sense of place. I usually dream of places look familiar to me — the buildings at my school, places in the city where I live, the marshy salt flats by the Bay behind my house — only they're altered and made surreal by the dreamscape (and probably poor memory). They're almost always bigger than reality, or have recurrent features such as bizarre elevators, a certain series of dirt paths or ramps, a certain style of architecture or layout of rooms.

The strangest thing about my dreams is that usually they're devoid of people, or have very few people around. It's usually me looking around, walking about or trying to get somewhere, interacting with or exploring the landscape or the building.

I really like these dreams.

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HeartBurnKid Yes, I'm better than you from Parts Unknown
Yes, I'm better than you
Dec 11th 2008 at 5:39:42 PM

I had this one dream once where I was in this underground civilization of mythical creatures, and there was this big bad dragon thing that was trying to take over, and I was supposed to fight it off, but I was a fat computer nerd that can't fight (which I was IRL; I'm much less fat now, but the rest is still true), and then this little gnome thing reminded me that I was dreaming, and so I called down this weird character creator thing (like the create-a-wrestler mode in a wrestling game) to re-shape my body into a gargoyle-type-thing and beat the snot out of it.

Another really odd dream was about me being chased around a Staples store by a knife-wielding homicidal maniac and his pet poodle.

And then there was one where I was in a wrestling match against Jerry Springer, and the crowd spent the whole time chanting "BO-RING! BO-RING! BO-RING!"

Yeah, I've had some weird dreams.

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HighFive from Canada
Dec 11th 2008 at 6:20:06 PM

Harry Truman. And the Scissor Sisters. Text messaging. In Japanese.

What was my brain on? Seriously?!

Dec 11th 2008 at 8:11:41 PM

There's this drug called "sleep"; High Five, I suspect that's what your brain was on. It's a really pleasant drug too, and also perfectly legal in most cases (just don't do it while driving, at work, or operating heavy machinery).

For me, this drug has produced the following experiences, among profusely many others:

  • meeting the Voltron Force at an airport
  • my most recent story idea involving a girl and boy who room together in a dorm for some reason and are thrown through a portal into a New England town in the 1700s
  • at least one idea for a videogame theme tune
  • nightmares of finding out that I somehow totally didn't realize that a class had a final exam and found out the night before it

LullTheConqueror Love Freak from eternal loli Hell
Dec 12th 2008 at 8:41:42 AM

I once had a dream in which I was in a theatre with two Real Life friends and a tall, handsome man, who turned his head, gave me that pipe-smoking grin, and revealed himself to be J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. We were watching some World War II movie or other, and then a gang of guerrillas in black-and-white camouflage (which would, of course, be useless to camouflage oneself in any real environment - we're talking matte black and snow white) burst through the screen and started protesting nothing in particular (they may in fact have had something to protest, but they were chanting in an incomprehensible language - or maybe we were too far away to hear them). They were doing an intricate dance while they did this.

"Bob", my friends, and I proceeded to exorcise them by laughing our asses off. Then "Bob" smiled at me and I was enlightened. The full extent of my enlightenment would take too long to describe here, but I seriously did wake up with an understanding I hadn't gone to bed with.

the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
Dec 12th 2008 at 11:29:46 PM

I woke up one morning last week with the phrase in my mind: "Though some worlds exponentially shy away from reality through an accelerating process of leather panting..." I wish I remember the actual dream.

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Dec 13th 2008 at 9:30:59 AM

I dreamed that there was a woman who stood on the tracks in front of an approaching train, ignoring it while talking on the phone. Her lover had such a psychological grip on her that he could talk her into doing it, and did so that the search for a stolen painting would read a dead end.

Joysweeper I don't know, Cap. from Michigan
I don't know, Cap.
Dec 13th 2008 at 2:42:40 PM

I once woke up with the conviction that sleeping brains receive alien TV signals, and since they aren't designed for us and we haven't paid for them, we don't get the part of the signal that makes these things make sense.

Dec 16th 2008 at 9:06:57 PM

Yesterday, I dreamt Mr. T, Bloo and Coco from foster's Home from Imaginary Friends and I did a Mystery Science Theater 3000- like commentary on a So Bad, It's Good 80's american live action adaptation of Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure. It had Adaptation Decay to the point Jotaro shot ice and he turned into Star Platinum. And Dio was played by David Bowie.

It was the best dream ever.

But I also have bad dreams. I remember one where I was on my graduation ceremony from highschool and I had to go fetch something from a friend's van, and on my way, a gril with glasses killed me and... uh, has any one you played Killer7? It was more or less like that Emir Parkreiner thing: from then on she could turn into "me" and use "my" identity to work as an assassin. Only when she was "me" my personality was incredibly cynic and violent. There was also a fat, black middle- aged man, a japanese schoolgirl and a rabbi living inside her head (which was a hellish cave/bizarro dimension/Salvador Dalí painting) to be used as alternate personalities whenever she wnated to kill someone. On the good side, I had a cool Dirty- Harry style revolver, and Revolvers Are Just Better. The black man had a Sawed-Off Shotgun, the rabbi had a Tommy Gun with a Star of David spraypainted on it and the japanese chick had generic Highly Visible Ninja powers. The girl with the glasses had just a semi- atuomatic that I didn't even had the time to identify. So it was as cool as it gets for being imprisoned in the mind of a psycho, I think.

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