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Fantastic Racism cleanup

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May 27th 2020 at 4:28:08 PM

I've noticed the Fantastic Racism trope getting misused on here a lot, so I'm creating this thread to try and rectify that error. Just to be clear, the trope does NOT mean racism in general, but rather, to quote the page itself:

""Fantastic" as in "fantasy" or fictional, not as in "awesome" (i.e., not the way the Doctor uses "fantastic"); racism never is.

A subset of the old trick of dealing with thorny issues through metaphor. Instead of having the hero encounter racism between, say, white and black people in the American Deep South, or between ethnic Czech and Roma in the Czech Republic, or between Ainu and Japanese, or any other sets of real-world groups, they encounter racism between two-headed aliens and three-headed aliens, or between people with earth-themed elemental powers and people with water-themed elemental powers, or between shapeshifting squid-people and shapeshifting octopus-people.

Note that this can also cover other types of prejudice: anti-queer sentiment, religious differences, and so on. (In which case, "Fantastic Discrimination" or "Fantastic Prejudice" would be a more apt term.)"

Some examples of misuse I've encountered:


Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Proper uses:

  • Star Wars has a few examples:
    • Droids, while apparently sentient, are clearly treated like second-class citizens at best and chattel slaves at worst. At the end of A New Hope, C-3P0 and R2-D2 are clearly shown excluded from the awards ceremony. Also, Wuher the grouchy barman at the Catina hates droids. While some people have pointed out that droids would just take up space in a dining establishment, the barman clearly states, "We don't serve their kind here," and "We don't want them," suggesting that he was deliberately withholding some sort of potential service.

So anyway, if you see any potential misuses, post them here.

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