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Born 1993. College graduate with a bachelor's degree in marketing communications. Metal and horror fanatic. Animal lover. Autistic. Aspiring writer and graphic designer. Midwesterner by birth, Californian at heart. Can usually be found on the Complete Monster thread. Deleted most of my info on here because cringe. Let's just say I'm an introspective morally ambiguous version of The Atoner and leave it at that.


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Nightbound Mythos:

  • Nightbound: The first story I completed in my adulthood! Yet another attempt at my take on the vampire genre, inspired by my latest obsession with the band Tribulation and their song of the same name. This dark tale follows a Nightbound, a superior breed of vampire who were turned by their own choice through (currently) unknown means. They are essentially Humanoid Abominations who traverse the realms of the dead during the day and the living at night. Plot is pretty basic, about one of the Nightbound stalking its prey, but it just might be part of a larger story someday. For now though, it's just a tribute to my favorite band. Can be read here.
  • Unclean (working title): An Alternate History novella set in San Diego, California in The New '20s, COVID-19 has reached its peak, hospitals are overcrowded, the economy is crumbling, and something far more sinister yet is coming out of the woodwork. Something that has been around for ages, waiting for the opportunity to arise to bleed civilization dry. One of them, a young woman who has been recently turned, seeks, instead, to combat the pandemic, even if it potentially means the damnation of the human race. But she's not alone. The undead thirst. For blood and for dominion. And they will not rest until they may seize control of humankind unchecked.


  • A New Worldnote : Trent Michaels has given up trying to be a good man. Depression has taken everything away from him. His job, his freedom, his girlfriend, and now he spends his days getting drunk and taking out his self-loathing on total strangers. But he's given an unexpected opportunity to change his life.
  • Nowhere: A particularly stressful semester has left Chelsea Peterson exhausted, and overjoyed for spring break. That is, until her car breaks down on the way to her cabin up north. A seemingly well-intentioned stranger finds her out on the road and offers to help, but Chelsea quickly catches on to his troubling demeanor, and is now forced to flee for her life into the foreboding woods on the side of the road. Now, she's left with a handful of choices: either run deeper into the ruthless woods and continue to hide, or make a stand.

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