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Scipion3 "Title...? Title... That's a title." from "Somewhere... So much possibilities..." Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
"Title...? Title... That's a title."
Oct 14th 2020 at 9:14:11 AM

Dave's Home Base, Medical Wing

:"We appreciate the offer, Hans." Mewtwo said to him.

"Knowing Scipion, he might be wondering what we are doing."

"Who cares about the red-maned shit?" Mewtwo crudely replied. The alien smirked in amusement.

Giegue slowly sat down, nuzzling Ori. He laid still, gently covering his brother with his arms, like to keep him warm. Mewtwo sat down next to them and embrace Giegue and Ori as well. They stopped moving, ignoring the environment around them.


Medusa watched from a cliff the season's end. Soon enough, Veran and Ultimecia teleported before her.

   "Well, well, well, you actually managed to place third. Not bad. That means you will have to participate in the Battle Royale."    Veran said to Ultimecia, smirking.

   "Indeed. This will prove to be a nice distraction..."    Ultimecia calmly replied.

   "Unfortunately..."    Medusa coldly interrupted.

   "What, are you not satisfied?"   

   "We have other things to do than wasting our time here."    the goddess grumbled. She summoned a portal and left, followed by her two allies.

Expedition Society Headquarters

Aaron and Lucian went inside the training room where Alex and Tokage were fighting each other.

"Wait, they are fighting each other? Isn't Tokage at a huge disadvantage considering his type?"

"Yes, but this is not the first time they trained with each other. And Tokage is very fast." Aaron said, looking as the Grovyle swiftly dodged his partner's punches.

Tokage then used his camouflage ability and blended with his environment.

"Shit, not again..." Alex complained. He took a deep breath and breathed fire around him, hoping to catch Tokage. The Grovyle was faster and reappeared right below Alex where he was about to strike with his leaf blades. Alex jumped away from the attack.

"HEY!!! What's the big idea?! You weren't going to attack me at that spot, do you? Who the hell even does that??" Alex exclaimed.

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course, I would not. Just remember that in battle, people may aim at that spot. You know, like Morgan."

"Yeah. But the guy's a dick."

Both Aaron and Lucian stared shocked at Alex who smiled nervously, embarrassed as he realized what he just said.

"...Please tell me that pun was not intentional." Tokage sighed, facepalming.

"Errmmm... Keep fighting?"

"sigh. Keep fighting."

"You're from the real world... Aren't you...? Hello."
Billy5545 Diavolo from Naples, Italy
Oct 14th 2020 at 9:44:59 AM

Billy's Mansion (Season 124)

After Billy's Clone finishes forming the Tributes of Gravity Specialists, he gets a call from Chris Manshine. The android head of the Design Room said to him, "We have nominated your tributes for this season. They are now going to arrive soon in five minutes estimate."

The Clone says that he understands, then speaks to the newly formed group that he has something to attend for a bit. While the group waits, they notice Arcturus and have various reactions depending on their personalities.

He soon arrives to see Upin and Ipin, and Masha already standing at the teleporter room. They look around as they express their amazement at the environment. They also try to introduce to each other on their respective languages, but as the former two speak Malaysian and the other speaks Russian, they don't understand.

The Clone soon helps them by giving them a translator that he claims will allow them to understand what they say, while his own translator allow him to speak in English while the twins and the girl will hear him in Malay and Russian respectively. Admittedly though, Billy can speak Malay well without the translator.

Soon the children are told to stay outside of the lounge for a bit. The Clone soon enters and says to everyone inside that the three children will be his tributes for this season, then reveals something similar to what his main self said, even though he is not aware of what his main self is now doing or exactly said obviously. However, unlike him, he clarifies more on what he means to prevent misunderstanding. It includes specifying that "few exceptions" means that he understands there are children who are already exposed to the grown-up, grim side of reality of the world as well as evil ones. He says that they will be exempted from the mandatory data clone participation and given the choice to participate themselves or not.

He also says that the censored Game will be only for innocent kids like Upin and Ipin, and Masha because they are never exposed to the horrors of the world and he doesn't want to force them to lose their innocence early. As he told them to stay inside and the room is soundproofed, Upin and Ipin, and Masha can't hear him clearly. He soon lets them enter, whereupon they see Arcturus and immediately call him cute, before wanting to play with him by running up to chase him. Arcturus immediately responds by running away, though he seems to find this game fun.

The secretive boss of Passione. Currently fighting in King for 2 Days (alongside Utsuho).
dave_the_assassin Princess of Heart from the Destiny Islands Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Princess of Heart
Oct 14th 2020 at 10:33:01 AM

The Hidden Dimension

Xehanort, Father and Porky arrive at the meeting room. Lady Babylon, Shang Tsung, the Shadow Master, and the rest of the Council are all there.

   "Porky Aloysius Minch.... You've performed admirably, in the Neon Quarters. Thus, I shall officially induct you as part of the League Council. Along with.... Shang Tsung, seeing as he has been in service of Lord Terminus since the start."   

   "It is an honor, my lady. I shall do my best to not disappoint."   

   "Thank you for the appreciation. Now then, I've already arranged a representative for the Arena: the Dragon King, Onaga. The Lord High Protector had wagered a deal with him during the era of Valecor and Timewrecker, but with them gone, and with Shao Kahn and his forces having since left the Legion, it was not terribly difficult to convince him to join us with his army under the pretense of conquest and revenge."   

   "Good. The Army of the Dragon King is said to be undefeatable, and will thus prove to be a useful asset for us."   

   "And our other 'friends'? There are reports of a Kaiju attack near the Neon Quarters. If I have to guess, it may be a scapegoat for the nominators to believe, to muddy the talks of their existence."   

   "Let our 'friends' do what they want to do. We will work from the shadows, monitoring their progress while we embolster our own forces to prepare for Lord Terminus' return."   

   "And this man with the festering darkness?"   

   "As was said, he is to be left alone. Leave it to our 'friends' to do with him as they please. We are to oppose them if and only if their interests align against our own. Until then, we shall not interfere."   

The meeting is then adjourned for now.

Dave's Home Base

Hans is currently has just finished contacting someone.... or rather, somedragon. He had been in talks with Ember, having wished for her to join as oart of the Reptile Season after what he deems to be a passable job at the Dragon Season a long while back. The Dragon Lord, unfortunately, is currently preoccupied with diplomacy and a bunch of newly hatched dragons, and she is thus currently unable to cooperate with the plan.

Resigned, the Vice Head Adviser decides to use a data clone again for this case, then sends her to the Arena.

Vote for her in KF2D, because she's a pure innocent cutie
kablammin45 The not-so-itsy-bitsy spider from DK Island Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The not-so-itsy-bitsy spider
Oct 14th 2020 at 10:49:00 AM

District 9 (Eye-Sicle's Lair)

Thank you so much, sir! (Stanford says.)

Hey, if anything else comes up, just give us a call! (Miss Ball says as everyone gets off.) I'm sure we'll figure out a way to get back out of there!

Eye-Sicle's Lair (Inside)

(Eye-Sicle made sure he was prepared to get more tributes this time around. Unable to decide on who to pull in for this reptile theme (especially with the two reptiles he originally brought in still AWOL as far as he knows), he pulls in two random tributes. Coincidentally, they both end up being snakes; one being a slightly ghostly and rather fat-looking snake with what looks like a clover on their head, and the other...just a plain green snake with seemingly no powers whatsoever from a garden belonging to some family of bears. He's intrigued when he gets more info about the two and finds out about the first snake's ability to grant good luck to people.)

Good luck, eh? (Eye-Sicle mutters.) Maybe their good luck 'll rub off on me this season.

Just been playing the Donkey Kong Country games lately
DubhKafkaesque Kerosene! from Scotland Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Oct 14th 2020 at 12:08:43 PM

Gamemaker Shaffer's texts


i drunk


i made it


did it

i did ti

i got them in

i had to stay up until fucking sutpuid in the morning but damn

worth it

Kafka, how drunk are you?


i sa id something about drinking till i vomited souls right

It might have been along those lines, yes.

anyway who the fuck is this

hazy monster

im not going to this partty i don't know these people

You wanted to get to know the other nominators, yes? This may be your best chance.

no fuck off

no parties with strangrers

okay mayube party with strangers if literally bnothibng else is possible

I'll see if I can arrange something regardless.

thabnks m8

now i shall sleep and wake up with a hangover that makes me wanty to top myself


I can be your baby in real life, sugar / I can live in your dreams
Smiley100P fox Relationship Status: Every rose has its thorn
Oct 14th 2020 at 3:50:49 PM


Elliot looked at the sun through the tainted glass of the Morth Space Station Alpha, his paws holding a small set of cards. He knew he missed the nomination again, but he didn't really mind. It was a long few months, after all.
It was his job to manage all the messes, a purpose he created his own country on Morth Alpha for. The resurrection, for one, didn't bring everyone back. Who knew a simple 6% of the world disappearing shook every aspect of society up? Granted, Elliot didn't expect Shenron to get everything right, he just wanted to bring his home back. And that he did. Society just needed a lot of work.
Funnily enough, the crime rate was low- it was an easy explanation, people were now aware there was an afterlife and they knew who got in heaven and who got in hell depended on the moral compasses of some stupid reapers.
One of which Elliot sensed behind him.

"Thistle," Elliot asked without turning around, "What are you doing on the mortal plane?" Behind Elliot was another cat, whose fur was a vibrant red and whose skeletal apparition resembled an ancient shark. Megalodon, if he got his sources right.
"because I wanted to speak to you, furbag," they said, "Do you know what you did letting all these souls back in the Mortal plane?"
"I do," Elliot confirmed, "I just thought you guys were overwhelmed. ...Among other things."
"You are aware you combined the afterlife of two separate universes, right-"
"Thistle." Barnaby appeared through the door, wearing a gray and yellow bracelet on his left wrist. "His shift's been over for half an hour. Please don't bother him."
"Wait, what?" Elliot and Thistle asked simultaneously. Barnaby nodded. "Elliot, as both your personal manager and a friend, step out of the office."
"I'll talk to you in the morning, Thistle," Elliot told the reaper, his tail swishing as he began to leave the room. However, he was stopped again.
"Wait," Thistle asked, "...Can't you, like... y'know, shapeshift?"
Elliot gave a huff, sitting down. "Not any-fuckin'-more, I can't," he said with a scowl.
"His body is a bit of a touchy subject to him."
"...Right," Thistle said, backing down, "I understand."
"Now go back to the Rift."
Thistle stood back up for a few moments before disappearing through a portal. Elliot, not in the brightest of moods, stepped through a portal to his gray and blue living room, flopping over on the couch. Barnaby looked through the portal, sighing. "Can I come in?" he asked.
"Yeah, sure," Elliot said, flicking his tail in his own direction. Barnaby followed, walking over near him as the portal closed, leaving an empty office with the door open.

what if shes a US government agent sent to disable the pakistanian government so they can launch a """"peacekeeping mission"""" smh
Oggy123 Happy boy from Jakarta, Indonesia
Happy boy
Oct 14th 2020 at 11:52:33 PM

Kirby's Dream

Hinawa continues.

"Oh dear, i hope you treat my son well down there! But the threats are not over yet."


"Not just the League, but there is another. A being embodying light, yet not friendly. She was the one who sends out monsters to ravage your place."


"Yes, the monster who lurked in the Winter's End... She belonged to her. You do have friends other than Lucas, do you?"

Kirby nods.

The Fields

Marx, in the dead of night, arrives near the large crystal which encased the siphonophore entity. It glows in a beautiful way.

"Yes... this seems like a great source of power."

Whispers can be heard. Marx is mesmerized by the crystal's beauty.

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Don't Call Him Basic
Oct 15th 2020 at 5:15:19 AM

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     Gravity and Censorship 

Billy's Mansion, pre-S124

Power and Alphys go to the lounge for their break, and Billy's Clone introduces the ToGS to them.

"Interesting!" says Alphys, "I'm sure you know that Sans and Papyrus can also control gravity by turning SOULs blue!"

"And WALL-E also attained those powers back in S118!" adds Power. "He lost his sanity because he got them from a black hole, however, but he's allowed to keep them thanks to the rule revision!"

Billy's Clone then clarifies his policy for his kid tributes after nominating them for the next season. Power and Alphys nod in understanding.

"Frisk already knows about the grim realities of death thanks to Flowey, but they still don't like killing or hurting anyone. That's why they want to be cloned and look away whenever something graphic happens in the Arena."

Power looks at Alphys and Billy's Clone with concern. 6k1's heroic kid tributes trust her well enough to wipe their traumatic Arena memories, but is she doing more harm to them than good?

Power disagrees with the Clone's decision to make data cloning mandatory for the innocent ones, however, recalling the time when the real Cirno really wanted to join Carlos in S115.

"Maybe you should also ask them if they want to go," she says to him, "and make data cloning mandatory for babies instead."

She thinks about the Cake Twins, Flurry Heart, Jack-Jack, and the Snowgies. How 6k1 negotiated with their respective parents (or creator for the last one) is concerning, especially when Pound Cake wound up to be the most murderous in OT S105...

     The Dropouts 

Flashback: Power's Art School, Day 5

Paper and Blue Pearl were patiently waiting for their next students when they suddenly heard a bloodcurdling meow and piercing howl.

"Oh no..." Paper shuddered.

"Could it be...?" asked Blue.

The art clone went to the front door to find the source of the noise. She gasped and immediately retrieved her axe and shield, then warned Blue about the intruders.

"But what if those two genuinely want to learn?"

"Then we have to tame them first!"

Blue summoned her sais and rushed out of the school with Paper. They stopped in their tracks when they saw the droid guards firing their lasers and guns at the giant eldritch Bingus.

"Oh Celestia, he destroyed the Forcefield!"

The Carbon Dog then charged at the two and howled at them.

"Paper, see if you can scare away that cat monster! I'll handle this fire dog!"

She gulped. "I-I'll try..."

Paper moved her shield in front of her and made a few warning swings at Bingus with her axe, while Blue danced away from the Carbon Dog's fireballs while swiping her sais at it. Bingus then opened his mouth and fired a giant laser at Paper while the Dog charged at Blue. They're both sent flying into the wall, leaving a huge dent on it, but Blue got up and continued her fight while Paper got crumpled by her shield.

"Paper, are you alright?!"

The art clone struggled to get up and raised her shield again.

"Y-Yes... I'm fine... Bingus did quite a number to this shield, so I hope it can still last!"

She looked away and winced as the eldritch cat fired another laser at her while the droids continued shooting. Bingus was barely affected by their attacks, and his laser soon blasted the shield into ashes. The Carbon Dog, meanwhile, was wounded by Blue's strikes, and it broke away from her and charged at Paper.

"Don't you DARE hurt the Headmare like that!" Blue shouted as she chased it away, but it spat another fireball at Paper before running off.

The clone screamed as her long-suppressed nightmare last Villain Month came back to her. In it, Mitama invaded her school and insulted her art skills, then tore out her horn, boarded up the exits, and set the school on fire. Dream!Paper screamed as she succumbed to the flames, just as the real Paper passed out when one of the assistant droids splashed water on her.

Bingus, meanwhile, got bored of the fight and crushed some of the droid soldiers in his paws before leaving. Blue went to Paper's side and called the other assistant droid to patch her up, for half of her body was burned.


The Database Library, Present Day


6k1 relays Dave's thoughts on the kaiju to Bale, then goes down with Ally to merge her as requested. She also catches up with the season but freaks out at the attack at the Art School.

"At least it wasn't completely destroyed... I hope Paper and the staff are okay..."

Once the season ends, she calls the Medical Department to offer assistance to Paper and a construction company to make additional repairs, and also to fortify the school's forcefield for better resistance against eldritch attacks. Hopefully attacks like this will be less frequent in the future...

She then calls the Tribute Research Department to have Sera and the Glass Dragon repaired using Assembly Manuals before being sent to the Arena. Their Impairments, as the toys in the Dollhouse called it, were the closest thing they have to death, and after Adeline and her toy friends defeated Sera and put the Glass Dragon out of his misery, they've been paralyzed ever since.

6k1 then ends the call and goes back up to Dave. She yawns again.

"What is it, brother? Is there anything you need from me? If it's about... my problem, can we just talk about it tomorrow? Best that I have a straight mind so we can settle this peacefully."

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He's an individual, darn it, and he's going to make a difference even if it kills you.
Billy5545 Diavolo from Naples, Italy
Oct 15th 2020 at 8:23:42 AM

Billy's Mansion (Season 124)

As Billy is about to speak about his policy, Power mentions that WALL-E gained that kind of power at the cost of his sanity. Overhearing this, Sigma gets interested and says, "So I am not alone in trying to understand the chaos of the universe. I hope he can understand it like me, because the universe has no obligation to make sense to us." Hearing this, the Clone mentions about how the event was suggested by someone, and that it is specifically based on the accident Sigma suffered that led to him becoming his current self.

Then he speaks about his policies, being clearer than his main self this time. As Power starts questioning him. He first clarifies the situation with Cirno, "I admit that was a mistake on my part. Actually I do not consider her that innocent, considering she has been living for decades and how she got involved in a lot of fighting. In addition, there is also how she has a habit of freezing frogs."

Then Power gives her suggestion. This is still something that makes Billy's Clone relapses something, about how he may be a bit too naive and overprotective to them. In his mind, he thinks as he notices that even among the so-called innocent kid tributes, they still actually experienced death in some form. Either the death of someone they loved like pets or family members, or alternatively imagining, witnessing or even getting into something similar to a life-or-death situations. He remembers about how from some footages that he watched of Upin and Ipin's imagination for example, there were moments like the dinosaur imagination where they went extinct and the twins were forced to return to present time.

However, he is also conflicted by how telling them that they will be participating in a game that force them to kill or be killed is fine to those innocent children. He could also tell them something more vague, like the whole thing being an awesome adventure, because he knows that they would be traumatized at the whole prospect of the killing game if told bluntly and may lose parts of their innocence even if they eventually refuse due to the nature of it, but he doesn't want to lie to them that way.

After these thoughts, the Clone starts saying that what Power said is his plan for the babies, but he knows few exception to that. He immediately tells everyone that one of the examples is Mannish Boy, the Stand User of Death 13. He tells stories about how he is intelligent like an adult and can speak, but he is very sadistic despite being a literal baby. He also mentions what he did with his Stand. Jotaro, having fought him before, adds to the story by including his personal accounts.

The Clone then vocalizes his earlier thought to everyone, because he still feels conflicted by it. He also adds that even though he is against memory wiping for tributes, he has no choice but to do it for tributes who really want therapy after their time in the Arena. He doesn't tell however that even the best process is still suppressive rather than being truly erasing. But then, he suddenly remembers two of the kids he nominated before, Kiko and Eika.

His thought is cut when the Clone receives a notification from Chris that two new arrivals have been accepted. They are for a certain multiversal game. Hearing this, the Clone says, "Please excuse me. I have to meet my competitors for a game of Survivor that is set on another universe. By the way, it has no relation to the other one. Anyway, I will continue after dealing with this."

He soon walks out to see that Chris and Fvearniyx have already accompanied said competitors, Utsuho Reiuji and Sagume Kishin. The former then speaks, "Huh, why are you having me come over again?" Meanwhile, the latter doesn't speak much and stays silent. The Clone then answers that he wants to send them to another game, where they will compete for few weeks. However he assures them that it is a different one that won't be lethal. Sagume finally speaks, "... So, you're sending me, the amanojoku, and the avatar of Yatagarasu to a little game... I'll have to try it."

After this meeting, the Clone orders them to be teleported to the competition area, because business there goes really quick. In fact, they will be back in just few hours later. He himself returns back to the lounge in order to continue, whereupon he adds about how he had to both wipe Kiko and Eika's memories after their respective seasons due to their troubling unchildlike behavior and traumatic deaths. However he heard stories about how they were still haunted subsconciously by it, so the Clone explains that as one of the reasons why he wants to protect the innocence of children who still have it with his policy.

The secretive boss of Passione. Currently fighting in King for 2 Days (alongside Utsuho).
dave_the_assassin Princess of Heart from the Destiny Islands Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Princess of Heart
Oct 15th 2020 at 9:15:30 AM

The LAAT/i Transport

"Always a pleasure, Mr. Stanford," Richardson replies, before departing again.

Unfortunately, when entering the Capitol, the ship breaks down, forcing the Fleet Admiral to land the ship. Fearing damages, he checks the conditions of the ship.

Soon enough, he discovers the cause: the engine's having major issues, and is seriously overheating. "Oh great, engine problems." he facepalms. "How inconvenient."

He then calls for a fix, and sends his coordinates. But the response isn't helping: the equipment isn't going to be ready until tomorrow.

"Well, that's just prime," the seasoned Admiral grumbled, clearly unhappy with this turn of events.

He then messages his higher ups of this turn of events, then decided to take some rest.

The Database Library

"Tired, are you? Well, I could say 'no' and deal with it right now.... but truthfully, I can understand that," Dave tells the Manager. He then receives the message from the Admiral.

"Welp, Richardson's ship broke down. Engine issues. The parts won't be ready until tomorrow."

"What then? Can't you just summon a portal for us to go home?"

"I would do that, but I'd prefer for the kids to enjoy their ride to our place. Think we're gonna have to stay here for the night. Then again, truthfully, I can use some books and rest too. I think I'll take the reading room the kids are in now, if you don't mind, sis. The kids would love to stay a little longer, anyway."

Vote for her in KF2D, because she's a pure innocent cutie
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The not-so-itsy-bitsy spider
Oct 15th 2020 at 10:46:23 AM

Eye-Sicle's Lair

(In the tribute lounge at Eye-Sicle's lair, pretty much everybody crashes on a sofa or bed.)

Well, that was an excitin' day. (June remarks as she flops onto a bean bag chair.) Sure, I wouldn't wanna live it over again, buuuuuut it was still excitin'.

I think I've had enough danger to last me a lifetime... (Jared groans.)

Hey, if this is what being here is going to be like, I could get used to it. (Miss Ball says.)

If we're going to be stuck here for a while and stuff like THAT is going to be the norm here, I think I should try to learn more about what I'm capable of doing. (Wanda says.) I don't think just lightning or making rainclouds is gonna cut it.

You all rest for now. I suppose I'll have to go see Eye-Sicle... (Stanford says, leaving the room.)

Good luck, Stanford. (Cleo says as he leaves.)

(Stanford enters the main room and finds a rather frazzled-looking Eye-Sicle looking at a monitor with two snakes whom Stanford assumes to be the tributes Eye-Sicle has chosen for this season on it.)

Um, sir-

(Stanford barely gets any words out before Eye-Sicle whirls around.) Stanford? Where the blazes have you been?! It's been chaos around here!

Sorry, sir, I went to introduce the other tributes to this world, and we got caught up in the middle of a grueling rescue mission. (Stanford explains.)

Well, while you've been gone, I had two groups of tributes break outta here, get past my robots, and steal my car! I've got people from their worlds out lookin' for 'em now. (Eye-Sicle says.) I want ya to build some new guards that won't get taken down by some old lady with a sword or frog tongues.

I'm sorry, frog tongues? Old women with swords?

Don't ask. Just get to work already. (Eye-Sicle says, shoving some hastily drawn blueprints into the small fox's paws.) I need some more sleep after the crap I had to deal with today. Keep an eye on those tributes while you work, alright?

Yes sir... (Stanford says, reluctantly getting settled in front of the monitor.) Erm, sir?

What now?

What did these folks who escaped look like? (Stanford asks.) Is their data in the machine?

Why don't ya look and find out for yourself? (Eye-Sicle groans.) You gonna tell people to look for 'em?

Well, yes. (Stanford says, though of course, he personally doesn't plan to have them be captured and brought back here for the sake of participating in a season.)

Good, do that already. (Eye-Sicle tosses a notepad to Stanford. Stanford sees that it has a phone number on the first page.) Figured out that one of the other nominators owns a library out here. Figure if you tell her what's goin' on, she'll let the others know and they can help look.

("Of course, 6k1..." Stanford realizes.) Thank you, sir. You go rest. I'll take it from here.

(Eye-Sicle continues on without saying anything else. Stanford then gets to work. First he pulls up the data from the summoning machine and learns which ones Eye-Sicle was talking about. Given the context clues given to him, he figures out that Eye-Sicle was talking about the Greens (whom Stanford briefly mistakes for being from that Springfield place at first), and the Plantars (which explains the frog tongues Eye-Sicle mentioned).)

(He does feel a bit hesitant to call 6k1 or anyone else right now when they're likely still recovering from the Sayaka rescue mission, but Panem is a dangerous place for those unfamiliar with it, and he worries for the safety of these two families (especially since they have kids). He picks up the communicator and dials the number for the library.)

Just been playing the Donkey Kong Country games lately
TroperNo9001 Don't Call Him Basic from Your Lawn Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Don't Call Him Basic
Oct 15th 2020 at 12:26:54 PM

     Childhood Memories 

Billy's Mansion, pre-S124

"I see..." says Power, "for every rule, there's always an exception."

"In the end, it's a case-by-case basis," adds Alphys.

"But again, I can see why you want to protect the innocents. It was hard for me to break the truth about Cirno to Carlos, and there are some things that kids aren't supposed to learn until they're older."


"But about those wiped memories, 6k1 always does that to her kid tributes, but due to the Necro/Medical Department's low budget until you donated to Dave's operation, Clone Billy, it had a random chance of failing. That's why Frisk requested to have their bad OT memories wiped long after the fact."

"Wait, how come they can remember what happened back then?"

"I theorize that their SAVE powers enable them to do so. As for me and 6k1, we were lucky to have them intact, the latter because of her Ripple Effect-Proof Memory from her time traveling. I wasn't as lucky as her, however, since my memories were scrambled until Valecor told me about the Voidlands."

Alphys puts a claw to her head and sweats. "I-I never liked that guy..."

"But even if the medical staff mastered the procedure, there's always a risk of accidents happening. Additionally, the effectiveness is estimated to be 99.9%, so if those bad memories aren't completely wiped, then they're suppressed in such a way that they're extremely unlikely to come back as nightmares. 6k1 once said that Mikey vaguely recalled 'something terrible' happening to his dad back in Season 52, and as long as he isn't reminded of what exactly happened, he'll be okay."

But then Power just remembered one of Mikey's friends.

"Isn't it that D. A. killed Kiko with a carefully crafted trap after he covered for her Arena crimes back in S57?"

Alphys gasps. "She did?!"

"Yeah, and of course, 6k1 gave her her aftercare treatment! And don't worry, none of her classmates held it against her for what happened in the Arena. They've been through dangerous field trips, after all!"

"B-B-But isn't the other kid in the striped shirt afraid of going on those field trips?"

"You mean Arnold?"

"Oh, right! Frisk said they met him at the meteor shower! But still, this nomination habit of your counterpart's seriously affecting the kids' performance in school!"

"She also tells their parents in their nomination letters to give them extra homework to compensate."

"Then again, we have yet another reason to convince her to use clones!"

     Goodnight, Brother 

The Database Library, post-S124

"Okay then, I'll have the night staff give you some mattresses." 6k1 smiles. "And I bet the kids are having fun! We have a children's section which has abridged versions of Hunger Games history. Not that it matters to those who already know about its nature, but it also has stories about tributes their age in their daily lives."

6k1 arranges to have the room prepared, says goodnight to Dave, and retreats back to her room, but before she could take the elevator, her phone rings.

"Thank you for calling the Hunger Games Database Library. This is TRP-6001, Database Manager and Head Librarian. How may I help?"

She suddenly recognizes the voice.

"Oh, Stanford! How's the trip? And is there anything we can do for you? The Library's open 24/7!"

He tells her about the missing tributes.

"Oh, them? I haven't seen them anywhere, but I think they're connected to Chip and Grime back in S121! I hope for their safety since families have been nominated before! But since I'll be tucking in for the night, I'll just wish you luck in tracking them down, and also tell Dave about them. Thanks for calling!"

She then saves Stanford's number in her contacts and relays his message to Dave before wishing him goodnight for real.

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Pecan gets Tabby's birthday box out of the fridge and puts it on the table in front of her.

Tabby opens it up and and is met with streamers exploding into her face. A dissatisfied look is on her face.

   "Goddammit Bale."   

"Heh, I like them!"

   "Whatever, letís dig in!"   

Tabby grabs a knife from the kitchen and cuts a piece for herself. She enjoys the food that is given to her.

   "Mmm, this is delicious!"   

   "Really? Lemme grab a piece!"   

   "Yep, itís very moist! Grab one!"   

They all finish the cake in a record's time.

Tabby taps her second in command on the shoulder.

   "Could you show me the invitation now?"   

"You mean the one from Hazemaster? Sure!"

Pecan fires it up and they both watch the whole thing. Tabby has her thumb on her chin the whole time.

   "RSVP? Iíll do it in the morning, Iím super tired."   

"Alright, head to your room and donít have a "wet dream" about Noire if thatís what itís called."

   "Ugh, you must of saw it. And also, Iím a girl, I donít have thoseÖ"   

   "I rather not have a conversation like this before bed, please. Also, you're way too young to know all of this shit, what the fuck."   


Pecan leaves while Tabby heads to her bed to sleep.

She's too lazy to change clothes so she just takes her shoes and socks off and lies down.

   "What a rough day, I should sleep on it."   

She closes her eyes and drifts to sleep. Little does she know that sheís being watched.


   "Well, would you look at that? Sheís here."   

   "Don't worry, we should strike later."   

   "When sheís asleep? Good idea..."   

   "That is preferable but how do we get in?"   

   "I'll think about it, letís wait for a bit."   


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Dave's Home Base, Medical Wing

After several hours, the trio of brother finally let go of their embrace. Ori seemed to be better.

"Can you walk?" Mewtwo asked as Giegue slowly helped the spirit getting up. Ori walked without too much problem. Both of his older "brother" sighed in relief.

"I... don't know how to thank you. All of you." Giegue said, almost tearing up.

"Smile. That will be enough for us. Hans, give my thanks to your two friends as well." Mewtwo said to Hans.

Then, they decided to leave. This time, Giegue warmly hugged his "nephew", followed by Ori and Mewtwo. After thanking him and Anna, Mewtwo summoned a portal and they left.

Distortion World

   "FINALLY!"    Scipion growled as the trio finally arrived. Mewtwo stared angrily at the Zoroark and looked at Ori. Scipion realized why they were so long and, surprisingly enough, apologized.

   "Is he gonna be fine?"   

"Yes, fortunately..."

   "Eyahaha! Nice!"    Scipion cackled.

He noticed the upcoming season and looked at Ridley, Lemmy, Volvagia and Firebrand.

   "Okay... Wich one?"    he asked, smirking.

Ridley roared in agreement while Firebrand raised his hand.

"Technically, I'm more of a demon than a reptile but I'm kinda like on so why the hell not?"

Scipion nodded and sent them both to the arena. Unlike Ridley, Firebrand still wished Giegue and his brothers his support.

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Eye-Sicle's Lair

Any time! (Stanford says. He then hangs up, still feeling a bit uneasy. He busies himself to creating Eye-Sicle's upgraded guards as he waits for this season to start.)

Somewhere en route to the Capitol...

(Along the route from Eye-Sicle's Lair to the Capitol, Eye-Sicle's car now sits on the side of the road, the Greens and the Plantars sitting on or around it.)

Wonderful, that polar bear guy must not have gotten gas in a while. (Anne groans.)

Dad, there any extra gas or somethin'? Chip and that big frog guy are probably 'bout here! (Cricket asks.)

Son, I've looked all over this car and I didn't find any more gas! (Bill says, trying to call his ex-wife on his cell phone.) Darn it, I can't get through to Nancy. I'd call a tow truck, but I dunno any of the town names I've seen.

Wait, you have cell phone reception? (Anne asks, quickly pulling out her own phone.) I haven't had cell phone reception in ages! Suddenly this doesn't seem as bad!

Erm, don't mean to alarm everybody but... (Hop Pop points at the rolling hills behind them, where several other vehicles that look like Eye-Sicle's Rolls Royce are coming up the road.)

I'd still like to give Chip a piece 'a my mind for puttin' us through this! (Gramma Alice says.) This is low even fer him!

Some other time, lady! They've got reinforcements! Let's get out of here! (Anne shouts.)

(Everyone flees into the woods.)

If this is how you felt when you first arrived in Amphibia, Anne, uh, I don't envy you one bit. (Sprig remarks.) What do we do now?

I suppose we could just head on into the wilderness and start a new civilization. (Tilly says.) Then thousands of years from now, they'll know how we lived out here.

Uhhh, not an ideal suggestion if you ask me. (Anne says.)

If I can just call a tow truck or the police, I'm sure we won't have to stay out here for very long anyway. (Bill says, starting to dial 911.)

(Something rustles in the bushes, startling everyone.)

Now what? (Polly sounds annoyed at this point.)

(From within the bushes comes...a strange mushroom-like creature with giant angry eyebrows.)

What the heck? (Bill says.)

(Several more odd creatures emerge from the bushes. Folks more versed in the world of the Mushroom Kingdom would quickly recognize them as a Hammer Bro, a Spike, a Dry Bones, a Shy Guy, and a blue Birdo.)

Hey, get a load of this! You guys tributes or something? (The Goomba with the group says.)

If you ask that fuzzhead from way back there, then yeah. What's it to you? (Polly says.)

Look, we're not out to hurt anyone, we're just trying to get away from some old enemies of ours and hopefully try to get back home. (Bill says.) Can any of you help us?

And not eat us or anything? (Sprig asks.)

(The mooks deliberate for a moment before the Birdo speaks up.) Follow us! (She says.)

(They all head further into the woods.)

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Dave's Home Base, Medical Wing

"Very well. And you're welcome. Please make note that the three of you will always be welcome here, if you need it," Hans tells Giegue, Mewtwo and Ori before they leave.

    Tucking In 

The Database Library

"Okay, we'll make note of it and do our best to help," Dave responds to the relaying of Stanford's message, before heading to the reading room again with his girlfriend.

After some time, the mattresses are ready. The pair calls for the kids to sleep.

"Aww, is it time to sleep?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, our ride's having issues, and it cannot be fixed until tomorrow. We'll just sleep here tonight, alright?"


"Hey, can you tell us a story before we go to bed? That's a tradition for us."

"Sure. I know a story. This one is an old fairy tale from Earth Prime. A story the two of us have always liked."

The kids nod excitedly, as the adults tuck them to bed.

"So, the story goes like this...."

    The Story 

"The Wishing Table, Gold Donkey, and Cudgel in the Sack", by the Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time, there was a tailor who had three sons, and only one goat. But as the goat supported all of them with her milk, she was obliged to have good food, and to be taken every day to pasture. The sons did this, in turn.

Once the eldest took her to the churchyard, where the finest herbs were to be found, and let her eat and run about there. At night when it was time to go home he asked, "Goat, have you had enough?"

The goat answered,

I have eaten so much,
Not a leaf more I'll touch;
Meh, meh!

"Come home, then," said the youth, and took hold of the cord around her neck, led her into the stable, and tied her up securely.

"Well," said the old tailor, "has the goat had as much food as she ought?"

"Oh," answered the son, "she has eaten so much, not a leaf more she'll touch."

But the father wished to satisfy himself, and went down to the stable, stroked the dear animal, and asked, "Goat, are you satisfied?"

The goat answered,

How should I be satisfied?
Among the ditches I leapt about,
Found no leaf, so went without;
Meh, meh!

"What do I hear?" cried the tailor, and ran upstairs and said to the youth, "Hey, you liar, you said the goat had had enough, and have let her hunger." And in his anger he took the yardstick from the wall, and drove him out with blows.

Next day it was the turn of the second son, who sought a place next to the garden hedge where nothing but good herbs grew, and the goat gobbled them all up. At night when he wanted to go home, he asked, "Goat, are you satisfied?"

I have eaten so much,
Not a leaf more I'll touch;
Meh, meh!

"Come home then," said the youth, and led her home, and tied her up in the stable.

"Well," said the old tailor, "has the goat had as much food as she ought?"

"Oh," answered the son, "she has eaten so much, not a leaf more she'll touch."

The tailor would not rely on this, but went down to the stable and said, "Goat, have you had enough?"

The goat answered,

How should I be satisfied?
Among the ditches I leapt about,
Found no leaf, so went without;
Meh, meh!

"The godless wretch!" cried the tailor, to let such a good animal hunger, and he ran up and drove the youth out of doors with the yardstick.

Now came the turn of the third son, who wanted to do his duty well, and sought out some bushes with the finest leaves, and let the goat devour them. In the evening when he wanted to go home, he asked, "Goat, have you had enough?"

The goat answered,

I have eaten so much,
Not a leaf more I'll touch;
Meh, meh!

"Come home then," said the youth, and led her into the stable, and tied her up.

"Well," said the old tailor, "has the goat had her full share of food?"

"She has eaten so much, not a leaf more she'll touch."

The tailor was distrustful, went down, and asked, "Goat, have you had enough?"

The wicked beast answered,

How should I be satisfied?
Among the ditches I leapt about,
Found no leaf, so went without;
Meh, meh!

"Oh, the brood of liars!" cried the tailor, "Each as wicked and forgetful of his duty as the other. You shall no longer make a fool of me!" And quite beside himself with anger, he ran upstairs and tanned the poor young fellow's back so vigorously with the yardstick that he leaped out of the house.

The old tailor was now alone with his goat. Next morning he went down into the stable, stroked the goat and said, "Come, my dear little animal, I myself will take you to feed." He took her by the rope and led her to green hedges, and amongst yarrow and whatever else goats like to eat. "Here you may for once eat to your heart's content," he said to her, and let her browse till evening. Then he asked, "Goat, are you satisfied?"

She answered,

I have eaten so much,
Not a leaf more I'll touch;
Meh, meh!

"Come home then," said the tailor, and led her into the stable, and tied her fast. When he was going away, he turned around again and said, "Well, are you satisfied for once?"

But the goat behaved no better for him, and cried,

How should I be satisfied?
Among the ditches I leapt about,
Found no leaf, so went without;
Meh, meh!

When the tailor heard that, he was shocked, and saw clearly that he had driven away his three sons without cause. "Wait, you ungrateful creature," he cried, "it is not enough to drive you away, I will brand you so that you will no more dare to show yourself amongst honest tailors." He quickly ran upstairs, fetched his razor, lathered the goat's head, and shaved her as clean as the palm of his hand. And as the yardstick would have been too honorable for her, he grabbed a whip, and gave her such blows with it that she bounded away with tremendous leaps.

When the tailor was thus left quite alone in his house he fell into great grief, and would gladly have had his sons back again, but no one knew where they were gone.

The eldest had apprenticed himself to a joiner, and learned industriously and tirelessly, and when the time came for him to be on his way, his master presented him with a little table which was not particularly beautiful, and was made of common wood, but which had one good property. If anyone set it out, and said, "table be set," the good little table was at once covered with a clean little cloth, and a plate was there, and a knife and fork beside it, and dishes with boiled meats and roasted meats, as many as there was room for, and a great glass of red wine shone, so that it made the heart glad.

The young journeyman thought, "With this you have enough for your whole life," and went joyously about the world and never troubled himself at all whether an inn was good or bad, or if anything was to be found in it or not. When it suited him, he did not enter an inn at all, but either on the plain, in a wood, a meadow, or wherever he fancied, he took his little table off his back, set it down before him, and said, "table be set," and then everything appeared that his heart desired.

At length he took it into his head to go back to his father, whose anger would now be appeased, and who would now willingly receive him with his magic table. It came to pass that on his way home, he came one evening to an inn which was filled with guests. They bade him welcome, and invited him to sit and eat with them, for otherwise he would have difficulty in getting anything.

"No," answered the joiner, "I will not take the few morsels out of your mouths. Rather than that, you shall be my guests."

They laughed, and thought he was jesting with them. He but placed his wooden table in the middle of the room, and said, "Table be set." Instantly it was covered with food, so good that the host could never have procured it, and the smell of it ascended pleasantly to the nostrils of the guests.

"Fall to, dear friends," said the joiner, and the guests when they saw that he meant it, did not need to be asked twice, but drew near, pulled out their knives and attacked it valiantly. And what surprised them the most was that when a dish became empty, a full one instantly took its place of its own accord.

The innkeeper stood in one corner and watched the affair. He did not at all know what to say, but thought, "You could easily find a use for such a cook as that in your household."

The joiner and his comrades made merry until late into the night. At length they lay down to sleep, and the young journeyman also went to bed, and set his magic table against the wall. The host's thoughts, however, let him have no rest. It occurred to him that there was a little old table in his backroom which looked just like the journeyman's and he brought it out, and carefully exchanged it for the wishing table. Next morning the joiner paid for his bed, took up his table, never thinking that he had got a false one, and went his way.

At midday he reached his father, who received him with great joy. "Well, my dear son, what have you learned?" he said to him.

"Father, I have become a joiner."

"A good trade," replied the old man. "But what have you brought back with you from your apprenticeship?"

"Father, the best thing which I have brought back with me is this little table."

The tailor inspected it on all sides and said, "You did not make a masterpiece when you made this. It is a bad old table."

"But it is a wishing table," replied the son. "When I set it out, and tell it to set itself, the most beautiful dishes immediately appear on it, and wine also, which gladdens the heart. Just invite all our relatives and friends. They shall refresh and enjoy themselves for once, for the table will fill them all."

When the company was assembled, he put his table in the middle of the room and said, "Table be set," but the little table did not move, and remained just as bare as any other table which does not understand language. Then the poor journeyman became aware that his table had been changed, and was ashamed at having to stand there like a liar. The relatives, however, mocked him, and were forced to go home without having eaten or drunk.

The father brought out his scraps again, and went on tailoring, but the son found work with a master joiner.

The second son had gone to a miller and had apprenticed himself to him. When his years were over, the master said, "As you have conducted yourself so well, I give you a donkey of a peculiar kind, which neither draws a cart nor carries a sack."

"What good is he then?" asked the young journeyman.

"He spews forth gold," answered the miller. "If you set him on a cloth and say 'Bricklebrit,' the good animal will spew forth gold pieces for you from back and front."

"That is a fine thing," said the journeyman, and thanked the master, and went out into the world. When he had need of gold, he had only to say "Bricklebrit" to his donkey, and it rained gold pieces, and he had nothing to do but pick them off the ground. Wherever he went, the best of everything was good enough for him, and the more expensive the better, for he had always a full purse. When he had looked about the world for some time, he thought, "You must seek out your father. If you go to him with the gold donkey he will forget his anger, and receive you well."

It came to pass that he came to the same inn in which his brother's table had been exchanged. He led his donkey by the bridle, and the host was about to take the animal from him and tie him up, but the young journeyman said, "Don't trouble yourself, I will take my nag into the stable, and tie him up myself too, for I must know where he is."

This struck the host as odd, and he thought that a man who was forced to look after his donkey himself, could not have much to spend. But when the stranger put his hand in his pocket and brought out two gold pieces, and said he was to provide something good for him, the host opened his eyes wide, and ran and sought out the best he could muster. After dinner the guest asked what he owed. The innkeeper did not see why he should not double the bill, and said the journeyman must give two more gold pieces. He felt in his pocket, but his gold was just at an end.

"Wait an instant, sir," said he, "I will go and fetch some money." But he took the tablecloth with him. The innkeeper could not imagine what this meant, and being curious, stole after him, and as the guest bolted the stable door, he peeped through a hole left by a knot in the wood.

The stranger spread out the cloth under the animal and cried, "Bricklebrit," and immediately the beast began to let gold pieces fall from back and front, so that it fairly rained down money onto the ground.

"Eh, my word," said the innkeeper. "Ducats are quickly coined there. A purse like that is not bad." The guest paid his bill and went to bed, but in the night the innkeeper stole down into the stable, led away the master of the mint, and tied up another donkey in his place.

Early next morning the journeyman traveled away with his donkey, and thought that he had his gold donkey. At midday he reached his father, who rejoiced to see him again, and gladly took him in.

"What have you made of yourself, my son?" asked the old man.

"A miller, dear father," he answered.

"What have you brought back with you from your travels."

"Nothing else but a donkey."

"There are donkeys enough here," said the father, "I would rather have had a good goat."

"Yes," replied the son, "but it is no common donkey, but a gold donkey. When I say 'Bricklebrit' the good beast spews forth a whole sheetful of gold pieces. Just summon all our relatives here, and I will make them rich folks."

"That suits me well," said the tailor, "for then I shall have no need to torment myself any longer with the needle," and he himself ran out and called the relatives together. As soon as they were assembled, the miller bade them make way, spread out his cloth, and brought the donkey into the room.

"Now watch," said he, and cried, "Bricklebrit," but what fell were not gold pieces, and it was clear that the animal knew nothing of the art, for not every donkey attains such perfection. Then the poor miller made a long face, saw that he had been betrayed, and begged pardon of the relatives, who went home as poor as they came. There was no help for it, the old man had to take up his needle once more, and the youth hired himself to a miller.

The third brother had apprenticed himself to a turner, and as that is skilled labor, he was the longest in learning. His brothers, however, told him in a letter how badly things had gone with them, and how the innkeeper had cheated them of their beautiful wishing gifts on the last evening before they reached home. When the turner had served his time, and was about to set forth, as he had conducted himself so well, his master presented him with a sack saying, "There is a cudgel in it."

"I can take the sack with me," said he, "and it may serve me well, but why should the cudgel be in it. It only makes it heavy."

"I will tell you why," replied the master. "If anyone has done anything to injure you, do but say, 'Cudgel out of the sack,' and the cudgel will leap forth among the people, and play such a dance on their backs that they will not be able to stir or move for a week. And it will not quit until you say, 'Cudgel into the sack.'"

The journeyman thanked him, and put the sack on his back, and when anyone came too near him and wished to attack him, he said, "Cudgel out of the sack," and instantly the cudgel sprang out and beat the dust out of their coats and jackets, right on their backs, not waiting until they had taken them off, and it was done so quickly, that before anyone was aware, it was already his own turn.

In the evening the young turner reached the inn where his brothers had been cheated. He laid his sack on the table before him, and began to talk of all the wonderful things which he had seen in the world. "Yes," said he, "wishing tables, gold donkeys, and things of that kind — extremely good things which I by no means despise — but these are nothing in comparison with the treasure which I have obtained and am carrying about with me here in my sack."

The innkeeper pricked up his ears. "What in the world can that be?" he thought. "The sack must be filled with nothing but jewels. I ought to get them cheap too, for all good things come in threes."

When it was time for sleep, the guest stretched himself out on the bench, laying his sack beneath him for a pillow. When the innkeeper thought his guest was lying in a sound sleep, he went to him and pushed and pulled quite gently and carefully at the sack to see if he could possibly take it away and lay another in its place.

The turner, however, had been waiting for this for a long time, and now just as the innkeeper was about to give a hearty tug, he cried, "Cudgel out of the sack!"

Instantly the little cudgel came forth, and falling on the innkeeper gave him a sound thrashing. The innkeeper cried for mercy, but the louder he cried, the harder the cudgel beat the time on his back, until at length he fell to the ground exhausted.

Then the turner said, "If you do not give back the wishing table and the gold donkey, the dance shall start again from the beginning."

"Oh, no!" cried the innkeeper, quite humbly, "I will gladly give everything back, only make the accursed kobold creep back into the sack."

Then the journeyman said, "I will let mercy take the place of justice, but beware of getting into mischief again." Then he cried, "Cudgel into the sack," and let him rest.

Next morning the turner went home to his father with the wishing table and the gold donkey. The tailor rejoiced when he saw him once more, and asked him likewise what he had learned in foreign parts. "Dear father," said he, "I have become a turner."

"A skilled trade," said the father. "What have you brought back with you from your travels?"

"A precious thing, dear father," replied the son, "a cudgel in the sack."

"What!" cried the father, "A cudgel! That's worth your trouble! From every tree you can cut yourself one."

"But not one like this, dear father. If I say, 'Cudgel out of the sack,' the cudgel springs out and leads anyone ill-disposed toward me a weary dance, and never stops until he lies on the ground and prays for fair weather. Look you, with this cudgel have I rescued the wishing table and the gold donkey which the thievish innkeeper took away from my brothers. Now let them both be sent for, and invite all our relatives. I will give them to eat and to drink, and will fill their pockets with gold as well."

The old tailor had not much confidence. Nevertheless he summoned the relatives together. Then the turner spread a cloth in the room and led in the gold donkey, and said to his brother, "Now, dear brother, speak to him."

The miller said, "Bricklebrit," and instantly the gold pieces rained down on the cloth like a cloudburst, and the donkey did not stop until every one of them had so much that he could carry no more. (We can see by your face that you would have liked to be there as well.)

Then the turner brought out the little table and said, "Now, dear brother, speak to it." And scarcely had the joiner said, "Table be set," than it was spread and amply covered with the most exquisite dishes. Then such a meal took place as the good tailor had never yet known in his house, and the whole party of relatives stayed together until after nightfall, and were all merry and glad. The tailor locked his needle and thread and yardstick and pressing iron into a chest, and lived with his three sons in joy and splendor.

What, however, happened to the goat who was to blame for the tailor driving out his three sons? That we will tell you.

She was ashamed that she had a bald head, and ran to a fox's hole and crept into it. When the fox came home, he was met by two great eyes shining out of the darkness, and was terrified and ran away. A bear met him, and as the fox looked quite disturbed, he said, "What is the matter with you, Brother Fox, why do you look like that?"

"Ah," answered Redskin, "a fierce beast is in my cave and stared at me with its fiery eyes."

"We will soon drive him out," said the bear, and went with him to the cave and looked in, but when he saw the fiery eyes, fear seized on him likewise. He would have nothing to do with the furious beast, and took to his heels.

The bee met him, and as she saw that he was ill at ease, she said, "Bear, you are really pulling a very pitiful face. What has become of all your cheerfulness?"

"It is all very well for you to talk," replied the bear. "A furious beast with staring eyes is in Redskin's house, and we can't drive him out."

The bee said, "Bear, I pity you. I am a poor weak creature whom you would not turn aside to look at, but still, I believe I can help you." She flew into the fox's cave, lit on the goat's smoothly shorn head, and stung her so violently, that she sprang up, crying "meh, meh," and ran forth into the world as if mad, and to this hour no one knows where she has gone.

    Bedtime Discussion 

The Database Library, Reading Room

By the time the couple has finished the story, the kids are both sleeping quietly. They smile at the children's peaceful look. Surely, their sleep must be sound from the looks on their faces, after how they were forced to fend for themselves during the months they were trapped in that wretched place....

The couple tucks themselves on the other mattress, and share an embrace.

"So, what do you think?" Fira asks suddenly, in a low tone.

"About what?" Dave whispers his inquiry.

"About.... all the recent events."

"Well, 'Scattered Brain' being the original Scipion was a surprise, that's for sure. And both he and Master Xehanort spoke of another legion that has its own plans, other than destroying the Neon Quarters. All of this is disturbing me."

"Yeah.... maybe they're the ones responsible for the Kaiju thing?"

"Who knows?"

"Speaking of that place, I can't help but to wonder where the other Hassel is. I mean, Scientist Lordimark, not the Archangel."

"Last the Network heard was that he's somewhere outside of Panem. Some sort of banishment, I think. There was rumors about a corpse being him, but the autopsy concludes that no, it wasn't. If I was him, I would have lived the rest of my life in seclusion."

"A pity. He's not the best guy around, but.... he was unique, from what little I've seen of him. Unlike the Archangel."

"Hmm.... it's quite astonishing that he kept up his charade for as long as he did."

"Yeah.... And then there's your counterpart. What does he want? Why does he want me?"

"I cannot be sure. But.... let's ignore the thoughts of him for now."

"Okay. And then there's Master Xehanort and his allies."

"They too are assembling a league stronger than that of the Legion of Doom, it seems. We may very well be facing two enemy forces here."

"So, what if they are to team up?"

"That'll be a nightmare for us, that's for sure. But given that Xehanort himself mentions that his League has no interest in allying with another villainous legion with no benefits for them, I doubt it. I think they'd sooner help us than them."

"That's a fair point."

"We'll deal with it when the time comes. Now, sleep. Goodnight, bluebird."

"You too. I really need to come up with a nickname for you...." she pouts.

He chuckles in amusement, before kissing the shorter woman in the forehead goodnight, and the couple close their eyes. Still in their embrace, sleep claims them soon enough.

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Oggy123 Happy boy from Jakarta, Indonesia
Happy boy
Oct 15th 2020 at 11:41:35 PM

Kirby's Dream

"Kirby... The point is, your place may be in danger in the future. Not just from the beast, but from the mysterious Leagues as well." said Hinawa. "And if they succeed, they may be after your home planet. You must be prepared. And you seem to know a lot of friends. You can ask them for help. You can even ask Lucas for help. I sense a foe familiar with him among these Leagues."

Kirby listens.


As Kirby walks away, Hinawa tells him "Good luck."

Claus then appears. "If you meet my brother, tell him i say hi!"


Kirby then walks away.

The Spacepod

Kirby wakes up in the dead of night. He then looks at the clock. It's 5:00 AM.

"Yume... Poyo?"

The Night Forest, Campsite

Scrat searches the top of the table. On the table, there are various half-eaten food. He finds a picture of several girls posing in a similar forest.

He then spots the black lizard behind him. He hides his acorn. The lizard then looks at him for a moment, before leaving. Scrat then departed on the opposite direction.

Later, Scrat winds up on a cliff face overlooking a field. He sees that the sky is turning red and brighter. The sun is rising. Scrat is mesmerized by the sight of the sun appearing on the horizon. He accidentally drops his acorn. He then jumps off the cliff to retrieve it, and ends up sliding down a hill with his rolling acorn.

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Scipion3 "Title...? Title... That's a title." from "Somewhere... So much possibilities..." Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
"Title...? Title... That's a title."
Oct 16th 2020 at 6:48:48 AM

Near the library, night time

Around midnight, those inside the library could hear a faint voice echoing inside.

The voice was humming a sort of lullaby.

Then it stopped.

For those who had windows, they could see the OG!Scipion in the distance. The crazy mummy slowly turned towards the building, watching them from afar with his bright eyes. They could hear a faint chuckle.

The crazy nominator slowly turned back his head and resumed walking, until he was out of sight. Fortunately, he didn't want to go to the Library... Yet.

Distortion World

After Ridley and Firebrand left, Scipion, Pharynx, Volvagia, and Lemmy sat down near the trio.

"I hope these two are not too annoying. As a big brother myself, I can relate to that." Pharynx grumbled to Mewtwo.

"Pharynx..." Giegue groaned.

"No. On the contrary."

"It's nice the bright... Rabbit? Cat?"

"Ori is a guardian spirit."

"Oh? He doesn't look like a Boo! Whatever I'm happy he's okay."

   "Yeah. At least there's that..."    Scipion said before stopping.

   "On a more... serious note. Tell me, who's the guys who helped Giygas to emerge?"   

"Porky Minch and the Windblight Ganon. And I just know the former is allied with Xehanort's faction while the other is plotting behind your past self's back."

   "Huh..."    Scipion growled.

"Zoroark. You know he might come here to do... whatever he is doing."

   "Unfortunately. I just hope he'll forget. I don't even want to hear about the guy."   

"So you hate that mummy guy? As much as that Lucario friend of yours?" Pharynx sarcastically asked.

   "Shut your fucking mouth, cheese-legs."   

"What an original joke..." Pharynx replied, rolling his eyes

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"You're from the real world... Aren't you...? Hello."
VengefulBale Grogar from Halloween Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Oct 16th 2020 at 9:18:15 AM

No Plans for the Universe

The High Command Board of ???'s Legion (Mr. Mind, ???, Alien Zetton Zoffy, Great Leader, Black Cross King, Yapool, Don Horror, Geronimon, Hakaider and Black Directive) called for a meeting, they were about to check how far along their developments were going. Pegassa had delivered the Capsule back to his leaders

Mr. Mind:    Greetings fellow leaders, we are all reunited today to discuss some vital things related to recent events.   

???:    I'll start by saying that I appreciate everyone's dedication to coming here, especially you Yapool, haven't seen you around lately   

Yapool:    I've been busy lately, having some fun in other Universes, destroying a few planets or so and creating deadlier Terrible Beasts (Choju).   

Great Leader:    I must say his plan to draw attention away from our existence might have unintentionally brought us to the limelight. The other League seems determined to out us, I don't have any idea of what they want but they could risk our operations by fighting us.   

Black Cross:    That won't happen, I say we organize a formal meeting, let them know that we won't interfere with their goals.   

???:    Brilliant idea right there. So how do you plan on meeting them without much exposure?   

Great Leader:    They are really good at exposing themselves, and carry a strange obsession with knowing our existence. Which is why they took things from the Quarters, even if we already used up anything from that facility that was of interest. All we need to do is send one of our minions undercover and meet at a secret place, just use the Quarters as the meeting place for maximum secrecy.   

Then a massive roar was heard as Geronimon and Black Directive speaked up.

Black Directive:    But what if our appeals fall on deaf ears? That Legion may try and take us down for thinking of us as their competitors.   

Mr. Mind:    That can be solved with simple manipulation, their representative that we know of is quite impulsive, even though we are not interested in this Universe beyond finding some of our missing puzzle pieces they still may try to attack. But for that I would merely use the technique that has proven key for apes from hairy to bald to demonstrate cooperability... Feign weakness. And some of our soldiers are like that, capable of appealing to the simple-minded desire of superiority with their personalities. Even if they were to fight and succeed at the unlikely possibility of triumphing, they'd deplete their resources and forces. We're not dealing with fools, we're dealing with another smart group. Black Cross King has the right idea for today   

Alien Zetton Zoffy:    And before anyone asks about Bale, I got that part covered. He's only started to become familiar with the true potential of his self. His showings so far have been but a warm-up. When all our goals are said and done, we'd have a new kind of power on our hands, one that will trounce those who have beaten us or proven a threat. I believe he will be useful in taking our wannabe rivals down if I convince him to. He's already grown to see me as a father.   

???:    I got a question for you, Zoffy. If your reports are correct, then at least one of our members was nominated by Bale in the past as a tribute, right?   

Zoffy:    It is merely a possibility. I need to do further research as all I've found were some DNA traces on his base's wreckage. Seems like our little defector is going undercover, but it won't be long before he's outed.   

Hakaider:    I suppose this meeting must end now. I believe the conclusion reached is the most logical, so we can safely begin preparing ourselves for a little diplomacy.   

???:    Well I am not employing you all to stand around like a bunch of statues, get going!   

All the villains began leaving, with Mr. Mind and Zoffy staying behind and discussing a few things.

Zoffy:    If I am not mistaken the one being who defected from us is posing as a human, somewhere in a Universe where his true form as an Alien Temperor can't be outed. And ??? is quite powerful, too bad he's too much of an egomaniac to be the proper leader we need.   

Mr. Mind:    Of course, I have trained him to serve as a powerful piece. Not one to be disposed of, but one that will have his use... expire not too soon before the real plan begins. Be careful to watch your back, Alien Zetton, we can't let ourselves be backstabbed by anyone.   

Zoffy:    I will.   

Spooky Month calls for Spooky Goat
DubhKafkaesque Kerosene! from Scotland Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Oct 16th 2020 at 12:02:47 PM

Hello, Kafka.

Are you less drunk now?

bit less aye

i'm in the feel-like-shit phase of intoxication

which is. not too different to how i feel normally. so

I see.

Regardless. I'm just here to say that, according to the nominators I have contacted, the easiest way to meet them would apparently be to attend this Halloween party.

god fuckin dammit do i have to

Not necessarily. But you do want to meet your cohorts, do you not?

i'd have preferred to meet them anywhere other than an obnoxious social gathering in a cheap arse haunted house

but fine fine i'll come

Excellent. Shall I see whether your tributes wish to come as well?

...go ahead i guess

Excellent, excellent. I shall talk to you later, Kafka.

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TabbyGirl4 It's Halloween, Time to Get Spooky from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
It's Halloween, Time to Get Spooky
Oct 16th 2020 at 1:02:01 PM

Breaking In

Akumo and Noire look up at a window.

   "How are we going to get to there? Her base is kinda tall."   

   "No shit. I canít go through shit in my smoke form so uh teleport?"   

   "Yes, teleport."   

The two hold hands. They then teleport in front of Tabby's room. Akumo opens the door to see Tabby still asleep in her bed. She must of been really tired.

   "Ah, sheís still asleep now. This will be good."   

   "Go, take her."   

Akumo walks towards her bed, throws her to the floor, and restrains the nominator's limbs.

   "Hey, what gives? I wanted to sleep in!"   

   "Wow, you're quite the angry one."   

   "Well, fuck you then."   

   "Why are you two here? You're to prepare a sacrifice for your little goddess?"   


   "Yes, it was mainly Akumoís idea. She wanted you especially. Come along with us and donít resist."   

   "Geez Noire, you're bluffing right? Like what you told me at the Neon Quarters."   

Noire slaps Tabby's face. She looks at the shadow with a small smirk on her face.

   "I never told you shit and Iím not going to save you."   

   "Wow, you're a bad liar like the denial of your love to me."   

   "What the hell is she on?"   

   "I dunno, crack? Anyways Tabby, I will hurt you even more if you keep it up."   

   "Heh, gladly. Maybe you can even step on me."   

   "Ugh, come on. Letís leave this place, Akumo."   

   "What?! Come on!"   

Akumo puts his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

   "Would you shut up?! Letís bring the girl with us."   

   "We have a lot of things in store for you, Tabby. No one is going to break you out now."   

   "Always knew you were this bitchy. Not surprised."   

Noire opens up a portal to Rubyfrost's dimension and the two drag Tabby into it. It then closes.

Later, Pecan gets up to check on Tabby to see that she miraculously disappeared.

"Where the heck did she disappear to? Her shoes are still here."

"She must of grabbed another pair of shoes and went to the library I think. Iíll go send a email."

She heads to her laptop to send a message to 6k1 if she has seen Tabby today.

She waits.

"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" - Yondu,2017 | My Discord Server
dave_the_assassin Princess of Heart from the Destiny Islands Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Princess of Heart
Oct 17th 2020 at 9:55:54 AM

The Database Library, Reading Room

The four sleeping in the reading room remain in deep sleep, unaware of the past Scipion's appearance. The events yesterday had certainly took a lot out of them.

Reggie is the one to wake up first. At first, he was confused, until a look around reminds him of what happened yesterday. He looks at a clock above, and sees that the time is 4:00 am. His sister is still wrapped up in his sleep, as does his new caretakers. Sighing, he gets off the bed, and heads for the nearest toilet.

Heading to one of the basins meant for children, the boy washes his face, then takes a look at himself. He's certainly looked better, he thinks bitterly to himself.

Returning to the reading room, he decides to indulge himself in some books on the Hunger Games and past tributes, hoping to distract his mind from darker thoughts.

Time passes by without him realizing it, until someone places their hand in his shoulder, causing the child to jump in surprise.

"Whoa, kid, it's just me," Dave says, equally surprised.

"Oh, thank goodness. I'm still apprehensive after months, I suppose."

"Is there something you wish to talk about, kiddo?"

"Nothing," Reggie says, wincing. Dave notices it.

"Reggie, kid, it's alright. If you want to talk about it, you can."

".... I'm scared, Mr. Dave. I know that my birth parents truly cared for me and my sister, but they had been neglecting of us in their final months, and then the attack happened and they're gone. I'm scared.... that it'll happen again."

"Hey, hey. Things will be alright. We'll help you for as long as we can. We're not perfect, but we'll do our best, okay?"

"Okay.... So, what now?"

"We wait. But when the time comes, can you stay here? Auntie Sixty can get a little stubborn in a debate, so I need you and Lizzie to stay here until we're done, okay?"


The Hidden Dimension

In the meeting room, Lady Babylon and Master Xehanort are playing a game of chess.

   "Check,"    the Keyblade Master stoically says as he makes a move.

   "Not so fast,"    the entity replies, rolling her eyes. She makes her move, and eliminates the opposing piece.    "Check. Losing your touch, old man?"   

The old man simply smirks, and makes one last move.    "Checkmate. You were saying?"   

She groans, as she realizes that he has indeed outplayed her. Then she chuckles, and tips off her king piece graciously. Shang Tsung then enters the room.

   "So, what do you make of the other players in the game?"   

It clicks immediately who she is referring to.    "Oh, the nominators are something else, indeed. I've seen their resolve, back in the Neon Quarters."   

   "And you think we can break it?"   

   "We will, eventually. All that's needed is a seed of discord, of distrust."   

   "Hmph. But we will not be the ones to sow that seed."   

   "You are referring to our 'friends', I take it."   

   "Yes.... they're bound to take notice of us, sooner or later. I cannot say that I know much in regards to their dark designs; however, we can use it to our advantage."   

   "How, exactly? I cannot say that I am most interested in allying with a potential rival."   

   "Should they wish to talk with us, assure them that we are at a truce. For now, our interests do not clash, and I am merely interested in bolstering our forces before the time comes for Lord Terminus' return. But...."   

She whispers something to Xehanort. The Keyblade Master smirks in understanding.

   "That, I can manage. We shall head to the Keyblade Graveyard, then; if they do have us on their radar, they will know. Shall I bring anyone else?"   

   "No need. The two of you and your way with words should suffice."   

They nod, then depart to the Keyblade Graveyard by a Corridor of Darkness, leaving the entity alone. She chuckles, as she sees images of the original timeline's Scipion.    He'll be a most interesting player in the game, indeed....    she thinks to herself as she tips off the opposing king on the chess board.

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TroperNo9001 Don't Call Him Basic from Your Lawn Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Don't Call Him Basic
Oct 17th 2020 at 12:59:48 PM

     Good Morning, Brother 

The Database Library, Basement

The next morning, 6k1 wakes up for her usual routine and does some catch up with her other tasks. She orders a scratching post and natural bristle-brush for Mimi, does additional repairs for Ally, and assigns the Weapons and Artifacts Department to make an anti-mind control device: a hairclip that she can channel with her brainwaves to block out any attempt to brainwash or pry into her mind.

6k1 then watches the season while having breakfast, but facepalms at her tributes' early deaths. She'll have to return their broken bodies to the Dollhouse as is so that the citizens there won't be shocked if they were suddenly walking around in perfect Condition...

She finishes eating and writes to Fluttershy about Mimi, requesting an extension for her petsitting because she's still too busy to begin her training. While she could clone herself, she doesn't want the teenage Starble to cause trouble for 6k2 in the basement while she discusses with Dave about her problem.

She then checks her other messages and tells Pecan that she last saw Tabby being picked up from the Library by Richardson, also telling her to stay safe. 6k1 also receives the Medical Department's email that Paper is currently recovering and then realizes that a certain "anniversary" had passed on Earth Prime.

"I hope Jimin had a peaceful, villain-free birthday!"

With all her tasks done for now, she sighs and meditates, bowing in silence for everyone who suffered during that "holiday". After a few minutes, she takes the elevator to the first floor and greets Dave good morning.

     Art School Aftermath 

The Science Center, Recovery Room

Ugh... Wh... What happened...?

Paper slowly opens her eyes and finds herself in the hospital bed. She lifts her blanket a little and sees that her body's covered in gauzes, and feels for her horn and sighs in relief that it's still there.

"Oh Celestia..." she groans, "to think that it's my turn to be confined here... At least I didn't die for real..."

She turns her head and sees a tall blue figure, who gives her her glasses.

"Oh, you're finally awake!" says Blue Pearl. "Thank the stars you're alright!"

Paper smiles at her weakly. "But is the school okay...? Were we able to... chase out those failed 'students'?"

Blue nods. "Yes... Bingus left just after you fainted, but he destroyed the school's defenses. And why were you screaming Mitama's name?"

"She... destroyed the school and killed my past self... remember?"

Paper then tells her about her nightmare.

"Oh no... I heard that Steven had nightmares about the past, but he slowly learned to fight them and leave them behind."

"I know... but this one came back to me... because my scar disappeared."


"Yes... I had a hard time... remembering the nightmare... back when it was fresh..."

"Hmm..." Blue puts a thinking hand to her chin. "I know your mind is strong, but you should draw up something to protect you from them."

"Like a dreamcatcher?"

"What's that?"

"It's believed that it traps bad dreams in its net... while letting the good ones pass through... And since Luna's no longer watching over my dreams... I can enchant it so it does the job for her."

"Who's Luna?"

"Retired Princess of the Night. No offense to her sister... but I'd be all here day telling you all about her."

Paper makes a faint laughter as Dr. Phoenix then arrives. Blue curtsies at him as he sits next to Paper and gives her the diagnosis.

"For a being made of flammable material, those 3rd degree burns are actually 4th degree ones, and we used lab-grown paper grafts to repair your 'skin'."

Paper's eyes shrink. "How long until I can return to school...?"

"Normally much longer than three months, but as always, they now heal faster than ever thanks to medical advancements. However, you will have to stay here until the end of the season to ensure your safe recovery."

"Then who will run the school in the meantime...?"

"I will," says Blue.

"And Doc... may I call Ralsei to heal me?"

"Sure, but do remember that even healers have other important things to do, like preparing for their next adventure with their party."

"Right..." Paper then turns to Blue. "And before you go... may I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Why didn't you just... transform into Lapis or Larimar to douse or freeze the Carbon Dog?"

"Because shapeshifting is more of Professor Amethyst's style, though she'd rather do it for fun, and I'd rather do it to help students with different limbs."

"Then... we still need a part-time firefighter. I know Professor Lapis has her responsibilities as a Homeschool teacher... so what about Nice Lapis?"

Blue shrugs. "It's worth a shot, but she's more interested in dancing."

"I know."

"Then why not make your own fireproof paint and coat yourself and the school with it?"

Paper facehoofs. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"And speaking of new workers, why don't you hire my friend Yellow Pearl as a teaching assistant? The school needs a model for our budding artists!"

"You just miss her, don't you?" Paper teases.

Blue blushes and giggles a little. "Yeah, that too..."

"Perhaps I'll interview her after my recovery... Though I might reconsider since... I'm aiming for diversity."

"It's just a suggestion, but whatever works best for you."

The horn then signals the start of the season, but Paper groans at clone!Ember being dunked on by Klaptrap.

"Anyway, I have to go back to school as scheduled," says Blue, "and Dr. Phoenix, thanks for letting me visit the Headmare. She's more than just my superior, she's my friend."

Paper smiles at her as she curtsies at Phoenix again before leaving. The art clone then gets her crystal ball to tell Ichi about the attack and the further developments of her school.

"I'm sure you're aware that Power's still training at Billy's mansion... that's why I'm calling you this time."

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Scipion3 "Title...? Title... That's a title." from "Somewhere... So much possibilities..." Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
"Title...? Title... That's a title."
Oct 17th 2020 at 2:01:36 PM

Distortion World

While they were talking, Scipion noticed that Giegue was starting to feel tired.

   "Alright, I think you had enough. You three should go back to whatever you came from and take a good rest."   

"You're right... All of you, thank you for passing by." Giegue sighed.

To everyone's surprise, Giratina himself showed up and summoned the portal leading to Nibel's forest.

   "Forgive me for not seeing you sooner Giegue, Mewtwo. I had... other business to attempt to."   

"Judging by that annoyed expression of yours... Something bad happened at our homeworld." Mewtwo guessed.

   "If I told you Lugia did something incredibly stupid, would you believe me?"   

"Yes." Mewtwo sighed.

   "Lugia? The white bird thing? What did he do?"    Scipion asked.

Giratina sighed and explain the two orbs' incident.

   "Fucking great... To sum it up now we have 2 legions. Again. We also got Akumo's who's, fortunately, more on Tabby, that problem and my freaking past-self. Things are really screwing up ever since Bale's party..."   

   "Ah yeah. Didn't the guy performed a "Tabbitch in distress" scenario?"    Morgan asked, grinning.

   "Yeah... And it ended up with me killing her. At least, I hope Rids and Firebrand are doing fine."    Scipion snarled.

He groaned, however, as somehow, both of his tributes got knocked over by a Hammer Bro.

"Yay! Well done, little Hammerbro! Hey, Mr. Scipion! Remember when I nominated one for you? Remember?"

   "Yeah... Then why is that one against me???"    the Zoroark roared.

"I don't get how you can be such a bad loser... It's not like he outright killed them." Pharynx mocked.

"Agreed." Mewtwo added.

Near Tabby's base

The OT!Scipion was now near the base for a rather long time. He was sitting, like a sort of plush, as he was in a sort of trance. This time, his eyes were completely dark. He eventually got back to normal.

"Heehee... Thank you... But you too... Lady..." he muttered. He then stood there and stared at the base, like if he was waiting for something.

"You're from the real world... Aren't you...? Hello."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Oct 17th 2020 at 2:47:47 PM

"Welp, good to know ya didn't need be redrawn again after that fire mishap. And yeah, she's still doin' Stand training to become a real Power Strokestar."

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