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TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 25th 2019 at 2:22:24 PM

Power's House

"Well... she's afraid of them because... 'they're just so... cheesy.' Anyway, I prefer going to the party straight away to conserve my energy, and I hope there are more fun activities to do there than the last two!"

The Database Library, Basement

Yeah, there are many monsters with colorful personalities to meet! Too bad Sans and Papyrus's House was set on fire by that Bill...

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 25th 2019 at 3:46:13 PM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

"Ohhhh... completely misread that, I did. Still, she's legit afraid of quesadillas... because they're 'cheesy?' You sure you're not just cracking a pun here?"

Ichigo makes a mental reminder to check if there was an official name for a cheese/quesadilla-related phobia.

"Anywho, however we get to the party, I'm pretty sure we'll have a good time, provided no... unwelcome guests crash it or anything ludicrous happens."

Then he types up an email for 6k1.

Speaking of which, what do you think Bill was even doing in the Underground? I doubt anyone in their right mind would've actually summoned that Egyptian nacho.

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VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Aug 25th 2019 at 8:21:58 PM

The Location

Machinedramon saw the map and quickly scanned it, finding out the location of Maleficent and her group.

Machinedramon:    So that's where they've been all this time... I guess they won't mind if we pay them back for all the trouble they've caused us.   

Machinedramon then called Lilithmon in order to request deploying one of the Eldritch Digimon they've kept.

Machinedramon:    Lady Lilithmon, I am humbly requesting your permission to mobilize one of our powerful dark Digimon, Apocalymon, to be rid of the group that have attacked us.   

Lilithmon:    I'm kind of unsure, Lucemon may not like it, when he comes back.   

She then looked at Lucemon's Digitama and then took a final decision.

Lilithmon:    Alright, I'm allowing you to send it there, just tell it to eliminate all it encounters.   

Machinedramon:    It will be done, then.   

He then opened a portal to the Dark Area, a dark dimension of the Digi-World which countless horrors inhabited, he then made a signal for Apocalymon to come forward and gave the instructions to attack. The summoned Digimon heard it's orders and went ahead to attack.

He will make you Beware the Superman.
TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 25th 2019 at 9:29:58 PM

Power's House

"No really, she is afraid of their cheesiness."

Power then just realized that her human counterpart's coming along as well. "If 6k1 had fun in her vacation, then I bet she'll have fun in the party as well!"

The Database Library, Basement

No idea, but based on my limited knowledge on what he did back in his home universe, he probably wanted to terrorize the citizens there. And as for Flowey, he most likely just wanted to harvest more SOULS.

Wait a minute... if Flowey's still around, and Toriel reunited with Asriel in GC's first party... do you think the latter turned back into the former?!

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 25th 2019 at 9:46:30 PM

The Cetus One

Timewrecker receives a message from the same scientist yet again and answers it.

   Let me guess, it's a Code Red and G-13 hit its target?   

   Yes, there's nothing left, no survivors or anything. Not even the gods of that universe were spared it seems.   

   Was it the one Maleficent's group came from?   

   No, the Pokemon universe that Maleficent's group came from is intact. However, the universe was close enough that Giratina would've been able to sense the pain and anguish from that universe. The universe that was hit was just of many universe with minor differences. It happened fast enough that I doubt he even got a good look at it.   

   So, did you get it all on footage like I asked?   

   Yes, we managed to get an hour's worth of footage due to the virus breaking space-time. We focused on the legendary Pokemon just to see how they handled things.   

   Good. Prepare a copy of the footage to me and send it as soon as it's ready, going to personally show that to Giratina and have a chat with him.   

He ends the message. Just then one of his soldiers informs him that Valecor's forces took their bait and is sending Apocalymon. He nods at the soldier and gives him a command.

   Send an evacuation order to our station at Planet U-1493181514, it's time to get ready to use our secret weapon there.   

The nods in turn and leaves.

The Resort Planet

A holographic message pops out of one of the facilities near wherever Maleficent's group is at, revealing Timewrecker.

   One of my men ratted us out to the enemy, so I killed him. However the damage is done as they know your location. But not to worry as I'm sending my strongest forces to join you as we speak, even bringing in a secret weapon to help take down a particularly strong Digimon that's being sent your way. Together if we fight as one, we'll vanquish them once and for all!   

As if on cue an army of Timewrecker's minions come running out of portals and take up strategic positions. All of them are in in the same dress code: a black high-tech armored suit with glowing neon highlights of either green, blue, or purple.

ITT: World of Supers
Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Aug 25th 2019 at 9:53:43 PM

Outer Space, Billy

Billy has just heard of what is happening now. The Teen Titans Go Universe, or at least the main one as Kendor knows how universes exactly work, has been destroyed. He feels sad at how he and his nation failed to save them, being too late, but he also thinks that it can somehow be recovered, of slightly different, by going to one of the countless universes spawned from the minor decision of a nobody.

As for the tributes, they have been brought and briefed, and currently trained. They will be sent to Panem and to the Arena in a day.

Hassel's Lab

The scientists, magicians, and mercenaries have arrived. They together form a group of 25, with 15 mercenaries, 5 magicians, and 5 scientists. One of the magicians, a specialized watcher and extraterrestrial, with body comprised of energy but able to take physical form, which in this case a human, uses his power to watch what is on the other side of the portal, and where Ribey, Shion, and Amano are now. After some time, he is able to see them very clearly, as if he is watching it from close range, showing that they are unconscious somewhere in an Eldritch realm. As the pictures from the mind is converted to a digital copy with a special device, everyone realizes that it is the Voidlands.

Immediately, they all call Eagle's Hawk Corporation to provide them with the specialized suits the corporation has been manufacturing specifically for it. They are quickly delivered through a portal. The suits soon instantly assemble themselves around the group. They then also get special tools and items after that, including a barrier comprised of mainly photons and other particles, as well as light magic. Now prepared, they all step in into the dark realm, knowing full well how dangerous it is, and that Billy himself hasn't visit it yet, for now.

Eagle's Hawk Corporation, The Federation of Kendor

The clone of Billy is also saddened at the news. After seeing it, he soon tries to think of a way to prevent it from happening again. Then, he hears how nominator Psychedelicate is finally active, though she is busy managing her school now. Rather than meeting her about the Voidlands, he decides on just sending her a message for now, offering to advertise her Fanfic School. In return, she will help advertise Billy's Business School. He also offers to build something to protect her school, in case it gets attacked.

Meanwhile, with informations gained by the team sent to investigate the explosion, the corporation is able to better prepare for the trip to Voidlands. Also, Billy's clone decides on selling more of his corporation's products to nominators and tributes. He contacts various nominators, except evil ones like Scipion, and give them offer of useful items and weapons, as well as customized objects that can be made to the client's specification. For those going to the Voidlands that Billy has contacted before, who are Detective GC, Dave, Zanreo, and Tabby, he also offers them the suit in secret.

Meanwhile, it turns out the android deliveryman, as well as the journalist on the TTG universe both survived when they were saved by portals that appeared right before the Earth was obliterated by the Sun.

The Federation of Kendor

First of in the Kendorian Intelligence Agency, the agents have finally gained information where the Gloryhounds is following the use of watchers, who use their magical powers to pinpoint the group's location. Apparently, they are now within what looks like an unknown fleet, which will take some time to identify. It also shows a star system, with several planets. But again, it will also take some time to analyze precisely, especially with the amount of star systems. Also, they still don't know in what part of the galaxy the planet is to narrow down the search.

And now in the superhero organization that planned to send heroes, but was too late, as well as the Kendorian military, an important news is happening now. The leader of the superhero organization, as well as the commanders behind the plan to save the TTG universe in the military are scrutinized now, with a trial planned to give appropriate punishments for them, as they are too late to save the world. While it hasn't started yet, considering Kendorian laws, it's most likely they will be demoted for incompetence at best, or get a dishonorable discharge at worst. The trial is just being discussed now and will be scheduled at future date, as the news about the destruction have spread quickly several hours ago.

Talking about few hours ago, the organization received news about it quickly as they were about to leave through their wrist computer, which operated using both technology and magic, and then the white box at the same time, which just appeared out of thin air. Immediately, the box showed it's content as a visual holographic message, of an innocent civilian, a little girl who was crying. She said about how one of her parents managed to find the hideout of the invaders, before the message cut off as she cried. Immediately, the heroes felt immense guilt, and turned against their leader for being too late, questioning him and forcing him to resign or face penalty for his mistake.

However, they also gained an important information about where the invaders were located. They gave the coordinate to the Kendorian military and government, who then tried to think of a plan to act on it, also involving certain large corporations, including Eagle's Hawk Corporation.

Meanwhile, the failure of the rescue mission gives a ramifications to the Kendorian nation, which is still discussed right now.

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 26th 2019 at 1:13:54 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

"Well then... I-I honestly dunno what to say about that.... Afraid of quesadillas because they're cheesy, hoo boy..."

Shaking his head, Ichigo takes a moment to recompose himself.

"But yeah, seems this'll be me and 6k1's first Nominator's Party, and I don't doubt that it'll be an excellent one."

He checks up on his email.

Maybe it was an alternate Flowey who found his way there?

TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 26th 2019 at 3:20:12 AM

Power's House

"Yeah! Can't wait to meet you two there!"

She waves and deactivates her ball. Power stores her dress and ribbon in the wardrobe and goes to sleep, looking forward to the party and of course, the next season.

The Database Library, Basement

Most likely. After all, there are a lot of alternate versions of the Underground, since I recall seeing Error Sans in Season 32.

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Lower Norfair, Zebes Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Aug 26th 2019 at 3:23:06 AM

Resort Planet

Receiving Timerecker's instructions, all villains started to prepare themselves. But amongst them, Maleficent was far smarter than anyone else. She somehow knew that Timewrecker himself gave their location to the ennemy, risking their own lifes and lying to them.

And that made her even more appreciate him.    I cannot believe it, but it seems you are a far better villain than me. Such an evil force deserve to replace that pathetic failure that the god of evil is. No wonder why Valecor feared you. I don't know about the others, but I will stay loyal to you, no matter what.    she thought.


Scipion was satisfied by how people reacted to the new Scipion's show. He suddenly got a call from Giratina, telling him to come to the Distortion World.

   "Damn, you look worried. Did something happens?"       "A lot actually. First, the vast majority of our group betrayed us. I do not know who they joined, but it seems they have launched a unsuccesful attack on Valecor's lair. Only the Dark Star, Sylvanas and lord Vader refused their offers. They are currentlly into their respective worlds."       "Despite what Xiamos told us? Seeing how Valy and his group are doing, they failed. Good ridance."   

   "And second, I have finally discovered what that substance is."    said the Renegade as he showed the glitch's substance.    "It seems that whatever it touch completely disappears. And I am certain that there is a being completely covered in it. The substance reacted when a neighboring universe have suddenly disappeared. Not even Arceus from this universe was able to stop it."   

Scipion frowned at this.    "Another universal threat? Could that be the reason why Xiamos want to test us?"       "Maybe, maybe not. What is sure is that the one who attacked Valecor and that glitch need to disappear before we make our move against Valecor. Balance must come before revenge. Seeing how dangerous the situation is, I'm going with you to the Voidlands."       "Alright. But I'm curious how exactly did you managed to know about their treachery?"   

As Scipion finished his sentence, he screamed in disgust a the air around him became smelly. Giratina chuckled silently    "He did. By complete accident."    he said, looking at Zarblin. The Bokoblin just farted and was laughing loudly at this, wich enraged Scipion.    "WHY, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT! DON'T TELL ME IT'S THAT THING WHO TOLD YOU?!"    Giratina nodded. Scipion restrained himself from tearing the disgusting Bokoblin apart.    "I do not know why, but this former minion of Valecor seemed to like this place. And from what I'm seeing, he seems to like you as well."    Giratina said amused as Zarblin get close to Scipion, sniffing him, much to the Zoroark's rage.

After calming his apprentice, Giratina teleported himself to Panem, taking a much smaller size and his alternate form, as Scipion still didn't wanted to be spotted for now. Much to his annoyance, Zarblin sticked with him as the trio headed to Gamechanger's location.

Valecor's lair

Since they have come back, Kid Buu was doing his best to reconstruct the lair with his strenght. As for Zero, he healed some of the injured villains. He inspected Lucemon's egg touching it with one of his bloody tears.    "Your master should recover faster with this. I am glad that you are all right."    he said to the Digimons guarding it before leaving the room.

But no one knew about his true intentions and what he just did. Inside Lucemon's very core, a purple substance began to appear. Like if it was waiting for something, it hide itself within the core, but didn't did anything yet.

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 26th 2019 at 3:46:26 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

"Right back at'cha, you adorable, nerdy little pony."

Once his talk with Power had finished and he bid her farewell, Ichigo proceeds to answer his next email.

Yeah, if I tried counting the exact number of AUs, methinks we'd probably be here awhile. Nonetheless, the Flowey that popped up during your vacay prolly came from at least one of them.

TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 26th 2019 at 4:20:02 AM

The Database Library, Basement

True, but that Flowey looked exactly like the one from the original Underground, so who knows? Maybe he's from an eerily similar AU...

Anyway, will go back to work right now. Ally misses me so much!

And with that, 6k1 does the usual maintenance work. Better start things slow since she recently came back...

"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 26th 2019 at 4:35:42 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Alright. Guess I'll be seeing you at the party, 6k1.

With that, Ichigo takes his wolf-headed cane, rises from the chair, and walks off to the training room for a little practice.

Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 26th 2019 at 5:00:41 AM

Kirby is riding the Warp Star in the skies at sunset. Suddenly, below, he spots Lucas and his dog, Boney. He stops by.

Kirby: "Hiii!"

Lucas: "Hey Kirby! What are you doing? I'm enjoying the sunset."

Lucas then takes the two into his home. Inside, Magolor is watching tv. He then greets Kirby.

"Hey Kirby, who's that?"

"Hi, my name's Lucas."

Goldie, the flower, suddenly pops up from the pot Lucas is holding.

"Hmm, that flower looks like the flower i found the other day. Hmmm..."

Magolor then takes Goldie's picture. He then writes a message.

"Hey. Lucas has this weird sunflower. It can talk, and looks pretty cute. It looks kinda like a flower i found in a cave. I found it growing near a dead kid. He kind of looks like Lucas, but with ginger hair. I think this weird flower may be the same thing as the flower i found and gave to Kirby."

Magolor then sends his message to 6k1. Meanwhile Lucas talks to Goldie.

"I used to have a twin brother once. His name is Claus. I loved playing with him, but things... happen."

"That's terrible! Wait..."

The sapient sunflower then attempts to remember something. He then vaguely remembers a woman with long brown hair, playing with him...

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Best Nintendo character.
TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 26th 2019 at 5:36:59 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 receives Magolor's message and replies:

Oh no, that flower looks suspiciously like the one in the footage.

She attaches the screencap of Flowey, moments before he transformed into his Photoshop form.

And you found it near a dead kid? Now why does that sound familiar...?

She does a quick online search and attaches a picture of Chara, who looks suspiciously like Frisk, and sends the message.

"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Oggy123 Hiii! from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 26th 2019 at 6:56:18 AM

Magolor gets 6k1's message. He then makes another email.

"No! That kid looks like Lucas, but with orange hair! Besides, i don't think it's that flower. It seems a lot more friendly."

He then attaches this image.

"I think that dead kid looks more like that. Anyway, what's up?"

He then sends it to 6k1.

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Best Nintendo character.
TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 26th 2019 at 7:40:56 AM

Planet U-1493181514

Timewrecker arrive at the base after everyone left the planet. He goes to the main computer and starts typing.

   Hello big guy, I have a job for you.   

The computer responds.

   Know that I'm only on your side because than damned glitch is more powerful than even me. What is it?   

Timewrecker inputs the coordinates to the resort planet.

   There are some enemy villains and some heroes preparing to go to that planet. I'll need your services to help eliminate them. Once that's done, you can eliminate the planet and whoever's left on it.   

   Alright then, I'll be on my way.   

Timewrecker then leaves the planet. Soon a massive portal opens up in front of the planet and the planet enters it.

Resort Planet

Planet U-1493181514 then becomes visible far in the sky as it arrives.

A new hologram of Timewrecker appears near the villains.

   See that new planet in the sky? That's my secret weapon, Planet U-1493181514. However, you may or may not recognize it by its other name as it's rather famous...   

theme music

Suddenly the rocky surface of the planet develops cracks all over before shattering away, revealing a gray and gold robotic ringed planet.

On the remains of the base that's still on the planet, a computer was working away some data. It then decodes the planet's name.


U 14 9 3 18 15 14


The Cetus One

Back on his ship Timewrecker checks on Giratina. To his surprise he's not in the Distortion World, so he checks on Scipion. There he sees him heading to the detective's base.

   So it seems he may be going to the Voidlands. Was going to torture him and keep him alive to serve as a messenger, but this works too.   

He then receives the copy of the footage he asked for of the glitch's destruction of the Pokemon universe. Using his tech he quickly adds some stuff of his own to it, puts it in a package and sends it to the detective's base.

Det. GC's Base

The package arrives on the detective's teleportation table. he reads the note on it, which says "please show the contents of this package to a group of trusted allies, it contains proof of a universal threat."

The detective then tests the package for viruses, disease, and explosives. It comes back clean. He then tests it for spyware. After it comes back clean for that he puts it on a shelf, waiting for the other nominators to reach him.

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ITT: World of Supers
Psychedelicate A good boy from a galaxy far, far away
A good boy
Aug 26th 2019 at 7:42:16 AM

Psyche’s Fanfic School - Hallway

As they pass the classrooms, RM and Jin can make out the now-familiar sounds of tapping away at keyboards and students excitedly chatting. They try to stay as quiet as they can, knowing that some ARMYs are being taught at this school. They and their bandmades had kind of learned that the hard way the first time they were nominated.

“This is so messed up,” RM murmurs, exasperated. “She could’ve at least waited until after our vacation.”

“Look on the bright side, Namjoon,” says Jin. “She’ll go through her own horror story this time, and she’s gonna know how it feels to be nominated against her will.”

“She’s practically a sadist,” RM reminds him. “She’s gonna come out on top no matter what.”

Jin smirks. “Are you sure about that?”

They hear the sound of collective gasping from one of the classrooms. A girl cries out: “Oh my gosh, my poor Jinnie! There’s no way he could’ve survived ‘’that!’’”

“Shoot,” RM whispers. “They’re doing the gag saves. Let’s go.”

But as the sound of excited chattering increases in volume, Jin doesn’t hear what RM said. Among the babble of voices, he’s somehow able to make out the words “Akko Incident.”

“‘’Seokjin.’’” RM is more insistent this time, tugging at Jin’s hand. “C’mon.”

This time, Jin gets the message. He follows RM out of the hallway and into the library, where they’re expected to wait until the season begins.

The walls are covered top to bottom in gigantic bookshelves, and a chandelier hangs down from the ceiling. What is unique about this library, however, is that it’s almost entirely composed of large volumes of literary editions of the Hunger Games seasons, as well as several fanfiction and alternate universes based on the events of the canon seasons and even the gag saves. As Jin briefly looks around, he catches sight of titles such as “Egotistic Ninja Maki” and “Heir of Revenge: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu’s Extended Story.” He immediately drops his gaze to the floor, dreading to find any titles about J-Hope.

Suddenly, he cries out and collapses to his knees, cradling his head in his hands. Visions flash through his mind. His body starts to tremble as he processes sensations and emotions he’d never felt before, never expected to feel.

“Seokjin!” RM crouches down at his level and places a hand firmly on his shoulder. “What’s going on?”

Jin only responds with soft, frightened whimpering.

“Seokjin.” RM attempts to lift Jin’s head out of his hands. “Look at me.”

Jin meets his gaze. His eyes are wide and bloodshot, and tears are streaming down his face. “ARMY… ARMY are after me…” he croaks out.

Psyche’s Fanfic School - Vice-Principal’s Office

The alarm bells go off. Literally. Ms. May bolts out of her chair and races downstairs. Something is seriously wrong.

Psyche’s Fanfic School - Library

By the time Ms. May arrives, Jin is foaming at the mouth and staring into space, choking and whimpering all the while. For once, RM is grateful to see the vice-principal. “Ms. May! Please! Please help him!”

Ms. May rummages in her skirt pockets for a moment, then takes out a small vial of blue liquid and holds it up to Jin’s lips. As soon as the antidote enters Jin’s body, he starts to relax, falling into a calm sleep.

“There,” says Ms. May. “That should be a temporary solution.”

“Temporary?” RM repeats forcefully. “Give me a permanent one!”

Ms. May glares at him. “Maybe your little friend there got what he deserved,” she says icily. “Maybe then, he will become a worthy successor to J-Hope himself. Besides, I hear the students are already writing about their own takes of this Woobified, mindbroken version of him…”

Been awhile since I've finished any Kuzusouda fics or chapters...
TroperNo9001 2nd placeholder for human!6k1 from Ichi's Underground Bunker Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
2nd placeholder for human!6k1
Aug 26th 2019 at 9:03:37 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 can't help but wonder how similar they and their stories are: golden flowers, dead children... but she decides not to dwell on that.

She instead tells Magolor how much she enjoyed her Underground vacation with Baymax and Harley, even if she had to cut it short.

She attaches the selfies she took during her time there and sends them.

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"Secret's out: I'm a time traveler, but I shouldn't be worrying about that."
Mhazard DAIRUGGER from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Aug 26th 2019 at 11:07:52 AM

The Voidlands, Strange Beach

The portal has brought Ribey, Amano and Shion to a strange realm by complete accident, and they barely made it alive by crash-landing straight into the oceanic surface.


Upon opening her eyes, Ribey finds out that she's not in the Panem anymore. She's not even familiar with this strange place at all. When she and her colleagues swim back to a beach-like surface, they find out that the ocean they landed onto isn't really made of water, but rather, it seems to be made of blood, a sea of blood.

"Yuck, it smells like rotten flesh... Wait... it IS rotten flesh?! What is this place?!"

"Neither do I know!"

"Me neither."

"Either way, this place doesn't look like a place I'd want to stay in, let's find a way to get the hell out of here."

The trio begins to explore the mysterious land with a purple sky while gathering up some water samples, rubbles and sands, but, the more they gather, the more unsettling it becomes. Apparently, the water Ribey gathered is indeed made of blood, the rubbles are dried fleshes, and the sands are powdered bones.

The Voidlands is simply... alien, and it's just a very small portion of it.

Cute girls are cute.
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Aug 26th 2019 at 1:05:47 PM

Kavaxas' Story

Kavaxas began to tell his story to Valecor and Chrysalis.

Kavaxas: You see, I am the Lord of the Demodragons, a race of evil demons that rule the Netherworld. We were summoned by human mages to wreck havock among mortals, the only reason we weren't able to destroy the world was because the mages kept my kind bound to amulets that forced us to obey them.

Chrysalis grew interested in the whole "Lord of Demodragons" part, finding some common ground with her fellow villain. Kavaxas then continued his story.

Kavaxas: I almost came close to conquering the Earth when the Foot Clan summoned me to revive their leader which allowed me to manipulate them to open the Netherworld's portal, but four mutants and their friends thwarted my plans and sealed me in the Netherworld and destroyed the means to bring me out of there. I thought this would be the end, until I was summoned by an unknown force to join Nightmare's Legion.

Chrysalis: So, Lord Kavaxas, what was it like to rule over your people?

Kavaxas: It was wonderful, they all obeyed and served me loyally, no signs of any rebellion or deviant thoughts.

Chrysalis was a bit saddened by those worlds she remembered being left by her original hive after the ponies "turned them against her", she missed being the queen and having others to speak with. Before anything else could continue they saw three girls crash land into the Voidlands and began to check in on them.

Mission Accomplished

"Chrysalis" removed her disguise and revealed her true identity: A Changeling Commander from the new hive standing in for Chrysalis, he explained her situation to the other villains who managed to understand the circumstances and decided to work together to end their mission already.

Tirek: Alright, uh... What is your name again, Changeling?

Changeling Commander: My name is Neoptera.

Sombra:    Ah, yeah, whatever, let's get this over with, shall we, I spot the cave where the bell is.   

The rest of the group spotted the cave, seeing the bell inside, Tirek was the first to rush in to obtain it, only to end up crashing headfirst into a magical shield.

Tirek: Ow...

Sombra:    Pathetic, let a King do this as it should be!   

Sombra then fired several spikes against the shield, only for all of them to shatter into contact.

Sombra:    What the hay? How is this possible? Hey pink pony, give it a try, will you?   

Cozy stepped forward and said a few "magical" words.

Cozy Glow: Okay, here I go... Open Sesame!

But there was no response or reaction.

Cozy: Uh, how about this: Shazam.... Hocus Pocus... Up, up and away! Sorry I have nothing else.

Neoptera: Hmm, perhaps we could use our combined magic to open a small hole in the shield and let Cozy take the bell while she can

Sombra:    That's a dumb idea! .Teamwork won't solve this, we just have to try harder.   

Neoptera: But, guys!

She then looked on as Tirek and Sombra ineffectively attempted to destroy the barrier, while Cozy just facehoofed.

Cozy Glow: Guys, I think she may be right, perhaps this is the lesson Grogar was trying to taught us, to work together so that nothing can stop us!

Sombra had been a lone wolf for most of his life as he had bad experiences with ponies and friendship, but Cozy had a point. Tirek, thought the same.

Sombra:    Urgh fine. Tirek, take my magic and use it to open a hole in the shield, just promise you'll give it back.   

Tirek then did as told and opened the hole for Cozy to enter. Cozy took the bell successfully and returned.

Cozy Glow: Mission Accomplished!

Tirek: Alright, King Sombra, have your magic back.

Sombra:    Wait, you're actually keeping your promise?   

Tirek: I don't know why, but yes I am, just take it and leave me alone.

Tirek then returned the magic to Sombra and felt weird with himself, was he starting to appreciate... Friendship?

Sombra:    Thanks, I guess.   

Neoptera: See what Grogar means, you guys are an amazing team when you overcome your differences! Perhaps you could even overthrow him and take over together with Chrysalis.

Cozy Glow: I like how that sounds!

Sombra:    Yeah, that old fool won't be capable of taking us all. Not when we have his bell, now all we need to do is figure out how to use it. But for now we'll come back and lie to him about not finding it, he can't see us right now, so there's little risk discussing it now.   

Tirek: I like your way of thinking, Sombra, Grogar will soon be bowing to us, as Equestria's new rulers.

The group then laughed evilly and used a golden orb of magic Grogar gave them to warp back to the Lair... Unaware of someone watching them and following close.

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He will make you Beware the Superman.
TabbyGirl4 Lil' Paint Witch from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Lil' Paint Witch
Aug 26th 2019 at 2:21:29 PM

TIMESKIP: The Voidlands

Tabby joins Billy and his allies on an expedition through the Voidlands, decked out in the tight suit he created. She's not too fond of the color scheme of it. The Desolate Ruins look familiar to the world she comes from, like a bad future or a place she has never lived in before.

   "Hey Billy, Do we know where we are going? Are we using this depressing place as a shortcut?"   

She doesn't hear an answer.

   " This place looks familiar Panem but something terrible has happened to it.A bad future or something. Such tragedy has struck."   

She continues through the rough terrain until something in the far distance catches her eye. A ghost-like dragon with giant black wings. She knows that they aren't the only ones here.

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"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" -Yondu,2017
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Aug 26th 2019 at 3:34:23 PM

Underground Bunker, Garage

Following a training session, Ichigo decides that a little joyride in one of his vehicles wouldn't hurt. Eventually settling on a black tractor trailer truck, he climbs into the driver's seat, places his crystal ball on the dashboard in case he might need to contact Power or vice-versa, starts up the truck, and drives out through the garage doors.

As he drives, he briefly looks back at the trailer's interior, which actually functioned as living quarters for those long road trips, complete with the essentials and even a mini-lab.

TheGamechanger Valecor from Fourth Wall Relationship Status: Robosexual
Aug 26th 2019 at 3:49:06 PM

The Voidlands

As Valecor's group checks on the three girls, Marx's army is away from their view on the opposite side of a hill. They'll find themselves struggling to get unstuck from some really sticky ground that's made of a mixture of sweets of some kind. It's at that moment that a huge portal opens up and the team of 25 people searching for Ribey land right on top of them from a few yards mid-air, upon which the portal immediately closes afterwards. Luckily for them the ground was soft enough to cushion the fall.

Both groups would soon find that they're unable to communicate with the outside world if they tried doing so.

ITT: World of Supers
VengefulBale Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn from Earth Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Spooktober Day 17: Brightburn
Aug 26th 2019 at 3:52:24 PM

Meeting with Billy

Bale teleported to Billy's place, leaving Mr. Godzilla behind to take care of his base for him. After arriving he began the conversation.

Bale: Hey Billy, I've heard from some guys that you plan to go to the Voidlands, if so, I'm all up for it!

He will make you Beware the Superman.
Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Aug 26th 2019 at 4:46:29 PM

Meeting With Bale

Billy is surprised to see Bale teleport right in front of him, in his starship. He thought he will talk to him as usual through a hologram. But instead he meets him directly.

Anyway, Billy responds to Bale, "Great. Anyway, here is the note from Detective Gamechanger that he sent to me and Dave." Billy then shows a picture of it, with the writing on it saying among other things, that nominators should solve a puzzle in the Detective's base to access the portal.

After showing the picture, Billy said again, "So, my plan is to go to his base below in few days, once the current season is over. I need few other tributes who are competing now in the season to help me." Billy then looks out of his ship's cockpit, showing the Detective's base outside.

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