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The Good, The Bad, And The Spandex III: Electric Boogaloo (Interest/Signup Thread)

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JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from [REDACTED] Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
An Ordinary Oddball
Feb 10th 2019 at 8:40:44 PM

A new day has dawned. When night fell on Easton, New York, on the first day of 2019, everything was still ordinary. Over the space of a few months, everything gradually became a hell of a lot more hectic for the harried residents of the city.

Empowered individuals became more common by the day. Some decided to use their powers for good—as the old, respected traditions of heroism dictated. Some, in contrast, decided to use their powers for evil.

Then supernatural creatures and not-so-supernatural ones practically came pouring out of the woodwork. That was extremely jarring. The public vaguely knew that empowered individuals and other such things existed, though never in such numbers—incidents were mostly concentrated in other places (and therefore of little concern).

But why did that happen?

The answer is simple—Easton is a paranormal singularity, and pulls everything odd towards itself. That discovery is still causing political conniptions.

Join the residents of Easton, and pave the way to tomorrow with your actions—good or evil!

Welcome to the newest iteration of The Good, The Bad, And The Spandex! This is primarily a freeform superhero RP, wherein everyone makes up their own original characters and plots to play in. They can be anything, from traditional superheroes to the oddest creatures and people.

To returning players: Welcome back! You can either revamp old characters or make up new ones. This is just as much of a sandbox as the old versions.

To new players: Welcome! I hope you'll have fun here. However, you'll need to follow the rules, which are posted below. Please create your character using the character sheet, which is also below.

  • All TV Tropes forum and RP rules apply here.
  • No Godmodding of any kind (Ghosting, Autohitting, Powergaming, etc).
  • Please maintain a civil atmosphere at all times. (Don't start drama, etc.)
  • Characters are strictly original. You can, however, make Expies of fictional characters.
  • Power levels are pretty flexible, since I feel the "No Godmodding" rule gives everyone a fighting chance. However, keep in mind that easily solving problems with uber-godly powers isn't fun—it's the journey (how everyone comes together to solve the problem) that counts.
  • NOTE: We will be using a new worldbuilding thread, so as to start with a clean slate. We will be using a Discord server for discussion instead, as it is quicker and easier.
    Character Sheets 
  • Identity: Name, Public/Secret Identity (if they have one), Status (Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain, Anti-Villain, Neutral)
  • Abilities:
    • Powers:
    • Weaknesses:
    • Skills:
    • Equipment:
  • Appearance: Can be either a description or an image
  • Personality: How your character acts
  • Background: How your character got their powers, why they came to Easton (if they aren't a native), plus anything else you think is relevant
    Character List 

Worldbuilding Thread

Game Thread

Discord Server

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"Speak, mortal. Does your skin fit you?" "No, so I'll make myself a new one." "What will you hew it out of?" "Well—You."
Feb 10th 2019 at 9:03:52 PM

  • Identity: Collateral (formerly Atomix), Ryan Brady
  • Abilities:
    • The Living H-Bomb: Ryan's foremost ability is manipulation of energy, generation of extreme amounts of power, and creation of dangerous forces. Fundamentally, Ryan basically is a live H-Bomb or powerful nuclear reactor. His powers generate a lot of energy, and it seems to be tied to his emotions - he is very well capable of some rather explosive shows. His energy is notably bright blue, but darkens when his emotions correspondingly darken.
    • Explosive Force: Ryan can actually generate a tremendous nuclear explosion around himself, and reform afterwards, suggesting despite being normal otherwise, he has a peculiar physiology.
    • Physical Reinforcement: His powers also reinforce his body, giving him tremendous physical strength, endurance and stamina. His speed can be increased, but that is mostly done with a conscious exerted energy around him.
    • Nuclear Synthesis: By exerting his power in a certain way, he is capable of generating elements owing to his familiarity with his powers.
    • Nuclear Aptitude: Due in part to his intrinsic link to his powers, he is immune to the effects of atomic and nuclear weapons, and in fact can actually absorb the fallout and destructive energies involved, potentially giving him some interesting options.
    • Weaknesses: His emotions by and large influence his powers, meaning it can be difficult to so much as get a spark out of him if he's particularly down, and anger can get rather...dangerous. He also has to exercise considerable restraint when fighting so he doesn't produce fallout himself.
  • Appearance: Ryan almost resembles the '90s Anti-Hero to every point - long light brown hair in the style of the nineties, immense musculature, and a rather dark and gritty costume involving cybernetic-looking pieces, black and purple spandex that flatteringly covers his musculature, and exactly one pauldron. Ryan has a light tan to him, and light blue eyes that perhaps hint towards a lighter past. Ryan's whole look is a relatively recent invention - his muscles came from getting into bodybuilding after ending up suspended from heroics after the well publicized incident with his powers, and he went on Trenbolone during this time, a particularly powerful steroid. His outfit is the invention of his sponsor, Mr. Noble, who created it to prevent another incident from happening. As for the mullet, he just let his hair grow out and takes a somewhat surprising amount of care for it.
  • Personality: He somewhat has the '90s Anti-Hero attitude down too, being grouchy, snarly and constantly seeming to be in a bad mood, though a lot of this is a Jerkass Façade, and he really doesn't trust himself around other people, and so acts like a broody jerk to keep another incident from hurting people if his outfit fails. In spite of his attitude, he does enjoy helping people, and will go a surprising amount out of his way to help. His temper is a product of his past use of certain substances, and he does recognize his temperament is a problem what with his powers. He does want to try to be a more conventional hero, but having a bad rap makes that difficult and he doesn't want to be around too many people. Occasionally there are glimpses of the more idealistic youth he was before things happened.
  • Background: He started out as an idealistic young hero named Atomix, who attained his powers due to being exposed to his Mad Scientist father's experimental "Hazard Atom Armor", which ended up merged into his body when he fell into the test chamber. He became a part of a young hero group called New Justice, and made a good number of friends, being remarked to be an outgoing, loud and cheerful person, staying with them well into his seventeenth year. However, during a fight with a supervillain, he unleashed a bit more power than he meant to and caused a massive explosion and mushroom cloud. The heroic community judged him for his actions and lack of control, stripping him of his heroic credential for years, and even when the terms expired, he was bound to assume the identity of Collateral instead of Atomix, as a reminder of the lives he took. However he proved to be of interest to the Justice Force International, a group of superheroes mostly consisting of young and active superheroes and their mentors in a guiding role. Specifically, the group's financier Isaac Noble chose him, for whatever reason, and gave him new armor designed to stop him from going explosive again. Ryan is now due to begin his duties as a superhero again, but with a jaded outlook...

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Sign on for this After The End Fantasy RP.
Feb 10th 2019 at 9:35:36 PM

  • Identity: Jeff Drovan, Blazeforce
  • Abilities:
    • Flame Composure: Jeff has the power of fire, in its most pure form, and can assume a form composed of flame and heat, with his face still left present. In this form he can achieve incredibly high energy output, even more than usual, but it is incredibly dangerous.
    • Enhanced Durability, Strength and Flight: The standard Flying Brick package.
    • Alchemic Force: Oddly enough - though less so if you consider fire's role in alchemy - his powers also include alchemic transmutation and change of modes of matter and their state. He can literally turn coal into a diamond, and perplexingly his fire can freeze water.
    • Power of Destruction: His fire can act in such a way as to destroy or abrade matter, fundamentally burning it down into its component parts and molecules. This power requires a lot of focus so as not to result in a tremendous explosion.
    • Fires of Varying Temperatures: He has a vast number of kinds of fire he can call upon based on their temperature and status - he can make fire as if it was produced by a gas leak, fire produced from chemical interaction, and even solar fire. Which would all be tremendously impressive...
  • Weaknesses: ...were it not for the person wielding all this power. Jeff is best described as a Dumb Jock on his best day. He needs to concentrate and spend time just using a basic transmutation, and while repetition can help, he's simply a rather dull guy. Not much going on in his brain.
  • Skills: very good hand eye coordination on account of his sports and lifting, wrestling at a collegiate level, social butterfly.
  • Equipment: His outfit, a flame patterned spandex suit tailored to best show off his body.
  • Appearance: It probably says a lot that Jeff is someone Ryan ran into at the gym - Jeff is almost incredibly toned, muscular, tall and handsome. He's babyfaced, but in such a way that only enhances his more appealing traits. He's halfway between a Hunk and a Bishounen, mostly owed to his body. He's golden tanned, and no matter what it seems he knows how to look good. He has light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and usually wears clothes fashioned with his own name. He actually has his own clothes line "DROVAN FIT", and it's all remarkably showy. Outside his spandex, he wears shorts, stringer shirts, and a jacket on the rare time he feels the need for it.
  • Personality: Jeff is almost typically the Handsome Lech of the team - Ryan's best friend, Jeff was there for him when Ryan was at his lowest. Jeff is a continuously optimistic sort, though he can be a bit gratingly womanizing and trending toward enjoying himself and loving the fame a bit too much. While he admits he loves the fame being a hero gives him, he also wants to try and do the right thing with his powers. He's quite the male example of a Proud Beauty - he knows he's good looking and often shows off to an always appreciative audience; himself.
  • Background: Exposed to an odd experimental portal to a "realm of energy" when a villain attacked, Jeff found himself able to manipulate fire and "other stuff". He decided on his own to go forward and try for heroic status, and wound up finding out his old best friend Ryan was in fact the hero Collateral. This surprisingly did not change Jeff's opinion of him, and the two remain some of the best friends on Justice Force International.

Sign on for this After The End Fantasy RP.
Feb 11th 2019 at 6:33:21 AM

You know I always keep an eye on the game I started way back when, and I'm happy to see JF take a stab at running it. I need to work on a concept tho. Gimme some time.

Blueace Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Feb 11th 2019 at 7:36:20 AM

Identity: Kyle Moon, hero, secret identity, known as Crescent


  • Lycan form: He has the skill of turning into a giant humanoid wolf or an intermediate, "big hairy human" form. Both these forms come with a nice set of bonuses.
    • Super strength: He has been able to stop a moving truck with one hand, tear through steel with ease and smash through stone, among other things.
    • Super speed and reflexes: runs close to the speed of sound and can move and dodge high speed projectiles mid-sprint with little issue.
    • Durability: Can take bullets and blunt trauma without issue.
    • Enhanced senses: What you'd expect, really.
    • Healing Factor: While on his normal form it makes cuts disappear in a couple hours, and it's even stronger transformed, unless the wound was made with silver, in that case, it heals like a regular injury.
    • Sharp claws and fangs: self explanatory.
    • Call of the Pack: As he is possessed, his body houses the soul of a wolf he called Romulus, or Rom. When he is in a critical situation, the spirits of of other wolves will possess him to increase his power.

Skills: Knows karate, has survival skills and can track pretty well.

Weaknesses: Silver, if it touches his naked skin, it burns him, even in his normal form, and affects his healing. The full wolf transformation can have some effects on his mind, making him more primal, and it gets worse during the full moon. The intermediate form only gives him half his full power. And his senses have overwhelmed him on occasion.

Appearance: A rather handsome Caucasian young man, he has long, messy black hair and blue eyes. He tends to wear hoodies and jeans and tends to look like he just woke up. He is about 5'10 and rather toned. On his back, there is a black wolf tattoo, the symbol of his power. On his first transformation, he grows about half a foot and looks like a bodybuilder, his hair gets longer and gets some wild stubble and body hair and his face looks older and somewhat meaner. When going "Full Wolf" he transforms into a 7 feet tall humanoid wolf. To keep his dignity he wears a black bodysuit with a moon on the chest, with several metal plates. Normal looks.

Personality: While awkward on social situations, Kyle is usually a polite, laid back and good natured guy who likes a quick laugh and is generally willing to help others. Normally acts pretty relaxed and not even risk of death gives him much pause, but he is concerned about his powers and the effect they have on him and his personality. but tries to hide it. Smarter than he looks, has a lot of fun messing with people with it. Whenever he goes full wolf he feels more aggressive, primal, and on full moon he has a hard time being a wolf and controlling his base urges.

Background: Kyle Moon, high school senior with plans of becoming a lawyer felt like his life was just normal, loving his parents and his older brother, hanging out with friends and doing well on school were his simple goals, but as a good-hearted kid, and one of his attempts to help ended up changing his life forever. Coming back home from a high school party, he saw a house getting robbed. Kyle managed to knock down one of the robbers before the police or a hero arrived, but ended up breaking a talisman that was among the things, causing a wolf spirit to enter his body and forced him to transform for the first time. While scared at first, he resolved to step into the plate, evil shall now beware a hunter of the dark, the hero Crescent.

Enirboreh Lucy Livingston, at your shy, stuttering service from you tell me. Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Lucy Livingston, at your shy, stuttering service
Feb 11th 2019 at 8:54:24 AM

...Eh, #$&% it. I'm in.

  • Identity: Daniel Kingston, Hero, Public Identity (Goldrush).
  • Powers:
    • AOS (Aura of Speed): Daniel has the ability to generate an ethereal, bubble-like field of energy around his skin with the flick of a mental switch, which can propel him at supernatural speeds by warping the reality of his local area. The field behaves in such a way that it is relatively fragile at low speeds but gains tremendous durability at higher velocities; thickening and becoming almost impenetrable the faster he goes. This golden aura constantly adapts according to the amount of effort he is putting into running, relieving him of exertion for every time he tries to heighten his speed. As such, Daniel can theoretically travel at any velocity he wishes to; however the detrimental effects to both his environment and his sanity far outweigh the advantages a complete lack of conceivable speed cap would normally bring to light. The ethereal film can extend to fit up to one passenger, and it also heals both itself and those held within it at a speed according to the intensity of its velocity. Perception of time is also altered for the benefit of the user and any passengers within the field—usually slowing to a dead halt past a certain threshold of speed. Because the aura increases in both density and mass the more force and speed it is subject to, Daniel faces the very real risk of igniting the atmosphere or even collapsing himself into a singularity if he goes too fast—as such, he has to keep a constant mind on every single action he performs when travelling at such high velocities. On the plus side, he always has the option of weaponizing these devastating environmental effects—once having cleared the local area of innocents and civilians, Daniel can be free to let loose on whatever villain of the month week day is tormenting the city of Easton.
  • Equipment:
    • Type 2 Pyrite Armour: A flexible, high tech suit of armour. Jet black with neon gold highlights. The suit allows him to make extremely tight turns and grip easier, and is also reinforced so that he doesn't snap his spine from whiplash if he starts off clumsy. The suit is thin enough to be protected by the aura, however Daniel has to take extra care while rescuing civilians in it so as not to injure them. The suit can retract into a small enough shape so as to either function as or fit into a backpack.
  • Appearance: Eyes glow with an otherworldly golden sheen when he's using powers. Around 5'10", 19 years of age.
  • Personality: At first meeting, Daniel appears to fit into the typical brash and cocky speedster stereotype; being obnoxiously arrogant and joking towards villains he's fighting, acting disinterested and occasionally even crass towards his peers, and generally making rash decisions when out on the field. However, Daniel in actuality is quite a serious, morbid person—perhaps even suffering from minor depression due to his fear of his own destructive power. As a result, he subconsciously tends to alienate himself from people, constantly being on the move and cracking crude jokes to cover up his lonesome and fearful personality. He believes that this fake persona is for the betterment of his image, as he's under the impression that any powerful superhero should try and portray themselves in a grounded manner so as to make a more ready connection in the eyes of the general public—in this case purposefully putting on a clueless façade so as to lessen the fear he's convinced he would spread otherwise. Due to the volatile nature of his abilities, Daniel has developed an extremely intelligent and calculating mind, able to closely estimate velocity and angles even while running to avoid injuring civillians he's trying to save and minimize collateral damage. He's also a good field-therapist, momentarily dropping his abrasive persona and comforting those he saves as he can so easily relate to their confusion and fear in intense situations. Because of the fact one single solitary slip-up in his movements while in the aura could cause such devastation, Daniel only uses it to its more powerful extent when he feels there is nothing left to lose—although almost always with feelings of intense dread and reluctance at the possibility of him screwing up in the process.
  • Background: Daniel's powers were first made manifest in an incident at his local high school; an event which also caused several of his fellow students to gain superhuman abilities themselves. His initial discovery of his speed was not a pleasant one—as unaware of his slowed perception with his newly activated aura, he tried to take an injured step forward without realising he was moving at around 150 mph in the space of a fraction of a second. Because of this, he shattered the entirety of his leg, cracking the floor beneath him and sent himself careening down the entire hall of the school and breaking the windows all the way down with the sheer potency of the air displacement. After his recovery in the hospital (he only discovered his healing ability at a later date) and his later graduation, he began a career in heroism; creating a basic attire out of scrap clothing and working as a freelance superhero under the name of Goldrush—his identity remaining public due to him not wearing any mask for trust reasons. After a few incidents involving him skidding out on corners due to him underestimating his own speed, Daniel got together a think tank from some of the friends he had made during his career—beginning to develop a high-tech suit of armour for him to employ on the field. Now continuing to roam about Easton as a lone hero, Daniel works to get cats down trees just as he hard as he does to fight supervillains—but it seems as if the longer his career goes on the more difficult it is for him to keep up his alternate public persona...

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“All I'm worried about is people getting left behind. I... I don't care if I'm being left behind as a result. As long as they're safe.”
MichaelDj54 Up on Melancholy Hill. from North of Normal, West of Weird
Up on Melancholy Hill.
Feb 11th 2019 at 10:17:01 AM

  • Identity: Mason Bridges, Masked Fighter Genesis, Hero
  • Abilities:
    • Masked Rider Genesis: The ability to use a wrist mounted Transformation Trinket allows Mason to become an armored figure with drastically increased stats, durability and the ability to use 2 "Digichips" he's created, harnessing the powers of Thunder and Fire in small bursts.
    • Enhanced Senses, Durability and Strength
    • Fire Digichip: Grants his weapons, and attacks, fire-like effects
    • Thunder Digichip: Grants his weapons, and attacks, lightning like effects.
  • Weaknesses: Without his Transformation Trinket, Mason can't do much of anything. The suit is where his powers lie and in the sense if it gets ruined, destroyed, broken, or anything of that nature, he's absolutely shut down untilhe can fix it.
  • Skills: Mason is incredibly smart for his age, almost to genius levels and is quite handy with machinery, and robotics.
  • Equipment: The "Genes-Driver", the wrist mounted device that allows him to transform. In addition he almost always has a sack slung over his shoulder filled with various tools and equipment, screwdrivers, devices and his Digichips inside just in case of emergency. The bag is basically his entire life.
  • Appearance: More or less like this. He does like wearing his coat everywhere he goes but does find himself wearing more street worthy clothes underneath the coat. The armor he wears looks like this, and when he uses the Fire Digichip, it becomes red.
  • Personality: A few words to properly describe Mason is excitable, hyper and passionate. Mason grew up refusing to believe in shame for the things you believed in, worked on, and fought for. His belt is his prized achievement, and it's something he boasts about constantly when given the opportunity. However, he's still a nice guy, and believes in justice and helping those who can't help themselves. He also likes to think of ways of "improving" devices and designs...even when they don't work out the way they should. That time with the toaster oven still haunts him to this day...but his inventions will make the world a better place! You'll see!
  • Background: For as long as he could remember, Mason was fascinated by the concept of SCIENCE! Probably not at all helped that his family were deep into the concepts of science as well. His mom more than any of them, often lost in her own world she found herself flying solo for quite some time. However, as expected as it was, her experiments would be the death of her, quite literally. She left no legacy and her name was ultimately forgotten in the scientific community, a fate that Mason deemed nothing short of horrific. All that time, all that effort, was gone simply because she couldn't make a name for herself. Mason maintained that if she died doing what she loved, then there was no point in being upset about it; it was her drive, her dream, her ambition and he wanted to maintain that through her wishes. So, with his drive set, he created the Genes-Driver and made a goal: to ensure that his name would be at least passed down and remember through the ages, no matter the stakes! So says Masked Fighter Genesis!

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Enirboreh Lucy Livingston, at your shy, stuttering service from you tell me. Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Lucy Livingston, at your shy, stuttering service
Feb 11th 2019 at 6:18:36 PM

And I might as well stick this one in here too. Don't worry, JF—I'm not gonna swarm ya~!

too much

  • Identity: Maybelle "Mae" Todd, Anti-Hero, Public Identity.
  • Powers:
    • Spiritual Energy Generation: Mae's mystical orb has a tremendous capacity for spiritual output, and it seems that when it's on her person she can channel this otherworldly energy for her own usage. Though primarily manifesting as devastating arcs of spiritual lightning that projects out of her body at will, Mae can also utilize more complex applications with her powers—able to construct energy fields, harden or otherwise alter the properties of objects in her grip (such as making a pencil squidgy or turning a napkin into a lethal razorblade), and manipulate the shape of the energy she emits from ethereal tendrils mimicking human hands to packed balls of pure spiritual power. Notably, her features seem to shift somewhat the more she uses this power—becoming more angular and mature in the face—and even her personality seems to undergo gradual alterations according to her energy output. It is to be noted that the more she uses her powers the more fatigued her body gets—and the more she complains of a "pain in her chest". Thankfully this spiritual substance isn't entirely destructive in nature, and carries some healing properties if Mae manages to wield it correctly. Though one might prefer even the most inept of doctors over her complete lack of biological knowledge.
    • Localized Gravity: An oddball power that even Mae herself is unsure about. It primarily seems to come into effect whenever Mae is standing on an uneven surface—altering her personal gravity well so as to match that of whatever's beneath her feet. As such, Mae can effectively stand on any uneven surface no matter the angle it's at—although carrying the strange side effect that her power seems to treat the object she's attached to as a miniature planetoid of its own. Which naturally means if her foot's attached to a small rock and she forgets to turn off her powers, all she'll achieve if she then attempts to step off is a spectacular faceplant.
    • Mental Defenses: Telepaths and psychics best watch out around Mae when her orb is on her person, as all an attempted mental attack or intrusion will achieve is a nasty zap of spiritual lightning in the offender's general direction. Mae's mind is (for some reason) thickly veiled in a barrier of pure spiritual energy, which thickens and occasionally spikes out in retaliation according to the intensity of the psionic attack. Even if one manages to break through this potent defense one should still be wary; as a looming presence likes to rear its fangs against any intruders...
  • Equipment:
    • The Orb: Or as Mae has taken to calling it; The Star Ball. This is a glassy pearl of a neon blue colouration and an ever-shifting appearance, seeming to contain a whirlwind of activity and emitting the odd spark of spiritual energy on occasion. Mae wears it on a thin black string around her neck as a makeshift pendant—the only piece of jewellery the girl has ever worn. The orb seems to emit a soft, comforting humming noise that picks up into a shrill whistling whenever Mae is using her powers more potently than usual—but if one listens carefully they might detect the odd pronunciation of foreign words in what sounds like the whispers of a woman's voice.
  • Appearance: 5'4", around 15-16 in terms of apparent age. Wears little to no makeup, has a generally unreadable expression, and almost constantly has her head buried in her phone. Fairly pretty for someone who doesn't seem to care much about their appearance; carries a tomboyish aesthetic. Air of cockiness—usually doesn't take her eyes away from what she's already doing even if she's pumping an attacker full of spiritual energy. Eyes seem to tint red and narrow into slits when she's fully invested in a battle—an uncharacteristically malicious smirk creeping onto her face if the stakes get especially high.
  • Personality: An aloof, reclusive oddball with slackerish tendencies who genuinely doesn't seem to give half a damn about what society expects of her—the type of person to doze during class, casually "forget" to wear her school uniform every other day when she can't be bothered, and sneak about late at night on private property simply for the thrill of trespassing. Mae seems to enjoy spiting others just for the sake of it—flipping off offending teachers while their backs are turned and generally making herself as unpresentable as possible in major school events—but never quite reaches "active bullying" levels since half the time she's too lazy and/or uncaring to ever bother on following through with her sometimes outlandish revenge schemes. Adventurous in spirit and curious to a fault, Mae is by no means a "bad person" per se, but it is unanimously agreed to by her peers that her newfound abilities probably would've been much better off in the hands of someone else. Especially given that she seems to get almost drunk with power whenever she uses them for an extended amount of time..
  • Background:
    • Mae has always been the type to make rash and unplanned decisions, but barring the detention she'd received for it later sneaking into the local wildlife reserve to poke at the endangered species turned out much better than she had initially expected. With her headphones blaring indie punk music and her eyes fixed to the sky, Mae certainly didn't anticipate the furious bear—nor the sudden arc of bluish lightning that struck out on her behalf to meet it.
    • The orb was just nestled in a bush like it owned the place. Or rather in a den. Mae wasn't really paying much attention considering it just shot lightning at a #$&%ing bear. Needless to say, she picked the thing up and shoved it into her pocket for safekeeping. Only to be caught by a park ranger and promptly dragged back to her school by the ear. Though naturally this didn't stop the girl for very long. With her prize in her possession and her curiosity ever-increasing, Mae elected to proudly display her find in the form of a necklace—a rare sight for a girl who barely remembers to wash her own hair in the morning.
    • With the presence of the mysterious orb constantly around her, Mae's disruptive behaviour has seemed to have increased somewhat. Claiming to have awakened metahuman powers, her ability to channel ethereal energy out of her fingers and walk up walls is by no means an explanation for her sudden urge to concoct elaborate pranks and cause general mischief; having quickly gathered reputation as both a class clown and a lost cause by her peers. With her dangerous sense of adventure now backed by considerable powers, Mae seems to be wanting something more to utilize her newfound abilities on—whether it be causing even more massive amounts of mischief or combatting villains for a living. And considering her attention span is comparable to a gnat, it's unclear if she'll stick to one or the other anyway.

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“All I'm worried about is people getting left behind. I... I don't care if I'm being left behind as a result. As long as they're safe.”
JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from [REDACTED] Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
An Ordinary Oddball
Feb 11th 2019 at 9:15:14 PM

  • Collateral, Blazeforce
  • Crescent
  • Goldrush, Maybelle "Mae" Todd
  • Masked Fighter Genesis

The above characters are hereby accepted, now and forever!

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"Speak, mortal. Does your skin fit you?" "No, so I'll make myself a new one." "What will you hew it out of?" "Well—You."
kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Lamb and Wolf
Feb 11th 2019 at 9:25:21 PM

Dropping this here.


  • Identity: Charles 'Charlie' Lavere, Anti-Villain, Secret Identity
  • Abilities:
    • Powers:
      • Self-Biokinesis: Apex's power is total control over his own biology. He can change his physical characteristics at will, even shapeshifting himself into other people, regenerate his body (so long as he has organic material to work with, anyway) and push himself beyond human limits. Due to all the spare biomass, he's naturally several times denser than a human being, but due to his acute muscle control is still able to do stuff like sit in chairs without them breaking.
      • Upgrades: Apex in his villain identity is clad in 'armor' that's actually just a chitinous exoskeleton of his own creation. All of his clothes are likewise actually part of his own biology. He possesses superhuman senses, strength, agility, and durability, and has functionally limitless stamina due to being able to repair his own muscles at will.
    • Weaknesses: Apex's abilities noticeably do not violate conservation of mass. While tough, he's not invincible - and as he accumulates damage, he has to expend biomass to fix it. If he doesn't maintain a decent store of organic matter to work with, his powers will fail.
    • Skills: Due to having fought a lot of heroes, Apex is a skilled combantant and good at thinking on his feet. He's also a fairly smooth talker and mediates black-market deals in his free time.
    • Equipment: N/A. Even the clothes on his back are just... him.
  • Appearance: Tall, tan, shaggy blonde hair, with the body of a greek god. That's what Charles usually looks like, at any rate, though it's subject to change. As Apex, his armor is organic, dark, and faceless. Gotta get that supervillain aesthetic, ya dig?
  • Personality: Laid back, to a psychotic degree. Being shot at doesn't even bother him, and he'll talk your ear off while you're trying (and probably failing) to capture him. Even in costume he's easygoing and carefree. He generally refrains from killing, though he's rumored to have assassinated other supervillains. He'll avoid harming children or elderly at all, unless he has no other options, and also doesn't like taking hostages.
  • Background: A college dropout, estranged from his parents, who spent his days boozing and living the high life, until his landlord threatened to evict him. Realizing that the high life costs money stressed him out big time, which may have been the trigger for his powers appearing at the ripe young age of 20. Now, while most people might decide to be a superhero, Charlie realized he had... potential. Deciding 'hey, liquor and jewelery store owners don't really need that much money (and besides, they probably have insurance anyway)' Charlie went on a good old-fashioned robbing spree, using his shapeshifting powers to evade capture. Then he went for broke and robbed a bank. As he gained notoriety, he started getting shady offers from the criminal underground, and just sort of went with the flow. Even nowadays when Apex is well known, he makes it a point to never let anyone know his real name. Doesn't stop corrupt politicians from inviting him to parties, though.

Never one... Without the other.
Feb 12th 2019 at 12:42:32 AM

  • Identity: Paul Arkh / Arkhiel the Descent Angel
  • Abilities:
    • Angelic Physiology: Resistant to the forces of darkness and in fact able to push them back, capable of flight on the wings he can spread from his back, stronger, faster and more durable than the average human. Paul has the ability to detect the most malign sinful thoughts - which can be helpful in his line of work.
    • Flaming Mace: Instead of the flaming sword preferred by other Angels, Paul makes use of a flaming mace. It is made of bright blue flame, and emerges from his right hand. Even if destroyed he can just summon it right back. He can control this weapon with his mind, and send it flying through the air with his mind. It can either fly like a bludgeon or explode on contact with a foe.
    • Razor Sharp Wings: Despite looking fluffy and safe, Paul's wings are incredibly sharp and have an imperceptible stinger at the tip containing venom that numbs the body.
    • Glow-Silver Armor: He wears highly durable, silver colored armor, which includes a helmet that functions to obscure his identity. The armor all has blue tron lines proceeding through it.
    • Weaponized Halo: His "halo" is actually a golden metallic piece behind his head and neck, framing his head. It has visible serrated blades, and can detach and fly through the air via Paul's mental command.
  • Weaknesses: Paul is bound to a certain code of behavior, and cannot go outside of this. He is by far not one of the more high up Angels, and thus his abilities are less worldshaping and more just ground level combat.
  • Skills: skilled fighter, speaker, and builder.
  • Equipment: Glow-Silver Armor.
  • Appearance: Paul in his human form is a very handsome curly blond haired man with innocent blue eyes, a light, barely tanned look to him, a muscular, taut, well formed build, and quite tall. He usually wears a conservative outfit - polo shirt, fitted jeans, jacket, so on. He seems fond of baseball caps. Using his angelic powers makes his eyes glow, and he all around gets a slight glow effect to him.
  • Personality: Paul presents himself as far from the most common type of outspoken Christian - he's a remarkably liberal Christian, and half his reason for being on Earth is outright disgust at what "demagogues and despots" have been doing with the mantras of salvation and forgiveness granted to mankind. He's kind, brave, openly courteous, and while he's a little cloistered he's been learning for a while now about peoples' more down to earth customs. He views heroism as a natural extension of his angelic duties, often declaring intention to protect people.
  • Background: Prior to his descent, Paul Arkh was one of Heaven's Guardians, and despite a literally heavenly life, when he looked down on Earth he grew increasingly disturbed by what Christianity was used to justify. "They stone women, hang them, burn them. They proudly proclaim our code to be eternal, unchanging and hateful. I cannot just stand by." He was given the choice to either keep going above, or descend below and stay there until the time of Revelation. He took the offer, and acquired the human identity of young Paul Arkh. Before long, he became the flying angel of Justice Force International.

Sign on for this After The End Fantasy RP.
Kingxana0 King among Xanas from Somewhere Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
King among Xanas
Feb 12th 2019 at 12:22:27 PM

  • Identity: James Diabolical Jr./Dr. Diabolical 2 Status: Heroish? Hero aligned
  • Powers: 7th level intelligence- Intelligence beyond reason for a human, putting him on the seventh rung out of ten on the Nickleson and Scomarch Genius Scale, with 1 being the highest a normal person can reach through intense training and 10 being on the rank of a galaxy spanning consciousness.
  • Weaknesses: Arrogance, bad people skills, a tendency to create death weapons without really meaning too.
  • Skills: Multi-talented with degrees in medicine, engineering, psychology, music history, and about a dozen other fields. Outside of that his body is in perfect condition due to genetic tampering while in the womb.
  • Equipment: Anything he can put together, from laser guns to giant robots. Of course such things take time, money, and storage so he normally travels light with a pocket force field projector, miniature explosives, modular laser weapon, and a subspace portal tied to his left coat pocket.
  • Appearance: Thin but powerfully built, the body of a gymnist gifted to him but genetic tampering. Messy black hair and a pale complexion due to hours indoors working on his experiments. Traditionally handsome features, a cross between a boy band member and a body builder.
  • Personality: James is at heart a well meaning but arrogant person due to his level of intelligence, while never meaning to do wrong he can often insult people without realizing it. Even in his attempts at being good he can't really get over himself, leaving him a rather lonely person, not so much by choice but rather by genetic design.
  • Background: Born due to an attempt at cloning going more right then could be imagined James was never exactly a typical boy growing up. Raised as the son of the mad scientist Dr. Diabolical his father assumed that James would follow in his footsteps. However rather then taking up the mantle the moment James turned eighteen he knocked out his father and handed him over to the authorities, but not before moving the sizable amount of illegal funds that his father had obtained over the years into an offshore bank account. After that James did a little exploring around the world, picking up a few doctrines and trying to decide on who he wanted to be. Villainy never really held any sway over him despite creating a good deal of dangerous technology. Heroism was a rush, but that didn't strike his fancy either.

He found himself in Easton both due to his interest in the rise of sudden unexplained activity, and as a way to find himself and decide what he actually wants to do with his life.

Be better, because what is the harm in trying?
JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from [REDACTED] Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
An Ordinary Oddball
Feb 12th 2019 at 9:18:59 PM

  • Apex
  • Arkhiel The Descent Angel
  • Dr. Diabolical 2

The above characters are hereby accepted, now and forever!

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"Speak, mortal. Does your skin fit you?" "No, so I'll make myself a new one." "What will you hew it out of?" "Well—You."
Kepler-7 A Squid Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
A Squid
Feb 15th 2019 at 1:10:09 PM

Identity: Real name unknown, commonly known as Walker; Neutral, motives unknown   Abilities:

  • Powers: All his powers come from his equipment.  The closest thing he has to a power is the knowledge of the Pioneers downloaded into his brain, the Pioneers being an ancient and now extinct race of humanoids that have been gone so long almost no traces remain of their existence.

  • Weaknesses:

    • Fragility - He's not superhuman and can't take much punishment.

    • Reliance - Relies entirely on his equipment, as he has no inherent powers of his own.

  • Skills:

    • Combat Training - Can definitely kick some ass. Perhaps in a past life he was a soldier, or maybe it was just born out of necessity.

  • Equipment:

    • Blinker Boots - Allows for short range teleportation within ten feet.

    • Neo Longsword - A longsword that's more than it seems. Capable of absorbing energy, whether it be from magical fireballs or plasma bolts. Also unnaturally sharp.

    • Sentinel Mask - A mask he wears over his face that also allows him to see well. Basically like really good glasses that adjust to the bearer and that happen to cover the face.

    • Hardlight Cape - A cape/cloak he wears that, when activated, emanates a shield that resembles a hologram (but solid). Capable of stopping bullets easily and taking harsh punishment, but really only covers what he can fit behind it.

    • Antigrav Gloves - Gloves that allow him to temporarily give items he touches properties similar to null-gravity effects. Allows him to move heavy objects and wield his plasma cannon one-handed.

    • Plasma Cannon - A large gun that fires deadly plasma bolts. Slower than bullets but much larger, plasma burns and scorches. Not actually too effective on moving targets.

Appearance:Like this.

Personality: Walker is an enigma. He's certainly not talkative, and definitely not forthcoming about his past. One thing is certain - he harbors a deep hatred of all superhumans. He seeks to either end them all violently, or, for the ones he sees as 'less important', to jail or register them all. Once upon a time he was a much more friendly person, until the fateful day he chose to 'become' a new Pioneer. Ever since he's been a new person, completely mysterious. It's unknown just how much he knows, but he claims he is capable of building some pretty severe gadgets and knows some secrets about the universe you'd rather not know.

Background: Walker's story is a long one.

His early life is unimportant. His world was one similar to ours, more similar than people think. 'Augments', as their superhumans were called, were allowed to run free, unregistered to any list. Until, that is, the day the government decided that should change. There was resistance; a movement lead by an Augment called Silent. What happened in between is long and convoluted, but eventually, Silent and the majority of Augments rose up, causing anarchy and chaos. They overthrew the government, but turned out to have little to no skills on their own. Amidst all this, Walker escaped, somehow gaining access to a spacecraft, which he used in an attempt to reach the only off-planet colony they had, where the chaos had never reached.

Unfortunately, by some once-ever miracle, a wormhole opened up in front of him. Crossing through it damaged his spacecraft, causing him to crashland on a planet far, far away from his homeworld. He was lucky it had a breathable atmosphere, but extremely unlucky that it had hostile lifeforms and that he had only a month's rations. His first encounter was with an alien species he deemed Scavengers, centipede-like creatures who attempted to eat him. Wielding only an assault rifle and an emergency flare, he fended them off and made his way across the red-brown sands of the planet (which he would later refer to as the Hollow), carrying a pack full of rations. His second encounter was with a much more intelligent, but still hostile, race he deemed the Tribals. Tribals were roughly humanoid, shorter but more hardy and predatory than humans. A small hunting party attacked him, and in defence he killed them. On them he found clues as to the nature of how to survive on this planet - cooked meat of some sort, which he stored in case he ran out of rations, and a water canteen.

It was almost a full day later when he ran into the Tribal's tribe. It consisted of roughly 12 healthy individuals, and upon closer examination, around seven sickly ones, afflicted with a disease that seemed to change their very form. Strangely, one of the healthy individuals seemed similarly afflicted, having grown a clear foot in height, four extra eyes, and scales, yet he seemed their leader, and he wielded a sword that seemed made with a technique far beyond the Tribal's current tech level. Walker, having learned all this from sneaking closer (the Tribal's had rather poor eyesight), was eventually sighted by their six-eyed leader, who immediately alerted the rest of the camp and rushed to attack Walker. Walker shot at the leader, but he seemed possessed of rapid reflexes, managing to somehow deflect the bullets with the sword. Walker was lucky the leader was rather clumsy with the sword and that Walker himself knew a fair bit of combat techniques, and Walker quickly disarmed him and slid the blade into his chest. The rest of the Tribals rushed him, but with his rifle and newly-acquired sword, soon the healthy ones lay dead. He left after raiding their food and drink supply, the sick Tribals presumably dying with time.

This went on for weeks. Tribals seemed to occupy territories that spread out a fair distance despite their usually small camps, and occasionally their leaders were deformed and in possession of a strange artifact. To his relief, when he ran out of rations and was forced to eat and drink from the Tribal's supply, he did not get sick. To make this story quicker, I shall summarize the basis of his travels, which ended up expanding to months. He discovered that the native lifeforms were rather large and that the Tribals worked together to hunt them down. He also discovered that it wasn't just the one tribe that had the strange body-changing disease. It seemed widespread among the Tribals. The leaders seemed to be the worse effected yet somehow the strongest. He gathered more artifacts, only keeping the ones that fit him, were useful, and weren't already broken. He threw away his rifle when he got the plasma cannon and ran out of bullets. He became more ruthless, ending the lives of Tribals on sight and putting the sick ones down (something he told himself was a mercy). He found no signs of other civilization in the wide desert of the planet. He did find a few small rivers.

Eventually, as he was on the brink of insanity, he discovered something truly bizarre: A temple-like structure made of grey metals that still glinted dully in the poor light of the planet. It was surrounded by nearly four dozen Tribals, five of which were of the leader variety and nearly half of which were merely sick. He killed them all.

Upon entering the facility, he discovered bright lights and smooth, white hallways, resembling what on his homeworld he would've referred to as a research lab. However everything seemed wiped bare, possibly stolen or destroyed a long time ago. He kept going down, down into this underground facility, and, at the very bottom, found a cylindrical room. This room had a glass floor, through which could be seen darkness, like a huge hole below. On the side of the room he found two buttons. Eventually coming to the conclusion that it must be an elevator, he pressed the lower button. The room moved suddenly, and gained speed as it dropped down. It was dark for two minutes, then suddenly the darkness was replaced by light.

The planet was hollow. On the inside could be seen various pipes, presumably elevators from other facilities, leading down to what was unmistakably a spaceship of alien design. There was no core; Walker assumed the spaceship had a hand in keeping the planet stable. As he drew closer, his head began to ache, and he felt as if bugs were crawling across his skin. As he reached the spaceship, he came to the conclusion that the body-changing disease had infected him. He also though to himself that, if the artifacts he'd found had been made by the 'Pioneers', as he dubbed the presumably extinct aliens who created the ship, then they might have something even more powerful on board.

He needn't look far. As he entered it, he felt an irresistible draw down the hallways, through doors, eventually leading him to a small room which nevertheless emanated power. In it was another cylinder resembling the elevator, surrounded by machinery, and on one side of the room, another cylinder filled with liquid and containing what was presumably a Pioneer, either a corpse or a hibernating specimen. It resembled a reptilian humanoid with six eyes, standing nearly seven feet, a fearsome example of his species. But that wasn't what he was drawn to. He stepped into the cylinder and, without even stopping to think that maybe the tempting draw wasn't a good thing, pressed the button on the side. Instantly he was struck with the weight of the knowledge of the Pioneers, torrenting into his brain and nearly erasing his personality. He became one with the Pioneer species. Yet, somehow, retained his previous identity. Still, with his newfound knowledge, he went deeper into the ship, stepped into another small room, and activated an emergency measure on the ship - a one-time teleport across time, space, and dimensions. Before he activated it, he set his eyes on one specific location. How he knew anything about this location is unknown. And that... is how he ended up in Easton.

CenturyEye Tell Me, Have You Seen the Yellow Sign? from I don't know where the Yith sent me this time... Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Tell Me, Have You Seen the Yellow Sign?
Feb 16th 2019 at 6:47:16 PM

  • Identity: Mark Squire
    • Identity: Villainous Despicablous note 
    • Status: Villain
  • Abilities:
    • Powers: Mark Squire simply radiates an aura of Cartoon Physics. Whenever he's in the area, the laws of cartoons prevail. He can draw an x on a floor and an anvil will fall soon after. He can order Acme Products and get immediate delivery (though that doesn't guarantee that they work). And he can stand on a beam being sawed through, only for the solid building to fall. Etc.
    • Weaknesses: Anyone in his range is *just* as capable of using Cartoon Physics to their advantage as Mark is when he turns the aura on.
    • Skills: Mark is a semi-skilled burglar; though those abilities have dulled since he started to take more advantage of cartoon physics.
  • Equipment: Naturally, he's equipped with lockpicks, portable holes (yes, really), the ACME catalog, and paint and paint brushes.
  • Appearance: Mark is a slightly portly and short man with a scraggly red beard. He's quite literally two-dimensional and very colorful when he flips the cartoon physics on.
  • Personality: Squire is brash and impatient and very entitled. He's not at all high functioning or a talented schemer. He just goes for what he wants.
  • Background: Mark is an Easton native. He presumably was born with his power. He was not quite aware of it until he threw a pie into the face of a rampaging robot and it exploded. Not minutes later, he was doing the lion's share of the looting in the aftermath of a villain attack.

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Look with century eyes... With our backs to the arch And the wreck of our kind We will stare straight ahead For the rest of our lives
JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from [REDACTED] Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
An Ordinary Oddball
Feb 16th 2019 at 9:33:48 PM

  • Walker
  • Villainous Despicablous

The above characters are hereby accepted, now and forever!

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"Speak, mortal. Does your skin fit you?" "No, so I'll make myself a new one." "What will you hew it out of?" "Well—You."
JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from [REDACTED] Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
An Ordinary Oddball
Feb 17th 2019 at 5:53:04 PM

  • Identity: Ferro Cinnabar (Neutral)
  • Abilities:
    • Powers:
      • Corrupted Elixir of Immortality: Due to making and ingesting an elixir of immortality (though it was poisoned by a jealous apprentice), Ferro cannot be killed. He returns in a new body whenever his old one gets destroyed, and has a prodigious healing factor. Wounds still hurt, however.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Sunlight: Because the elixir he drank was tainted, Ferro cannot let sunlight touch him lest he starts to go up in flames. It's so severe that he can't even stay out under moonlight for long, as he'll start getting a serious case of "moonburn" because of the reflected sunlight.
      • Blindness: The elixir also blinded him, so Ferro has to make do with his other senses to survive. Though he has mostly accepted his blindness as a fact of life, it still interferes with his alchemical skills, something which causes him exasperation from time to time.
    • Skills:
      • Alchemical Mastery: Ferro was skilled enough to have made an Elixir of Immortality when he still had his sight, and still retains a great deal of mastery over alchemical concepts. He can make decoctions to temporarily (or permanently, if he is so inclined) increase someone's physical/mental attributes, give them certain powers related to change and the elements, transmute elements, and for use as incendiary/acidic projectile weapons.
    • Equipment:
      • Sewer Base: Ferro lives in an abandoned part of the sewers under Easton that were mistakenly built and never connected to the main system. He also uses this system to get around the city. With some time, he's managed to scavenge enough materials to make it semi-livable.
  • Appearance: Ferro looks like a short, almost pitifully skinny man in his late forties with long dark hair (that he ties back) and milky white eyes (that he keeps hidden under bandages). He wears Victorian-style suits under longcoats and such, though they have obviously seen some wear and tear, with many, many patches. His air is that of someone great brought low.
  • Personality: Ferro is mostly docile and shy, and will often run away at the first sign of trouble. He will only return to help if someone he has befriended is the one caught in hot water. However, sometimes lambs roar louder than lions, and the same goes for Ferro. If you push him too far, he will bring the full force of his genius to bear to avenge his pride.
  • Background:
    • Ferro used to be a great alchemist, having started practicing in the 16th century when he was born. He took on various apprentices and instructed them in the intricacies of the Great Work, which, when completed, would be able to turn other elements into gold and grant immortality.
    • He had already shed his old name in favor of a pseudonym to publish his work under, which is the same name he still bears today. When he finally managed to uncover the secrets of the Great Work, he was poisoned by his favorite apprentice, who was jealous of his prowess and who wanted him to teach him darker arts (which Ferro refused, fearing for him). To this day, he doesn't know that he was betrayed and thinks that he failed somehow.
    • Ferro traveled to the Americas and settled there. He dodged a few witch hunts and managed to survive to the modern day. After hearing whisperings on the streets that another powerful alchemist had moved to Easton, he is hopeful that he'll get to meet his apprentice again.

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"Speak, mortal. Does your skin fit you?" "No, so I'll make myself a new one." "What will you hew it out of?" "Well—You."
Feb 17th 2019 at 5:56:06 PM

  • Identity: Myrkaan the Darklord, villain
  • Abilities:
    • Powers:
    • Possessor: Myrkaan strictly speaking is not a corporeal being any more - he is a demonic soul that passes through and possesses humans, objects and even weapons. While the strong willed can resist him, he can actually create huge bodies for himself out of anything he can possess. He can even replace damaged parts of his body, because the body is inconsequential - its his soul that's the true existence.
    • Hungry Ghost: Myrkaan has a very potent Cannibalism Superpower that operates by way of literally drinking the life energy out of his foes. While this can be insulated against with proper holy protection, the true danger is what it gives him. Myrkaan is capable of using the abilities and powers of anyone who he's drained.
    • Body of Rock and Fire: His current body is a ram headed, four eyed demonic thing, composed of rock, fire inside, huge wings, and four arms, as well as four funnel like objects floating to the sides of the wings. Instead of legs he has a constant geyser of demonic energy he can use to move. By logical extension, he can control earth and fire - the former while in contact with it.
    • Crimson Lightning: He is capable of harnessing and unleashing bolts of deadly red lightning, which can either be emitted as blasts or as scathing whips.
    • Energy Vision: Courtesy of a hero he has drained, he can fire concussive beams from his eyes.
    • Melanokinesis / Melanogenesis / Melanokinetic Transformation: Courtesy of Lucy Livingston at Hollvenn.
    • Incorporeality: Courtesy of a heroine he has drained, for 20 seconds he can let attacks and effects pass through him harmlessly.
  • Weaknesses: As a demon, he cannot affect things of a holy nature, Holy Burns Evil, and he can be forced out of bodies by exorcism. He cannot enter a church.
  • Skills: A canny manipulator, he chiefly works through passive actions and flattery. He also has the skills of "who I used to be" before he turned evil.
  • Equipment: None
  • Appearance: It is almost difficult to describe Myrkaan's appearance given how often it changes, warps and is altered. But the current body is a ram faced demonic "golem", filled with fire. He has gone through a large number of other appearances.
  • Personality: Coy, falsely friendly, and prone to sarcastic devotion, Myrkaan carefully disguises the sadistic relish he gets out of watching someone wilt away. He always tries to present his plans as "your idea", making them sound really brilliant even when things start to go downhill. As far as he sees it, this world is his for the picking considering what he came from. He's remarkably proud, especially of the "impact" he's made on people's lives. While his manner shows man of wealth and taste, inside he is one of the worst types of villains; he knows what he's doing is wrong, and that's what makes it fun.
  • Background:
    • A long time ago, Myrkaan was a powerful demon from another world - until a rival warlord destroyed his body. He attempted a comeback, but was chased off by a heroic version of himself. From there, Myrkaan attempted numerous schemes - first and foremost he attempted to make use of a finnicky type of time travel, wherein only someone's soul can travel through time. He stole this type of time travel from "that woman", who was keeping it for herself for some odd reason. No one knows who "That Woman" is, nor why Myrkaan reserves animus toward her.
    • Myrkaan used this to try to repeatedly Set Wrong What Once Went Right. But in the process he was at one point trapped in a simulation of events originating from a version of his home world, created in order to iron out the roles and causes of events. This resulted in a large number of attempts to take over the world, only for someone else to come along, or he's defeated and then woke up in a location called the Data Terminus - but because he was not data, he could retain awareness and power in the Terminus. He managed to escape that by cracking a deal with a shadowy entity that called itself The Outsider.
    • The Outsider's terms were simple - Myrkaan leaves the Data Terminus once and for all via the Outsider's help, and then Myrkaan would do the Outsider a favor later. However the Darklord wound up seeing the Outsider as various people he knew throughout the conversation.
    • After escaping with the Outsider's help, he was confronted in another trip to the past by a number of heroes. He then escaped out into the multiverse by draining a hero named Harbinger and using his power to throw open a dimensional gate. Myrkaan then fled through the gate and arrived in Easton, where he started setting up shop. Including helping a bunch of Aryan idiots grab up some powered armor. Surely its all their own idea...

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MichaelDj54 Up on Melancholy Hill. from North of Normal, West of Weird
Up on Melancholy Hill.
Feb 17th 2019 at 6:33:31 PM

  • Identity: Saori Hirschbaum, Public, Anti-Hero.
  • '''Abilities:
    • Powers:
      • Spiritual Energy Manipulation: Using her inlain Yokai abilities, she's capable of creating "hard light constructs", such as blades, swords, armaments and the like.
      • Skilled Blade Use: Incredibly skilled with her Katana.
  • Weaknesses: Still incredibly unfamiliar with her Yokai powers, so she's basically as squishy as the next person.
  • Skills: Incredibly flexible and fast, strong despite her appearance, basically a ninja.
  • Equipment: Her sword and the clothes on her back.
  • Appearance: Like this.
  • Personality: Brash, loud, angry and hot headed are words that describe Saori perfectly. She has a lot to own up to and a lot to prove, especially in context to her obviously stronger brother. In reality, she's just scared about being left behind and being forgotten, especially living in the seemingly perpetual shadow of her brother.
  • Background: When you live in a strange world like this one, the strange becomes the norm. Case in point, when an event with a certain individual released a torrent of Yokai to the city, things got heated before everything got cleared up. However, some of the Yokai managed to sneak around, like you do, and one of those Yokai happened to find a human male. You can immediately tell where this story is going, and Saori and her twin brother, Mikoto, were born. Those born of Yokai ancestry are essentially super beings in their own right, but fate seemed to make fools out of Saori, while granting Mikoto incredible psychic power, she was left with the vestiges of...creating weapons. Not letting that stop her in any sense, she decided to become the best at what she had, and now wishes to make a name for herself and prove she's just as good as her brother, no matter what.

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kagescorpionakki Lamb and Wolf from Runeterra Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Lamb and Wolf
Feb 17th 2019 at 7:27:09 PM


(Great Sage That Equals Heaven, Beautiful Monkey Queen, Glorious Fighting Buddha, Heir of Wukong)

  • Identity: Sato Setsuko, Hero, Secret Identity (Asian name order - Setsuko is her first name)
  • Abilities:
    • Powers:
      • Strong Kong: Possessing the body of a goddess, Setsuko possesses superhuman strength, toughness, and nimbleness. Her tail is prehensile and functions as a fifth limb, and grants her a perfect sense of balance. She's naturally resistant to most forms of magic, as well
      • Monkey's Mastery: An innate skill for martial arts and a serene mind to master them quickly. Setsuko learns martial arts and related skills at a very fast rate. She has incredible amounts of willpower and can shrug off all but the strongest mental assaults. Her golden-eyed gaze can see through deception, making her essentially a living lie-detector.
      • Mystic Powers: Setsuko can duplicate herself and change shape at will. Her clones, being simple constructs, are numerous but can be dispelled with a single, forceful blow. Her shapeshifting is similarly basic, though she's improving with practice. Currently she can turn into a human or any kind of monkey, as well as turn her skin to stone or change parts of her body into tools and weapons. She must understand how something works to change into it, though, so she usually just does simple things.
    • Weaknesses: Any kind of 'sealing' ability is extra effective on her, and being highly magical, she's weak to anti-magic or anti-divine abilities.
    • Skills: Setsuko is an incredibly good fighter despite having minimal instruction. Given just a few minutes to observe someone, she can poke holes in their fighting style, and she instinctively takes advantage of even tiny openings.
    • Equipment:
      • Ruyi Jingu Bang: The red-and-gold staff of legend. It can change size and shape at Setsuko's will, extending, bending, and even duplicating itself on her whim. It is exceedingly heavy, and only someone with super-strength could even hope to lift it. Of course, it only obeys Setsuko, so even if someone tried to take it, she could use it against them.
  • Appearance: A white-furred monkey girl, usually barefoot, with bright golden eyes. Her 'hero' costume is a set of shining golden armor, akin to that worn by the Monkey King.
  • Personality: A bubbly, happy-go-lucky monkey girl. She finds the silver lining in every cloud, and never gives up. This is largely due to her love of meditation and yoga, which compliment her naturally upbeat and low-stress personality. Setsuko is not the brightest and doesn't always understand human customs, however, and due to being a monkey has no nudity taboo, often making people uncomfortable and getting things wrong. She doesn't let this get her down, though. She encourages others to be upbeat and confident as well - seeing other people happy makes her happy - but is not always the best at this. Often she'll try to say something profound only to get the saying completely wrong.
  • Background: The monkey tribes of the far east have long resided on secluded Mount Huaguo, hiden in the peaks of the Himalayas. Since the time of Sun Wukong himself, they have lived in secret, hiding from most humans lest they get involved in human conflicts. But a few of the monkeys learned the ways of transformation, and shapeshifting into humans, descended the mountain to live amongst men, and their descendants spread across the Earth.
    • Setsuko's ancestors are a group of such monkeys that traveled to Japan, where they lived for many centuries before her great grandfather came to America in the 1800s. Long separated from the sacred waters of their home, the monkey's mystical power had dwindled.
    • But Setsuko was born far stronger than her parents. Every monkey has as a family heirloom a heavy rod, to represent the monkey king's staff, and a monkey is said to come of age when they can lift it. Setsuko was able to heft it at the age of 3. Growing ever stronger, she began to practice with it, swinging it about as though it were a broomstick. So strong was she that her parents sent word back to Mount Huaguo, and when she was but ten, a monk came down bearing a rusted iron staff he claimed was the golden rod itself. Setsuko strained and heaved, and with intense effort, was able to lift the staff a foot above the ground.
    • In that moment, the rust fell away, and Ruyi Jingu Bang revealed itself to the world once more. The monkey tribes began to celebrate her as the 'Heir of Wukong', and Setsuko took pride in her title. She took a pilgrimage to Mount Huaguo, trained intensely with the monks of the monkey temple, saw much of China and Japan. She returned home, to Easton, with renewed purpose. She would become a 'superhero' and stop every villain that arose. Thus began the career of 'Monkey'.

Never one... Without the other.
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An Ordinary Oddball
Feb 17th 2019 at 9:04:17 PM

  • Ferro Cinnabar
  • Myrkaan The Darklord
  • Saori Hirschbaum
  • Monkey

The above characters are hereby accepted, now and forever!

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"Speak, mortal. Does your skin fit you?" "No, so I'll make myself a new one." "What will you hew it out of?" "Well—You."
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Lucy Livingston, at your shy, stuttering service
Feb 18th 2019 at 6:25:19 AM

  • Identity: Mikoto Hirschbaum, Public Identity, Anti-Hero
  • Abilities:
    • Powers:
      • Spiritual Energy Manipulation: As a conduit for immense latent spiritual energy, Mikoto can effectively project colossal amounts of destructive force all at once without so much as breaking a sweat; creating potent blasts and beams of bluish ethereal energy as well as constructing incredibly thick protective barriers, manipulating small to medium sized objects at a distance by coating them in an otherworldly aura (including himself), and can even astral project with some prior meditation (obviously leaving his body vulnerable in the process). Mikoto also has an intense affinity towards to the spiritual plane and is constantly aware of normally invisible or imperceivable creatures—which is much more disorienting than it is useful as he cannot quite turn it off properly. Often, his body tends to act on autopilot as his awareness drops and his dizziness rises, and his Yōkai heritage can be displayed in the form of his fox-shaped soul whenever he uses his power to externalize his own spirit.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Disorientation: Mikoto's constant awareness of both the physical plane and the spiritual plane means he has incredible difficulty being able to tell what only he can see and what the others around him can see. Since he was effectively born with his powers, Mikoto has no reference point nor understanding as to why human beings are considered unique or otherwise special—never prioritizing them over spirits and tending to think of them as an equally sentient race. This usually means he is rendered quiet and glazed over as he takes in everything at once, effectively interacting with two worlds at a time and finding himself conflicted as to which one matters more. As a result, Mikoto is often rendered unresponsive to physical stimuli; not noticing pain at first in instances where his barrier his broken through and not always immediately responding to cries for help or other emergency signals. His lack of consistent awareness towards his surroundings is both frustrating to his sister and dangerous in its own right—and there has been many a situation where his confusion has landed the pair in even deeper trouble than they would normally be a part of.
  • Appearance: 6'0". Relatively lanky build; overall lack of musculature when compared to his sister. Carries a somewhat glazed and unfocused look in his eyes. Almost constantly surrounded by a mildly disorienting kaleidoscopic aura—which he can suppress with some effort in case he needs to be discreet. Eyes have slitted pupils; as does his sister.
  • Personality: A meek and unassuming recluse that contrasts immensely with his comparatively brash and high-strung sister. Mikoto is quiet and kindly in nature, rarely raising his voice above a murmur and usually without a bad word to say about anyone. Mikoto instead prefers to keep his opinions to himself in an effort not to offend anyone, and usually acts as a mediator in conflicts due to his intense dislike of personality clashes and emotionally charged situations. While altruistic, there is no denying his more cynical and pessimistic side that manifests under intense stress—usually overshadowed by his preference not to dwell so much on the negative and only show himself at his best and most selfless. Although his dislike of conflict puts him at odds—sometimes fearful—with his brash twin sister, he truly loves her and would do anything to ensure her safety. Despite his tendency to become little more than a mute, stuttering mess when faced with her (often rightfully) angry tones, Mikoto deeply admires her determination and aims to become as outspoken as her in regards to his own thoughts. Though frustrated by their lack of proper communication equally as much as she is, Mikoto values their teamwork—and would trust no one else more than his own blood.
  • Background: Born as Saori's twin to kitsune and human parents, Mikoto and his sibling were already at a conflicting point practically from birth due to their contrasting respective capacities for supernatural power. With the ability to perceive an entirely different plane of reality as early as he can remember, Mikoto has been having difficulty in deciding which one is more ‘real’ than the other; which has caused him to suffer from a long-lasting existential crisis for much of his life. With his sister jealous of his inherited abilities and him unable to communicate his struggles to her properly out of his own anxiety and speechlessness, Mikoto has been rendered unrefined and overwhelmed with his innate power—the pair only growing stronger as they age due to their yōkai heritage and Mikoto finding himself drifting further and further away from mortal existence the older he gets. With the recent yōkai outbreak triggered by a disruption of a powerful and (previously) dormant yōkai soul in the city, Mikoto and Saori find themselves having to take care of their brethren for the safety of the local population; but with Mikoto seeing no fundamental difference between the supernatural and mundane in regards to how to treat intelligent creatures, he's finding himself at a moral impasse as to how to properly deal with the situation. Nonetheless, he's trying his hardest—but between appeasing his sister and his own indecision over his principles, he's finding himself lacking in ways he never even considered before.

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“All I'm worried about is people getting left behind. I... I don't care if I'm being left behind as a result. As long as they're safe.”
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Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 18th 2019 at 8:46:26 AM

  • Identity: Fiona, Hero
  • Age: 19
  • Abilities:
    • Powers: Fiona has all the powers of her species. She's fairly strong and fast and incredibly agile, and her claws can cut through just about anything. She can also see in the dark. She also has cat-like senses and earing.
    • Weaknesses:N/A
    • Skills: Fiona is skilled in self defense, firearms, espionage, infiltration, and basic survival skills, all a result of her training from her former profession.
    • Equipment: Fiona carries a laser-blaster from her former job, but ever since she left rarely uses it and will only use it if she has to. She also has a number of other doodads such as flash bombs, gas pellets, filers, a mini-blowtorch, and even a grenade, all attatched to her hand dandy utility belt.
  • Appearance: Here kitty kitty
  • Personality: Fiona is very fun-loving, warm, bubbly, and confident, but she can be a bit daft at times. This is offset by her years of training with WATCH which have taught her how to be observant and resourceful, though some things can still get past her every now and then. She also has an anxious or even sad or distraught side that pops up from time to time, and can become furious if someone threatens or harms someone she cares about. She at first tries to hide these different sides of her, but over time they'll show up more often. She also doesn't take kindly to people lying to her or being untruthful, and takes comittments very seriously.
  • Background: Fiona was born to a group of cat people living in the mountains. Her parents cared for her immensely, but she never got the chance to know it. Turns out her parents had been conducting a series of raids to make ends meet out of desperation, but while it did help feed the collective, they were also stealing from local towns and villages. WATCH (AKA a UN-backed organization created to help monitor superhuman or supernatural threats,) eventually got wind of it and put a stop to it, arresting all of the adults in the pack. The children were sent to a special faculty designed to care for them until they could find them a new home regardless of how much they begged to go back to their parents. The Watch didn’t care about making sure the kids found their loved ones or anything like that, outside of individual members.
    • However, the leader of the Watch took special interest in Fiona. Even for her species, she showed considerable aptitude in combat and problem solving, as well as agility and strength. Because of that, he took her in and raised her as his own. He told her that her parents had been killed in a robbery within a human settlement years earlier and that Watch had found her in the aftermath. Over the years she grew into one of Watch’s most capable agents, but she never quite fit in with its’ overly serious atmosphere and draconian attitude. On top of that, while she cared for her adoptive father, he could still be aloof and distant, even standoffish. She also began to notice that some members of the Watch had a bias against nonhumans and superhumans, even if she tried to hide it. Because of this she eventually left Watch, instead moving to Easton to try and start over. Though she still isn't sure what to do with herself.

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Sonic and the Freedom Fighters — Blue Horizon:
kkhohoho Deranged X-Mas Figure from The Insanity Pole Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
Feb 18th 2019 at 12:18:58 PM

And here's the other one.

  • Real Name: Su(e) Wukong, Anti-Hero
  • Superhero Name: Monkey Queen
Age: 19

  • Abilities:
    • Powers: Sue has all the natural abilities of a monkey, albeit enhanced to human proportions. She has great strength and speed as well as incredible agility and dexterity, and that along with her tail and hands-for-feet opens up a lot of options. She can also heal somewhat faster than humans, though not to the point where she can replace an entire chunk of flesh in seconds. Additionally, as part of her heritage running back generations, she can make clones of herself from hairs on her body, though only up to five at a time. Any more and the last clone she made is replaced.
    • Weaknesses: N/A
    • Skills:Sue is an experienced and resilient fighter, hunter, and survivalist seeing as survival of the fittest is the rule of the land in her enclave, and one has to take care of one's self.
    • Equipment: Sue possesses a long red staff that has been in her family for generations, though she never used it until she ventured out into the world. Aside from being a useful weapon, she can also extend its' reach to the point where she can attack foes from a long distance. She can also use it to summon up a magic cloud that she can use to fly, though it often has a tendency to want to go west. Which is something she's never quite been able to figure out.
  • Appearance: Monkey girl ready for action
  • Costume: Someone's ready for a journey to the west.
  • Personality: Sue is wild, wily, fun-loving, rambunctious, arrogant, and stubborn as all hell. She does whatever she wants whenever she wants, regardless of what anyone else tells her or expects of her. She is capable of following orders, but whoever's giving them has to earn or command her respect before that can happen. She does have a more insecure side. One that isn't sure if she's doing the right thing. But it never bothers her for too long, or if it does she tries not to show it. She's also rather temperamental, quick to anger and quick to judge. But she's also quick to make friends, and eager to make them. And she'll stick by her friends to the end. (Assuming they don't stab her in the back.) She also has her own sense of justice. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. If someone's done wrong to her or people she cares about, she'll do wrong back. Or perhaps worse.
  • Backstory: Sue was born and raised in a jungle home to a race of monkey people in China and it was there that she learned most of her morals and principles as well as general lifestyle. However, she eventually felt a strong sense of wanderlust and wanted to see the world. Besides, most metahumans or nonhumans had been largely accepted in the world at large anyway, so she'd fit right in. She eventually wound up in Super City, said to be the most exciting and action-packed locale in the world as well as home to a cavalcade of metahumans and heroes. After seeing them in action, she was so impressed that she decided to become a hero herself. Saving people, protecting the populace, even the world? It looked fun! What could go wrong?
  • Miscellaneous: Sue enjoys intense action flicks and wacky comedies. She doesn't read. In fact, she doesn't know how. There are also a number of other things that she has only just learned about and is only starting to get used to them, which is something she'll have to work on. Additionally, like Sato she has no nudity taboo. Just another thing she's had to work on.

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Sonic and the Freedom Fighters — Blue Horizon:
Feb 18th 2019 at 12:43:55 PM

  • Identity: Foucalt Alterius "The Doom Alchemist", public villain
  • Powers:
    • Tactile Transmutation: Anything that has touched him or something in his power twice he can transmute into other substances. In the case of human beings, only another alchemist could undo this sort of transmutation, and in certain cases even that requires on the spot counteraction to prevent a case of Touch of Death.
    • Area Transmutation: Owing to his rings, he can transmute nonliving material around him in a radius of 50 meters. He can even turn it from nonmoving material into seemingly living items - such as turning a pit of sand into squirming metallic snakes. His array of choices is expanded due to coming from the future.
    • Rings of Saturn: As a consequence of his attempt at forbidden transmutation in the future, the forms of his Saturnian compatriots were turned into dust and made into the rings that obey his whim. Nearly indestructible, sharp to a molecular degree, and they obey his every whim.
    • Staff of Nicodemus: A staff on his person with an anaconda's head on the front, this odd staff has a telekinetic effect to it - via its eyes glowing, it can control items in its field of vision.
  • Weaknesses: He assumes all too often that the people of the past are doomed to be too naive to the mistakes of the future, speaking to a persistent bias there. He has a rather large ego besides.
  • Skills:
    • Capable Alchemist: Foucalt comes from a far future where much more of the alchemic field is known - he personally knows how to create a fountain of youth potion, he can turn lead into gold, and many other things.
  • Equipment: The Staff of Nicodemus, the Implements of Alchemy
  • Appearance: Picture, if you will in viewing Foucalt, the very embodiment of "Disney Villain". High cheekbones, slightly receded straight hair combed back, dark, constantly glaring looking eyes, spider leg like fingers, tall, lean and mean. He wears a black and red sorcerous robe, one of his rings usually floating behind him and another levitating underneath him, giving him a sort of levitation. He is pale, and most everyone who has met him says he is incredibly intense.
  • Personality: Foucalt "The Doom Alchemist" is largely a person shaped by society and people telling him repeatedly that "you can't" or "you shouldn't" when he knows in his heart he can. His ego is not exactly unearned - he is incredibly intelligent, cunning, and exceedingly good at alchemy, and he knows it. However he is also uninhibitedly ambitious in all things. Foucalt desperately struggles against any notion of a mistake, and therein lies his Berserk Button. While he was always something of a surly, egoistic jerk, he only really turned evil when he believed nobody would allow anything else from him. In his own way, he is someone responding to society's high expectations and not at all in a good way.
  • Background: Originally one of the most talented alchemists on the Saturnian Colony in the 30th Century, Foucalt became infamous in his time for his experiment in a forbidden array that turned everyone else living on Saturn into the Rings that now follow him everywhere. What most don't know about this is the fact one of his colleagues distracted him during it, and he might - might - have succeeded if he hadn't been so suddenly distracted. But after that happened, he was persistently attacked by the heroes of the 30th Century, who blamed him for what happened, and desired to bring him to justice. After being chased across the galaxy, Foucalt decided if they wanted him to be the bad guy, then he'd be the bad guy. He escaped into the present via a mechanism in an old, old base, and then emerged into the 16th Century. Finding that his method of time travel left him ageless, Foucalt wound up working with another alchemist, one Ferro Cinnabar. However, when Ferro refused to teach Foucalt darker techniques known only in those time periods, he felt distinctly cheated. In the heat of the moment, he poisoned Cinnabar. This would prove the start to his acts of villainy in the present.

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