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There and Back Again: A Fantasy Crossover Game (Interest Check/Signup Thread)

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Feb 1st 2019 at 10:22:53 AM

Signups are now CLOSED until further notice.

Knock knock, who's there, it's me again with yet another crossover RPG idea, should it be of interest to you all. This one, in particular, was inspired by one I partook in a handful of years ago called To Boldly Go. That game was sadly short-lived, but its central concept stuck with me: Take a bunch of characters from different franchises, flavour them with a Sci Fi theme, thread their backstories together into one cohesive universe, then wind their keys and watch 'em go. 'course, if that ever came back, I'd like to return to it as a player, not a game master, but I'm still a sucker for the building of worlds.

With that said, I'd like to take you on a journey, if you dare, to the opposite end of that speculative fiction spectrum, the Standard Fantasy Setting. I invite you all to portray a character from a work of your preference- from TV, Movies, Games, Books, the works -as an inhabitant of a Fantasy world. We're starting this off as a Heroic Fantasy, could progress into High Fantasy, but we'll see how far this goes. The character you portray will be reimagined as a native of this reality. The universe we build is the only one they're ever known. If you make a good case for it, I might allow them to be from another world IN said universe, but let's try to keep it simple to start with.

Now, it may be your character is already a fantasy type, or perhaps they're from a sci-fi, or a slice-of-life, or anything that wouldn't be anywhere near the realm of swords and sorcery. Whatever the case, I encourage you to have fun reworking your character. Adapt them to this new world, think how the new elements might affect their background, how magic and monsters might provide new equivalencies for who and what they are. Don't just copy and paste from the wiki, really think about what they are, where they came from and what they can do, then put it into your own words. And if you have any other ideas for this setting, based around your character and others, feel free to bring them up. I'll have the final say in what gets canonised, but this work is, at its heart, a collaborative piece.

Other than that, no godmodding, no metagaming, no sueing and no generally being a chocolate starfish in-game. That goes double for out of game, too. Harassment and flame wars will not be tolerated in my discussion thread. With that said, let's get into the basics of za warudo the world and those within it.

The World

This game will take place upon the earth of Foteinigi, a world fit for adventure. Here, magic is king, and any talk of manipulating reality through non-magical means like "siyenz" or "teknos" is dismissed as myth and hokum at best. In this world, legends and fairy tales could be considered historical fact, though these days the gods keep to themselves, and talking animals have been fading into obscurity. But what other races populate this world? There could be kingdoms of elves and goblins, certainly. There might even be lumpy old humans wandering about, but any other sentient races are up to what you bring into this world. The same goes for many lands and countries. I'd like to provide the framework with the currently known continents, maybe a few cities and islands, but you can feel free to bring in your own fictional countries to fill up the canvas. For the sake of the story, your characters will be starting off somewhere in the middle of that centre of the known world, the USA.

  • United Settlements of Atlantis: A temperate continent, about the size of Australia, largely under the thumb of the prosperous Atlantean empire. You can fill this place up with most European nations you can think of, with maybe some more American lands in the northwest corner, and the islands of the Free Kingdoms being rooted in Celtic culture.
  • Hyperborea: North of Atlantis, this is a land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun, where the hot springs blow. Deep into the continent, at the edge of the grassy lands, you'll find the land of Opona, ruled by the benevolent White Tzar. Beyond that, there is only the untracked snow, where the sun rises and sets but once a year. Off the coast are the islands of Thule and Brendan, quarrelled over by Atlantean and northern 'barbarians', and the island of Buyan, said to be the meeting place for the morning star, evening star, four winds and god of weather. This continent is home to lands based around Nordic, Slavic, and maybe even Inuit cultures, with maybe a colony of cyclopses to the south.
  • Kumari Kandam: Down about south-east of Atlantis, this triangular continent believed by its people to be the cradle of civilisation, and can be divided into seven coconut lands, seven mango lands, seven front sandy lands, seven back sandy lands, seven hilly lands, seven coastal lands and seven dwarf-palm lands. There are a couple major islands off the coast, one being Panchaia, an Atlantean colony said to hold a registry of the births and deaths of gods, and the other being Lanka, a mountainous island where none dare go, for fear of the man-eating chaos spirits known as the Rakshasas. The north corner is a place for South Asian type countries, the west side a place for East African lands, and the east side for Southeast Asian countries.
  • Lemuria: In the sub-tropical and tropical zones right below Atlantis lies a continent little understood by outsiders. There's certainly trade to be had with the oasis city of Mezzoramia, provided you can find your way through the narrow route. But below that, in the dense jungles of darkest Lemuria, there could be anything lying in wait for the daring and the foolish. For this continent, take half of South America, mesh it with the remaining portion of Africa, and see what you get.
  • Meropis: A continent twice the size of Atlantis, located simultaneously east and west of it. The eastern side is a vibrant place, home to nations valuing honour and tranquility, like the mountain valleys of Shambhala, Siddhashrama and Shangri-La, or the islands of Ongoro, Horai and Wakwak. The east side (west, relative to USA) is inhabited by the Meropes people, former colonists of Atlantis that declared independence and formed their own city-states of Machimos, 'the fighting town', Eusebes, 'the pious town', and Anostos, 'the place of no return'. These colonists plan to manifest their destiny further west, with hopes of discovering the secret of eternal youth, and maybe even some gold in them there hills. Off the coasts of the West, the island of California has adopted a female separatist philosophy similar to the wandering Amazon tribe of continental Atlantis, while the Island of Demons has been abandoned by settlers for obvious reasons. Needless to say, this land is home to both Asian cultures and vaguely North American cultures.

There may, of course, be other lands, other continents, even other worlds, but none that are officially recognised by the Atlantean Empire. Now, with that out the way, let's have a crack at plotting out some adventurers, shall we?

Character Sheet Template

  • Name:
  • Franchise:
  • Age:
  • Race:
  • Appearance: Pictures or description, whatever you can get.
  • Alignment: Could tick a box off Character Alignment, but there's nothing to stop you from being cheeky and making up your own term
  • Class: Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, or Other, and then a more specific label for the fighting style. Again, nothing to stop you from being cheeky.
  • Personality:
  • Skills:
  • Powers and Abilities: If applicable
  • Equipment:
  • Background: A short story of where your guy came from and got to be where they are at the start of the plot.
  • Additional Notes:

On the subject of Secondary Characters- that is to say, characters introduced to the game after you've already brought in a character -my personal stance is that any player may be permitter one, provided that they:

  • Have been in the game for a while, maybe a month or so
  • Have been a fairly regular poster during that time
  • Have refrained from being a dickpiston and been pleasant to play alongside
  • Keep their new secondary character in a separate area of the plot as much as they can. While the first character is in a group going off in one direction, the new character could be in a cast herd going off the other way.

I'd also say not to make a habit of dropping in new characters, or switching your current guys out for more guys. It could get very aggravating, especially if your character has had a lot of world built around them that could now go to waste. With that said, here is how things stand with the current layout of cast herds.

Party One- aka Team Angst:
A gathering of mostly-serious adventurers, some mistrusted by the law, each with their own aspirations and goals in mind, but united for the common good. Currently split up, with some of the group getting supplies (and into trouble) in the seaside town of Potok, while the rest venture into the dark woods on a sidequest.

Party Two- aka Team Bumble:
Half the pack consists of nutters, outlaws and the morally questionable, the other half are saner folk confounded by their antics. Currently travelling the Lekhitian countryside, helping an imperilled merchant with an important only they can.


Optional Fictional Race Template

  • Name:
  • Territories:
  • Biology:
  • Culture:
  • Short History:

Primary Races of the World

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Spottedleaf Warm-Hearted Ice Queen from Belle Reve Penitentiary Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Warm-Hearted Ice Queen
Feb 1st 2019 at 12:04:50 PM

Interested. Will post a comprehensive form later, but definitely interested.

"Cool it, hotshot."
troydenite sword of promised halp from Somewhere South Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
sword of promised halp
Feb 2nd 2019 at 3:36:04 AM

Interest. Will wait for other interested parties to post interest before furthering own interest. With interest.

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Darkomega245 from The Zone Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Feb 2nd 2019 at 7:15:44 AM

Interested. Will get a sign-up later on

such is life in the zone
Darkomega245 from The Zone Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Feb 3rd 2019 at 11:18:12 AM

And here we go. Hope everything is right.

  • Name:Kled and Skaarl
  • Race:Yordle. Skaarl is a Drakalops.
  • Age: Both of them are 600 years old.
  • Appearance: "Yes, a sane man .. would run... BUT I AINT THE RUNNING KIND!" (Kled is the furry psycho, Skaarl is the scaly coward)
  • Alignment:Chaotic Neutral. Skaarl is True Neutral.
  • Class:Fighter and Steed
  • Personality:
    • Kled:Psychotic, insane, out of his mind, bloodthirsty, brave, reckless and tiny. Kled is a very crazy Yordle who for some reason like to make up weird military titles such as "High Centurion Commodore Master Commander Sergeant" for no reason whatsoever. He also has a deep utter contempt for retreating, and that will make him wish you died in a fire if you ever dared do that, or suggest that to him. His relationship with Skaarl is...very strange, almost bipolar even. One moment he's cursing at the lizard to shut up even though it can't even talk, the next he'll silently contemplate to himself how it's the best friend a bastard like him could ever have...until it runs away.
    • Skaarl:Cowardly, idiotic and weird as hell. Skaarl follows Kled to combat without any complaint, but as soon as it seems like things will end in it's death or going too badly, it will ditch Kled and perform the Joestar Family Secret Technique. Though it will come back straight to Kled if it sees him tanking through the odds. It's quite docile and friendly...though it only shows when Kled isn't near it.
  • Background: A warrior as fearless as he is ornery, the Yordle Kled is considered a folk hero by the Free Kingdoms in the USA. He is an icon beloved by the soldiers of the Free Kingdoms as they resist the growing influence of the Atlantean Kingdom. Many claim Kled has fought in every fight the resistances of each kingdom have waged, has "acquired" every military title, and has never once backed down from a fight. Though the truth of the matter is often questionable, one part of his legend is undeniable: Charging into battle on his un-trusty steed, Skaarl, Kled fights to protect what's his... and to take whatever he can get. The last time Kled was seen, he was yelling profanity and screaming that he was going to claim some new territory for himself from the clutches of the "Gosh darned Atlantean idiots."
  • Skills:
    • Weapon Skills: Despite his small size, Kled is a dangerous for with his axe, knowing how to hit the vital areas of his enemy while also filled with rage at his enemies.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Skaarl: Skaarl is pretty agile herself, giving Kled plenty of mobility, whenever moving around, charging at his enemies or taking down multiple enemies.
    • Yordle: Despite being physically weaker than a human, Kled is faster than a normal human, while his senses are also better than a normal person, allowing him to hear things than a normal person wouldn't.
  • Equipment:
    • Long Axe: A long axe Kled carries. It does what you expect from a ace.
    • Beartrap on a rope: A makeshift device Kled carries.When Kled hurls the device , it attaches itself to the first target it hits, damaging them. If Kled remains within a slowly decreasing radius of his target for a few seconds, it deals damage to the target and yanks them towards Kled. If the targets gets away from the radius, or Kled is too far away from them, the beartrap breaks and the target is free.

Race Template

  • Name:Yordles
  • Territories:Lemuria. The place they live in is Bandle City, hidden in the jungles of Lemuria.
  • Biology:Yordles are sexually dismorphic and much shorter than humans; both sexes rarely exceed 1 meter tall, with most averaging around 0.8 meters. Their skin texture ranges from being completely smooth, to very lightly covered in fur, to ultimately being significantly furry. Their hands have four digits while their feet differ greatly depending on the individual (from four to two digit feet). Their skin tone runs a much broader spectrum of colors than their human counterparts; some consider this to be a sign of the yordles attunement to Foitenigi's magical nature. Furthermore, they are commonly characterized by their dependence on language, as well as their creation and utilization of complex tools.

Yordles have exceptionally longer life spans than the average human, this is partially due to the innate magic within all yordles.

  • Culture:The Yordle race have innate magic within them which helps them achieve extraordinary things usually impossible for someone of their stature. Also, they require far more social interaction with their own kind than humans do. They generally are a peaceful and amicable race, often marked with streaks of joviality and light prankishness; their moral compass is most often pointed toward goodness and benevolence. Their desire for social interaction drives them toward this ethos, as the mental health of a yordle is very much dependent on the positive company he or she keeps. This does not mean, however, that they are incapable of cruelty and evil. In fact, a yordle who is kept in isolation for too long -especially from contact with other yordles - runs the risk of becoming withdrawn and sullen. Some who already are centered more toward malevolence will become exceedingly so in due course
  • Short History:The origin of this race in Foitenigi is unknown, but in early times they were a nomadic race, travelling from one part of Foitenigi to the other. To this day, most yordles stay inside the mystical place known as Bandle City, only venturing out on rare occasions. For most of the peoples of Foitenigi, yordles are not typically something to be feared.While these curious creatures often leave to dwell among other races for a time, they generally return with fresh tales and new experiences to recount

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Feb 3rd 2019 at 12:04:18 PM

Not too shabby, Darkomega, not too shabby. I'll hold off on putting your name on any roster until we've got a full party of characters, but so far, I think it's safe to say you're in.

Hm, thinking about it, I feel I ought to include a bit in the signup sheet for what franchise the character comes from. Could simplify the search process, though it wasn't that hard to find your dynamic duo.

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kaalban Schrodinger's Human from everywhere and nowhere Relationship Status: Singularity
Schrodinger's Human
Feb 3rd 2019 at 4:34:32 PM

I show interest. I just need time (and money) to create a sheet.

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DefRevenge24601 IMPROBABLE from Offices of J.NotWoodman Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Feb 3rd 2019 at 7:35:35 PM

I'm gonna make Machimos bootleg South Town and no one's gonna stop me

Looks very interesting; I should have a sheet up in a bit

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kaalban Schrodinger's Human from everywhere and nowhere Relationship Status: Singularity
Schrodinger's Human
Feb 3rd 2019 at 10:46:25 PM

  • Franchise: Nier

  • Name: 2B and 9S (Toobs and Nines)

  • Race: YoRHa Automaton

  • Age: 50 (both of them)

  • Appearance: 2B and 9S. Currently, they wear typical Atlantena clothes.

  • Alignment: 2B is Lawful Neutral, 9S is Neutral Good (although he is surprisingly more trigger happy than 2B)

  • Class: 2B is a Fighter, while 9S is a Mage specialized in tampering with the mind

  • Personality:

    • 2B: Very serious and no-nonsense. 2B barely shows any type of emotions. She focuses on accomplishing her mission. However, behind this mask of stoicism hides a person who wishes to let go of her duty and live peacefully. 2B may seem uncaring to anything around her, but she is not completely ruthless, willing to help her friends whenever she can. One of the only times when her facade breaks is when 9S gets hurt.

    • 9S: Inquisitive and chirpy. Contrasting his partner, 9S is a lot nicer and more cheerful than 2B. He always tries to find out more abiut the world around him, sometimes to his own detriment. However, 9S has some negative aspects to him that might surprise many. 9S has some feelings towards 2B, but they're not as straightforward as some may think.

  • Backstory: Just like any other Automatons, 2B and 9S were created for war efforts against Atlantean Empire. Both of them used to be sole operatives, until one mission brought them together. Currently, they are in the USA as a mission to recon and sabotage the Empire in any way they can.

  • Skills:

    • 2B: 2B is a very proficient fighter, able to utilize all forms of weapons efficiently. However, she is only learning how to fight on a mount.

    • 9S: 9S can decipher most languages that exist in the world. Knows in and out of the arcane, Atlantean Empire and Free Kingdoms. However, lacks knowledge regarding other continents. He is also the only Scout-Mage unit that is able to wield weapons (althiugh he is no match for 2B or other skilled melee combatants)

  • Powers and Abilities:

    • 2B: She has strength and agility superios to humans (and even some non-human species) and a battle skill unmatched even by fellow YoRHa units. In fact, some might even say that she may be proficient at executing her own kind.

    • 9S: 9S is very intelligent, and he has an ability to affect minds in various ways (as an example, take control of the lesser beings or perform Jedi mind tricks). To add, he is also able to shoot projectiles made of magical energies. Note: He will not mind control other PCs, and other mind effects may be nerfed against PCs.

  • Equipment:

Race Template:

  • Name: YoRHa Automaton

  • Territories: United Settlements of Atlantis. These machines are located in a contested territory that used to be Kingdom of Rein, located in the North.

  • Biology: Coinciding with their design purpose, YorHa Automatons replicate every physical aspects of humanity. Contrary what some may believe, their skin feels as smooth as humans. There are two significant differences that differ them from humans: their physical capabilities far exceed that of humans and, due to the material they are made of, they weight significantly heavier than humans. While some physical activities, such as showering or eating is not required for them to function, these golems can perform these actions if they please so.

  • Culture: YoRHa is a military organization, comprised of YoRHa Automatons. They get commands from Knight-General, who follows orders of Monarch of Rein that lives in the underground city. These golems are divided into designations: B for Battlemaster, H for Healer, S for Scout - Mage, R for Rangers. There is also designation E, but only few are aware of its true nature. As their soul was designed to emulate humans, their behavior also resemble that of humans, displaying wide range of personalities like their creators. Their culture also resembles that of former Rein, which values efficiency, cold logic and results. Perhaps fitting for machines. When they "die", their soul comes back in one of the spare golem bodies in High War Council.

    • Possibly peculiar to some, only female automatons are designated for combat purposes, while male automatons cannot use weapons. Only 9S is an exception.

  • Short History: YoRHa Automaton were defensive units created by one of the Free Kingdoms, Rein, for the purpose of repelling the advancing forces of Atlantean Empire. Remnants of Rein Kingdom hid themselves in an underground city, leaving the fighting to their most advanced creations. Some of the YoRHa golems are sent as scouts or spies to the territory of their enemy to relay some significant information to the High War Council.

    • To explain about Kingdom of Rein... Rein was a place where magic was king. However, their magic revolved around alchemy and creation of golems. Rein's most outstanding achievement was to create souls akin to sentients' and inserting them into their advanced golems that bore resemblance to humans. That was how they created "automatons". YoRHa Automatons were significantly more advanced products, since components of their soul derived from an [actual human souls]. However, YorHa was created only after the invasion and defeat. Kingdom of Atlantis found out about this, and invaded Rein to get a hand on a new weapon.

Or so it is told...

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Everything that lives is designed to end.
troydenite sword of promised halp from Somewhere South Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
sword of promised halp
Feb 4th 2019 at 4:22:33 AM


  • Conan, King of Aquilonia.


  • Why, Conan the Barbarian, of course! The original stories, to be precise, scrambled slightly for flavor.


  • Late thirties to early forties.


  • Human.


  • Full-bearded, broad-shouldered, King Conan is a graying wolf of a man, with thews of iron and sinews of steel. His black hair is coarse as sackcloth, but thick and virile. His eyes are piercing blue, like the proud hawk's, and lack all hint of subtlety; his mind, while keen, is clearly a battleaxe and not a rapier. His muscles bulge beneath his clothes, as great as the wild gorilla's, and his leathery skin is marked with uncountable scars. Although he has shed the many gaudy guises of his youth, he still possesses the savage spark of Cimmeria, and his years of kingship have done little to stifle that.


  • Conan.


  • Fighter, Leader and Battlefield Tactician, with hints of Berserker in his combat rages.


  • Wild, untameable, and blunt as a warhammer, Conan has a sharp mind and a fearless heart, a strong arm and a stronger will. He is a fighter by trade, an adventurer by happenstance, and a leader by experience - he inspires loyalty in the same way that beasts inspire fear, not with statescraft and fine speeches, but through the sheer bloody scent of him. His raw magnetism makes him irresistable to damsels of a certain persuasion, who inevitably find themselves swooning at his feet; being a true Cimmerian, however, he tends to cast them aside after his passions subside. He has no patience for women, or indeed for much of anything else, although his honor does mostly force him to protect the weak.
  • Conan is indeed a barbarian, but he is no boor. His sense of stoicism is finely attuned, like all those who worship Crom, and he appreciates, in his own rugged way, the civilised arts and the power of poetry. Despite this, however, he is not a civilised man. He will never be. The life that seethes within his breast is raw and wild, and leads him ever-on, laughing savagely in the face of inevitable death. Being a deposed King is just another thorn in his crusted heel.


  • Savage Cunning: Conan possesses an incisive and instinctive mind, as equally suited to an angry tavern as a bloody battlefield. He has faced eldritch horrors, unscrupulous wizards, cunning seductresses, and conniving courtiers alike. The fact that he is still alive is testament to the broadness of his thought. His ability to lead men is simply an offshoot of his brooding intelligence.
  • Barbarous Strength: Conan is immensely, terrifyingly strong. His ability to rend flesh like wet parchment and snap bones like twigs is so great that some might call him inhuman, and his tolerance to pain is such that even crucifixion failed to keep him down. He moves so quickly that men die before truly understanding it, and he can travel leagues on the barest of rations. However, he is still a man, and will bleed and die like the rest of them, given time, circumstance, and the appropriate wounds. He fully expects it.
  • Diverse Knowledge: Conan possesses a whole host of practical skills, from fieldcraft to sailing to basic battlefield care. His facility with sword, axe and spear is deceptive; despite his crude maneuvers, he is remarkably deadly, and can ride and shoot with the best of them.

Powers and Abilities

  • None. Conan lives and dies by the strength of his arm.


  • Horse, sword, shield, spear and rider's quiver; the clothes of a mounted wanderer, and the crown of Aquilonia tied in a dirty rag.


  • The man they call Conan has been many things - a rider, a corsair, a thief, a traveler, a sellsword, a captain, and most recently a King. He began life as a savage on the steppes of Cimmeria, the wild windswept plains in the north of Hyperborea. From there, he made his name as a mercenary and corsair, fighting other people's wars and falling into his own weird adventures, until at last he stumbled upon the throne of Aquilonia, a small and entirely unremarkable kingdom in the armpit of the continent. This was done by killing the previous King, for which the populace was extremely grateful, and then being forced on the throne by his followers, for which the populace was extremely ungrateful. A series of rebellions and a successful coup by his vizier led to King Conan's imprisonment; however, he managed to kill his way out of prison and escape, with little more than the crown in his hand and the blood on his face. He now wanders the world as he did in his youth, determined to return to his throne - not out of any sense of duty, but rather a desire for simple, honest revenge. To Conan of Cimmeria, slaying those who wound you is as obvious as breathing.

Special Notes

  • The lure was irresistible.

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DefRevenge24601 IMPROBABLE from Offices of J.NotWoodman Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Feb 4th 2019 at 9:33:47 AM

  • Name: Geese Howard
  • Age: 35
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: A man in a white and gi with red hakama; he used to dress more appropriately, but he ended up wearing this more, as it's more flexible and comfortable.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral in the public eye, loosely Chaotic Good when adventuring
  • Class: Fighter. A martial arts fighter with a lot of quasi-magical techniques up his sleeve, but isn't good with projectiles, save for his signature Reppuken.
  • Personality: Geese is the guy that, when his friends talk about him, they say "he's an asshole but he's my asshole". He's a very well-off individual even in the world of Foteinigi, and with this comes a certain arrogance that can't be shaken off easily; However, he's a Noble Demon at heart, being very capable at emotion and feelings besides a general nagging desire to have all the power. However, he tries to accept that he feels good at his current position.
  • Skills:
    • Predictabo: Geese is a very skilled martial artist, especially when it comes to peppering strikes and powerful counters. He is able to amplify these attacks with some odd mix of ki and magic, making him very potent.
    • A Small Loan Of A Million Dollars: Geese is a good businessman, and this tends to come in handy when negotiating or just generally handling money; While he's a badass, he's just as good "behind a desk".
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Ki and Magic: Geese is an odd case; he doesn't have specific mastery over his internal energy, or his ki/chi/qi, and he doesn't have full control over magic; However, he has enough usage of both to use them in tandem to a certain degree, and it's surprisingly potent. He mainly uses lightning magic.
    • Left Atlas Behind: Geese, due to training in martial arts for a long part of his life, is stronger, faster, and just generally more durable than your average joe. This is most definitely good for fighting beings of supernatural strength.
  • Background:
    • Geese Howard was born in the Meropian city of Machimos, to two unknown parents. They somehow perished at an early age, leaving Geese an orphan.
    • Geese Howard's early life is mostly unknown, however it is known that he trained alongside his good friend Jeff Bogard. While Jeff was a pure and honorable young man, practically a stock hero, Geese was much more morally grey, wanting power instead of just a means of discipline or self-defense. One day, while he was in a particularly bad mood, he almost killed Jeff before storming out and never coming back.
    • Wracked with emotion, yet wanting to escape from it, Geese happened upon a small-time weapon shop, and shacked himself up in there until the owners came in and took him in, not necessarily as a son but as a sort of roommate, and he helped work the shop.
    • Eventually, Geese became a young man, and one of the owners passed on to the great Valhalla allegory in the sky. Not thinking he could handle the stress of flying solo, the owner passed the shop on to Geese, who started thinking up some hairbrained schemes...
    • Whatever it was, it paid off in spades. He renamed the store to Howard Connection and grew large enough to have Geese not directly handle any of the shops himself. Bored out of his mind, he goes back to training, building upon the incomplete training with other styles. He grew into a self-taught master, and dabbled in adventuring a bi, before realizing the potential profit going out and slaying the harmful turned out to be. So, he split off a fraction of his company and turned it into a one-stop shop for adventurers; A place to find an adventuring party, get last-minute weapons and supplies, and hang out and have a drink. It turned out to be a massive success, and Howard Connection is bigger than ever, with the newly christened Howard Connection Plus having an installation in almost every major Meropian city.
    • However, Geese is currently bored out of his skull, and impulsively decides to try and take a business trip to the United Settlements of Atlantis, trying to take Howard Connection worldwide. However, he really wants to go adventuring again, using the business trip as an excuse.
  • Additional Notes: I feel like Geese is a major coin flip; He's either amazing and Howard Connection is a great fit for the world, providing the right amount of anachronism for laughs, or his powerset is too wonky and Howard Connection is a bit too much like a megacorp for this world...

Spottedleaf Warm-Hearted Ice Queen from Belle Reve Penitentiary Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Warm-Hearted Ice Queen
Feb 4th 2019 at 10:33:56 AM

Hoo boy, here we go...

Franchise: DC Comics (heavily Arrowverse-influenced)

Name: Caitlin Khione Snow

Age: 25

Race: Magically Enhanced Human

Appearance: A more setting-appropriate version of this

Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Neutral Evil

Class: Sorceress

Personality: Although she’s worked her way towards being a very compassionate woman, she’s mostly someone who is determined to do what it takes to survive. As such, she’s rather guarded and has a tendency to not let many people in. The fact that she has a rather checkered past, having killed others in order to satisfy her hunger for heat, leaves her feeling a deep sense of guilt, but she is still making an effort to be a decent person. Her greatest asset by far is her intelligence- she’s well-versed in the study of magic and knows quite a bit about healing as well. She can be somewhat guarded and tends to hold her emotions in to some extent, but boy, does she have them.

Skills: See powers/abilities. She’s a decent markswoman as well, but nothing to write home about. I’ve also kept her medical knowledge, though here it mostly amounts to stock herbal remedies.

Powers and Abilities: Caitlin is gifted with cryokinetic abilities and accelerated healing. However, these cold-based powers come at a price and leave her with a constant Horror Hunger for other’s body heat. Although she’s learned a way to absorb small amounts of heat without doing any harm to the person she’s doing it to, it did take her a while to get to that point.

Background: Caitlin was proving to be a skilled mage, spending all her time in various libraries. It was there that she met Ronnie Raymond, and with the help of a close friend, Cisco Ramon, and a mysterious man calling himself "Harrison Wells", the group worked on building a magical device that would have supposedly revolutionized the way the world looked at magic. Ronnie and Caitlin were engaged, having fallen in love during the making of the device- however, when a storm hit the city they were working in, the device malfunctioned, and Caitlin hasn't seen her fiance since then.

For a while, she continued working with Harrison Wells- until she discovered that her family was afflicted by a blood curse that she had inherited from her father’s side. Hoping to find a remedy for this curse, she traveled to Hyperborea, where she’d hear rumors of something miraculous that might be able to lift said curse. Instead, she was abducted and thrown into an icy cave, and nearly froze to death until an innate magical force present there kept her alive and cured her of her family's curse- but also left her starving for heat.

For a while Caitlin was absolutely ruthless in her pursuit of this hunger, to the point where in some villages in this region she was known by the nickname of "Killer Frost" because her draining inevitably left her victims dead and frozen.

However, after discovering a way to absorb heat without hurting the person affected, she's determined to make things right and is making a real effort to be a hero. Still, some others don't see her that way, and her reputation precedes her...

Additional Notes: I sort of merged her portrayal in the New 52 comics/JLA: Rebirth (heat vampire/reformed villain, no split in her personality) with how she’s portrayed in Arrowverse (powers came from attempt to heal disease; overall decent person all things considered). I’m pretty pleased with the results.

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Feb 4th 2019 at 3:30:29 PM

All righty, all righty, looks like a pretty good roster springing up in such a short time. Don't see any major issues at the moment, so I'm gonna say you're all of you Accepted.

Gonna spend tomorrow hammering out a starting point for our adventures, maybe a few more details on the setting. Should be enough time to let a couple more folks jump into the fray, if they're interested.

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Feb 4th 2019 at 7:25:39 PM

So, a fluffy psycho and his cowardly mount, a couple of robot murderhobos, an exiled king native to Heroic Fantasy, a kung fu businessman, and a heat vampire. What a fun bunch of ragtag peeps.

JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from R'lyeh Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Feb 4th 2019 at 9:52:06 PM

^^I would quite like to add to that ensemble.

I will start working on Matilda Wormwood's sheet. Yes. You know the one. From Matilda by Roald Dahl!

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Feb 5th 2019 at 10:52:35 AM

Despite my best intentions, I keep coming back to Zelda characters. I only got to play her for about two posts in the last RP, though, so here's hoping this one lasts longer if she's accepted.

  • Name: Tetra
  • Franchise: The Legend of Zelda, specifically Wind Waker and Hyrule Warriors.
  • Age: Early teens.
  • Race: Hylian.
  • Appearance: Y'arrr, matey.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good No shut up, she only cares about money she swears.
  • Class: Rogue- swift and sneaky to compensate for being oh-so-small.
  • Personality: Having had to commandeer a pirate crew at a young age, Tetra has created a veneer of cheek and bossiness. She doesn't suffer fools gladly (in part because she runs a ship full of them) and has little respect for those who rush in to situations without a plan. However, she likes to put on that she's colder than she really is. It doesn't take much digging to find the caring, good-hearted soul that rests beneath her pert demeanour.
  • Skills:
    • Peak physiology: Tetra's lifestyle requires her to keep as fit as possible. She's as strong and nimble as a young teen girl can be- which is nothing outrageous, but her quick feet and small size are still something to watch out for.
    • Combat experience: Tetra's lifestyle also requires her to not be murdered on a daily basis. To this end, she has training and experience with the pistol and sword that she has in her possession.
    • Fleet fingers: Any good pirate with fast hands knows how to make a dime or two while in the city. Tetra has experience with pick-pocketing, and uses her young age to her advantage to fool her targets.
    • Seafarer: Tetra is the captain of a large pirate vessel, and knows all about its operation. Not only does this grant her knowledge about boats, cannons, and catapults, but it also bestows her with leadership qualities beyond her age.
  • Powers and Abilities: The power to make grown men tremble before her mighty glare! But no, she isn't inherently supernatural.
  • Equipment:
    • Magical Flintlock: Tetra may not be magical, but that doesn't mean her equipment isn't. Combining magic with the very latest in flint striking mechanisms ('Hearsay', some may cry, but Tetra's not out to win the public's affection), the pistol fires magically-infused 'bullets' made of water. Her ammo is infinite, but she has to deal with cooldown between each five shots.
    • Not-so-Magical Cutlass: A short, curved sword. Doesn't have any hidden power, but can still make people bleed pretty good.
    • Pirate's Charms: A set of two pendants made out of light blue crystal. The pendants have a two-way magical connection, allowing a person in possession of one to see, hear, and speak through the other pendant (and vice versa), regardless of how far away it is. Could be subject to magical interference, or someone simply wrapping one in cloth to prevent the other side from eavesdropping.
    • Ye Mighty Pirate Ship: Does this count as equipment? Regardless, Tetra has a ship and crew at her disposal, should travel between the continents be required.
    • Ye Mighty Pirate Loot: Tetra's ship is heavy with fortune that doesn't belong to her. On her person she keeps a satchel of gold coins that's enough to buy food and bedding for a week or so.
  • Background: Beware all those who seek to traverse the Atlantean shores, for there be pirates hidden amongst the waves! One particular crew fought for decades to secure a route between the Atlantean islands and the Free Kingdoms, and have been terrorising sailors since. Not the largest crew, nor the most ruthless, yet their unending vigour and pluck have kept them rich in doubloons and out of ye local gaols (despite their names being scrawled on every 'WANTED' notice from Avalon to Rein). Curiously, despite their reputation, little is known of the pirate's leader: a woman, some attest, but some still go further, insisting that the fearsome brigand are led by a mere little girl. But that could only be the talk of fools.
    Or could it? Swinging a sword and singing shanties from the moment she could talk, Tetra took the crew's reigns after her mother's untimely demise. They simply couldn't say no to the girl as fierce as she is diminutive. Henceforth the pirates have continued their rule of the sea, boarding in the USA for a night of merriment after their latest plunder.

  • Name: Hylians
  • Territories: Pretty much anywhere that'll have them, but their biggest congregations are in the USA, Free Kingdoms, and Meropis. They also tend to shy away from the colder climates of Hyperborea.
  • Biology: Nearly identical to humans in every way, save for their distinctive pointy ears. Hylians are more spiritual than humans, and thus are more likely to be born with some form of magical or psychic abilities. They age a little slower than humans, but still rarely make it past a century.
  • Culture: Again, much like humans, Hylians are diverse in their appearance and interests and thus assigning them one 'culture' is difficult. One thing that does unify them is the Hylian alphabet (a sample), which is popular interculturally but sees little use amongst or when communicating with other races. Some of the more remote towns in Foteinigi hold superstitions that the pointed Hylians ears are a sign of their demonic ancestry, but outside of those few instances the Hylians are generally accepted by other cultures.
  • Short History: The origin of the Hylian race has been lost to history, and is subject to much debate. The most mundane and widely accepted option is that they're human offshoots originating from Hy-Brasil, their pointed ears a mere genetic quirk. Yet that doesn't explain where the Hylian language arose from- it's certainly not widely practised in Hy-Brasil, or anywhere else for that matter.
    Another origin- accepted by many Hylians, considered by historians, but not as popular amongst the public- is that they came from the continent of Hyrule, an ancient land that was once highly prosperous and home to many exotic races- rock men, fish folk, ageless children of the forest, and dangerous dwellers of the desert. The legend goes that the continent was victim to a great flood (whether this was a natural disaster or divine intervention depends on who you ask), and now rests at the bottom of the ocean. The endless depths and turbulent waters have thus far prevented anyone from finding its supposed ruins.

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Feb 5th 2019 at 2:22:48 PM

This looks interesting! Here's a sign-up and two races. I hope I haven't overdid it with the koopas...

  • Name: Mario
  • Franchise: Super Mario Bros.
  • Age: 25
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Whahoo!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Class: Fighter. Quick and agile, charge the enemies and does his best to dodge attacks. He also knows a single spell.
  • Personality: Mario is a very enthusiastic person, to say the least. When there is danger around and innocents threatened, you can count on him to run toward it and jump over the threats while yelling excitedly. He can't bear to see the strong bully the weak and so can be counted on to fight against all sort of villains. In all respects, he is an ideal hero.
    He also has an obvious love for good food and tend to overindulge on it.
  • Skills:
    • Jumpman: Mario is a very agile and mighty fighter. He can run and jump with a speed surpassing most man and he is strong enough to break stone with his bare hand.
    • Adventurer: As an experienced adventurer, Mario is very proficient when it comes to fighting monsters and to explore dungeons. His preffered weapons are hammers.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Fire Ball:: A spell that he picked up from a Toad magician, this is a rather simple magic that consist of shooting fireballs from his arm. These flames are not that quick and thus rather simple to avoid, but they can do a number on an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Equipment:
    • Hammer: A sturdy and reliable war-hammer. Nothing special about it, it's just a blunt weapon.
    • Super Mushrooms: A bunch of small mushrooms he picked up from the Mushroom Kingdom and that he store in a pouch. One is enough to sate any hunger, they greatly revitalize the body when eaten and can last for years without going bad. Their only fault as far as Mario is concerned is that they lack taste.
  • Background: As far as he can remember, Mario and his brother Luigi travelled the USA as a pair of adventurers. They counted on odd jobs such a slaying local monsters or recuperating lost treasures for money and thus gained some minor fame as warrior.
    One day, they stumbled upon the Mushroom Kingdom, a nation inhabited by strange toadstool-like creatures. Those peaceful people were being attacked by a part of the Koopa Troop, who had abducted their female ruler. The two brother single-handedly rescued the princess and made the invasion force flee. For that, they were hailed as heroes and invited to stay in the kingdom. For a time, the two warriors did indeed took the Toad's offer of hospitality and learned of their culture.
    However, despite the great adulation he was given, Mario's lust for adventure was too high and he eventually left the kingdom for further quests, his less enthusiastic brother having chosen to stay behind for now. Now, he is again roaming the continent searching for opportunity.

New Races
  • Name: Toads
  • Territories: The Mushroom Kingdom in USA
  • Biology: Toads are short, mushroom-like beings with cap-like toadstools on their heads, earning them their names. They reproduce by laying spore from their "caps" upon adequate spawning ground, from which newborn Toads will soon develop.
  • Culture: Toads are a notoriously peaceful species, prefering to barter with other to buy their safety or hire foreign mercenaries against hostile nations. They do have a sort of militia, but their rudimentary training only allow them to back off isolated beasts or small-time bandits. Some ancient sages also knew of ancient offensive spells, but seeking to use such knowledge is seen as taboo amongst their societies. They are ruled by a monarchy, the latest ruler being Princess Peach, an orphaned human girl adopted by their former king.
  • Short History: The Mushroom Kingdom's history is a toroughly unremarkable one: founded by ancient Toads in an unknown age, it has stood as a harmless little nation, paying little importance to things like the Atlantic Empire or the Resistance. The ancient combat magic they possess may be evidence of a more warrior-like culture of old, but if it even existed, it has been long lost. Beyond making commercial deals with nearby nations and opening its door to any passing travellers, it has little impact on the world beside the recent invasion attempt by the Koopa Empire, which was foiled by human adventurers.

  • Name: Koopa
  • Territories: The Koopa Troop, USA
  • Biology: Koopa are part of a reptilian race ressembling large humanoid turtles. Their tough shells and tough raising in volcanic regions lead to them being very rough on a general level, much to their pride. Bizzarelt, despite their reptilian body and usual egg-laying reproduction, they have shown the ability to breed with a high amount of other species, including avians and mammals. Results of this inter-species mating are koopas with traits from the other parent's species. This has caused the existences of a high variety of subspecies within their species, the most numerous being Koopas bearing feathered wings. This odd fertility may be evidence of them being the result of a mad mage's attempt at creating a race of loyal warriors, tough it is only speculation. A particularly rare mutation amongst them is a fearsome-looking, even stronger and fire-breathing race that appear mostly amongst royalty. They boast of being descended from legendary dragons, and their physical might is a strong supporter of their claims.
  • Culture: Koopas currently live in a total dictatorship under their king Bowser Koopa the Second, a member of the "dragon" mutant race. Being a rather recent uniting of several previously warring tribes, they tend to divide themselves into several castes based on shared physical traits or pre-existing cultures, including the Brothers of the Hammer, the avian-blooded Paratroopas and the spellcasting Magikoopas. Yet despite this, all these groups have a great respect for physical might and a strict warrior's code and so they all loyally follow their current ruler, the mightiest amongst them.
    They have a ruthlessly imperialistic streak and seek nothing more than the uniting of the entire world against a single, strong leader. Yet despite this, they see that diversity is also a strength and thus are eager to add elements of the culture they subjugate to their own, and to add conquered species to their armies and genetic heritage.
  • Short History: Previously, the koopas were divided into warring tribes in the inhospitable volcanic regions of the continents, far from more civilized species. Until one day, a member of the "dragon" subspecies sook to conquer each of these individual armies and use them to conquer the whole world. After long, bloody conflicts, he succeeded in subjugating them all. But he knew he needed time to unify them into a true army, and so he grew old and died before he could see his dream accomplished, killed in a ritualistic fight to the death by his sole son, Bowser Koopa the Second.
    Eager to fulfill his father's ambition, he began to undertake the conquest of the whole world and descended from the mountain of his youth with his troops. He began conquering tribes of other species, city-states and other small nations nearby, adding their numbers to his force and claiming their female royalty as his consorts. So far, he is too far from any of the "major" nations to be known to the whole continent, but he are quickly rising. A smaller force was split from the main army to gather reconaissance further land, but they were rebuked from trying to capture the ruler of a small kingdom as a gift to him by some uppity adventurer. No great worry, but this likely meant he would have to go to this "Mushroom Kingdom" place personally.

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Feb 5th 2019 at 6:02:59 PM

Add Totally Not Zelda 2.0, Mr. Videogame, and... Matilda to the roster.

Also, the four humans are completely different; A brutal king, a disciplined businessman, a kind heat vampire, and a ideally heroic adventurer

HilarityEnsues Big League Memer Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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Feb 6th 2019 at 2:50:08 AM

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Class: Bighter. The combination of a Bard’s musical abilities and a Fighter’s strength.
  • Personality: Kanae is insecure and quick to anger. Though she presents herself to others as a cutesy and affable person, she can quickly snap at people when things don’t go her way. She craves positive attention and carries a chip on her shoulder because she has yet to gain any fame as a musician despite spending her whole life practicing. She also loves fighting, and if a problem can be solved by punching it, is prone to take that option.
  • Skills:
    • Musical Talent: Kanae is an excellent singer, can dance, and can also play a wide variety of instruments proficiently.
    • Fighting: She’s a seasoned combatant, especially when using her 3 part staff.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Being a Giant: Kanae is huge (I’ll say maybe around 15 to 20 feet tall) and has the strength to match. This comes with some disadvantages against nimbler, more evasive opponents, but it also means she is supernaturally powerful.
  • Equipment:
    • Lilliputian Ring: A magical ring made by mages of yore that is commonly found on giants that travel outside of Titania. Kanae becomes smaller (down to a minimum of 5’10” if she chooses) when she wears this, allowing her to interact with the human world much more easily. Though she loses strength the smaller she becomes, it is an invaluable tool when in human lands. This has no effect if worn by a non-giant.
    • 3 Part Staff: Also known as a sanjiegun. Her weapon of choice.
    • A variety of instruments, such as her trusty flute and harp. Seemingly manages to keep all of them in a bag of holding.
  • Background: Kanae grew up only wanting one thing, to be a star. Unfortunately, she never managed to make it big in Titania, so she decided to travel to the USA. There the massive musical maiden got a bit more recognition due to the sheer novelty of who she was, but she still never managed to achieve the things she wanted to. Her musical ambitions eventually became sidetracked as she started pursuing another avenue – underground fighting. She traveled across the USA challenging their mightiest warriors in combat she could find, using her natural strength as a giant and sheer spite to take them down one by one. She figured this would help make a name for herself, but all it really did was make a bunch of men feel very embarrassed that they lost to a girl in a maid outfit.
  • Additional Notes: N/A

Race Template

  • Name: Giant
  • Territories: The city of Titania, found in Meropis.
  • Biology: As one would expect, giants are known primarily for their incredible heights. They have incredibly long lifespans, and their heights continue to grow more and more as they become older. Aside from these differences, they look very much like humans.
  • Culture: Giants like to live a bit larger than humans do, in a manner of speaking. Grandiose and brutal arena battles are a common form of entertainment for their people, and hedonism in general does not have the stigma it sometimes does among other races. In short, they’re boisterous funloving people.
  • Short History: Where giants originally came from isn’t totally clear. Some believe they are simply humans that have been effected by some sort of magic, while others believe them to be descended from the gods in some way. Regardless, what is known is that they appeared long ago and decided to build a city named Titania on a gigantic mountain in Meropis. This put them far away from most of the humans living on the continent, who didn’t really know what to make of their larger neighbors. Though the two races enjoy a relatively friendly relationship, most humans are wary of these fearsome titans and their strength to some degree.

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Feb 6th 2019 at 3:27:41 AM

Giant, huh? That's gonna be interesting to factor when scaling battles. Also, might want to adjust the formatting on your post there. Other than that, no BIG issues, I don't think, provided she keeps the ring on most of the time.

Anyways, good to see some Nintendo guys dropping in. I think by this point we've got more than enough to start on, though part of me's tempted to wait until Matilda joins the fun.

In any case, everyone is now Accepted. Please be sure to send me your Discord handles, so I can sign you up for the official chatroom. I'll be getting to work on the first in-game post soon enough.

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Well, I suppose this is as good of a place as any to try and tinker with the idea I had in mind for a while now.

  • Name: Seras Victoria
  • Franchise: Hellsing
  • Age: 22, stopped physically aging at 19 due to a sudden case of teeth in neck.
  • Race: Vampire Fledgling, previously Human
  • Appearance: A young woman bounteous in her physicality, now able to keep her looks for all the eternity and then some, for better or worse. Standing at 5'5 of height, she carries deep blue eyes and the hair in the color of freshly mowed hay put together in two short pigtails, with a youthful spring in her step and a healthy bounce to accentuate it. Although small and frail at a glance, even prior to her turning she was in prime physical condition, unburdened by heavy matters placed upon her breast, and little had changed now, even if it appears unbecoming that she boasts such strength. For reference.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, though burdened with the weight of her cursed existence that sometimes causes her to lapse.
  • Class: Long-ranged Ranger, though she's no slouch in melee. Her profession is eliminating the threat that's unaware of her presence, most of the time. A Berserker on a really bad day.
  • Personality: Believe it or not, Seras is a decent human being! You wouldn't expect it from a foul creature of the night, but here we are. Adamant in maintaining the remaining ties binding her to humanity, she refuses to indulge in her primal instincts, chiefly to sink her teeth in someone's neck. With a strong sense of justice and a desire to do good, she keeps her head up high. Even if in doubt of herself, she tries her best to bounce back. Ashamedly however, Seras has unnerving trappings towards extreme violence and though she keeps herself in check most of the time, a traumatic enough experience can make her lapse and indulge in carnage her blows will bring. And carnage is sure to follow where a rampaging fledgling goes. It seems she reserves a special kind of hatred for those defiling the dead.
  • Skills:
    • CQC - A school of combat that all lawmen of Atlantis are taught, its full name forgotten to the ages. Meant to disable and protect rather than harm and kill, it puts grand emphasis on holds, chokes and other such positions that let a lawman disable an enemy greater in size with ease. Seras practices in her spare time, though largely out of the old sentiment - her average enemy tends to be impervious to such martial arts.
    • Marksmanship - An eagle eye, boosted by her vampirism, and a steady grip lets Seras score hits from far away and weird angles, or even on the run. Though she prefers to set up first, she's got no objection to coming in up closer. This extends not just to her Harkonnen, but to other brands of crossbows and rare firearms.
    • She can also play the harmonica.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Vampire - Bit of a big deal, this.
      • Seras boasts incredible physical aptitude, of great strength that can tear a lesser man's face off with a punch and keep using her grand crossbow with childish ease. She moves fast and is tough to the damage, able to regenerate minor wounds on her own and bigger ones with enough blood drank. As a fledgling to one of the most notorious and ancient vampires plaguing the world, she is expected to grow even further should she ever give in to her cravings. Seras refuses, and thus is "only" superhuman.
      • Although otherwise tough to damage, she is greatly susceptible to the following things: blessed items, holy magic, silver, and an august presence of a holy man or woman. The sunlight weakens her, but doesn't otherwise harm her, and she's grown somewhat used to it as long as the day's cloudy enough. Garlic has no effect, wooden stakes work only if blessed. She can also be decapitated for good effect (but who can't, really?).
      • While she can sleep just about wherever, the best effect is achieved by a nap in a coffin she carries with her, with a pouch of soil from her homeland of Avalon to sprinkle it with. She also cannot cross running water by herself (as in, via swimming; a boat works fine) and requires an invitation to enter private places (like someone's house, but not, i.e. a cloth hall).
      • As an undead, she has no need for air or nourishment, though she sometimes indulges in a small snack, mostly out of habit.
      • Her one supernatural power - beyond her great physical aptitude - is The Third Eye, an innate instinct that allows her to see at great distances and pierce through minor illusions. There doesn't appear to be any visible activator of her power (beyond her going slightly cross-eyed for a moment).
  • Equipment:
    • The Hellsing Harkonnen Anti-Dead Grand Crossbow - A custom model based on the Grand Crossbows monster hunters use for big game, Harkonnen is an ultimate anti-undead weapon. Longer than Seras is tall, this delicate mechanism launches all manners of custom-made bolts and stakes which lesser men would certainly use as melee weapons. While its primary prey are undead - and the bolts contain silver tips and tend to contain minor blessings - the overwhelming force of being hit with a two-feet long aspen stake at great speeds, makes it good for just about any target that isn't a golem or fortifications.
      • While Seras makes the bolts herself, acquiring the blessings and the silver does require her to stop by whatever temple is available to request such. An aura of an ordinary temple tends to not be a problem for her, but the whole "vampire" business does sometimes have her going on without blessings if a local priest is particularly ornery.
      • Harkonnen itself can be easily put together and dismantled in a matter of a minute or so. Unfortunately, carrying a monster-slaying crossbow in a city invites suspicious looks, and so she usually keeps it dismantled, taking care of ambushes with smaller, more convenient tools.
    • Bolt-making tools.
    • A pair of thick leather gloves that keep out the burn marks touching silver would give her. Also good for handling the crossbow and slugging someone's jaw off.
    • Some clothing, including a thick raincoat in case the sun's being too much.
    • Her coffin, a simple matter of Avalonian production. Usually tightly wrapped with cloth and resting atop the...
    • Heavy-duty wagon pulled by a donkey-reincarnated-as-a-horse, a heavy duty drafter by the name of Bernadotte. Stubborn like a mule and correspondingly strong, he and Seras nevertheless get along somewhat. Bred by the group she's employed at to not be skittish around the supernatural, it certainly helps in helping her lug all of her gear.
    • A thick hunting knife for dealing with small fry undead, and a smaller hunting knife for more mundane means.
    • A hand crossbow - which is a pistol-shaped crossbow - for similarly small threats.
    • A magical red armband on her left arm, designating her as a "registered vampire". Ordinary people are unlikely to know what it means, but it helps in dealing with overzealous vampire hunters. It has no special properties beyond being able to increase and decrease in size to not keep tugging on her clothes, as well as being unable to be taken off. Seras fixed it into a fashion accessory.
    • A couple of small items, including a harmonica and an eyepatch of unknown user.
  • Backstory: Born in the Avalon city of Leeds, Seras's ordinary life took a turn for a horrible when at the tender age of ten she witnessed burglars murdering her parents from behind the confines of a wardrobe. Overtaken with rage when one of them tried to do something untoward to her mother's still warm body she only remembers sticking a pencil through his eye before being shanked in the gut and left to bleed out. That did not came to be, but she ended up in an orphanage - and then she kept switching them due to her violent episodes before Avalon finally washed its hands off her and shipped her to an Atlantean orphanage instead. There, she decided to try and follow in her father's footsteps, who was a lawman in Avalon.
    • Her first mission saw her and her entire squad at the mercy of a vampire amassing a cult in the remote village of Cheddar. Left to fight off her ghoulified teammates, Seras found herself becoming a plaything of the deranged undead - until another one, in a garish red coat, shot her right through the heart to kill the vampire in question. As she lay dying and her vision dimmed, the vampire in red offered her a choice: to perish and part with this cold earth, or to take the mantle of the night and join the force that hunts down such degenerates like the vampire that abducted her. Seras chose to turn away from her humanity.
    • The organization in question, simply known as Hellsing, was situated in the capital of USA, operating outside the public eye. Its mission was to eradicate vampires and other undead at their discretion, keeping the populous unaware of the great looming threat they faced everyday. Seras took to the new job well enough, although the hiccups of becoming a vampire and the craving for blood began gnawing at her. Refusing to drink from someone's neck, even if they deserved such a horrible death, she kept herself fed through what her Master and his Master provided, as well as an occasional animal caught on the side. She's been involved in a manner of adventures during her tenure at Hellsing, and over time was deemed competent enough to travel on her own, even if her vampire powers remained undeveloped.
    • Posing as an ordinary monster hunter, she rolls from place to place catching wind of odd rumors and investigating them before she sets out to kill whatever caused trouble around these parts, reporting to the Hellsing HQ now and then.
  • Other: Speaks with a thick Albion accent.

  • Name: Vampires, although the regional names vary depending on the region. "Vampire" seems to be the accepted "common" name.
  • Territories: Just about anywhere. Vampires are as likely to dwell in bustling cities as they are in lone, remote castles.
  • Biology: Vampires can be generally divided into two categories: "natural" vampires, created by a bite of another "natural" - though the target has to be a virgin of the opposite sex, of reasons that elude the scholars of the world; otherwise the bit victim becomes a ghoul instead - and "artificial" vampires, created through other means such as necromantic rituals or a curse of a sufficiently powerful priest of evil. Depending on the power of the "father" vampire, a newborn fledgling can look like a caricature of their alive self, with unearthly pale countenance, bloodshot eyes and a bestial aura, or be near-indistinguishable from the look "before" (like Seras). The one tell-tale characteristic of a natural vampire is a long, sharpened canine (although various other supernatural beings may possess them). Elder vampires usually maintain some sort of hold upon their "progeny", but can rescind it at will. Artificial vampires can take different forms, often wildly differing from how natural vampires in terms of powers and appearance.
    • Culture: Considered an offense to most faiths of the world, vampires are persecuted across the globe, though not without a good reason. The natural sway of such power gravitates most of them towards mischief at best and murderous rage at worst. Most vampires are thus individuals blending into other cultures, although vampire families are prominent in the criminal underbelly of the world, chiefly in big cities of Meropis and principalities of Atlantis. There are rumors of peaceful vampire settlements hidden deep in the unwelcoming snows of Hyperborea, but these so far have found no purchase. Another breed of vampires tends to keep to themselves, feeding off hapless travelers lost in the fogs of their cursed realms or posing as magnanimous counts of small villages.
    • Short History: Vampires are considered a species of "high undead" - the beings of unlife that possess their own will, conscious thought and a sense of self, as opposed to "low undead" like skeletons, ghouls or zombies - together with such notorious creatures like liches, the banshee or the draugr. As it always is with creatures of the night, their origin remains an enigma even today. Popular origin stories include an ancient curse cast by a raging god of evil, a grand sacrilegious ritual gone wrong - or the unearthing of some sort of artifact that should remain buried. The truth's likely somewhere in the middle, although the ritual version seems the most probable, for all vampires enjoy a youthful look and a selection of powerful, puzzling abilities such as shapeshifting, hypnosis, precognition and the like.
      • Their existence is built upon the consumption of blood to prolong undeath - although it must be stated that vampires generally can survive on animal blood - and so, like most other undead, these beings are considered an affront and hunted down by strong enough adventurers. Of note is a curious phenomenon across the lands of USA known as "registered vampires": a small minority that isn't considered a threat to the populous, albeit monitored via magical means by proper pious officials. Hellsing Organization employs two such vampires, much to the detraction of its opponents - one is Seras, and the other is the vampire who sired her, considered one of the most powerful of his kind - if not the most powerful. The question why he relegates himself to a status of an attack dog seems to be a mixture of amusement and genuine respect for the woman in question.

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  • Name: Captain Toad
  • Franchise: Captain Toad Treasure Trackers
  • Age: 25ish
  • Race Toad
  • Appearance: Adventuring with his best friend.
  • Alliance: Captain Toad is a good boy. How good you may ask? He is not quite Neutral Good but not quite Chaotic Good. Rather, he is somewhere in between.
  • Class: N/A. Captain Toad isn't a traditional fighter as he mostly provides items to help others or tries to buy time for others to deal with his enemies for him.
  • Personality: Captain Toad seems to be a bit of a contradiction in terms of personality. On the one hand, he's a coward who doesn't like to fight and tends to run away from direct danger. On the other hand, he's an explorer whose job takes him to dangerous locations and doesn't seem afraid to perform dangerous stunts in the service of his kingdom and friends. That said, even when afraid he's always willing to lend a hand to others so long as they prove themselves trustworthy.
  • Skills:
    • Adventurer: Like Mario, Captain Toad too is an adventurer. However, unlike Mario he cannot fight. He's better at running and solving puzzles.
  • Equipment:
    • Backpack and headlamp: Captain Toad's trusty tools for adventure. The backpack contains all he needs for his adventures and the headlamp helps him explore dark areas.
    • Climbing Gear: While the captain can climb most things by himself, he needs a trusty rope and other gear to climb to higher places.
    • Power Stars/Power Moons: Rare items from space that the captain has collected during his adventures.
    • 1-Up Mushrooms: A rare species of mushroom native to the Mushroom Kingdom that heals wounds and is even rumored to bring the dead back to life, though this had not been proven. Unlike Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms lose their usefulness if they are kept out of a refrigerator for more than two to four days though unlike Super Mushrooms they have a delicious flavor so even if their healing power is gone they make a good substitute for other foods.
  • Background: Captain Toad used to be a member of the Mushroom Kingdom's school of astronomy. That is, until the kidnapping of the princess. The ruling family was so upset that they hadn't been warned ahead of time by those studying the skies that they temporarily took away their funding before they could advance further in their studies of space exploration. Naturally this left the Toad Brigade, a ragtag group of astronomers aspiring to explore space, having little to do so Captain Toad set out on a vacation along with his friend and possible girlfriend, Toadette. However, during their vacation Toadette got kidnapped by a giant bird and our dead friend Captain Toad had to save her. After fighting various enemies and solving different puzzles, he succeed in his mission and the two set off home. However, what became of him afterwards is a mystery...

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