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YMMV / You Are Umasou

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  • Adaptation Displacement: The Anime adaptation is more well known than the children’s book it was based on.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Heart's nightmare about his carnivorism. He dreams that he can hear his mom calling to him, but he can't find her. He then looks down to see that her calls are coming from inside his stomach. He has eaten her and the rest of his family alive. Understandably, he's pretty shaken when he wakes up.
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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Carnivores need to eat meat, but this doesn't make them evil. Similar stories will often have the carnivorous family member miraculously manage to to live off of salads (or, in some more generous cases, bugs or fish). In this movie, while the art style doesn't indicate this, Heart is basically on the edge of starvation until he begins hunting. When Heart's mother says that she would have offered herself as a meal to Heart if it came to that, Baku calls her out on the idea and points out that Heart would need more than just that single meal to live. Plenty of well-meaning human beings demonize carnivores while forgetting (or ignoring) the vital role they play in the natural order, which is where this particular message comes in.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The first movies' ending was vague/ambiguous enough for it to have a sequel that takes place immediately where it ends to give fans a movie where we could've seen more of the original cast and where Heart could learn that Baku is his father. Instead, we got a sequel that takes place years after the original with Heart and Umasou only making a brief cameo in the movie, and many fans of the original consider it to be In Name Only or entirely different than the first movie.
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  • Viewer Species Confusion: The purple carnivore attempting to eat Umasou is supposed to be the Chilantaisaurus from the book. Some viewers think it's a Carnotaurus due to its horns.


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