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Funny / You Are Umasou

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  • A small one early on, when Light and Heart are still young, but seeing a T-Rex lose at arm wrestling is pretty funny now matter how you slice it.
  • Heart being slightly creeped out at Pero-Pero's licking antics.
  • The Training Montage counts as well. Heart starts by training Umasou how to dodge, by hunting him. He learns so well he trips Heart, who promptly faceplants into a cliff. Next, we see Heart training Umasou how to use his tailclub - which Umasou demonstrates by promptly whacking Heart in the shin. Heart patiently attempts to get Umasou to practice by smashing trees down instead - and he gets so good at it, he celebrates by whacking Heart in the shin again. It ends with both this and a Heartwarming Moment, when Heart teaches Umasou how to roar. Can a baby Ankylosaur roar? You bet!


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