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YMMV / World of Warcraft: Chronicle

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  • Broken Base: Volume 3 proved to be controversial compared to the acclaim of the first two volumes. It was this volume that (among other things) went over the events of World of Warcraft and its first three expansions. The writing of WoW is generally considered to be a disorganized mess at the best of times, and the attempts of Chronicle to make sense of it haven't really fixed that. Some specific changes to details and character motivations sparked debates, considering that players can literally go see most of the original versions in the game. Oh, and the accompanying artwork in the book is seen as a step down as well, with several pieces drawn in an overt 'cartoony' style that isn't well-liked.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The canonization of the Stormwind nobles being Brainwashed into not paying the Defias has received this response for removing moral nuance from the Alliance.
    • The writers changing orc/draenei history so the orcs continually attacked, enslaved and raped Draenei 90 years before the Legion arrived has drawn heavy criticism for ruining the orcs depiction as as a fairly peaceful shamanistic race.

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