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YMMV / War (2019)

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  • Captain Obvious Reveal: When the movie came out, no one buys out that Kabir will be the Big Bad of the movie since the actor playing him, Hrithik Roshan, hasn't played evil roles yet (while he played the Big Bad in Dhoom 2, he was a Villain Protagonist at best and not an evil villain). Khalid's Improbable Aiming Skills have also telegraphed the audience that he wasn't the real Khalid since it was shown in a flashback that the real Khalid lacked accuracy due to being bullied in his childhood which caused his other eye to be blinded.
  • Cliché Storm: Critics have found the movie derivative due to its lack of originality and that includes the twist that was done better in other movies.
  • Epileptic Trees: Kabir mention having a partner who died in a mission. Many fans suspect he is talking about Jim (played by John Abraham) who is not only alive but also is the Big Bad of Pathaan, which is set in the same universe.
  • He Really Can Act: Tiger Shroff is often criticised for Dull Surprise acting. A lot of viewers praised his performance in this movie. As Khalid, he convincingly captured the vulnerable side of a soldier who wants to impress his superior and convince him he is a true patriot, unlike his father who betrayed the army. As Saurabh, he manages to capture the smug unhinged Giggling Villain side in the climactic showdown.
  • Ho Yay: Deeply homoerotic at points. Kabir's first introduction as he strides out of his helicopter, complete with Khalid gawking at him, would usually be placed in a teen rom-com. Amid all the longing looks and buddy cop fight scenes, Khalid says he'd elope with Kabir if he could, and even The Colonel says that Khalid is in love with Kabir.
  • Iron Woobie:
    • Khalid's father is a traitor who betrayed the Indian army in a mission. He is ostracized by society and beaten up by school bullies, because he is the "son of a traitor". His mother taught him that the only way he can stop them is by proving himself as someone who can not be questioned. While he ultimately ends up winning the trust and friendship of Kabir, he is brutally murdered in the very next mission and Saurabh, who is an actual traitor, assumes his identity, to assist a terrorist. Khalid is posthumously honoured for his bravery and sacrifice, at Kabir's insistence.
    • Khalid's mother Nafeesa also qualifies. After learning of her husband's treason, she informed the army, allowing them to take countermeasures. However, their family is branded as traitors by society, despite her heroic efforts. And their service to the country is not recognized, until Khalid's death.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Hrithik vs Tiger note 
    • Hrithik wins.
  • Shocking Moments: The movie runs on this from its opening scene in the trailer where Khalid infiltrates an Aerial convoy which to the actual movie where Saurabh kills the real Khalid and takes his identity.