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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Liese. As a villain, did she give in to her Archive of Acedia (Sloth) by looking for the easy route and shortcuts, and so being lazy? Or did she still deny Sloth as a proper mage by becoming a proactive villain who refused to take the acceptable, steady path and thus took on risks and made an effort to advance where others would have accepted the prescribed path? Her initial characterization strongly implies the first, that she wasn't satisfied with putting in the hard work of normal advancement, but her actions can be read as the second.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: Liese, she uses it to her advantage against the Headmaster.
  • Fridge Horror: In chapter 4 Arin uses her power to make Arata lose control over his own power. Which triggers the Breakdown Phenomenon and causes Black Sun to appear, which absorbs some of the students in school the same way Hijiri was absorbed. So basically, she caused Breakdown Phenomenon that absorbed some of the students, possibly killing them or worse. This hasn't been mentioned ever since nor did Arin recieve any punishment for doing it it. And it's also always possible that more students were absorbed off-screen.
  • Special Effect Failure: One aspect of the anime adaptation many will agree on is that the action scenes come off very half-assed, and hardly leaves any impact on the viewer.


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