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YMMV / The Hottie & the Nottie

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  • Cliché Storm: Oddly subverted; you might expect the film to be building towards the stock romcom climax of Christabel turning out to actually not that nice of a person despite being outwardly beautiful, and June's inner beauty eventually emerging. While the latter does happen, Christabel's status as an Author Avatar and Creator's Pet for Paris Hilton prevents her from being shown as anything other than absolutely perfect inside and out, leaving the audience wondering why Nate would want to dump her in favor of June.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Paris Hilton plays a vapid woman who is renowned for being incredibly hot, along with pushing the message about how you can get guys to like you and be the best thing ever if you get enough plastic surgery. Fast forward to Hilton's role in Repo! The Genetic Opera, a movie that takes place in a Crapsack World that is falling to pieces because most of the population, lovingly dubbed "scalpel sluts" by the production crew, is addicted to plastic surgery or the drugs used for plastic surgery. Doubly funny because Hilton's character is one of them and, indeed, her addiction to surgery is her undoing when her face falls off at her big show.
  • Hollywood Homely: June is played by Christine Lakin.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Joel David Moore, who played Nate, is better-known now for his recurring role in Bones. Christine Lakin, who was in the middle of a career slump when the film was produced, has since made more of a name for herself as a voice actress.
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    • The Greg Wilson wasn't especially well-known when the film was produced. He's more famous nowadays, but not for good reasons — rather, people know him as the person caught plagiarizing someone else's act on America's Got Talent.
  • Special Effects Failure: June looks less like an ugly woman and more like a pretty woman wearing special effects makeup.


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